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Chapter 9




By Jennifer Owens










“Boyce! ” aunt Gina yelled and I jumped in fear.


She sprung towards me with furry and I got scared.


“why did you come in here ” she asked but I said nothing.


“oh my God ” she muttered under her breath while pacing back and forth.


“get out of here ” she yelled and I ran out.


I ran up to my room, laid on my bed and covered myself with my duvet.


I could feel goosebumps all over my body as I shivered.




~ Inara ~




My eyes opened and I slowly sat up.


I looked around and noticed I was at the beach.


I sighed and stood up.


As usual, I’ll wake up and find myself at the beach without knowing how I got here.


I wonder how many days I’ve slept here.


I need to go check up on my brother.




~ Gina ~




Jeez! This boy just ruined everything. Everything!


And this happened because of my carelessness.


Had I not want their property, I’d not let him live with me.


Yeah heard me right, property.



My sister, Inara’s mom is dead, her husband is dead, Inara is dead but their only son is still alive.


I’ll let Boyce live with me till he’s 18 or 21 so he’ll transfer all the properties to me.


That was my sole reason for taking him in.


I need to do something fast to rectify what Boyce ruined.


I locked the casket, covered it with the black clothe and locked the door.


I need to make Boyce forget what he saw.


Yeah I can do that cause I practice black magic.


The problem now is: I don’t know if it’ll work on Boyce.


It doesn’t work on everyone.


Only a strong sorceress can make it work on anybody but I ain’t and neither is Angie.


I’ll just give it a try.


Angie and I practice black magic.


I brought out my phone and called Angie.


The power of two might work.




~ Inara ~




I appeared in my brother’s room to meet him asleep under his duvet, on his bed.


Why would he sleep with the duvet covering his head to toe? He only does this when he’s frightened and in shock. What happened now?


The door to his room opened and aunt Gina came in.


“Boyce dear ” she called in a sweet tone.


Wait! Did aunt Gina probably hit him?


He removed the duvet off himself and stared blankly at aunt Gina.


“I wanna show you something, come with me ” she demanded and Boyce nodded “no”.


“common, you’ll love it ” she tried to coax him.



“I don’t want to see it ” Boyce said in a low tone that I could barley hear him.


“trust me ” aunt Gina said, took his hand and they left the room.


I walked behind them and they entered a room then closed it.


I tried going in but I couldn’t.


I tried again only to hit my face on the door and I winced in pain. I felt the damn door! Does that mean I’m no more a ghost?


I ran to the sitting room and passed through the main door without feeling it.


I’m still a ghost.


But why can’t I pass through that door?




~ Gina ~




I made Boyce stand inside the circle drawn by Angie with a white chalk and I surrounded him with candles.


Angie and I closed our eyes and chanted.


After chanting, we opened our eyes and glanced at each other.


He should’ve screamed and held his head in pain but he didn’t.


“maybe it worked but he didn’t feel it ” Angie said.


“Boyce dear ” I called.


“what did you see in that room “I asked.


I have to know if we were able to erase what he saw from his memory.


“tell me what you saw ” I demanded.


“nothing ” he answered.


“are you sure ” I asked.


“what are you talking about aunt Gina ” he asked.


I glanced at Angie and smiled at her.


It worked!


“OK go to your room now “I said and opened the door for him.


He ran up to his room and I closed back the door.


“time for plan 2 ” I said and Angie smiled.




~ Inara ~




My brother ran out of the room and up to his room.


I went to his room and met him on his bed.


He was kinda sad and… And… I don’t know but something’s up.


Aunt Gina came to get Boyce for dinner and I followed them.


They had dinner and my brother went to bed with me by his side.


I laid beside him and watched him sleep.


My eyes drifted off my brother to the wall clock and I watched it tick.


My brother jolted up from his sleep, panting softly.


I think he had a nightmare.


He sucked in breath and let it out as a sigh.


He laid back down and drifted off to sleep.


My brother spent his night awake cause he kept having nightmares and I don’t know why.


I need to talk to him.


OK now I need Stiles.


Once it was dawn, Boyce tidied up himself and I was surprised.


He packed his bag pack and went downstairs.


“come have breakfast, Boyce ” aunt Gina said and Boyce gave her a surprise look before taking his seat.


He had breakfast and aunt Gina drove him to school.


Now I’ll go talk to Stiles.


I appeared at his school and searched everywhere but couldn’t find him.


I appeared in his room and there he laid, on his bed.


“Stiles ” I called and his eyes flew open.


“Inara ” he exclaimed as if not believing his eyes.


“it’s really you ” he breathed out.


He came to me and hugged me.


“so I’m no more cold ” I asked and he chuckled.


“I missed you “he said when he pulled away.



“Inara, I’m really sorry.. I… I” he stuttered and I placed my index finger on his lips to shut him.


“you don’t have to apologize, it’s my fault so I’m sorry ” I blurted out and he smiled.


“I’m sorry too “he said and I smiled. “so are you alright? You look worried ” I sighed and sat on his bed.


“I’m worried about my brother “I said.


“what about him ”


“there’s something up with him but I can’t figure it out ” I said.


“can I help ” he asked and I chuckled.


“hell yeah ” I replied.


“then I’m ready ” he said and popped out his chest like a knight.


“my brother attends MAAS academy which is very far from here and I want us to go there “I said and he arched an eyebrow.


“I’ll tell you what to tell him when we get there ” I said and he took his jacket.


“let’s go ” he said and we left.


Two hours later, we arrived at MAAS academy.


We were directed to GRADE 4 by a student and we went there.


The bell rang for lunch and I couldn’t be more happy.


“that’s him over there, Boyce “I told Stiles, pointing at Boyce amidst some pupils.


“hey Boyce ” Stiles called and walked over to him.


“tell him your name and say you’re my friend “I told Stiles.


“I’m Stiles, I’m Inara’s friend” he said to Boyce.


“well I’m not Inara and Inara is dead “Boyce blurted out and Stiles glanced


at me and I winked at him.


That’s my brother!


“tell him you have super powers and you can see and talk to the dead so I


sent you to him “I told Stiles.


“are you crazy ” he whispered.


“just say it ” I commanded and he rolled his eyes.


“well Boyce, I have super powers and I can see and talk to the dead so Inara sent me to you ” Stiles blurted out.


“really? Inara sent you to me ” he asked, a smile curving on his lips.


“yeah ” Stiles said.


“what did she say ” he asked.


“tell him I know he’s worried ” I said to Stiles.


“she said to tell you that she knows you’re worried ” Stiles said.


“ask him what his nightmares are about too” I told Stiles.


“she also said to ask what your nightmares are about ” Stiles added.


“I.saw.something” he said lowly, breaking his words.


“what did you see ” Stiles asked.


“I.. I saw… I saw.. ” he stuttered.


“Boyce ” aunt Gina called from nowhere.


And she had to ruin everything.


What a bitch!


She walked up to us and smiled at Stiles.


“what’s happening here “aunt Gina asked Stiles.


“nothing important, just asking Boyce some school stuffs ” Stiles lied. “OK Boyce, I came to check up on you, now go back to your class cause lunch time is over ” she said and Boyce glanced at Stiles before running to his class.


Great! I made my brother skip lunch.


Stiles smiled at aunt Gina before we both went to his car.


“we have to speak to him to know what he saw ” I said.


“I know but your aunt is on the watch ” he said, looking at aunt Gina who sat at the cafeteria.


She sat at a table with a cup of whatever, in front of her.


“We can sneak in” I said and he nodded.


We got down from his car and tiptoed to the east wing of the school.


She turned her face from the schools entrance and we ran in.


Stiles knocked at the door to Boyce class and his teacher came out.


“we have to speak with Boyce ” he said and I tapped his head gently.


“I have to speak with Boyce “he corrected.


“you can’t, he’s busy ” the teacher said.


“it’s really urgent and important, please just call him out ” Stiles pleaded and the teacher nodded.


She called Boyce out and Stiles took him to a corner.


“now tell me, what did you see” Stiles asked him but he just stared at Stiles.


“common ” Stiles urged.


“Inara ” Boyce blurted out.


“what ” Stiles asked.


“I saw Inara ” he said.


“you saw Inara in your nightmare” Stiles asked.


“yes and I saw her corpse at aunt Gina’s house ” he blurted out and I was


taken aback.


My corpse?








By Jennifer Owens



Inara the ghost









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