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Chapter 5




By Jennifer Owens




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Aunt Gina opened the door and we went in.


“come Boyce, I’m gonna show you to your room ” she said and theycwakjer upstairs.


I followed them and they entered a beautiful room.


“do you like it ” aunt Gina asked and Boyce smiled.


“let’s arrange your stuffs now ” she said.


They arrested his clothes in the wardrobe, did some changes to the room and in no


then, the room is just as Boyce wants it.


“are you hungry ” aunt Gina asked.


“yes ” Boyce nodded.


“come let’s give cook something and that’s if you’d like to help me in the kitchen ” she said and I scoffed.


Boyce is not the kitchen type.


“I’d rather watch TV in the sitting room ” he blurted out and aunt Gina chuckled and ruffled his hair.


They went downstairs and aunt Gina went to the kitchen while Boyce watch TV.


Soon the aroma of bacon and egg filled my nostril and I chuckled as Boyce sniffed.


Boyce watched TV while aunt Gina set the table.


“food is ready common let’s eat ” she announced and Boyce ran to the dinning, leaving me to watch the TV.


Aunt Gina is nice than I ever thought.


I should stop thinking she has other motives for taking Boyce.


I mean since she never got married nor had her own kids so yeah, she just wanna spend time with Boyce.


Aunt Gina never got married cuz she didn’t want to and doesn’t want to.


Anyway, that’s her problem not mine.


I’ll soon be like her if I don’t find a solution to my own problem.


I appeared in Stiles room and I sighed.


Why am I here? Why was I even thinking about coming here?


“Screw that Inara, just because you saw him and his girlfriend making out doesn’t stop him from being that unique person you need ” my subconscious blurted and I rolled my eyes.


“Inara ” stiles exclaimed, coming towards me.


“gosh! I was worried about you, you just left and didn’t come back till now ” he blurted dramatically.


“hoe when you started making out with your girlfriend and forgot someone was in the room ” I seethed.


“oh! A ghost to be precise ” I added angrily.


OK why am I overreacting?


“sorry ” he muttered and I rolled my eyes.


“so any news or updates ” he asked bad I arched an eyebrow then furrowed my brows at him.


“my brother has moved to live with my other aunt which I think to be suspicious considering I think that aunt if mine to be odd ” I blurted out.


“I have to keep an eye on my brother coz I feel uneasy about it ” I said.


“though aunt Gina seem nice while I was there, I still think she has other motives for taking my brother ” I added.


“is there anyway I can help ” he asked.


“for now, no. Except finding a solution to ME ” I said and he nodded.


“and how the hell are we gonna do that ” he asked.


” I don’t know ” I said and slumped to the floor.


We spent minutes, pacing back and forth, cracking our brains for a solution but we arrived at nothing.


Something clicked and I smiled.


“what ” he asked when he saw me smiling.


“what if we go to the spot where the accident happened? We might find something “I said


good to know being a ghost didn’t affect your brain ” he teased and I nudged him in the arm.


“ouch! ” he flinched


“you’re too cold ” he seethed and I gave him an apologetic face. “let’s go before its late ” he said and went downstairs.


“where are you going Stiles” Stiles mom asked but we just ran out.


We boarded his car and he drove to the place I told him.


“this an open area, I doubt we’ll find anything here ” he said as we roamed around.


He stopped and turned to me with a blunt look.


“remind me how I agreed to come here with you again ” he asked and I arched an eyebrow.


“how the hell is it possible to find anything when the accident happened over a year ago ” he yelled.


“oh! Has it been that long ” I asked, feigning naive.


“being a ghost did affect your brain ” he blurted and we walked to haha car.


“it’s late now, I have to go watch over Boyce ” I said and he simply nodded.


I appeared in ain’t Gina’s sitting room and went up to Boyce room.


Aunt Gina was reading him a bedtime story and soon he fell asleep. Aunt Gina kissed his forehead, switched off the lights and left

OK she’s nicer than I thought and this is the second time I’m saying this.


I’ve really gat to stop thinking she’s odd.


My eyes widened in shock when my brother sat up on his bed.


I thought he was asleep.


“I thought she didn’t wanna read me a bedtime story ” he muttered to himself. “then just at the door, she comes back and read it, so weird ” he shook his head dramatically and laid down.


I heard his soft snores mins later and I knew he was already asleep.


She didn’t wanna read him a bedtime story then what made her change her mind?.


Hmm something smells fishy.


Is it from me? Nope!


My brother? Nope!


Aunt Gina? 100% yes!


I wanna believe she’s nice and have good intentions toward my brother but don’t blame me.


I just can’t and this has triggered my doubts about her.


I laid beside my brother and watched him sleep.


Aunt Gina woke my brother up the next day, bathed him and dressed him up. “we have to enroll you in school today ” she said as they both took their seats round the dining table.


They had breakfast and left in the car.


Aunt Gina wants stop giving me surprises.


I followed them and we arrived at MAAS academy.


They’re just gonna do school stuffs so I’d wait here.


I waited in the car and after what seems like years but just minutes, they came out.


Aunt Gina drove home and Boyce ran up to his room.


I stood in the sitting room with aunt Gina.


She turned to my direction, staring straight into my eyes.


She smiled and headed towards me




She can see me?








By Jennifer Owens




Inara the ghost








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