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Chapter 7 .




By Jennifer Owens






~ Boyce ~




I woke up the next day and to my surprise, aunt Gina made me bathe myself.


Not that I’m complaining but it’s strange.


I dressed up and went downstairs to eat breakfast but there was no breakfast. “just get something to eat at school “aunt Gina said and I nodded with a forced smile.


I went to the door and stood there, waiting for aunt Gina to come drive me to school but she just sat on the couch.


“from now on, you’ll take the school bus so you have to wake up early everyday and tidy up else you’ll miss it. The school bus is waiting for you and I’ve put your money in your bag ” she said and I nodded. She’s really acting strange now.


I boarded the school bus and sat at the back seat beside Alec, my new friend.




~ Stiles ~




I know giving Inara the silent treatment isn’t good but what to do?


How dare she scare Rikki like that?


Why would she even do that at the first place?


I love Rikki so much and I can’t stand anyone hurting her.



Inara kept following me, pleading but I acted like she’s invisible like the ghost she is.


She left and I thank God cause I’m still angry with her.


She crossed her limits this time.




~ Boyce ~




Great! Aunt Gina is out so I can go find out what’s in the room.


I left my room and went to the “locked room”


I searched the sitting room for the key but couldn’t find it.


I think they’d be in aunt Gina’s room.


Don’t blame me, I’m a curious freak.


I like knowing everything and that’s why dad says I’m smart like him.


I really miss mom and dad.


And Inara too.


Plus there’s something pushing me to this room.


I don’t know but I think there’s something in there.


I went back upstairs and headed to aunt Gina’s room.


I pushed her door open and went in.


I scanned everywhere, guessing where a key could be kept.


I think I should start with the drawers.


I took a step forward but froze on the spot when I heard my name.


“what do you think you’re doing in my room “aunt Gina yelled.


“I.. I.. I was looking for you “I lied.


OK I’ve never lied before but I’m doing it now.


Where did I get that courage from?


“who gave you the permission to come into my room “she barked like the dog she is.


Oops! Inara would kill me if she ever gets to know I think my aunt is a dog.


But too bad she’s no more.


“why are you getting so angry, I was just looking for you cause I wanted to show you something ” I lied again.


“whatever! Just don’t come into my room. Now leave ” she ordered and I ran out. Phew!


I think coming here was a very bad idea.


Aunt Gina keeps changing like a chameleon.


I ran to my room and laid on my bed.


I must find out what’s in that room no matter what!


I stared at the ceiling and slowly, I slept off without dinner.


I woke up the next day with a growling stomach.


I felt so wake so I just laid back down.


“Boyce” I heard aunt Gina call from downstairs.


I said nothing but closed my eyes and laid down.. I feel so weak and sleepy.


My door flew open and in came a furious aunt Gina.


“you’re not even ready yet ” she yelled.


“I don’t wanna go to school today ” I managed to say.


“why ”


“cause I feel weak ” I replied.


“what do you expect when you slept without dinner last night ” she asked but I said nothing.


“I’ll go get you something to eat ” she said and I nodded.


She left and came back mins later with pasta and sauce.


I smiled and as she dropped the food on my bed in front of me.


After eating, I gained some strength.


I tidied up and dressed up.


“I’m going out so make sure not to leave your room ” she said and I nodded.


She looked at me suspiciously, went to the door and came back.


“or do I have to lock you in your room ” she asked.


“I’m not your prisoner aunt Gina ” I remarked and she rolled her eyes.


No one is the boss of ME.


We also have our own house and it’s way bigger than this.


I stood beside my window and watched aunt Gina drive off.


Great! Time to find the keys to the locked doors.


I ran out of my room and went to aunt Gina’s room.


I tried pushing it open but it was locked.


Since when did aunt Gina start locking the door to her room?


How will I be able to know what that room is for now?


How do I get the keys to aunt Gina’s room and where do I even find the keys to the


“locked room “?




~ Inara ~




I sat at a bus station, feeling weak.


I’ve never felt like this before and I don’t know what’s wrong with me.



I’ve heard my name for like 4 times now and when I turned to look, there’s no one there.


I can’t see the person calling my name and I don’t know why.


It’s like the more the person calls my name, the more weak I become.


Anyway, I’ll keep looking for another person that can see and hear me since Stiles is angry with me.


I got up and started talking round the streets.


I heard my name for the 5th time and I staggered, almost loosing my balance.


I barely took 2 steps forward when I heard my name again.


My vision became blurry and my legs began to wobble.


I heard my name for the 7th time and it was like my heart was closing.


Darkness was all I could see.


I struggled to keep my eyes open but I got weak and gave in.


I slumped to the ground and darkness overwhelmed me.








By Jennifer Owens



Inara the ghost.






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