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Chapter 1




By Jennifer Owens.




~ Inara ~




Seating on the ground at the beach, I closed my eyes and feel the cool breeze pass through me.


Yeah, right through me.


My hair flew due to the breeze.


I opened my eyes and and met with reality.


A reality I have to live with for the rest of my life ________ at least that’s what I




A smile tugged at my lips at the giggles of the children playing on the beach.


They were running about, laughing, playing with their family.


I sighed when I remembered my bother, Boyce.


He’s just 5 years old but has to live with the same reality.


A reality that he’s an orphan.


That our mom and dad are dead and me, his sister is no where to be found.


But I’m here, right here at the beach.


I’m always with him ___ except that he can’t see me.


No one can see me.


I’m a ghost after all.


Mom and dad died in an accident but Boyce and I survived.


I mean only Boyce survived cause I’m good as dead.


We were at the back seat when the accident happened.


Boyce survived but had a surgery just above his upper leg.


He survived the surgery but his leg buckles and he sometimes looses his balance or trip and fall.


I on the other hand, I don’t know if I survived it or not.



I mean, if I’m dead, why aren’t I with my parents? Why am I still in this world where I see everyone but no one sees me?


Boyce is now living with my aunt and his family.


My aunt and her husband are kind but their children are the opposite.


They always pick on my brother and make him cry.


I wish I can help him.


I just wish he could see me.


I got my butt off the ground, Dusting the sand off my butt.


My eyes widened when a little boy ran pass, through me.


Oh I forgot, I’m a ghost so they’re free to walk right through my heart.


I need to rummage eveyrhwere in Australia.


I could maybe find someone or something that might see me.


But first, I need to see Boyce.


I closed my eyes and imagine being at my aunt’s house.


I opened my eyes and I was at her porch.


Without ringing the bell, I walked through the door.


I eye searched everywhere, looking for the children.


My aunt only have two naughty twin boys.


Jayden and Kayden, they’re 7.


Just two years older than my brother.


I heard their giggles coming from the backyard and I went there.


I flared up when I saw my brother, sobbing on the floor.


Jayden and Kayden were laughing at him.


I walked over to my brother and touched him.


His head snapped up at me and I smiled at him but he looked away, searching everywhere.


For a moment I thought he saw me.


OK he didn’t see me but he felt my touch.


I touched him again and he flinched.


I chuckled at his reaction.


He looked everywhere, looking for the person that touched him.


Seeing Jayden and Kayden far from him, he sprung up and ran in making Jayden and Kayden burst into another round of laughter. OK I’m gonna have to teach these kids a lesson.


I went over to them, staring at them.


Jayden had neat blonde hair, grey eyes and a lousy mouth.



Kayden on the other hand also had blonde hair but rough blonde hair, brown eyes and chubby cheeks.


I knocked Jayden’s head not too hard but a little hard.


“why did you knock me ” he snarled at Kayden.


” I didn’t ” Kayden defended.


I smiled and knocked Kayden’s head too.


“I said I didn’t so why’d you knock me ” Kayden snarled.


“I didn’t, you did ” Jayden said.


“no I didn’t, you did ” they argued and started a fight.


I nodded negatively, closed my eyes and appeared in a street.


I just have to keep looking, searching for that unique person that can see me.


I just hope there is.








~ Stiles ~




“woooooooo!! “everyone cheered when I won another shot in the lacrosse.


I feel so proud seeing all the girls in my school drooling over me.


I’m the hottest guy in school, the best lacrosse player.


It feels good seeing all the girls run after me like swan of bees.


My team carried me up with glee cheering and clapping.


As long as I’m here, my team will always be the best.


I sighted my sister Ava, coming towards me with a stern look and I know what will happen next.


“hey guys put me down “I whispered to my team.


Bexley my best friend traced my eyes and saw Ava coming then he chuckled. He knows Ava very well and I’m not at all ready for an harassment in front of everyone.


I mean I’m the schools’ idol.


They dropped me and I ran to the backyard of the school.


Phew! That was close.


“little lad” I heard Ava’s voice behind me.


She came to me and held my ear, gently twisting it.


“ouch you’re hurting me ” I cried out.


“you messed up my bedroom ” she yelled.


“my room was a complete mess so I had to use yours ” I answered.


“I can’t find my hair brush ” she complained still pulling my ear.


cause it’s here with me ” I answered. “you broke my hair dryer ” she complained. “it was a mistake ” I defended.


“you always mess up everything and you always say it’s a mistake ” she half yelled.


“OK OK OK, it’ll never happen again ” I said. She let go of me and hit my head then left.


Phew! Thank God no one saw this or else it will trend in school. That’s what you get for having a crazy big sister.








Inara ~




I chuckled to myself at the funny scene in front of me.


I’ve been rummaging everywhere and ended up in a school backyard.


A girl was pulling her brother’s ear for some mistake.


So funny.


The sister walked away and I stood there staring at the guy.


I came out from behind a flower and stood where he’ll be able to pass through me. Gosh! he’s so cute and hot!


He looks just like a Greek god.


“I know that, but you better stop drooling ” the cute guy said and walked away.


Did I say that out loud?


How embarrassing.


Wait what?…….like what?… Seriously what?


Did he just talk to me?








By Jennifer Owens








Inara the ghost

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