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Chapter 10




By Jenny-k










My corpse?


“are you sure “Stiles asked and he nodded.


Stiles glanced at me and he held a confused expression like I did.


“we have to confront aunt Gina ” I made to leave but Stiles held my hand. “we have to plan before taking any action ” Stiles said and Boyce furrowed his brows at him.


Stiles smiled at him and ruffled his hair.


“don’t tell aunt Gina about this okay ” Stiles requested and Boyce nodded.


“now go back to class now ” he said and Boyce ran to his class.


“so what do we do ” I asked as we headed out.


“don’t know yet but we are gonna come up with something ” he said as we walked to his car.


We boarded his car and he drove to his house.




~ Gina ~




I had to put an eye on Boyce cause Inara was acting suspicious.


Yes I can see Inara, very clear.


Why won’t I see her when I’m responsible for her ghost state.


Don’t get me wrong, I only wanted their property that’s all.


When they met with an accident, I couldn’t be more glad.


I did sulk a little for my sister but their death paved way for me to take over their property.


Iowa’s the first to arrive at the accident scene and when I saw Inara wasn’t dead, I took her away and made her a ghost.


She’d roam the earth but no one can see nor hear her except me.


I wanted to come back for Boyce too but they already took them to the


hospital before I came back.


Unfortunately for me, Boyce survived.


And anyway, Inara never liked me from the very beginning.


She’s always suspecting I practice black magic and her suspicions were right.


School closed that day and I took Boyce home.


I have to be alert now.



Angie and I were able to trap Inara’s spirit in her body without waking her up but Boyce freed her when he opened that casket. And thank God we were able to erase it from his memory.


He seems like the smart type.


Now we have to wait till 15 days before we can really Inara’s spirit again.




~ Inara ~




“I can’t believe aunt Gina is responsible for my state” I said, pacing back and forth in Stiles room.


I knew it from the very beginning that’s she’s a witch


“I bet she’s even responsible for the accident that killed my parents ” I blurted out, angrily.


“Inara calm down. We have to plan on how to get your body from her ” Stiles said.


“let’s just go report to the police so they can order a search warrant” I suggested.


“that won’t be good. If aunt Gina is really behind all these then she must have practiced black magic and she might use it against us ” Stiles said and I nodded.


“so what do we do ” I asked as Stiles tapped his index finger on his forehead.


“we have to get your corpse from aunt Gina’s house and for us to do that, we have to get her to leave the house ” Stiles said. “you’re smart ” I complimented.


“thanks but how do we get her to leave the house ” Stiles asked.


“hmm, we’ll need an actor ” I blurted out and he arched an eyebrow.


“we need someone who’s very close to her room make her leave the house. The person have to act like he’s in trouble and aunt Gina will be forced to leave the house” I explained and he smiled at me. “can’t your brother act ” he asked and I smirked.


“you don’t know him yet, he’s mischievous than you think ” I said.


“then we’ve found our actor ” he said and I chuckled.


“we need to speak to your brother tomorrow to carry out our plans ” Stiles said and I nodded in agreement.


“but how will we get the keys to her house” I asked.


“we don’t need keys, this will do the job ” he said, waving a screw driver know the air.


“I don’t know how that’s gonna work but I trust you ”


“thanks ” he said with a smile.


“I’ll wait for your brother at school tomorrow ” he said and I nodded.


“I have to leave now ” I said and his facial expression saddened.


“do you have to go ” he asked with a sad face.


“Yeah, I have to be with my brother ” I said, smiled at him and left.


I appeared in Boyce room to meet him already asleep on his bed.


I just pray our plan goes well.








Boyce woke up and tidied up.


He ate breakfast and aunt Gina drove him to school.


Boyce ran to his class and aunt Gina drove home after glancing at me.


I knew it! She can see me.


She’s responsible for my situation so she can see me.


That bitch can see me.


I sighed Stiles at the cafeteria and I went over to him.


“let’s get to work “I told Stiles.


We went to class and took Boyce before class could start.


We told Boyce what he had to do to bring back his sister and he said he could do it.


The plan is for Boyce to collapse in the middle of leisure.


The teacher would take him to the school clinic where doc Max who’s already in the plan, will treat him.



The teacher would call aunt Gina then doc Max will tell aunt Gina that she can’t leave unless Boyce wakes up.


Boyce on the other, will not wake up till Stiles comes to see him.


That’s a smart plan.


“you’ve got the screw driver ” I asked and he waved it.


Boyce went back to his class and we went to aunt Gina’s house.


Stiles packed his car far from aunt Gina’s house but we could still see her house.


We’re keeping an eye on her.


Once she leaves the house, we’ll go in.


We sat in the car, waiting patiently for aunt Gina to leave the house.


Mins later, I saw her boarding her car and I told Stiles.


We waited till her car was out of sight before we ran to her porch.


We scanned everywhere and made sure no one was watching then Stiles did his magic with the screw driver and the door opened.


“I’ll search downstairs and you search upstairs ” Stiles said and I nodded.


I went upstairs and started my search by checking each room.


I reached a door which I presume to be aunt Gina’s room cause it was locked.


Or maybe that’s where my body was kept.


I went downstairs to stiles and he came up to help me open it with his tiny screw driver.


He went back downstairs and I continued my search in aunt Gina’s room.


I saw a box under her bed and brought it out.


I opened it and almost went blind from the bright light that shone from the box.


The light faded and there were three crystals in the box.


Hmm, what does she do with crystals?


I dropped the box on the bed and continued searching.


I searched everywhere but found nothing again so I took the box containing crystals and went downstairs. “Stiles ” I called, roaming everywhere.


“in here ” I heard him say and I traced his voice to a room.


In front of us was a casket covered in black clothe.


Sstiles and I glanced at each other before moving to the casket.


He opened it and I gasped when o saw my body in the casket.




~ Gina ~




I was already closed to the school when I remembered I forgot my credit card at home.


They might ask for money to buy medicine since Boyce isn’t well. Why didn’t he collapsed when he was a home? He collapsed in school just to embarrass me.


Anyway, I have to get my credit card.


I reversed and headed home.








By Jennifer Owens





Inara the ghost








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