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Chapter 6 .




By Jennifer Owens








She can see me?


She came towards me and I stared in shock.


She stretched her hand and took the telephone I didn’t realise was behind me.


She turned her back on me and made her call.


Phew! This lady is more than odd!


I went up to my brother’s room and he was scribbling some things on a sheet of paper.


Hmm! What’s wrong now?


He only does this when he’s upset.


So what happened? Didn’t he like his new school?


How do I talk to him?


Yes! I’ll kept take sheet of paper and write it down.


I gently took a sheet of paper that was on the table and took a pen.


I stood behind him so he wouldn’t freak out when he sees a pen moving by itself.


After writing it down, I stylishly places it back on the table.


I wanted patiently for him to take the sheet.


He finished scribbling on the sheet of paper with him then he took the one I wrote something on.


“what’s wrong ” he read to himself.


“I thought these sheets were blank so how come this ” he asked himself.


“hmm maybe aunt Gina used it ” he sighed, folded it and threw it in the bin while I stare at him.


I need to find a way out if all this mess.


How did I even end up like this?


I need to find a solution.


I sighed heavily and appeared in Stiles room.


The room was empty so I laid on the bed.


He must be at school.




~ Boyce ~




After I was done scribbling zig zags and I was cool, I went downstairs.


The sitting room was empty so I just switched on the TV and sat on the couch.


I hate aunt Sommer’s kids but now I miss them.


I feel so alone.


As I watched the TV, my eyelids got heavy and I fell asleep on the couch.




~ Inara ~




I sat up on the bed, staring at nothing but something.


I left the room and headed downstairs.


The doorbell rang just as I descend the stairs and Alva went to get it.


Seems she’s the only one at home.


Alcatel was pushed aside and Rikki rushed in.


“is Stiles back yet ” she asked but Alva said nothing.


“am I talking to some piece of wood ” Rikki asked but got no reply.


“I’m talking to you Alva ” she seethed.


“do I look like Stiles keeper or an info giver ” Alva asked bluntly and I chuckled.


“how rude ” Rikki blurted out.


“rude you say? Then I’m afraid you don’t even know what that means ” Alva remarked.


“should I get a dictionary ” I asked, staring at them.


I let out a sigh when I remembered they can’t see nor hear me.


“what… E… Ver” Rikki seethed, breaking the words one by one.


She ran upstairs and I smiled at Alva even though she can’t see me.


I like her already.


I went up to Stiles room to meet Rikki on the bed.


The nerve of this girl!


*chill Inara, she’s his gjrlf * my subconscious reminded and I sighed.. I’ve been sighing a lot these days and that’s because I’ve got reasons to.


I walked over to the table, pick up a book and dropped it on the floor.


“what the… ” I heard Rikki’s voice.


Oops! Did I forget she was in the room?


She got down from the bed and picked up the book.


“How did it fall” she asked herself.


She shrugged and dropped the book back on the table.


Hmm! Why don’t I play a little game with her?


*no no no! That won’t be good * my subconscious snapped.


“oh shut up ” I blurted out.


I went over to the door and pushed it open.


She gasped and sat up on the bed.


I smiled and closed it back making her squeal.


I snickered and reopened it.


She panted softly with widened eyes and the next thing I knew, she ran out of the room in high speed.


I chucked and followed her.


“what ” Alva asked.


“there’s… There’s something in the room ” she panted.


“I think I… I’ll leave ” she stuttered and ran to the door.


She opened it to leave but bumped into Stiles.


“what ” Stiles asked, worry visible on his face.


She ran into his arms, panting like someone who was chased by a lion.


“there’s something in your room, something strange ” she said in an husky voice.


“sshh it’s okay ” Stiles cooed as they climbed the stairs.


Alva gagged and rolled her eyes at them.


“so dramatic ” she remarked.


I followed Stiles to his room and watched as he coaxed Rikki to enter the room.


He made her lay on the bed, caressing her hair.


“there’s something, trust me ” Rikki whispered.


“sshh” he cooed.


After some mins, she fell asleep.


He heaved a sigh of relief and turned to me.


I thought he didn’t notice me.


He held my hand and dragged me out to the balcony.


“what did you do ” he asked sternly.


“nothing ” I blurted out.


“dint gimme that shit! I know you did something to scare her. For goodness sake, what is wrong with you ” he yelled and I flinched. I’ve not seen him angry like this.


And because of Rikki?


Of course he’s her boyfriend and he loves her.


“have you gone bonkers? Why did you have to scare her like that? Rikki is very fragile and gets scared if little things and whatever you did really cut her off the edge “he remarked.


He stared at me, anger in his eyes.


“it better not repeat itself ” he said and went in.


What is wrong with me?


I went in to meet Stiles who sat beside Rikki on the bed.


“Stiles I’m… “I was saying but he looked away.


I sighed and continued.


“I really didn’t mean to scare her that much and I’m really sorry “I said but he said nothing.


“I don’t know what… ” I was saying but trailed off when he put on his headphone.


OK I think I’m not needed here.


A tear slid down my cheek and I left.


I appeared in aunt Gina’s sitting room to meet my brother asleep on the couch. I switched off the TV, scanned everywhere and made sure it was clearly then I carried my brother to his room and laid him on his bed. I laid beside him, staring at the ceiling.


– & –




I stayed in Boyce room all day, feeling down.


Aunt Gina bathed Boyce, dressed him up and they ate dinner.


Boyce came to bed after dinner and as usual, I watched him sleep.


The next day, aunt Gina tidied Boyce up and dressed him in his uniform.


They had breakfast and aunt Gina drove him to school while I stayed indoor.


OK I’m just gonna apologize again and maybe he’ll forgive me.




~ Boyce ~




Aunt Gina dropped me at school and drove off.


I walked into the building and headed to my class.


I took a step to go in but fell flat on my tommy.


A round of laughter elicited from the students .


It’s nothing new.


“are you alright ” a lady which I presume to be the teacher asked.


She helped me up and I smiled at her.


“thanks “I said and went to an empty seat.


School was quite fun cause I made some few friends.


School closed and aunt Gina came to pick me up.


She drove home and bathed me.


She served me food and I ate.


“Boyce darling, I’m going our but I’ll be back soon. Make sure not to rain about no


leave the house” she ordered.


“OK aunt Gina “I said.


She kissed my forehead and left.


After aunt Gina left, I decided to explore the house.


I rummaged everywhere in the house and came to a room.


I tried going in but it was locked.


All the rooms I’ve been checking are all opened so why’s this one looked?


I looked around for the keys but couldn’t find it.


Hmm I really wanna know what the room is for.


And why is it even locked?


I sighed and went back to my room.




~ Inara ~




Stiles is still not talking to me and that’s bad bad.


If Stiles is not in good terms with me, how can he help me?


I think I better start looking for a number 2 unique person.


The world is so big so obviously, there’s another person who can see and hear me. Right?


I better start my search now.


I roamed in the street, searching for someone that can hear and see me.


“Inara ” I hear my name and froze on my spot.


This isn’t Stiles voice so does that mean I’ve found another “unique person “?






T. B. C.


By Jennifer Owens .



Inara the ghost










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