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Chapter 14




Semi finale


By Jennifer Owens






~ Stiles ~




“now go back and tell the police to leave else your brother will fall off this cliff ” she commanded and Sommer ran to the cops. After lots of persuasion, the cops drove back.


I’m sure they must be hanging around somewhere.


“now bring the papers “Gina ordered and Inara slowly went out her.


“Inara ” Boyce cried out.


I have to find a way to save Boyce before Inara sign the property into Gina’s name.


I passed the other side of the house and slowly tiptoed to a tree.


I hid behind the tree and watched as Inara took the pen to sign the papers. Gina was so engrossed in the papers so I used that opportunity to tiptoe behind her.


I pushed her and she fell to the ground.


I think the magic wearer off cause Boyce almost fell off the cliff but I was quick to catch.


Inara and Sommer held Gina down while I tried to bring Boyce out. Inara held Gina’s mouth while Sommer held her hands so she couldn’t perform any magic.


I pulled Boyce out and he ran to Inara.


I took my phone and called the cops.


They came and took Gina.


“oh Boyce ” Inara said and hugged him.


I don’t know what Gina did butch’s muttered something under her breath and the cops let her go.


She ran off but a cop shot her in the leg and she fell off the cliff.


“no! ” Inara cried.


She held her brother tight and cried.


Well it’s good that witch is dead she she might even escape from prison.


I’ll have the cops check for her body to make sure she’s really dead.


Sommer joined in the hug and I smiled at the family reunion.


Inara smiled at me and I smiled back.


Sommer took Boyce and went to the car.


They left cause Inara said she’d catch up with them.


“thanks ” she said, standing in front of me.


“it’s nothing ” I said and she giggled.


We stared at each other for a while and it started to get awkward.


She stood on her heels and crashed her lips on mine.


I reciprocated immediately like I’ve been dying to kiss her.


I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her to me as we kissed.



She pulled away to catch her breath and she looked at me with flushed cheeks.


“I think.. I.. I.. Hmm aunt Sommer is calling me ” she stuttered and made to leave but I pulled her back.


“Sommer is already gone ” I blurted out and she blushed.


“come, I’ll take you to her house ” I took her hand and drove her to Sommer’s house.


“bye “I said when she got down from the car.


She waved at me and rushed in.


Jeez! She’s so cute when she’s shy.


I didn’t realize I was still smiling and staring at the door until my phone rang.


Gosh! What’s happening to me.


*don’t tell me you’re falling in love just after Rikki broke up with you* my subconscious snapped and I rolled my eyes. But come to think of it, I think I am.


Or maybe I’ve fallen knives with her even when I was still with Rikki.


I drove home and was welcomed by mom and Alva.


“where’s she ” they asked, grinning ear to ear.


“who ” I asked.


“Inara of course ” Alva blurted out and I rolled my eyes.


“she already left ” I said and their face dropped.


“weren’t you dating her ” mom asked and I nodded “no”.


“why? She’s so beautiful and caring ” mom said and I shrugged. “common, we know you like her and we also know that Rikki has broken up with you so bro, you better go get her before someone else does ” Alva seethed.


“she’s just a friend “I remarked and they busted out laughing.


“you couldn’t even take your eyes off her during breakfast the other day ”


mom said and I looked away.


Maybe I really love Inara.


But does she love me?


But why did she kiss me?


Maybe she loves me or maybe that kiss means nothing.


“what are you thinking lover boy ” Mon asked, snapping me out of my reveries.


I sighed and slumped down on the couch.


“what if she rejects me ” I asked and they came to sit beside me, interested in my issues.


“you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try ” mom said and Alva nodded.


“go ask her out and tell her ” Alva urged and I gave her a blunt look.


“I can’t wait to be friends with her ” Alva seethed and I rolled my eyes.


I ran upstairs, leaving them behind.


Should I ask her out and tell her how I feel about her.


I’ve been in love with her but I didn’t want to admit it.


I was so worried when she didn’t visit me for a while and when she’s upset, I tried my best to cheer her up.


I can’t believe I fell in love while dating.


Ghost! I’m messed up.


Moms right, you’ll never know until you give it a try.


I’ll go to Sommer’s house tomorrow and ask her out.


I freshened up and laid on my bed.


I slept off that night, thinking about Inara ALONE.


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I woke up the next day, did my morning routine and drove straight to Sommer’s house.


I was dressed in my favorite t shirt and a blue jean with a jacket.


I stood at the porch, waiting patiently for her.


Sommer opened the door and smiled when she saw me.


“is Inara in ” I asked.


“no dear, she’s gone back to her house ” she said and I breathed out an “oh”.


“can I have the address ” I asked.


“sure ” ” she stepped aside for me to go in and I did.


“I’ll go grab a pen and a sheet of paper ” she said and I nodded.


She came back and handed me the address.


I smiled, thanked her and left to the given address.








By Jennifer Owens







Inara the ghost






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