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Chapter 3.




By Jennifer Owens.





~ Inara ~




“they can’t see you? ” he asked and I shrugged.


“how possible is that ” he asked.


“0% or maybe I’m a ghost ” I blurted out and chuckled.


“shut up bitch, ghosts don’t exist “he remarked sternly.


“then your mom and sister must be drunk ” I said like a question.


He stared at me not saying anything, as if trying to decipher something about me.


He shook his head and left the kitchen with me trailing behind him.


He stopped and turned to look at me.


He came closer to me and moved a strand of my hair backward.


“thank God “he breathed out.


“what ” I asked.


“that I can touch you, so that means you’re not a ghost ” he blurted and I smiled.






~ Styles ~




I heaved a sigh of relief when I touched her. I should stop thinking of her as a ghost cause Number 1 : ghosts can’t be seen


Number 2 : even if they’re seen, they can’t be touched.


And number 3 : they don’t even exist.


But why can’t mom and Ava see her?


Aiish! Thinking of it alone is bursting my brain.


I walked up to my room with Inara trailing behind me like a puppy.


“don’t you have a home or something” I asked as we enter my room.


“of course I do ” she scoffed.


“then aren’t your parents the least worried about you ” I asked and her


expression changed.


OK I crossed the line.


“désolé I am ” I muttered loud enough in French to her hearing and she smiled sadly.


“Dweeby stiiles” we heard Cali’s little voice from outside the room and Inara chuckled at what she called me and I gave her a glare. Ava always calls me that that’s why.


“I’ll just go ease myself ” Inara said and without my approval, rushed in.


Such a weirdo.


“Dweeby stiiles look at this” Cali said, showing me a photo of barbie collections.


“I want you to get me these barbie collections ” she demanded and I rolled my eyes.


“go tell mom to get it for you or better still, meet Ava ” I said in a harsh tone.


“but mom and Ava are the one who get me everything and you don’t even buy me anything ” she pouted like the child she is.


“Cali I’m busy so just leave and tell mom to get it for you “I half yelled.


She left my room with a sad expression and I got up to slam the door.


She’s a pain in the neck.


“you’ve got to learn to be nice with kids ” Inara said, coming out of the bathroom.


I rolled my eyes and sat back down in the bed.


“took you almost a year to come outta the bathroom ” I said and she blushed.


“I’m gonna go freshen up and you better not peek ” I said in a warning tone and she nodded obediently with a grin.


I looked at her suspiciously with furrowed eyebrows then entered the bathroom.






~ Inara ~




“Dweeby stiiles” we heard a tiny little voice which I know to be Stiles little sister’s voice.


I know she can’t see me and if Stiles comes to know that none of his family can see me, he might know that I’m a ghost. And I don’t want him to be scared of me.


I have to take things slow.


I made an excuse and rushed into his bathroom.


I stood there, doing nothing in particular; just listening to their conversation.


Stiles is really bad with kids.


“you’ve gat to learn to be nice with kids ” I said, coming out after I knew the coast was clear.


He rolled his eyes and sat back down on his bed.


“took you almost a year to come outta the bathroom ” he blurted out and I blushed.


Didn’t know he noticed.


I was just avoiding his sister.


“I’m gonna go freshen up and you better not peek ” he said in a warning tone and I nodded obediently with a grin.


He looked at me suspiciously with furrowed eyebrows then entered the bathroom.


I sighed with a smile.


Stiles is really fun and lively to be with.


He has a warm family and a cute little sister.


I better leave before he comes out cause I don’t want him asking questions like “aren’t you going home “? “don’t you have a house”? Blah blah blah. I closed my eyes and appeared right in Boyce’s room. He laid peacefully on his bed, sleeping.


I laid beside him with a smile, gently caressing his hair.


I’ll be his guardian angel.


I’ve always been.






~ Stiles ~




I came outta the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and another one drying my hair.


I looked around for Inara but she wasn’t in the room.


She must have left


I felt empty somehow without her presence.


She’s lively to be with.


No goodbyes or goodnight, nothing.


I put on my brief, laid on my bed and slept off without dinner.






~ Inara ~




I watched as my brother got ready for school.


He tied his shoe lace, arranged his books, took his bag back and headed out, leaving his text book that laid on the floor.


I really wish I could do all these for him and that he doesn’t have to do it alone.


I took the textbook and threw it to his front.


He stood for a while, wandering what just happened.


He shrugged, picked it up and went for breakfast.


After eating breakfast with the twins, uncle Erny, my aunt’s husband drove them to school in his car.


I smiled and appeared in Stiles school.


The same spot where I met him the first day.


I roamed around till I got to an open field where lacrosse game was being played. (Join Group) There were only few people in the lacrosse t shirt.


I roamed around, eye searching for Stiles.


I sighted a guy running towards me and I froze.


He ran pass, through me and I heaved a sigh of relief.


For a moment I thought he saw me but thank God he just ran through me.


I lifted my head up and met with the shocked gaze of Stiles.


Oh no! Did he see the guy run through me?


“he just ran right through you ” he breathed out, loud enough for me to hear.


“that means you……it means you’re ” he paused and I swallowed hard.


“you’re not human” he blurted out bluntly.








By Jennifer Owens






Inara the ghost


( ghostie)





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