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Chapter 11




By author Jenny






~ Gina ~




I was already in my street when I saw my credit card on the foot match in the car.


I sighed and reversed back, heading to the hospital.


That boy better not complicate things for me.




~ Inara ~




“we need to carry this out ” Stiles said and I rolled my eyes.


“more like carry my body out ” I corrected and he chuckled.


“you’re so beautiful ” he said.


“carry me now before aunt Gina comes back ” I urged.


He pulled me up and carried me over his shoulder.


“do I put you in the trunk ” he asked as we got out.


“dweeb, put me in the backseat ” I said and he did.


“I found this ” I opened the box and the crystal shone bright again.


“do we need that ” he asked.


“I don’t know ” I shrugged.


We got in the car and he drove off.


“now how do we get your body up to my room without my parent’s awareness ” he asked.


“you don’t have to, just leave it in the car ” I said and he arched an eyebrow.


“do you know how to get ME” I said, pointing at myself.


“inside my body ” I asked.


“nope! But I know someone who might ” he blurted out.


“who” I asked.


“Bex mom ” he said.


“who’s Bex ” I asked.


“my friend ”


“OK then let’s go talk to him ” I urged and he chuckled.


“I have to go see your brother at the clinic first else he’ll sleep forever ” he said and I nudged his arm.


“now do I drive to the school with your body in the car ” he asked and I sighed.


“just hail a cab ” I said and he shook his head.


“you’re impossible ” he huffed and got out of the car.


I stayed back to watch over my body coz I can’t afford to loose it, again ” I waited for Stiles knocked the car and it was starting to get dark.


I saw him alight from a cab and I heaved a sigh of relief. “so when do we speak to Bex ” I asked and he rolled his eyes. “you’ve gat to chill ”


“well I can’t, I stand a chance of becoming human and you’re telling me to chill? Gosh I’m so happy ” I said and he laughed.


“let’s go in, I already called Bex and he’ll be here soon ” “Awwn, you’re such an angel ” I said and he chuckled. we went in after making sure my body was safe in the car.


“Stiles ” a man with few strands of grey hair called and Stiles came to an halt.


“dad” he called with a nervous smile.


“you’ve been skipping school and I don’t like it ” he said in an harsh tone. “sorry dad, I’ll try to cover it all up ”


“you better do ” he said and Stiles nodded.


We went upstairs and waited for Bex.


Stiles kept on dialing someone’s number but it seems the person wasn’t picking up so he was kinda frustrated. “what is it ” I finally asked.


“it’s Rikki ” he blurted out.


“what’s with Rikki ” I asked with concern even if I hate that girl with passion.


I just don’t like her.


She seems bitchy and rude.


No puns intended but she’d indeed a bitch.


“she’s not been picking up my calls, she doesn’t even comes to visit and when I go to her house, she’s never home ” he sighed and buried his face in his palms.


“I don’t know why she’s avoiding me, I really miss her bad ” he said and I sighed.


“let’s get done with ME first then we’ll solve Rikki’s ” I said.


The door flew open and a guy just the same age as Stiles walked in. “what’s with you man ” he said and almost sat on my face coz I laid on the bed but I rolled over.


“Bex ” Stiles called and glanced at me.


“so what’s so urgent ” he asked.


“well it’s about some stuffs ” Stiles said, scratching the back of his head.


I gave him a stern look and he quickly put on a straight face.


“I have someone who’s dead but not completely so I want to bring him back ” he blurted out and I arched an eyebrow at the “him”. I’m not a boy.


“so, where do I come in ” Bex asked.


“we don’t need you dumbass, we need your mom ” Stiles said and Bex chuckled.


“so you want me to ask my mom how to bring back someone who’s dead but not completely dead ” Bex stated and we nodded, though he can’t see me.


“what’s his name ” he asked and Stiles glanced at me.


“Alec ” he blurted out and I rolled my eyes.


“OK, I’ll get to you tomorrow ” Bex said and made to leave but Stiles pulled him back.


“we need the answer right away so get your butt home and ask your mom then you call me to give the details “he said.


“OK whatever, you just called me for some useless stuffs” Bex said and walked to the door.


“Bex ” Stiles called and he glanced back at Stiles.


“please be serious with this ” he said and Bex examined him for a while then


nodded before walking out.


“thanks” I said and he nodded.


“who’s Bex mom ” I asked.


“Angie, Angie Jones ” he said and I nodded.


I just pray Bex and his mom helps.




~ Bexley ~




I arrived home and went straight to mom’s room.


“hey mom ” I called.


“what ” she asked.


I rolled my eyes and went to sit beside her on the bed.


“I want you to tell me how to bring back someone who’s dead but not completely dead ” I asked and she was taken aback. “why ” she asked.


“my friend, Stiles, needs it ” I blurted out.


“why ” she asked again and I rolled my eyes.


Oh kill me.


“he has a friend who’s dead but not completely dead so he wants to bring him back” I blurted out.


“did he give you details about his friend ” she asked.


“for Pete’s sake, stop throwing questions after questions and tell me how ” I seethed and she hummed.


“what’s the friend’s name ” she asked again.


“Alec ” I blurted and she was kinda relieved.


“OK first, you need the persons corpse, three crystals and at mid night 12:00, you’ll drop the body in a air filled place, a place filled with beauty, power and strength” she narrated while I listened attentively.


“you’ll lay the body on the floor and put one crystal close to her head and the other two at her feet. Once it clocks 12:00, the crystal will shine bright and the magic is done coz a crystal is pure ” she said.


“but if the person’s body has been roaming the earth, then the process should be carried out where the spirit normally finds itself whenever it wakes up ” she added and I smiled.


“thanks mom, I just hope it works ” I said, pecked her cheek and left.


I boarded my car and headed to Stiles house.


I need to tell him this in person not on the phone.




~ Gina ~


When I got to my house with Boyce, the door was open.


My heart skipped so I quickly rushed in, leaving Boyce behind to walk in himself.


I ran up to my room and it was open too.


I quickly looked under my bed for the box containing crystals but couldn’t find it.


Shit! I’m f**ked up.


I ran to the room where I kept Inara’s body and the door was open too.


The casket was open and Inara body wasn’t in it.


Who could have done this?. Angie?


I brought out my phone and called her.


“yes Gina ” she said over the phone.


“I can’t find my crystals and Inara’s body is missing, are you behind this ” I asked.


“no. ” she said.


“then someone is up to us ” I sighed.


“wait” she exclaimed over the phone.


“what ” I asked.


“Bex asked me how to bring someone back to life few mins ago. He said his friend wants to bring back someone but the person is Alec. Do you think he lied ” she asked.


“how the hell did they come to know that they could bring back someone with magic and your son doesn’t even knows about these things so obviously, yes!” I yelled over the phone.


“I’ll call him immediately to stop him ” she said and hung up.


She better stops him fast.


But how did all these happen?


Ah I can’t think we’ll right now.


Let Angie call me and give me good news that she was able to stop Bex.




~ Bex ~




I stopped in front of Stiles house and got down from the car.


My phone rang and I took it from my pocket.


It was my mom.


What does she want now?








By Jennifer Owens





Inara the ghost







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