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Chapter 12




By Jennifer Owens






~ Bexley ~




My phone rang and I took it from my pocket to check the caller ID.


It was my mom.


What does and want now?


I took a step forward but froze on my spot.


“shit! ” I muttered under my breath when I noticed I’d just stepped on dog poo.


Who could be so careless to let it’s dog defecate out here?.


Stiles don’t even have a dog.


I need to wash up.


I took off my shoe and rang the door bell to Styles house.


I noticed my phone was still ringing so I pressed the answer button.


“Bex ” I heard the mist sweetest voice.


“A.. Alva ” I stuttered and swallowed hard.


Jeez! Why do I have to be so nervous around her.


She’s my crush so yeah, I think it’s normal.


“hmm, it’s Stiles in ” I asked and cursed under my breath.


“yeah ” she said and I nodded.


She stepped aside for me to go in but I tripped on the doorstep and fell on my face.


My phone slipped from my hand and landed father from me with a loud thud.


Right in front of my crush.


“Bex, are you okay ” Alva asked as she helped me up.


“ye.. Yes ” I stuttered.


“hmm I. Think I should go up to Stiles” I said and made to leave.


“your phone ” she said, squatted down and picked it up for me.


I took the already broken phone from her and ran upstairs authority my shoes in my hand. (Join Group)


I could hear her light chuckles as I ran upstairs.


Now I need to get a new phone.


I pushed the door to Stiles room and he jumped in fear.


“it’s you ” he breathed out.


“so what did your mom say ” he asked as I took my seat on the bed, trying to steady my breathing.


After calming my breathing ,I turned to face Stiles, ready to talk.


I told him every details of what mom told me.


“I need to wash these ” I said and entered his bathroom.




~ Stiles ~




After Bex went into the bathroom, I turned to Inara.



“OK that’s where the crystals come in, thank God we have it ” I breathed out.


“so where do you normally wake up ” I arched an eyebrow at her.


“at the beach ” she blurted out.


I glanced at my clock and it was 11:04.


“we can still go now ” I said and she nodded.


“but we have to find a way out coz my parents won’t let me out by this time ” I said and she sighed with disappointment.


“I have to leave now ” Bex said from the bathroom door.


“I’ll walk you downstairs “I said and we both walked out.


Still descending the stairs, the door bell rang and Alva got it.


It was Mrs Jones, our neighbor.


“yes Mrs Jones ” Alva said politely.


“I came to apologize cause my pretty dog pooed in front of your house and someone stepped on it so I came to apologize” she said and Alva and I glanced at Bex.


“it’s OK Mrs Jones ” Alva said.


“you see my pretty dog is sick and that’s why ” she said and Alva nodded. “my pretty.. ”


“it’s OK Mrs Jones, we’re not upset. Good night ” I cut her off, grinning widely.


“good night ” she said and left.


What a blabber beak.


The door bell rang again just as Alva was about to seat.


She cursed and went to get it.


Angie, Bex mom rushed in.


“Bex ” she called and Bex raised an eyebrow at her.


“I’ve been calling you but you didn’t pick up so I was worried ” she blurted out and Bex rolled his eyes.


“my phone’s broken mom ” he waved the phone at her.


“gosh! I almost had an attack ” she said and sat on the couch.


“get me a glass of water please ” she demanded and Alva went to get it.


Alva came back with the water and gave it to her.


She gulped it down and have Alva back the glass.


“let’s go mom ” Bex said.


“what? I just arrived here, lemme recover from the heart attack I almost had ” she seethed.


“Alva dear, where’s mom and dad ” she asked.


“they’re already asleep, you know they hate being late to bed ” she said and Angie smiled.


Angie laid her head on the headrest with closed eyes.


Bex rolled his eyes and went to sit beside his mom.


I went back up to meet Inara and e started planning on how to leave the house.


The time was now 11:20.


We have to act quick.




~ Angie ~




I laid my head on the headrest of the couch and closed my eyes.


If Stiles really is the one who took Inara then they’ll want carry out the ritual this night.


I’m here now and I’m not gonna let Stiles leave the house.




~ Stiles ~




After lots of thinking, we decided to use the window.


Though my room is upstairs, we can still go out.


I took my curtains and tied them together to make a rope.


I tied it to the window steel bar and threw the remains to the ground.


I climbed out through the window with the curtain rope and got down on my foot.


Inara appeared behind me and I almost freaked out.


We ran to my car and slowly than ever, I drove out of our compound.


Inara laid the crystal box on her lap.


I increased my speed when we already got out of our compound.


I just hope this works.




~ Angie ~




“mom let’s leave now” Bex kept pestering me.


We’ve been here for quite a while now and Stiles haven’t come downstairs.


“fine! Let me go check on Stiles first ” I said and went up to his room.


The room was empty and my hear skipped.


I saw curtains tied together as rope and I knew right away that’s he’s gone.


I brought out my phone and immediately called Gina and told her.


She said they’d go to the beach coz that was where she first performed the rituals on Inara and that’s where she’d always wake up. She said she’ll go stop them and I too will go to the beach.


This shows that Stiles knows about Inara coz if he didn’t, why’d he use the window to escape?


I ran downstairs and told Bex to go home himself but being the stubborn boy he is, he refused.


He refused to leave me alone by this time of the night.


And I can’t take him to the beach so o follows him home.


Gina will have to do this herself.




~ Gina ~


Just some few more mins and I’ll be at the beach.


I can’t let this happen, I can’t.








By Jennifer Owens




Inara the ghost









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