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✏Rebecca POV


My mouth went dry at his gesture. “Marcos, nice to meet you.”


He gave a charming smile. “I’m Emeliano’s friend- more like frenemy, half brother, crap like that.”


“Oh- you’re his brother-”


” Half-Brother- I heard about you- I think what Emeliano did to you is unjust, I’m here to right his wrong, you shouldn’t be held for something you know nothing about.” Marcos said.


I raised my brows at him.


“Excuse me? I don’t follow-” I said.


“Oh, you don’t know? Your last name is Lewis, right?”


“Yes. Is there something I should know?”




I jumped at the sound of Emeliano’s voice, I turned immediately to see him glaring at me then at Marcos, then to our hands that were held together.


Immediately, I took my hands away from Marcos’s and swallowed hard.


What was he doing home so early? Why did he come home?


He took fast pace to me and grabbed my hands in his, pulling me away from Marcos.


I jumped a little when Emeliano yelled again.


“What.the. hell are you doing in my house?!”






Emeliano’s Pov ✔


“What. The. Hell are you doing in my house?!” I practically growled out.


There was no word to describe the anger that was boiling inside of me. Seeing Marcos was something I never ever liked, ever since we were kids. Marcos took my happiness away from me, Marcos and his money obsessed mother.


I’ve never hated any one the way I hated Marcos.


“Chill bro… Don’t forget it’s also my place, and I can go and come the way I like.” Marcos said in his usual calm and collected voice, which seemed to have increased the anger boiling inside of me.


“You have no place here! Get out Marcos, stop testing my patience.” My grip tightened.


“Ouch, you’re hurting me.” Rebecca said from behind me.


I turned to find my hands circling her wrist,


when did I hold her? And why?


“Come on Emeliano, let go of her.” Marcos said.


I whipped my head back to his direction and sent him the most sinister glare I could put on. “What do you want Marcos?”


“Let her go- she has nothing to do with this, you can’t just-”


“It’s none of your business Marcos.”


Marcos smirked. “ we both know why you’re doing this. Come on, leave Becca alone- grow up and get over it okay?”


“Emeliano, you’re hurting me.” Rebecca said again.


“Just shut up!” I said to her and turned to Marcos again. “I won’t say this again-”


“Fine- I’ll leave,” He smirked at me and turned to Rebecca. “See you some other time, Rebecca. “. He winked at her and left the mansion.


I turned to look at Rebecca to find her blushing at Marcos irritating gesture towards her.








Rebecca’s POV


I felt the heat rush up to my cheeks.


The way Emeliano held my wrist in a possessive manner, made me want to blush out of the world, I tried to fight the heat from running up my cheek, but it was impossible- that little act of his was killing me .



What are you thinking Becca? You’re supposed to hate this guy, not blush because


of him. You have a boyfriend, a boyfriend that is worried out of the world about


you, get your thoughts straight.


Emeliano is a bad pretty boy! Bad bad!!!


He pulled me forward, making me run after him, cause his pace was really fast. “Where are you taking me?! Let me go!”


We climbed up the stairs, I stumbled from time to time but he didn’t care, all he did was pulled me along with him.


Finally, he pushed open an unfamiliar door and threw me inside, he came in too and closed the door behind him. His breathing was hard, there was a little bit of frustration mixed with anger in his eyes.


“What is your problem?” I asked, rubbing my already bruised wrist.


“My problem is that you don’t ever listen to me!”


What? “What did I do?” I asked him.


He was quiet for a bit before he said. “Look, you’re not to talk to Marcos, ever again- you get it? I don’t want you to even look at him- not even a glance.”


I was taken aback by what he said. “No.” I simply said.


He glared at me. “Did you just say no to me?”


I glared back at him. “I knew you were deaf,” my lips formed a smirk, something I rarely do. “Yes Emeliano… I did, I said no to you- I’m not going to listen to you-I’ll talk and see whoever I want to, and you’re not gonna do a d–n thing about it!”


Suddenly, he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled me to him.


“Ahh- d–n it Emeliano! You’re hurting me!” I tried to get free of his grip but he didn’t budge, this bastard wanted to pull my hair out of my scalp!



My body pressed against his. “Don’t ever forget one thing, Rebecca, I own you- all of you, and I hate sharing what’s mine.”


My name rolled off his lips like sweet honey, making my body react strangely to our closeness. “I’m nobody’s property, so stop saying you own me! Don’t ever think that I would let you claim me! I have a boyfriend-”


“Please- do you really think Mason likes you? You don’t want to know what he is doing right now.”


“Let go of my hair Emeliano!” I tried to pull away from his grip but it tightened more. “Ahhh!” I winced… Feeling my eyes sting a little.


“Shut up! You think this is all a joke? I don’t want to see you close to Marcos! That’s final!”


“And like I said, I’ll see whoever the fudge I want to!” I retorted with a yell.


He paused for a second, just staring at me, then with a hard push, he let me go, I stumbled a little but I kept my balance.


He turned away from me and raked his hands through his hair.


I stopped for a moment to check out my surroundings, it looked like an office, there were shelf’s filled with books and a huge chair Infront of a long wide table.


Definitely a study.


I looked over at Emeliano again, he still had his back to me. I wonder what he might be thinking about?






Emeliano’s POV


She wasn’t as innocent as I thought.


Not even a little bit.



The b—h had the guts to practically tell me that she was going to see Marcos, maybe not just see him- fûçk him!


Marcos had the habit of taking whatever I had in my possession, I wonder why he never wanted me to be happy, I wonder why he goes after things that I call mine.


Not that I cared for Rebecca, or anything… I only care about one person, I only love one person and I was quite sure that no one would be able to take her place.


But still, how can Marcos do such a thing to her?


And Rebecca, she just wants to defy me in any possible way she can… I’ll have to teach her a lesson, something that would keep her mouth shut when I shout at her.


But what?


What can I do to begin with her punishment? What can I do to make her know that I meant everything I said to her?


I turned to face her direction, her eyes were also pinned on me, I studied her a bit.


She was pretty, no doubt about that. Her long black full hair was shiny and soft, her full lips were set in a straight line and her eyes were filled with loathe. It was exactly the same way- same way She looked at me, the last time I saw Her.


God, how much I miss that woman, how much I dream of her every night, she gave me the most blissful dreams, I missed her touch, her scent, her smile, face… I missed every single little thing about Her.


Does she miss me? Does she miss me as much as I miss her?


Does she even think of me? Does she recall our memories together? Does she regret the fact that she cheated on me?


What was I thinking? How can she possibly regret what she did to me? How? She did it without any remorse, she told me she was with me all because of him ! She broke me to tiny fûçking pieces!


Now it’s payback time! It’s time for them to pay for what they did to me!


Sorry Rebecca, you’re involved in this poo as much as anyone tries to convince you that you’re not.


Anger flowed through my veins as an idea popped into my head- my eyes raked Rebecca’s body from head to toe.


When she caught me staring, she wrapped her arms around herself cautiously.


A sinister smirk played it’s way to my lips as I said.


“Take off your clothes.”








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