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Rebecca’s POV.



Day 2



I’m on a mission! A mission to frustrate the hell out of Emeliano Alfredo. I had my fair share of crying last night, I had enough time and space to think for a while.



Crying Infront of Emeliano would only infiltrate his stupid ego, it would only make him think that he had broken me.


But guess what?


I won’t allow him to win, I’ll have my revenge and I’ll make him pay for what he said and did to me… I won’t cry Infront of him, I won’t tell him to apologise, no I won’t! I won’t let him know that his words affected me to the core.


I’ll act normal.


Although it would be difficult, cause anytime I see his face, I just get drawn back to the awful experience.


But if this would be my only way of getting out of here, I’d do it.


So here I am, dressed in a maroon knee length official gown, my hair was held high in a pony tail and my wedge heels increased my height a little bit, but trust me when I say I wasn’t close to reaching Emeliano’s height.


I didn’t bother to put on make up cause I didn’t like it. Not even a little bit.


With one last look at the mirror, I came out of Emeliano’s bathroom and waited for him to come grab his car keys and whatever he would need for work.


And just on cue, the door opened, revealing a dressed up frowning Emeliano. His suit was a roll up suit so it added swag to his professional attire, his trousers were the same color as his suit, dark blue- but instead, his trousers looked like jeans and his footwear was not professional at all, he wore white converse, matching with his inner white shirt.


In all, he looked like a model straight from vogue’s magazine.


His style looked really professional, yet bad boy ish.


“Are you ready?” I asked him when he strolled pass me, completely ignoring my presence.



“What do you mean?” He asked without looking at me, as he picked up his car keys and his wallet.


“Are you ready for work?” I asked again.


This time, Emeliano turned to look at me, his eyes scanning my body from head to toe, lingering on my exposed legs for a bit before looking back at my eyes and clearing his throat in a dramatical way.


“Yes… And why are you dressed like that?” He asked me.


“I’m coming with you.”


He frowned. “No you’re not.”


“Yes I am.”


“And I said no.”


” And I said yes. ”


Emeliano muttered something under his breath. “What the Bleep is wrong with you! Why do you want to come with me?”


“That’s because I’ll get bored, and tired,” I moved closer to him.


“Today’s the second day of my stay here, and I want to spend all of it with you.”


“Excuse me?” He took a step back, his eyes dancing with confusion.


“You heard me, pretty boy. If I’m going to spend fourteen days with you- I should at least, know you… Right?”


“Wrong. You’re not coming with me. Because I don’t want you to.”

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“But I want to come with you.” I retorted back.


“What are you up to?” He asked me.



“Nothing. What can a poor church girl like me possibly do to you?” I asked him.


He narrowed his eyes at me. “Rebecca, I don’t have time for this.” He moved to the door.


I felt my stomach jump. Why the hell does my stomach do weird things anytime he calls my name in full? I don’t get it?


I followed him shortly after. “Please… Let me come with you? Please.”


“The answer’s still no.” He said, moving out of the mansion as I followed him.






With fast pace, he walked to the direction of his garage, at least that was what it looked like.






“Please Emeliano.”






“Get back inside the house.” He said, pressing a code on some keypad attached to the garage door and suddenly, the door opened slowly.


“Let me come with you.”




“Come on!”




I looked around and was surprised to see just two cars… One SUV and one Ferrari. Wait- isn’t he supposed to have so many cars? Last I checked, he had an automobile company in Las Vegas? He sells cars?


“Why do you have just two cars?” I had to ask.


“How does it affect you? And why the hell are you still here?” His tone was that of pure irritation.


I took my time in studying his facial features, his eyes were really pretty and his lashes were so long, would I be crazy if I said they were longer than the artificial ones girls put on nowadays? His jaw line was perfect and he matched up to my first impression of him. A god.


I shouldn’t be appreciating his beauty! I should be condemning and hating him for what he did to me, yet here I am, admiring his perfect face… He had this innocent look in his eyes that made me just want to lean in and say everything’s okay…


I shouldn’t be thinking this! This man kidnapped me! He’s a stranger! A complete stranger who is also a psychopath.


I looked away immediately and when I looked back up, I caught his staring at me, but he looked away too, pretending like he wasn’t staring.


“Look, just go inside okay?” He said, unlocking his car door and getting in, I unlocked the passengers side and got in too, locking the door beside me.


“What the hell are you doing? Get out now!” He warned.


“No. I want to come with you.”




“I told you why! I don’t wanna get bored at home and I also want to get to kno-”


“Shut up. And get out.” He gritted out.


“Do I irritate you that much? I’m putting on clothes now, it’s not like I’m Unclad or something?” I spat out angrily, the feeling of yesterday gushing back to me in full force.


Did he really feel irritated by me that much? Am I that ugly? I felt tears build up in my eyes.


This was a Mistake… Maybe I wasn’t over it yet…


I was about to get off when he spoke.


“Fine.” Emeliano said, looking away and starting up the engine.


“R-really? I can come?” I asked, excitement in my voice.


“Yeah, whatever.” His Tone was hard, but it didn’t affect me like it used to, and this is just the second day… I can do this…


The car started to move.


“So, any heads up on what to do and say when I get there?” I asked him.


He just ignored me and continued driving.


“Will I have to answer to their greetings? Oh, I’m a nobody, of course I’ll have to answer.”


Still no response


“Will Marcos be there?” :O


Nothing 😉


“Are we almost there?”


Nothing 🙂


“Do you have a personal assistant?”






He looked like he was in his own world, probably wondering why I was talking to him and acting like nothing happened.


“Are your workers friendly or are they as grumpy as you are?” No response.


“Am I dressed well? Sorry- that came out wrong, you hate my body so you wouldn’t know.” I said, looking out of the the window, in the Corner of my eyes, I saw his grip tighten on the wheel, like he was restraining himself from doing something.


“Mason lied to me.” I said out of no where. “He told me I was beautiful, he actually made me feel good about myself… Little did I know he was just trying to make me feel good. I didn’t know I was that ugly.” I said, mostly to myself than to him… But


I was pretty sure he heard cause he made a noise at the back of his throat.


“Anyways, thanks for letting me know the truth.” I said.


Still no response.


“Just a quick question though? Is anyone going to ask me to strip Unclad because I said no to them? I want to be prepaa-whoa!”


The car gave a loud screeching sound before it came to a sudden stop at the side of the road.


Emeliano’s turned to me, his eyes were not showing anger or anything, it was filled with- with guilt.



And what he said next, confirmed it.


“I’m sorry.”
















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©Wunmi Ade



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