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✏Emeliano’s POV





“Fire all of them!”



My voice was audible enough for all the men in my office to hear, I could see that they were all shivering and scared. That’s exactly what my presence does to people.


Some people. A voice in my head echoed, and so help me god, that voice was speaking the truth… Rebecca Lewis, the daughter of that scumbag who I loathe so much.


I had to admit, at first when I saw Rebecca, I thought she was Her, the striking resemblance of those two still baffled till this day… Any time I looked at Rebecca, I saw the eyes of the woman who captured my heart in her hands and squeezed it till it was moist.



The woman who I almost sacrificed everything for.


The woman who still had my heart in her palms.


Yesterday, when Rebecca stood up to me, I saw the same fire in her eyes, I saw the same attitude, not exactly the same though- Rebecca was more meek than Her.


But still, I can’t help but see her in Rebecca… I guess I still held a grudge on the Lewis’s and that was why I was taking it out on the poor church girl…


I looked up on Rebecca Lewis, every single little thing about her. I knew that Raphael had another daughter, but I’ve never met her.


I knew holding Rebecca down was not entirely necessary, but I don’t know why I did it, all I wanted was revenge, all I wanted was to see Raphael beg to get his daughter back, all I wanted was to punish the both of them , by making Rebecca suffer.


The poor girl shouldn’t have gotten down from that friggin taxi, now she’ll have to pay for the sins of her loved ones.


I’ll go through with my punishments, I’ll make sure Rebecca Lewis lose all the pride in her, I’ll break her family by breaking her.


But what if they don’t really care about her? Wouldn’t that be unjust? “Sir…”


It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I would finally get my revenge and it would be a smooth one.




She’ll never see it coming, she broke my heart into thousands of tiny pieces that was difficult to pick up… She destroyed me, made me cut all ties with my family-she used me, but now, now I’ll get my final payback.


“Sir, are you alright?”


Taking her father’s company wasn’t enough, this time- this time I would take revenge on his daughter- I’ll make sure he doesn’t do


poo about it!




Rebecca Lewis , there was something different about her, something challenging, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to endure these 14 days with her, but I also know her in a kind of way, she was a church girl, the kind who believed in -marriage- before-s£x… She was a kind of girl who wouldn’t let anyone over ride her, she was strong willed and determined- but that was all on the outside…


On the inside, she was just like Her, soft like pillows, a naive angel who does good things , it was really going to be easy to break her…




But would that sate my thirst for revenge? Would destroying the life of an innocent woman stop me from loving Her? Will I ever stop loving her?




I jumped immediately at the sound of my name. I turned to glare at the men Infront of me.


“What are you all still doing in my office?! I told you to fire them all! I don’t like the way my stocks are decreasing-”


“Sir it’s just a quarter percent decrease- it may be due to the-”


I stood up immediately, making the man halt his sentence. “You dare interrupt me… Quarter percent, you say it like it’s nothing! I do not want to lose a single dollar! I need you to fire. Them. All.”


“Sir, they are over 40 workers, they have families- I’m pretty sure it was a simple misunderstanding.” The man dared to say- his voice was still shaky.



I nodded my head thoughtfully and stared at the five most trusted men I had in my organization. “OK, why don’t we do it this way-” I straightened my suit. “Fire all of them, and why you’re at it- you all can fire yourselves, I don’t want to see your faces in my company- in fact, any of my companies. Now. Get. Out.”


Their eyes widened in shock as they looked at each other… “But sir-”


“One more word and you all will never ever get any job interview till you’re six feet under.” I threatened- meaning everything I said, I had the power to do that, trust me.


They showed themselves out of my office as they murmured within themselves.


When they left, I called my secretary. “Piper, my office! Now!” Within seconds, she came rushing in. “Yes sir.” She said.


“I need to you recruit 50 workers from our New York branch, make sure they resume tomorrow-”


“Yes, sir.” She turned to leave.




“Yes sir?”


“Any news about her? ”


“Not really sir, the men following her reported that, she just went shopping with her fiancee.” Piper said.


Anger pumped widely through my veins.


“Does she know about Rebecca?” I asked Piper.


“Not yet sir, she spent the night at her fiancee’s apartment, I’m pretty sure if she goes back to the Lewis estate, she’d know about it.” Piper said.



“OK… Get back to work.”


“Yes sir.” Piper turned to leave.


“Wait.” I stopped her again, I heard her groan a little, but I decided to ignore it.


” Yes, sir? ”


“Not a word about my recent doings to my mom or Diego… Or I’ll kill you- I promise.” I said, trying to sound as strict as possible- but I knew she’ll never take it seriously.


“Sure sir.” She turned to leave again.


“Wait.” I called again.


She turned slowly and as hard as she tried to hide the obvious glare on her face, it was impossible.


“Yes, sir.” She said the ‘sir’ with gritted teeth.


“Nothing… You may leave.” I said, raising my brow in a sly way as she groaned louder this time and left, not without slamming the door harshly.


I let out a light chuckle…


So here’s the thing- Piper and I were what you could consider as buddies, she was in a relationship with my best friend, Diego, and sometimes, we all would hang out at my mom’s house or at Piper’s apartment, well, sometimes .


Piper was being all respective and all because she lost to a bet.


She’ll have to be all assistant ish, for a month or else, she’d give up all her photos of Jensen Ackles; and I knew Piper a lot, she wouldn’t give up her collection even if a knife was to her throat.


In all, Piper was a friend who advised me times without number to leave the Lewis’s alone.



But it was impossible, my heart still aches for her… The woman who stole my hard cold heart, the woman who made me open up to the world…


I knew that no matter what happened, I’ll never forget her, even though she gets married and forget all about me, I would never forget her, the woman who captured my heart only to shatter it.






Rebecca’s POV✔



✒Day 1


I don’t think I can do this.


So, this was my first day in this castle like mansion and guess what? I’m fed up, hungry, sad, tired and mostly- bored!!!


I woke up to an empty bed space, I guess Emeliano had left for work very early, now here I am, all alone and fudging hungry.


It’s not like I missed that bastard- for all I know, I wished him death- yes, you heard me! Death, that man is too ruthless to live in this world.


I knew there was no fighting this, I knew I would never escape from Emeliano so easily, that was why I had my bath in his heaven like bathtub and changed into clean clothes.


Oh screw this!


I opened the door and stepped out of Emeliano’s room, I was invited with the strong sweet aroma of Sushi, my favorite Japanese dish! Coupled with two men with fitted black suit, gracing me with their strong glares.



“Relax- I’m just hungry, I want to eat- in the kitchen- or dining table- whatever.” I muttered out.


Their glares softened a little as they allowed me through.


I gave them strange looks, making my way to God knows where, all I did was follow the strong sweet aroma and finally, I was met with the most lovely sight… The kitchen was huge, well furnished and beautiful, maids were almost everywhere, preparing this and making that.


My eyes scanned the kitchen for Greta, the woman who helped me unpack-




I turned immediately and a smile met with my face, “Greta.” I said.


“I was just about to call you down for breakfast… And here you are.” She smiled too.


“I hate to admit it but- I’m really hungry and need food like A.S.A.P.” I said, meaning every single word that fell from my lips.


“Come on- your food is set already. Sir Emeliano told me to make sure you had enough, since you refused to eat last night.” Greta said.


When we reached the dining table, my eyes popped out, the food on the table graced my sight… I was literally drooling, the table was set perfectly and it increased my appetite, immediately, I slipped into the nearest chair and scooped different kind of dishes into my plate- but trust me, the Sushi was more visible.


“God, you have no idea how- wait, did Emeliano really tell you that?” I asked, my mind suddenly going back to what she said earlier.


“Yes.” She smiled.


So, he wasn’t that bad… Good to know, maybe I should remove the death part from the- list -of -things- I -want- to- befall- Emeliano.


Without further ado, I dug into the delicious delicacy Infront of me.


I know this is cheap of me, considering the fact that I was so determined earlier, I was ready to stay hungry until I get my freedom, but come on- can you do that?


I love my food, I love my eating habits, so that’s why I’ve decided, I’m going to eat till my full.


Back in New York, I loved cooking and eating, My mom and I enjoyed our job because that was actually all we had.


My dad never bothered to call to see how I was fairing but I do get texts from April once a week, she would tell me that my dad misses me a lot.


But trust me, if he did, he would have called. Wouldn’t he?


I tried to convince my mom several times to date, but no- she wouldn’t listen, my biggest bet was that, she still loved my dad so much and she wasn’t ever ready to move on. April told me that dad never bothered to move on too.


There might still be hope for them. Right?


Why am I thinking of this again?


After so many moment of scooping, eating and drinking, I was satisfied and finally refreshed.


The last time I felt like this was when Mason made breakfast for me, he surprised me on my birthday and did what no one had ever done for me, I loved him so much and I miss him too- I can’t imagine how worried he would be.


I knew Mason cares deeply for me, just the same way I care about him. We were soulmates, even a seer confirmed it, I really have to find my way out of this mansion, even if I can’t do that, I would have to find a way to call him… To let him know of my current situation.


But I think that’s absolutely impossible.


“Thanks Greta. I’ll never forget this day.” I told her.


All she did was chuckle and told other maids to clear the table, I guess she was the head maid or something.


I stood up and made my way out of the dinning room to the direction of the sitting room. This house was really huge, even the smallest thing in the house was huge. Christ.


Just sitting in the couch seemed like I wasn’t welcome, everything was intimidating, guards and workers here and there just stole glances at me.




I turned immediately, now standing face to face with another hot guy- his eyes were the perfect shade of emerald green.. the man was utterly beautiful.


“Hi.” I said to him.


“You must be Rebecca, am I right?” He asked with a bright smile on his face.


I swallowed. “Yes, but you can call me Becca, Rebecca’s a mouthful.” I said.


He chuckled. “No, I think it’s alluring.”


Heat ran straight up my cheek. “Sorry, who are you again?”


He stretched out his hand for a hand shake, I wanted to return it but immediately, he took my hands in his and kissed my knuckles. “Marcos.” He said.


My mouth went dry at his gesture. “Marcos, nice to meet you.”


He gave a charming smile. “I’m Emeliano’s friend- more like frenemy, half brother, crap like that.”

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“Oh- you’re his brother-”



” Half-Brother- I heard about you- I think what Emeliano did to you is unjust, I’m here to right his wrong, you shouldn’t be held for something you know nothing about.” Marcos said.


I raised my brows at him.


“Excuse me? I don’t follow-” I said.











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