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✏Emeliano’s POV


Week 11 last day in Paris




Tilting my head, I continued to study Rebecca, she wasn’t aware of my stare, she just continued making arrangements for our trip back to Orlando. Ever since the day we got together, I had noticed something different about her… She was more open and less reserved, anything she did, or wanted to do, she’d tell me.


Was I too hard on her?


Fine, I was mad, everything she told me few weeks back was enough to make me rethink our whole situation, but I didn’t- I couldn’t just leave her alone, I couldn’t stop loving her, no matter how hard I tried.


She was a Lewis, cursed to bear the brunt of her father’s mistake, and I was Emeliano, cursed to live through with it.


I made a vow, never to get attached with anyone from that family, but my heart was just too stubborn to heed to that vow. I wanted Rebecca, I wanted all of her, and despite the fact that she lied to me, I still wanted to marry her, to make her mine.


I had something big planned out for today, something I never ever thought I could come up with, it was also the exact same reason why I decided to book a private plane for our travel back to Orlando.


It was a crazy plan, I wasn’t even sure it would work, but it was worth the trial.


But, back to the matter at hand. She was on edge, always on edge, trying her best to make everything right.


Did she think that I had stopped loving her? She wouldn’t think that would she?


She turned immediately. “Let’s go-” she paused, scrunching her brows. “Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked, eyeing me.


“Nothing.” I muttered, straightening up and grabbing both of our suitcase to the private plane I booked for.


It wasn’t like I was giving her the cold shoulder or anything, I was only testing her, I wanted to know if she meant what she said, would she really fight for our relationship, would she do anything to make it work?


I should have taken her words for it, but- a lot of things had Happened to me, I was actually beginning to think that I was cursed. No one has ever said anything to me and really really meant it.



I love Rebecca, with everything I was made of. But she had broken my trust way too many times for me to just give in again, this time, I intended to shield myself from every or any further blows in future.


These past few days in Paris had been great to say the least, we had gotten to know each other pretty well… But I wasn’t ready to let myself be the victim anymore, I wasn’t ready to let myself get hurt.


All I was trying to do was protect myself. Anyone In my shoes would do just that. Not that I had stopped caring for her or anything. There was no word to describe how much I loved her, and that was the reason why I was planning to do this today, it was either a yes or a no.


If she agrees, I’d know she meant it, she was just one word away from breaking the new wall I’d built, either for the best or for the worst.








Rebecca’s POV ✔



Something was wrong, there was still something missing and I could feel it.


Emeliano had the cold wall built in between our relationship, he wasn’t free with me, neither was he willing to make this air flight back home, a memorable one.


I sat there, Infront of him with my head resting on the little window that showcased the clouds and the heavenly Whatnots. I was busy fiddling with my fingers and my mind wasn’t settled.


I knew he loved me, but he was worse, worse than before, his insecurities had skyrocketed, he spoke less, smiled less. He wasn’t open, and it was all my fault.


Before the plan stuff, I was making progress, we were making


progress. He was beginning to get used to me, he began to let me in. He was almost out of his shell, all he needed was a little push and that would be it.


But now, he was back in that shell, buried deep beyond my reach. And I caused it.



Biting my lower lip, I took a peek at him, he was typing away on his laptop, working.


I sighed, sitting up.


“Hey.” I said, calling his attention. He didn’t reply. “Hey.” Still no reply. “Emeliano.”


“What?” He looked up immediately.


“Okay, I’m just going to pretend like you didn’t ignore me the first few times I called you.”


He gave a sly smile. “Okay.” He went back to typing.


“I’m bored.”


“What do you want to do?” He asked, without looking up.




“Then talk, who’s stopping you?” He asked, still not looking at me.


I rolled my eyes, relaxing back on my seat.


The playful glint in his eyes disappeared as he continued to type as if we didn’t have a small conversation.


“I’ve been thinking about names for our baby.” I voiced out.


“Oh.” He said, still not looking up.


“Oh? Just oh?”


He hesitated before looking up. “Sorry. What have you come up with so far?” I smiled. “I thought we should call him Daniel.”



We both talked about the baby’s gender sometime in Paris, and turns out we both wanted a boy baby.


Emeliano frowned immediately. “Why?”


“Cause Daniel’s cool, and he was a good guy in the Bible, and the name’s hot,


so… Why not?” I said.


Emeliano cocked a brow. “No.”


“What do you mean no?” I asked indignantly.


“No son of mine is going to be called Daniel. ”


“Why? It’s a really good name- okay, what do you suggest we call him.”


“Lorenzo.” He said, almost too immediately.


“No bloody way.” I said with a gasp.


“It’s a cool name, way better than Daniel. ” He said in a mocking way.


“Why would you do that to our son? Okay, imagine this- what if he’s like ten and he goes to school one day, maybe a new School, then his teacher asks him to introduce himself to the whole class and he’s like, ‘My name is Lorenzo Alfredo.’ that’s just stupid. His whole class would laugh at him and call him names like Lorenzo Chicken, Lorenzo fries, Lorenzo Chicken Alfredo. It doesn’t sound cool.”


“So, you’re making fun of my last name now?” Emeliano frowned.


“Oh come on, you barely refer to yourself Alfredo at times.”


He sighed. “Whatever, he’s not going to be answering Alfredo, I’m changing my last name.”

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“To what? Emeliano? Then our son would be like, ‘My name is Lorenzo Emeliano?’ his whole class would be asleep before he even finish pronouncing the name.”



He rolled his eyes, shutting his laptop.


D–n, it worked, I’ve finally gotten his attention.


“For your information. I’m changing my last name to Liano.” “What?”


“The short version of my name, I’ve finalized it now, I’m no longer Emeliano Al-whatever, I’m Emeliano Liano.”


“Sounds lame.” I said, crossing my arms to my chest.


“Hm, I don’t see how it affects you.”


“Yeah, but I see how it affects our baby. Lorenzo Liano sounds- sounds- ahh.”


He smiled. “Awesome is the word you’re looking for right?”


“Your wife would be so unlucky.” I blurted out before even registering the words in my brain.


“Would she now?”


“Yeah, what if you marry someone like uh, Anna. She’d be Anna Liano.”


“Wow that sounds nice.”


“I know right. Okay, what if you marry someone like uh- Yvonne, she’d be Yvonne Liano.”


“I don’t see anything wrong with that one either.”


“Me too, Liano goes with almost all the female names in my head.”


“Except Camilla.” He said.


I cocked a brow. “Camilla Liano. Awnnn. It’s perfect.” I said with a pout.


“Not as perfect as Rebecca Liano.”



“Wow, that one is even more perf- what? That’s my name right?”


Obviously.” He Chuckled. “I never liked Lewis as your last name so…”




“Oh? Just oh?” He said, repeating my words from earlier.


I chuckled. “What else do you want me to say?” I said nervously.


“I have something for you.” He said out of no where, reaching to his back pocket.


Oh my God


He brought out a small red box


Oh God.


He opened it with just one flip of his finger.




“Oh? It’s just a necklace?”


“Yeah, what did you think it was? A ring?” He Chuckled incredulously.


My expression sagged.


“Actually, I was expecting a ring. Silly of me to think that you would actually-” I paused when I felt a cry lump in my throat. Stupid baby hormones.



Get you a ring?” He asked.


I nodded, blinking back tears. “Actually, I wanted to get you a ring, but I debated against it.”




He shrugged.


An awkward silence followed.


“It’s a pretty necklace.” I said, pulling it from the box, the unusual pendant dangled… The pendant was just like a ring but with a different design. “I’ll just go try it on.” I said, standing up immediately, rushing to the bathroom.


Shutting the door gently behind me, I allowed the tears and sobs pour out, causing me to cover my mouth with my hands.


I ruined everything. Every single little thing.


Holding the necklace in my hands, I moved to stand Infront of the mirror.


“Great, now I look like someone who almost drowned.” I muttered, trying to wipe and stop the stupid tears from falling.


Suddenly, the door pushed open, causing me jump a bit. There stood Emeliano in all his annoying glory.


Quickly, I looked away, wiping the tears from my eyes. “what are you doing here, I told you I was gonna try this on.”


He walked in, shutting the door. “Hm, I know, just came to see if you needed help, you were actually taking too long.”


“Oh, I didn’t realize.” I said.


“Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’m good.” I said, trying to stop my hands from trembling.


He walked up to me. “Were you crying?” He asked, pulling my face to meet his. “No.”


“What’s wrong?” He asked. “You don’t like the necklace?” “What? No- yes, yes I do- I love the necklace, it’s really pretty.” “D–n, I should have known.” He muttered. “Give it to me.”





“Hand it over.”


“But-” He didn’t let me finish, he took the necklace from my grip.


“I’m sorry,” He said, removing the pendant from the necklace.


“What are you doing?” I asked in shock.


“It wasn’t my intention to make you cry. I just needed to buy time.” “Time for what?”


He looked nervous now, taking two steps back and going on one knee.


“What are you-” I stopped talking when he lifted what was supposed to be a pendant.


“Remember when I told you that the Lewis name doesn’t suit you.”




“So, I was wondering if you’d like to delete it from the back of your name and replace it with Liano.”


My hands flew to my mouth. I was too stunned to even comprehend what he just asked me.


“Uh- Incase you don’t understand, I’m asking you to marry me. Will you?”


This time, I didn’t want to stop the tears from falling. “I- I- I was. Oh God.”


He had this expectant look in his eyes.


“I was actually getting bored of that Lewis name, I think it’s time I replace it with a much better one, like um- Liano?”


He let out a surprised chuckle.



“Incase you don’t understand, I’m actually saying yes.”


Without further ado, he slid the ring into my finger, stood up and engulfed me in a hug.


“Thank you!” He said, pulling away and kissing me like it was actually the last time he would ever kiss me.


“I can’t believe it. I thought you didn’t want to marry me anymore, I thought I ruined everything.”


“You almost did actually.”


“I’m sorry.” I said.


“It’s okay. Let’s not waste anymore time, shall we?”


“What do you mean?”


“Remember the time I told you that I wanted to buy time?” “Yeah?”


“Well, come with me, you’re about to find out why.”


“What the-”


I couldn’t actually complete my sentence. It was either Emeliano had finally gone mad or he was definitely playing with me.


“What is the meaning of this?” My eyes were wide as I looked over at him.


“I didn’t know how long it would take, but I can’t wait any longer, I want to marry you, here and now.” He said with so much love in his eyes.





I looked over at the end of the plane, there was a guy holding a Bible, around the pulpit stand, flowers decorated everywhere, and it was so beautiful. “Emeliano.”


“We’re heading back to Orlando, where the problem awaits, I want to make this right, I want to make us right.”


“By getting married in a plane? Without family? Friends?”


“Our family and our friends has done nothing to make this relationship work.”




“Look, I know this seems rushed. But I promise to give you the normal boring wedding that everyone seems to be comfortable with.”


My mouth formed into a grin. “Hmm, we’ll never be normal, will we?”


“Where’s the fun in being just normal?” Emeliano smirked.


“You’re right. Now let’s make this permanent.” I said, pulling Emeliano’s hand towards the preacher who was going to indeed bring us together.


“Okay. In the Lord’s presence today, we are gathered here to celebrate the coming together of these two heavenly made-”


“Can we just skip to the vow exchange part?” Emeliano interrupted the preacher.


“Of course, you can go ahead, exchange vows.” Emeliano smiled at me. “I- we- I-”


“Relax.” I whispered to him. Smiling when I realized why he wanted to skip to the vow exchange part.


“I love you,” he started. “Because of- so many, many things. And I seriously don’t know where to start from. You’ve been very very very patient with me. Something I never thought anyone would ever be. You restored long lost hope, you rebuilt me, changed me.



You made me better. These past few months have been amazing, well- minus the plan part.”


I chuckled.


“In all I just, really, really appreciate that you’re here for me, that you stayed and that you’ll stay.”


“I will.” I whispered to him, my eyes already watery.


“I know. I found it difficult to trust you before, but- now I do. I trust you and I’m ready to give you everything you want, I’m ready to surrender myself fully and wholly to you. I love you Rebecca and I really want us to live together, grow old, have kids and give them crazy names and all that. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. Only if you say I do.”


I couldn’t contain my emotions anymore and I really wanted to tell him everything I felt. “I do because I love you.” I started.


“Because of so many, many things, and I seriously can not think of a place to start from. You’ve been very patient with me, despite the fact that I did and said things to you, you were patient and loving and forgiving, something I never thought you would ever be.”


He smiled.


“I know we didn’t meet in the best circumstances, I know when we get back to Orlando, things aren’t really going to be shiny between us but- I really really really appreciat e that you’re here for me. For us.” I placed my hands over my belly.


“I know you found it really difficult to trust me and I know that now you do and I promise to never ever to break that trust. I’m ready to give you everything you want, my mind body and heart,


I surrender it all to you, fully and wholly.



I really love you Emeliano and I also want us to live together, grow old, have kids, give them crazy names and all that. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. Only if you say I do.”


“I do.” He muttered.


“You may-”


Within seconds, Emeliano’s lips were on mine. I threw my arms around him, kissing him back with all I had.


I can’t believe it, we’re married.


He broke off the kiss. “Now you see why I didn’t want to make this public.”


“Of course. Our vows were too unique to share with the public.”


He Chuckled.


“I love you.” He muttered, putting his forehead on mine.


“I love you too.”
















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