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Rebecca’s POV



“That rules it all out… I can’t think of anyone who would get their freak on by playing call pranks on me.”


“Maybe it’s someone you knew from a long time ago… Make a list of your ex boyfriends and ex highschool friends… You may get something out of it… And if it persists, speak to Emeliano about it or call the cops.”


“Exes? I’ve only dated like what? Three guys? I don’t think my exes have anything to do with this… Why would they want to play pranks on me… I can’t tell Emeliano about this… It would only make him worry unnecessarily.”


“This sounds serious Rebecca… You’ll have to let him know sometime.”


“Yeah… Maybe when I’ve figured it all out.”


“Whatever you say Becca… Talked to Mom yet?”


“No… I’m not fully ready for that yet. But I’ll call her soon… How about you, talked to her yet?”


I heard April’s sigh at the other end of the line. “No… And I don’t think I will.”


I scrunched my brows. “What? Why?”


“It’s just… I don’t know what to expect, I don’t think she’d want to talk to me.”


I rolled my eyes. “Seriously? All Mo- Diana wants is to get to know you… She also thinks you wouldn’t want to talk to her. Make the first step, rebuild your relationship with her… I’d help a lot.”


“You know it’s okay to call her mom right? She’s still clueless to all this… And she’s probably worried sick about you.”


I licked my suddenly dried lips. “I know… It’s just- this stuff is still emotionally torturing me and, I can’t imagine what it would do to- to- Mom…. She’d be broken


and she’d also want to come back to Orlando, if she does, I don’t even want to know what would happen.”


April chuckled. “Nothing will happen. Give her a call… If you do that, I promise to also give her a call… Okay?”


“Okay. It’s so nice to hear from you… How’s Paris by the way?” “Extraordinary! It’s so beautiful! When all this is over, I’m planning to plan a vacation where we all would travel down here…”


“By we all , you mean…”


” We all… I mean we all… All the crazy children from Rafael’s seed along with Emeliano, Piper, Diego… It’ll be fun… Don’t you think?”


“Fun? Or war?”


April laughed.



We talked and talked about different stuffs until we finally said goodbye to each other…


I dropped my phone and rushed to fix myself a cup of coffee… It was past nine but Emeliano still hadn’t returned, he promised me an early dinner, why the hell is he still so late?


Why am I even surprised? I signed up for this, and no matter how much I try to change a fact in all this, it all ends up with Emeliano choosing his work over me… His work was his first priority while I came second… No… His mom came second, I came third.


What am I even thinking…


We’re taking it slow right? I can’t really expect him to just heed to everyone of my needs…


Baby steps… Slow, but solid.


After fixing myself a coffee, I went to the sitting room, hoping to God that


Emeliano was back already but wanted to maybe, watch some TV… And again!


What am I thinking?


He wasn’t there though- the only thing I found was the land line ringing it’s wires out, I rushed to it, picking up the phone and placing it to my left ear.


“Hello?” I called out but I was met with silence. “Hello oo?


Then the infamous breathing sound came up, making my heart beat faster and the coffee cup shake from my grip. “it’s you isn’t it? Why don’t you speak up! Don’t be a coward!”


“What do you want from me? Who are you?”




“Georgia? Is that you? If it’s you, why don’t you just speak up?”








“Speak up d–n it!” I yelled this time.


“Hello… Belle.”


The glass mug slipped from my grip immediately, causing it to fall straight to the ground, breaking into thousands of pieces.


It wasn’t Georgia… It was someone I knew quite well, it was someone that made it his everyday mission to change my name from Rebecca to Belle.


April was right after all, it’s always one of the exes… But this one was not just an ex… He was a psychopath. A crazy sly psychopath.


After a while, I found my voice.


“Drew?… How did you manage to- to- escape from the asylum?”


“That’s all you can say? After all these years? Oh Belle… You have no idea how much I missed you… But now that I’m free, I’m coming… I’m coming to bring you back home to me.”


My heart beat escalated.


“Time to come home, Belle.”


That was the last thing I heard, before the line went dead.


Oh God… How crazier can my life get?






✏. Emeliano’s POV





The rate at which my heart was hitting my chest, was not a healthy one, but I choose to remain balanced and firm, I won’t let his presence intimidate me. No… Never.



“What you did out there was rather unprofessional… If my assistant refuse to let you in, she had reasons.”


Rafael fumed, making purposeful steps to me, but stopped just right in front of me.


“Oh spare me! I will come see you whenever ever I feel like It! As long as it has something to do with one of my daughters.” He bit out… All I did was stare at him while he kept on trying to kill me with his hard looks. “You have Rebecca. Let her go.”


“Hmmm… Really? I find that odd, are you just finding out that Rebecca’s missing? Or you just decided to care now?”


“Let her go! My daughter doesn’t have anything to do with you and your f—-d up


life! And she’s probably scared out of the world right now.” Rafael muttered.


“Scared? Trust me, she’s far from scared… Why don’t you-”


In a blink of an eye, he pulled at my shirt. “Listen to me you scumbag! I need my daughter! Let Rebecca go, or you’ll regret the consequences!”


“Rebecca doesn’t want to have anything to do with you… She’s with me now… So you can let go of my shirt and get the f–k out of my company!”


He glared straight into my eyes before releasing my shirt from his grip, sniffing and straightening his worn out suit.


“You think you’ve won… But we both know that I have the power to take Rebecca from you.”


I gulped down hard, knowing he was right, but I refused to show him how much his words affected me.


Rafael gave a crook smile. “You think she’d still want to be with you when she finds out about what you did? You think she’d want to look at you? Or even be in the same room as you?”


He said in a taunting manner, making my walls break down immediately.



“I didn’t do anything! You- you made me do it! You manipulated me, I didn’t want to do it.”


“But you did it. That’s all that matters… Only you and I knows what really happened that night… Only you and I can reveal the secret…. let Rebecca go or I tell… Choose.”


I blinked severally, raking my hands through my hair as confusion designed my thoughts with confusion.


“You can’t do that… You’re a greedy pig Rafael! I won’t let you manipulate me again! I won’t let you use me for your stupid plans! I know you really don’t want Rebecca! You have no good intentions for her cause your heart is as f—–g black


as the word black! I won’t let you ruin her life like you ruined mine… I’ll protect her from you!”


Rafael scoffed. “From me? You’ll protect her from me? Her father? The only person Rebecca needs protection from, is you! You are bound to hurt her, and the more you carry her along with the thought of having a better relationship with you, the more she’s going to loathe you, when she finally finds out about everything.” I went quiet for a while.


“She doesn’t have to know.” Rafael spoke into the silence. “Just let her go, I promise to protect her from the truth, and from you.”


“No. That’s not gonna happen,” I retorted. “I’m not stupid Rafael! I know you, and I know you have a reason for coming here to say these things! What are your inner motives.”


“Must there have to be, inner motives? I just want to get to know my daughter!”


“She hates you.”


“And she will hate you also, when I tell her everything.”



My hands were folded into fists as I tried to remain calm. He had a point. I don’t even want to imagine Rebecca’s reaction when she finds out… There’s no stopping her this time, I won’t even try because I knew how much I deserved her every bit of hate.


“I can’t let her go… She’d never want to leave me, and I can’t tell her… And you-don’t tell her, she’ll be broken, she-”


“She’d be safe from you. Don’t you see it Emeliano! You’re broken and you’re trying to pull Rebecca into your messed up life… You’re trying to break her too… Why don’t you just soften the future blow by fixing the present? Let her go.”


I shook my head as his words unwillingly settled inside my brain. “No, no… I won’t… I don’t care what you do… I won’t fall for this shit again… I don’t care if you tell her or not and even if you do, I’ll try to explain myself to her, and there’s an eighty percent chance that she’d forgive me.”


“What makes you think so?” Rafael asked with a sly smile.


“She’s not like you… She’s different. She’s good, better than you or your other kids could ever be. She’s kind hearted and Sweet, exactly the opposite of you!”


“Is that what you think?”


“No… It’s what I see.”


Rafael scoffed and took a step forward, looking directly into my eyes in a challenging way. “I’m giving you a week.


If you don’t let her go, I’ll tell her everything… And if she still chooses to stay with you, have it in mind that I would make it my everyday mission to tear you both apart, cause as long as I’m alive…


I will never ever rest till I separate the both of you. Have a good day,” He patted my shoulder before saying. “My boy.”


With that, he left my office.


I finally released a harsh breath, almost like I was being choked to death earlier.



I was wrong… This wasn’t over.


It was just beginning.








Rebecca’s POV






My eyes fluttered open suddenly, as if there was an automatic switch in my body that flips on whenever Emeliano’s voice was heard.


“Hi.” I said, my voice thick with sleep. When did I fall asleep? I remember watching a program on TV, whiling away time and waiting for Emeliano… I guess I slept off.


“What time is it?” I asked, struggling to fight off the sleepy sound from my voice.


“Past eleven.”


“Past eleven? You just got back?” I asked, scanning the work cloth he wore earlier today, only his suit was nowhere to be found and his tie was way out of place, his hair wasn’t as neat as this morning, it was scattered cutely on his head, his shirt was not tuck into his trousers but still, he managed to ace his devilish look.


“Yeah… I had a lot of- of work to do… I should have just told you to go to bed early… Sorry for keeping you waiting.”


“It’s okay… I know how busy it can all get,” I said, straightening up and rising to my feet… “And it’s apparent that you worked really hard today, you look like a mad man.”



He chuckled, pulling me close to him and placing a kiss on my lips. But soon, he pulled away with a frown…


“What?” I asked him.


“There’s something- I- I want to tell you.” He said with a look of concern and worry.


“Oh… What’s that? Is everything okay?” I asked, also beginning to get worried… I hope it’s not what I’m thinking? Did Drew contact Emeliano? If he did, then Emeliano knows about Drew…. And now he is worried about it!


He’s probably mad that I didn’t tell him sooner, Maybe I should just tell him first, before he spills it all out.


“Yeah, everything’s fine, there’s something I’ve been-”


“Hold up…” I stopped him immediately.


He looked confused.


“There’s something I want to tell you too… It’s pretty important, you might not really like it.”


Silence followed.


What if he doesn’t know? What if i’m making a mistake wanting to tell him about Drew? And even if he doesn’t know about it, what does he want to talk to me about? Is there something going on? Was it about Rafael? Was there something else I didn’t know? No… Emeliano wouldn’t hide anything sensitive from me. We’ve gone past that… And I trust him a lot… Maybe it was about Drew.


“Are you pregnant?” His question resounded in my ears like echoes bringing me back to reality.


My eyes widened immediately his question registered in my brain. “What?! Of course not! Where did you get that idea?”



He scratched his neck in a nervous act, chuckling. “Sorry, it’s just… Whenever a woman tells a man that she has something really important to tell him… That’s the first thing that comes to min- oow!” he couldn’t complete his stupid statement because my hand already gave his chest a little slap. “What the f–k was that for?”


“For you being stupid… I’m trying to be serious here… What did you want to tell me… Go first.”


“No, you go first.” He said.


“No seriously, go first… The good news first.”


“Good news?” He asked, looking a little confused. “What makes you think it’s good news?”


I shrugged. “What other bad news could you possibly tell me, that you haven’t told me already? You’ve told me everything about everything, and I trust you. So… It can’t be bad news cause you’re not hiding anything from me…


We trust each other, that’s why I want to tell you, what I want to tell you.”


Something flashed through his eyes but he looked away immediately, avoiding eye contact with me for a while…


Yup… Something is definitely wrong somewhere.


“Is everything okay?” I asked.


Sighing, he turned to flash me a side smile. “Yeah… Totally.” “Cool… Go on… Give me the good news.”


“I love you.” He blurted out. “That’s it… I really do love you, and I could go on and on, telling you that I love you… It feels as if I’m saying it for the first time, every time I say it. You mean more than anything to me. Don’t you ever forget that.”


With a smile on my face, I connected our lips together. “I won’t… I love you too Emeliano.. it’s funny how that is exactly what I want to tell you too…”



He furrowed his brows. “Really? You sounded like you wanted to say something really serious, and you also said I wouldn’t like it.”


Yeah… I wanted to tell you that there is a psychopath on the loose, waiting to kidnap me for heaven knows what! And he may or may not be in Orlando as we speak.


“Ever heard of suspense… I was just kidding.”


“You sure?” He asked.


“Yeah… I’m sure… You missed dinner… Would you like me to-” “It’s okay… I’ll just grab an early breakfast.”


“No you won’t… You can’t starve yourself… Just go up and freshen up, I’ll bring something up for you.”


“You really don’t have to.”


“But I want to.” I gave him my famous sweet smile.


“You witch… Fine… Whatever you say.” Placing a soft kiss on my lips, he went up the stairs.


I hurried off to the kitchen to prepare something light for him… One thing I learnt about cooking and meal stuff was that, your dinner has to be light, it helps you sleep better.


Grabbing a pan from the top cabinet, my phone buzzed in the back of my Jean pocket.


I dropped the pan and took out my phone, it was a text from an unknown number… I unlocked my phone and opened up the text.


✒Unknown: Emeliano seems like a fine man, enjoy him while he lasts… Belle.


What the hell is this?



My heart hammered in my chest. Shortly after, my phone started to ring, flashing an unknown number on the screen… I picked it up angrily.


“Listen here, douchebag! I’ve had enough of this nonsense! Was that a death threat or something? Cause if it was, and if you’re thinking of hurting Emeliano in any way, you’ll have me to answer to! I swear to God I’ll end you myself Andrew de la Douchebag! Call me or text me one more time, I’ll put you sixty thousand feet under before you can even pronounce the word Belle! Get it? Now you can do us all a freaking favour by going back to rot in that asylum you crawled out of! Get it?!!”


” Uh… Asylum ?”


I paused… This wasn’t Drew’s voice.


“I think you have me mistaken for someone named Andrew de la Douchebag… My name is Rafael Lewis, I believe you’ve heard of me.”













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