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Emeliano’s POV





“Perfect. D–n, if Diego wasn’t hella fast in proposing, I would have taken a sample out of you.” Piper smirked as she helped fixed my tie.


“You know I’m standing here right? I’m not too far, just few feet away.” Diego said, eyeing Piper and I.


“Chill.” The corner of my lips kicked up in a half smile. “Where’s this date? I’m curious.” I said, checking my watch, it was almost an hour to this dinner meeting.


“She’ll be here soon.” Diego said. A taxi pulled up at the entrance of Piper’s apartment, where we were all standing. “Speak of the devil, and she shall appear.”



My eyes were focused on the taxi guy who pulled the door open for my would be date, she stepped out with her phone to her ears. She was slender, curves in all the right places, her hair was really long, it’s ginger color was more enhanced with the beautiful Street lights, her red gown reached down her feet, enhancing her s£xy height. She screamed sophisticated!!!


“Lord of-” Piper spoke in awe. “Where did you find this- this.”


“I think Angel is the right word.” I chipped in for Piper.


“Right right.” Piper said, swallowing as the supposed Angel walked up to us.


Her Wonderful British accent did more to her unique look as she spoke.


“No, rock her three times and put- no- yes, three times– I’m on a job Joe- did you feed her the bottle of- yes- stop interrupting- you know what? I’ll call you back-yes- no- yes again Joe, three times- okay- bye.” She hanged up, and immediately, a smile pulled at her lips…


“Good evening.” I greeted, extending my hands for a shake.


“Why, are you a gentle man.” She returned the handshake. “I’m Jane, Jane Filly.”


“Emeliano, Emeliano Alfredo.”


“Alfredo? Really?” She asked.


“Unfortunately, yes.”


“You must have a wild appetite.” She grinned. “I’ll just stick with Eme- em-pronounce it again.”


“Emeliano. As in. Eh-me-lee-ah-no.”


“I’ll stick with the last five words for now… Liano- more like Piano.” She laughed. “I’m sorry. Liano.”


I found myself chuckling, something I hadn’t done for days- weeks.


She turned to Diego. “Hey DD!”


“Jane.” He said, embracing her in a quick hug.


Turning to Piper, she smiled. “You must be the infamous Piper Roadster. Heard a lot about you… A lot.”


“Oh, I hope they’re all good lots …”


“Oh, trust me when I say… TMI.” She whispered her last words to Piper.


Without much waste of time, Piper sent a glare over to Diego’s direction.


“So… my job is to-”


“Make his ex girlfriend jealous.” Diego piped up.


“What? Wait a minute- who would want to leave someone as- s£xy as this man beauty?” She eyed me from head to toe.


“A very crazy woman.” Piper said.


Jane all but smiled. “Well, Liano… Are you ready to make this crazy woman really crazy?”


“I guess.”


A smile pulled at her lips. “Then let’s get this acting into action. ”

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“You don’t say!” I exclaimed, laughing my head out, as I took a turn into another block. “You’re definitely lying aren’t you Jane?”


“I’m not! I swear-” she laughed too. “It was the most embarrassing moments of my life. I wished I was in that movie- drag me to hell- I wanted the ground to just-open up and swallow me.”


“Ha! God, you are so hilarious. I can’t even- wait- what did Joe do?”


“Joe? He denied ever knowing me… It was really horrible. But funny too.”


“Hell yeah.” I said, pulling up at the venue. I got out from the car, walking over to Jane’s side to open the door, but the door flew open as she let herself out.


“Sorry, I see no reason why you should open the door for me… I still gat hands ya know.” she joked.


“You’re different.”


“I know.” She smiled. “Still nervous?” She asked.


I was still nervous, but her little story made me loosen up a bit, I met her like what? Thirty minutes ago and it felt like I’d known her forever.


“Kind of… Tell me something else.” I said.


“Hmm… Okay, I love reading too… Have you read supernatural by Carver Edlund?”


“Supernatural? Like the series?”


Her eyes widened. “OMG, tell me you’ve seen the series.”


“I have, Piper made me watch close to what? 12 seasons?”


“Ahhhhh.” She squealed. “That is like my favorite series of all time, at least when you minus, The originals, Lucifer and uh- so many other series.”




“Yeah duh!!! Okay okay… Tell you what.”





We started making our way to the entrance. “There was this one time I got so obsessed with the series that I rented a 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Exactly like Dean Winchester’s… I got fake badges and well fitted suits and all and then I drove to an unknown house… Knocked, and when the owner finally opened, I flashed my fake badge and I was like. ‘Afternoon, I’m Detective Girl Beyonce from the FBI, there has been a disturbing call from your neighbor, says she heard a scream. Have you noticed anything weird, like- flickering lights or the smell of sulphur? And maybe some cold spots around the house?’”


I bursted out laughing, I was pretty sure my face was all red.


“What? First of all, Girl Beyonce? What kind of a name is that?”


“That’s Winchester style… They just come up with weird names and actually, there was an episode where Castiel went with them on a case with his last name as Beyonce.”


“What? Oh my God… So, what did the owner do?”


“He just stared at me like… What?”


“I’d have probably laughed my ass off.”


“Yeah, that day was amazing. It felt so real, d–n, I wish it were real.” She laughed.


“I should probably get myself a 67 Chevrolet Impala… We should go hunting sometime soon, might as well tape it all.” I joked.


“Good idea! Actually, I’ll start thinking about it.”


“You’re crazy!”


“Nah, I’m just an obsessed fan of supernatural. My best friend Elena can testify to my craziness when ever supernatural comes on the screen.”


“Oh, Elena? Like in The Vam-”


“Pire diaries- what are you? A CEO for movies or what?”


“Blame Piper and my mom. Also, Diego.”


“Ha! I feel like we’re best friends already!”


I chuckled.


“And Good evening everyone.” Jane said.


My brows creased. “what?” I asked looking at her.


“Look ahead.” She whispered.


And ahead I looked, freezing when I saw all eyes on the both of us… They were all here… Rebecca, Mason, Marcos, Camilla, Rafael and I suppose the stranger would be the lawyer.


“When did we get here?” I whispered to her ears.


“I guess around the time I was telling the owner of the house about flickering lights and sulphur. ”


I cackled. “Shall we?”


“Of course, you don’t expect us to stand over here whispering to each other while they all watch in- shock.”


“I’d love that.” I murmured. “Good evening everyone, meet Jane-”


“Oh, honey, you don’t have to introduce me… I can do that myself. I’m Jane, Jane Filly, Liano’s soon to be-” she looked at me.


“Wife.” I completed.


A choke was heard from the table, Mason’s hand was to his throat while Rebecca’s face was as pale as the word pale… the rest of the table had the look of apparent shock apart from Rafael who looked absolutely uninterested.



Pulling a seat for Jane, she smiled at me before sitting down. I took a sit beside her. “Sorry for the uh- late arrival- we got held up by uh-”


“Flickering lights.” Jane completed.


I felt laughter build up in my chest but I stopped myself from


letting it out, quite sure my face was a dead giveaway that I was trying really hard not to laugh.


“Yeah, uh- the head lights of my new 67 Chevrolet Impala was, misbehaving.” I said.


Jane couldn’t hold it in anymore she started laughing. “I’m sorry, forgive me…” She said between laughs. “I’m sorry. Stop it.” She hit me lightly on my arm.


The whole table was silent, all eyes were on us, and trust me- I wasn’t feeling a tad bit nervous… Jane was really doing a good job.


I took a quick glance over to Rebecca’s side. I couldn’t decipher the look on her face, she seemed uncomfortable but she was trying really hard to mask it all. But her eyes, for the first time since the betrayal- or should I say, fake betrayal, showed emotion, as she looked from me to Jane and from Jane to me. After a while, she looked away.


And just like that, I felt guilty. Why? Why the hell can’t I just pull this act without feeling like I was betraying her or something- she betrayed me! Even though it could be some kind of made up plan, she did it without remorse, she kissed Mason in front of me. So why the hell am I-


“Hey.” Jane whispered, noticing my sudden tense mood. Hell, the whole atmosphere felt tense.


“Can we just get this over with? I’ve got places to be.” Rafael finally spoke up.


“Of course… If you’d allow me to introduce myself Mr. Em-”


“Skip the introduction, I already know who you are.” I said to the lawyer.



Relaxing back on my seat, I watched how Camilla and Marcos kept on stealing glances at a very uncomfortable looking Rebecca, even Mason looked concerned.


“It has come to my knowledge that you signed your company to Mr. Black and his






“I was pretty sure there wasn’t a gun to your head when you placed the ink on that paper.” Rebecca finally spoke up, not evening sparing me a glance.


“Yeah, we both know what I meant.” I spoke up too.


Marcos brought the glass of wine to his lips, taking a sip before speaking. “You signed it, that’s all that matters.”


“I remember signing it because a certain golddigger told me it was for a restaurant business.” I shot at him.


Silence followed after a loud gasp from Rebecca.


“I’d rather you tread lightly boy.” Rafael gritted out.


“Why? Because I gave an appropriate name to your excuse of a daughter? Please, by all means, you’re welcome.”


“Please everyone, relax, this is supposed to be a peaceful gathering.” The lawyer voiced out.


“Now you sound like a priest.” Jane said to the lawyer.


“Don’t interfere Miss soon to be wife. This doesn’t concern you.” Rebecca said.


“It does concerns her, seeing as she is to be my wife and whatever issues I have, she does too.”


“Please, everyone.” Mason butted in. “Let’s listen to Mr. Beau.” “As I was saying- there should-“



My phone buzzed in my pocket. Fishing it out, I saw it that it was a text from Jane.


I looked over at her as she motioned for me to read it.


Mr. Beau was still talking.



Jane: Harsh, don’t you think?


It’s a part of acting, I guess Diego


Was right.



Jane: He was, she is definitely planning something, she didn’t look to happy When you called me your soon to be Wife… Good one by the way.


I noticed. Was I too harsh? I mean- put the Acting to action right?



Jane: yeah… But, tone it down on the


Name calling a little bit.


Okay. Tell me something. Anything to distract me from my half brother’s comment.



Jane: mm.. okay, so, there was this one time when my daughter refused To stop crying.


Okay? Why?


Jane: That was the thing… I didn’t know.


Sounds frustrating.


Jane: it was… You wanna know what I did?




Jane: …


I picked my wine from the table, totally unsure of what the lawyer was saying. I


placed the wine on my lips.


Jane: You sure?


Yeah, I bet it would be something crazy, yeah?


Jane: definitely.


Tell me… I’m all ears.


Jane: I grabbed a hot balm.


Hot balm?


Jane: yup… I scooped some amount of hot balm on my index finger.





Jane: I shoved it right into her butt hole.



I spilled out all the content of the wine from mouth, laughing like someone had actually said something really funny… Yeah, someone had, but not from the table.


The lawyer stopped talking immediately, as he stared at me in confusion. Everyone was also staring.


Jane stifled her own laughter beside me.


“Did I say something funny?” Mr. Beau asked.


“I’m sorry, uh- no… I actually wasn’t listening to anything you were saying… Cause I’m not really sure I know what this meeting is all about.”


“Me too honey, I mean… We don’t need these stupid peace meeting… What we need is a very good lawyer who would take back what belongs to us and make sure we leave the weird ones with nothing.” Jane said. “Right, Liano?”


“Correct love.” I smiled lovingly at her.



The sound of Rebecca’s chair pulling out, made my eyes go to her direction. She stood up. “Excuse me.” She murmured, it was hardly audible for anyone to hear.


With her head hung low, she made her way out of the building with fast pace.


The urge to follow her was so strong that I had to glue my feet to the ground.


Not until my phone vibrated.



Jane: what are you doing?


What do you mean?



Jane: go after her, idiot!


I looked over at Jane, she gave me the head signal to bolt after her.




Oh screw this.


And just like that, the glue disappeared from my feet, as I found myself running through the same direction Rebecca had gone through.


I found her leaning on a car, with her hands covering her face. She was crying. And to know that I was probably the one responsible for those tears, I honestly felt like punishing myself. But no- if I want to pull through with this, I’d have to gather my stupid emotions.


“You know this is pathetic right?”


She jumped a little, bringing her hands down as she stared at me, confused for a moment.


“This stupid game you’re playing? Stop it, you’re just hurting the both of us.”



Her look of confusion just shifted to a hard glare in a matter of seconds as she wiped her tears angrily. “What the Bleep are you talking about?”


My eyebrows went up high, hearing her curse was something I would probably not ever get used to.


“Don’t pretend like you don’t know… In fact, you can stop pretending cause I know it’s all an act.”


She looked even more confused. “An act? Dude are you crazy? What act? Don’t tell me you still believe that there’s a reason behind all this.” An humorless laugh escaped her throat. “How much did I get under your skin?”




“Stick to the last names, Mr. Alfredo. ” She shut me up, repeating my words from the office.


“Why are you doing this huh? Choosing to hurt yourself because you’re trying to what? Beat Rafael at his own game?”


“Listen, idiot… I have no idea on what you’re talking about, you sound crazy, and this conversation is over.” She said, trying to walk pass me, but I pulled her by her arm, forcing her to face me again. “What the Bleep is your problem?!”


“Stop it!” I yelled, making her jump in shock. “I’ve had enough of this bullshit, Rebecca… This hate game, this childish stupidity! What the hell is wrong with you huh? Tell me? After like what?


Some months of being together, falling madly in love with each other and then all of a sudden you just come up and tell me it was all a lie? And you really expected me to believe that? Is that it? You think I don’t know what you’re trying to do here? You think you’re some kind of hero who can solve anything by working in your own terms?”


“It’s not my fault that you choose to believe me. It’s not my fault that you fell madly in love with Me…”



I let go her arm, as frustration built a castle in my brain. “You say it’s all an act right?”


“Of course.”


“So why the hell did you leave the table like that? Crying outside like your engagement was just called off.”


“None of your business.”


“None of my-” I scoffed. “Seriously?”


“Yeah, yeah it’s none of your business… It actually doesn’t concern you… And if you think this was all an act and I was so hurt by you bringing in some other woman to the table, claiming she was to be your wife… Then I’m sorry for you, cause as far as I’m concerned, you can f–k and marry as many Hoes you want…


I’m in love with someone else, and that someone else goes by the name Mason.”


“That so?”


“So… So.”


She was about to walk away again but I was quick to pull her back, pressing her against the car she was leaning on earlier, as I connected our lips together. Immediately, she melted against my body, no fight, no struggle.


Wasn’t that enough sign that she was just playing with me?


Sixty seconds into the kiss, she pushed me away from her, connecting her palms with my jaw. And slapping my senses right back into me while she was at it.


“What the hell is wrong with you?! Are you that desperate?”


“I should be asking you that.” I retorted.


Raking her hands through her hair, she bit her lips hard. “You’re crazy.” She said.



“I’m not. You know wanna know what’s crazy? It’s the fact that I trusted you to the extent of wanting to break a vow that I made a long time ago… It’s the fact that I’m so useless without you…


It’s the fact that I was about to shop for an engagement ring to seal our relationship, it’s f—–g fact that I wanted to marry you, after closing up that


chapter of my life.”


She took in a sharp shaky breath, her eyes widened with tears, as they made their way down her cheek.


“Yeah, you’re shocked… I am too. And here you are, breaking me all over again, ruining my life all over again. Why? What did I ever do to deserve this from you? From all of you? Huh? Come on. If this is an act, then I’m begging you- all you just have to do is tell me, and I swear to God, I swear I’ll play along- just- please stop hurting me this way.”


A long silence dragged on.


Until she finally spoke. “I don’t know what you want me to say. I’ve said all there is to say. I don’t know why you’re hell bent on making me- making me repeat this.” Tears poured down her cheeks, although she kept on wiping them off each time. “I don’t-


I don’t love you… I never- I never did… It was all an act. But this part, this part isn’t an act.”


“So why the hell are you crying?”


“Maybe it’s because I’m tired of repeating myself over and over again.”


“Is he forcing you to do this? Is Rafael forcing you to do this?”


“No one is forcing me to do anything.” She sniffed. “I’m just tired of trying to get my words into your stubborn skull. I’m not in love with you – I don’t love you-you have to understand… All I did, I did for money-”



“Bullshit Rebecca!!! Why the f–k do you think you can lie to me?! Huh? Why? Your lips are saying one thing but your eyes are saying another. Just stop this shit already!”


“I’m not doing anything!!! Just leave me the hell alone! Please.”


She tried to move pass me again, but I pulled her back. “Don’t you dare walk away from me. Don’t. I not gonna let you go that easy… You started this… You made me open up to you. You promised me-”


“They were all lies Emeliano! Please believe that and leave me alone.”


“Lies? They weren’t lies, you and I both know that.” I cupped her face in my hands. “After everything we’ve been through- why- why do you want to destroy us like this? Why can’t you just tell me why you’re doing this… I promise I’ll understand.”


“No, there’s nothing for you to understand.” She pushed me away again. “I’m done! Get it through your head… I don’t love you, never did and never will. And I’m sick and tired of you not believing me. Stop making me repeat myself, I beg you.”


“How can I believe you? Just few weeks back we were okay?


You’re driving me crazy Rebecca! You’re driving me mad!”


“You’re driving yourself crazy.”


“Rebecca- please stop-”


“I’m done talking to you.” She muttered, pushing pass me.


“I’m gonna need proof! I still don’t believe you.” She halted, turning to face me. “Anything to put me out of this mystery.”


She raked her fingers through her hair, completely messing up the curls. But she still managed to look flawless.


“You want proof?” She asked.



“Yeah. You could at least give me that.”


She nodded before killing me with her next words.


“I’m pregnant. And it’s Mason’s.”


Dumbfounded was the right word I would use for my situation right.


“I sincerely hope that’s enough proof for you. If you’ll excuse me.” She muttered, finally leaving me.


I felt my heart at the pit of my stomach.


That definitely did it… It wasn’t an act after all.


I never really had her.


She was never mine…


I was fooled…. Again.












Is all this part of Becca’s plan ? )


Stay tuned & find out














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