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Rebecca’s POV


Week 1


I was too scared to reply.



I was too chicken to even say a word! All I could do was hang up right after he made his name known. And that simple action had been eating me up through out the weekend! I could have said something, maybe throw in a little insult and tell him to go s–k whatever is suckable. But I just dropped the call.


Sighing, I pulled my hair up in a bun. More like in a messy tangled, complicated bun.


“What are you thinking about?” Emeliano’s voice made me jump.


“Me? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you?” I smiled, walking over to him and wrapping my hand around his shoulders.


“Try me.” He said with the hint of a smile.


“Okay, I’ve been thinking about my father. Rafael.” I said, watching his expression turn from normal to deadly.


“What?” He frowned, looking confused.


I swallowed, “Yeah… He has been on my mind since like… Last week.”


“Last week? Why are you even thinking about him?” He asked, pulling my arm from his shoulder.


“I don’t know… Ever since I got a call from him.”


Emeliano shot up, making me pull back on impulse. his eyes widening in shock. “What?! He called you?”


“Yes? Why?”


“Why? I can’t believe you’re asking me that right now. Rafael is bad news, you shouldn’t be receiving calls from him.”


“Its no big deal, Emeliano. it was bound to happen. He’s my father, I’m his daughter, we live in Orlando… We’re bound to communicate-”



“No, you’re not! You don’t understand.” Emeliano said, looking really confused as he raked his hands through his hair.


“I don’t understand what? Is something going on Emeliano?” I had to ask.


His shoulders tensed up, but he was quick to regain his composure.


“No, why would you think that?” He asked, suddenly looking nervous.


“Cause you’re acting like something is actually going on… Did you meet with him?” I approached the issue carefully, knowing it was still a tender issue for him. He paused.


“Emeliano?” I called out his name cause he looked like he wasn’t even in the room with me again.


“No… I didn’t meet with him.” He struggled out, licking his dried lips.


“If you did, you’d tell me right?”


Yes. I would.” He sighed. “I’m sorry for lashing out like that… It’s just- I’m not used to the idea of you talking or seeing Rafael, I just feel like it’d change us.”


“Change us?” I asked, not getting his point of view.


“Change the way you feel about me.”


Why is he even thinking this?


“Nothing can ever change the way I feel about you Emeliano… I’ll never leave you, unless you want me to.”


He leaned in to kiss me. “I love you.” He whispered against my lips.


“I love you too.”


I wasn’t convinced… Something was wrong. I could feel it, and I couldn’t wait to get to the bottom of things… I couldn’t wait to clear this little gap between



Emeliano and I… Something was missing, something was not in the right place; and I knew this relationship wouldn’t work unless I figure it out.


“Aren’t you late for work?”


“I am. But I’ll be in time for the meeting if I leave now.”


“Then hurry.” I smiled, making an attempt to brush his hair into right places, but he stopped me.


“No time.” He said, kissing me again and rushing out of the room.


When I was sure he was out of earshot, I rushed to my phone quickly… Calling up the only person who could tap me in on what the hell was happening.


She picked up on the fourth ring.


“Becca? Why are you calling my personal line… Emeliano isn’t-”


“I know Piper, he just left the house… Actually, it’s you I want to talk to.”


“Oh… That’s a first.”


“Yeah, like they say… There’s a first time for everything.” Piper chuckled. “Indeed… So what’s up?”


“What do you say about lunch? I’ll meet you at the restaurant closer to Emeliano’s company. Yeah?”


“Um…. Sure, it’s fine by me.”





_______ _____


“So, what did you want to talk about?” Piper asked taking a sip of her soda.


“Yeah.” I dropped my coffee mug… “I’m worried.”



“Worried? About what?” Piper’s brows came together.


“Emeliano.” I said, pausing for a bit before speaking. “Is something going on with him? Did something happen between Rafael and him recently?” I asked.


Piper shifted on her seat, looking everywhere but my area. “No why?”


She was lying to me… Something did happen between Rafael and Emeliano recently… But why are they trying to hide it from me?


“Piper, you can trust me… I won’t tell Emeliano you told me anything… I just want to end all this family drama… I want us to live peacefully…


Emeliano doesn’t trust me enough to let me in on everything, and I totally understand that. But if he thinks he can handle everything on his own, he’s only trying to ruin our relationship… But I won’t let that happen. You have to help me.” I said with pleading eyes.


Sighing, Piper leaned in. “I didn’t tell you anything… Clear?”




She looked around once more before speaking. “Rafael came over, last week… They had some kind of heated argument, and I heard Rafael telling Emeliano that he was capable of turning you against Emeliano… I think there’s something else going on.”


I relaxed back on my seat… Was that why Emeliano said me talking to Rafael would change things between us? What could he be hiding from me?


“Rafael is a sly man Becca… If you want to beat him in this game, you have to think like him. The way I see it, he doesn’t want you to have anything to do with Emeliano.”


“But why? What’s his d–n business in my relationship? Why does he want to be father of the year? Why does he even care?”


Piper sighed. “There’s something else.”




“I think Rafael is trying to pull another trick on Emeliano. He wants to take over his company… Emeliano doesn’t know about this yet, I only found out like few days ago… If I tell him, he’d try to work his butt off to stop Rafael, pushing us all away again…


It’s up to you Rebecca. If you can find a way to pull Rafael out of the picture, there’d be no obstacle in your relationship with him, and you both would be free from this Rafael madness.”


I bit my inner lip, thinking deeply about the issue. “How are you sure about Rafael’s plan?”


“There’s a mole… I guess, after Rafael left the other day, I overheard him talking about taking over and the plan… He also said something like Emeliano is easy to manipulate and he has already began to plant false words into his head. We have to do something… And we have to do it fast. History is actually about to repeat itself.”


Swallowing, I blinked severally… What could I possibly do to stop all this? How do I take Rafael out of the picture? How?


History is actually about to repeat itself.


That’s it!


“I’ve got it!”


“Got what?” Piper asked, scrunching her brows.


“Why not let history repeat itself? That’s the only way to get Rafael.”


“I still don’t understand where you’re going with this.”


I smiled, relaxing back on my seat as the perfect plan formed in my brain. ‘Plan E’


This is it… I’m going to end whatever this is… I’m going to stick to plan E, but this time, I’m going to add a little- no… Not a little, I’m going to add a lot of twist into this plan…


The only way to beat Rafael at his own game, is to think like Rafael.


What would Rafael do?






Emeliano’s POV. ✅






I was pissed.


If there was any other word to describe pissed, then I’d take that. Rafael stuck to his words, he called Rebecca. He was determined to destroy our relationship. But I won’t let that happen. I can’t let that happen.


Rebecca and I have been through enough already, we’ve learned to fight off our differences and we’ve coped to live with our flaws. It wasn’t the perfect relationship, but it was promising. It was leading to something perfect. And now… Rafael.


It was like the universe didn’t want us to have anything to do with each other…There was always one thing threatening to tear us apart. Even from the start.


The secrets.


Secrets that were too strong to share with the other. The secrets I keep would definitely be the thing to tear us apart. There’s no f—–g doubt about that.


I needed to speak to that bastard.



I will not let him destroy Rebecca and I. We have come too far already.


I picked up my phone searched for his number quickly, and dialed it. He picked up on the third ring.


“Boy, to what do I owe the displeasure of your call?”


“Why did you call her? If you say you want to protect her, then why do you want to destroy the only thing that matters to her.” I shot at him immediately, going straight to the point.


Rafael gave a snort over the phone. “You still haven’t changed.


You’re letting unnecessary things bother you… Tell me boy, when will you grow up?”


“I’m trying to be serious you f—–g bastard. I don’t want you to call her anymore.


Leave Rebecca the f–k alone.”


“And what would I gain by doing that… Where’s the fun in letting you both have the happily ever after life?”


“She’s your daughter… Don’t you want what’s best for her?”


“I do, that’s why I’m trying to rid her of you. You are dragging her down to your lonely as hell world… You’re manipulating her to think that the both of you could be like Rumple and Belle. That’s not how it works boy… You know that.”


I paused.


This isn’t working, I have to take another route into this matter.


“What do you want?”


“I beg your pardon?”



I let out a harsh breath of frustration. “What do you want? Is it money? If I give you money would you… Would you keep your f—–g mouth shut and leave us the hell alone?”


Rafael chuckled. “Oh, my boy… I knew you gathered some traits from me.” “Answer the d–n question Rafael.”


“I’ll let you know, Boy.” With that, the line went blank dead.


Taking the phone from my ear, I squeezed the life out of it, but it wasn’t breaking… In frustration, I threw the phone straight to the wall close to the door of my study.


And just on cue, my study door pushed open, revealing Rebecca.


Her eyes moved from me to my shattered phone. She looked puzzled for a bit, before closing the door gently… Locking it with the key.


“That’s like- the second phone this month?” She asked, coming over to me, her eyes never leaving mine for a second. “What’s wrong.” She reached to touch me but I pulled back.


“I’m sorry Rebecca. But I gotta tell you something. And this something is bound to ruin this- this.”


“What do you want to tell me?” She asked. Shutting my laptop and pushing it to the far end of the table. She got comfortable on my table, staring at me like I was about to disappear any minute.


“I- the thing is- Before I-” I couldn’t find the right words, my brain wasn’t able to cook up the right words.


“Come here.” She simply said.


“I don’t-”


” Come here.” She said again.


Sighing, I walked closer to her, standing right in front of her…


Our heights were almost matching because she was sitting on my table.



Her hand ran down my left arm, as she continued to stare deep into my eyes. Breaking my every reserve with her far too innocent eyes Without warning, her lips landed on mine and her fingers went straight to my hair. She kissed away my worries and thoughts…


She kissed away the words that were too difficult to even come to the surface. But why was she kissing me like it would actually be the last time she’d ever kiss me? Does she know? Was she hurt? Did Rafael by any chance tell her anything?


I pulled away but she was reluctant to let go.


“What’s wrong?” I asked.


“Nothing.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.


“I can tell something is wrong Rebecca. What is it?” The worries I felt before, decided to showcase itself again.


She kissed me again, this time, coming so close to me… I felt the heat of both our bodies, it made my heart jump widely in my chest, it left a strain in my lower body.




“Shut up.” She said, dropping her lips from mine, as she proceeded to trace hot and lingering kisses down my jaw to my neck.


“Rebecca, what are you doing- stop-” I pulled her away from me.


“I really need to tell you something.”


“I don’t wanna hear it.”


My brows furrowed in confusion. “What?”


“I don’t wanna hear it. You said it was going to destroy our relationship. I don’t want our relationship to be destroyed, so… Please don’t tell me. It’s In the past.



What’s in the past, stays in the past. Okay? Don’t let it destroy the future. Our future. ”


I blinked.


“Now, don’t,” Her fingers moved to unbutton my shirt, one by one. “Interrupt me.”


Taking my shirt off, she placed a kiss on my lips again. When I didn’t respond, she took my hand and looked straight into my eyes. “Put your hands to me.”


This was so unlike Rebecca, my mind couldn’t comprehend it at all.


I still didn’t respond, so she did it herself, she moved my hand to her br**st. My whole body trembled with the feel of her br**st on my palm.


No one told me twice before I finally responded, I kissed her deeply, giving a moan of satisfaction when she gave me full dominance over her ever so tempting lips.


My fingers roamed down her back to the hem of her shirt. Lifting it above her head, my hand tossed the shirt away, not to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing a bra, I knew before hand when she placed my hand over her br**st. I continued to kiss her lips, then to her attractive neck, my hand moved to caress her luscious br**st. The moan she gave, stirred my g—n.


I had no idea why she just decided to do this here at my study, but I d–n well don’t mind it at all… If anything, I needed this, I needed her. All of her.


My fingers found their way in between her thighs, which was already hot and awaiting. I pressed on gently, memorizing the way her moan changed, memorizing every single after effects of my touch, her fingers, raked my hair like madness as I continued to stroke her treasure area. She arched her back, giving me more entrance.


My lips found its way to her br**st, teasing her until she came undone before me.



I would never stop loving this woman. She was my world, my dream… My heart. She was my every thing. My sun, moon, light… My every d–n thing- she was special to me, she was extraordinary. She was perfect. Too perfect.


I wasted no time, easing my way into her. I knew this wasn’t an appropriate place to make love. On a table, something I never thought Rebecca would accept… But then it’s Rebecca, she doesn’t seize a moment to prove me wrong.


Ever since Rebecca paved her way Into my heart, my life changed. My heart opened into the real meaning of love. I knew what it was like to finally find the one you wanted to spend your life with.


I vowed to never get tied up by a woman, ever since Camilla. I vowed to never think of going to a ring store or proposing to any woman. But now, all I could think of was forever.


I want to make Rebecca mine forever, I want to break that stupid vow. This was it. This was her. I want to take this to the next level… Build a family, have kids, grow old together… I want this life with Rebecca.


And I want it now, not next month or the month after.


I love her and I knew that no matter what the secret was, no matter how big the trust issue was… Nothing would ever separate the both of us.


I won’t let it happen. And I knew Rebecca enough, to know that… No matter what? She’d stick with me.


Always and forever.











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