Sat. May 11th, 2024



Rebecca’s POV




It could mean anything.


That hug doesn’t mean they’ve gotten together or anything… I mean she’s married to Marcos right? Will she just abandon her husband to be with Emeliano? Someone that she betrayed? Will Emeliano accept whatever it is she was throwing at him?


What could it be? What could she want? Why did she have to show up now?


My grip on the bedside pole tightened… It was a simple gesture, fine… But still, it looked so intimate! It looked like they were getting back together… It shouldn’t bother me, that hug shouldn’t bother me because I trust Emeliano… Do I?


How can I trust him when I’m quite sure he’s still keeping something from me?


How can I trust him when he hasn’t really done anything to buy my trust?


I need to stop over thinking things.


I should go back and ask them, or should I?


What will I see if I go back? The both of them kissing? Or confessing their undying love for each other.


You’re over thinking things Rebecca! Stop it… This is unlike you… You should do what you do by going back and facing the situation up front… Biting back tears and over thinking won’t help you! Get it?!


My grip left the pole as I was about to move forward only for Emeliano to rush in.



“It was definitely not what it looked like.” He rushed out, staring at me like he wanted me to believe everything he said.


It’s now or never Becca… Turn this around… Put a conclusion to plan E and make sure it’s the last letter you put into plans!


“Oh really? What was it supposed to look like?” I asked him, crossing my arms over my chest and wiping an escaped tear.


His eyes softened a little as he tried to move closer to me but I was quick to move away from his embrace.


I’m getting the truth… Today and only today.


He sighed and raked his hands through his hair. “I’m not seeing Camilla, trust me… She was here for something else.”


“Yeah, she was here for you to hug her.”


He gave a sound of frustration. “Seriously? It was just a hug! It wasn’t like I was kissing her or anything!”


“But you’ll love to right? You’ll love to kiss her right? You wanted to, but I interrupted.” I said with shaky voice…


Approaching the matter at hand in a wrong way, but as long as it gets me the answers I need? Anyway would do just fine.


“What?” He let out weakly. “What are you saying Rebecca? I didn’t have any intention of kissing Camilla okay? I don’t love her- it’s you I lo-”


“Don’t say something you don’t mean! Look, I don’t care what you do with Camilla… You’ve gotten what you want from me, isn’t it? All you wanted was to have your way with me and then drop me like a piece of rag. Am I right?”


His expression was like I just gave him a hard slap on his face. “What?”



“No need to act like I’m wrong… Isn’t it obvious… Right after we had s£x you went running away with your ex lover… The one who betrayed you! ”


I’m sorry Emeliano…This was the only way I could think of.


“I would never- what do you take me for? Is that what you think of me? Why would you-” he paused as his eyes grew a little red like he wanted to cry or something but his jaw was clenched hard. “Look Rebecca…” He sighed. “I- last night meant more than you could even think of to me… Okay? Your words are really not pleasant to my ears… So please-”


“Spare me Emeliano! What did you think? That I was a fool? Anyone who has eyes can see that you’re still madly in love with Camilla!”


“Apparently you don’t have eyes! Or maybe they’re not working well! I am not in love with Camilla! Okay? Stop telling-”


“I don’t trust you! Whatever you say, it’s not going to change whatever I think! I. Don’t. Trust. You.”


Silence. A very deafening silence followed.


After awhile of just staring at each other, he finally spoke up.


“I get it… You don’t trust me… But can’t you see that I’m telling the truth-”


“What did Camilla want?” I cut him off again.


“She just wanted to apologise, she came asking to see you-”


“So you hugged her because she wanted to see me?”


“She hugged me because I told her that whatever is in the past stays and remains In the past… I’ve forgiven her, we were all part of Rafael’s victims… Okay?”


I bit my lower lip… Still not enough, he was picking his words.



“Am I one of Rafael’s victims? Is there something you might want to tell me? I need to know everything… If you want me to trust you… You have to tell me everything.. what are you all hiding from me… If you do not tell me… I can’t trust you.”


He sighed, running a hand through his hair in frustration.


“Rebecca- I can’t-”


“Tell me? How the hell do you expect me to trust you, If you won’t tell me the whole truth? How am I supposed to believe that last night wasn’t a joke to you?”


“It wasn’t a joke Rebecca! I really do lo-”


“I don’t want to listen to anymore lies! This was all a mistake! I was so stupid to think that you really-” I choked on the upcoming tears.


“Rebecca please don’t do this, you’re turning the whole situation into something that is not… Believe me, Camilla means nothing to me, I-”


“You don’t have to explain! What am I to you anyways? Just some church girl who you finally had your way with-”


“Stop saying that! What the hell is wrong with you? Listen to-” He moved closer but I moved back, thanking God that there wasn’t a wall behind me this time. “Why are you doing this to me?”


“Tell me the truth… I want to know everything.”


“I can’t tell you, you don’t understand-”


“What don’t I understand? Huh? Tell me? What’s so hard in just opening up? Or are you just so selfish that you think if you tell me, I’ll leave? Well guess what? If you don’t tell me, then I’m afraid I’ll just have to-”


“If he doesn’t want to tell you… Then I guess I should.” Camilla said, walking into the room.


“Just get out Camilla… Not now.” Emeliano seethed out.


“Why don’t we just tell her? She’ll come to know soon anyways!” Camilla muttered, looking from Emeliano to me. “I’m your sister, Rebecca.”


Yeah! I know!!! Figured it out on my own!


“Is that it?” I asked. “I’m pretty sure I’ve figured that out already.”


Camilla sighed. “Trust me, that’s the least of it. This is one messed up family problem you’re about to know… But I guess I’ll just drop the bomb from the source.”


“Camilla don’t-” Emeliano was beginning to say, but Camilla cut him off.


“What’s the point in hiding it?” She shrugged and turned back to me.

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