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Rebecca’s POV


“Why are you smiling?” I finally asked.


“This is weird… Fourteen days ago, we were in this same spot… The time- it’s all the same… And it’s weird.” He said.


“You wanna talk about weird… What if I told you that my taxi driver was the same guy from before?”


“Really?” His eyes moved to the direction of the taxi to find the man with his head buried down his bonnet, trying to fix the problem.


“Weird right?” I asked.


“Utterly.” He muttered, looking back at me. “Why are you still here though? I thought you would have taken the first flight back to New York?”


How do I answer that?


“I wasn’t ready to leave?” I said, more like, asked.




“Yeah, oh.”


He chuckled… “How are you feeling now?” He asked.


“Now I’m better.” I almost whispered. “Look Emeliano.. last night.. I said somethings that I shouldn’t have-”


“You don’t have to-”


“No… I do… I was wrong.. I shouldn’t have left you… I should have stayed… I know you probably don’t want me near you-”


“What? I would give anything to have you back at the mansion… I also had a lot of time to think last night… You needed the time… I would too.. and trust me.. I’m ready to give you all the time in the world…And whenever you’re okay, I’ll be here waiting-”


I moved closer to him.


“I don’t want you to wait, there’s no point in waiting.” I whispered.




“I’m here now… Rebuilding the promise I broke… I don’t need space… I want to be with you.. forever and always… And you know why?” I smiled. “It’s because I love you… I’m madly in love with you Emeliano… And I am not ready to leave that all behind… I don’t want to run away from my feelings.”


His eyes searched mine frantically.


“Really? You-”


“I love you. Nothing is ever gonna change that.”


He cupped my face and planted a kiss on my lips. Pulling away to stare back at me… “I love you too.” He said.


“Now… Was that so hard.” I Smirked.


“What do you mean?”


“Let’s save that conversation for later.”





“I’m coming back to the mansion… I forgot my phone.”




I laughed. “Yeah… Silly me right?”


He just gave me a skeptical look.


“Stop thinking… I was just joking… I’m coming to stay… Don’t worry, I’ll let you hold my hand when I call my mom… I need all the support I can get.”


“You know I’m always here for you.”


“I know.”


“Oh, and I’m sorry about the roses.”


“Fourteenth time… This is the fourteenth time you’ve said sorry to me.”


“How did it get to fourteen?”


“I counted the ones you said to me when you were making a stupid attempt to act like you were getting back with Camilla.”


“Oh, so you were counting? All those time?”


I nodded, “I think I’ll stop counting now… Number 14’s my favorite number.”


He smiled, pulling me in for a hug…


“I love you Emeliano…”


“I love you morer. ”


“That doesn’t make sense…” I murmured against his chest.


“What can I say? I guess I lose all my senses when I’m with you.”


I gave a throaty laugh…


“When are you paying for the flowers?” The little voice made me untangle myself from Emeliano… Realizing that we were on the streets… It seriously felt like we were the only ones here.


Of course… I crouched down… Handing her some money, I knew it was probably more than what I needed to pay… “Keep the change, Angel.” I pinched her nose, earning a giggle from her.


“Thank you.” She smiled.


“No,” I bit my lower lip… If it wasn’t for Angel, I wouldn’t have met Emeliano… And if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten enough courage to face Emeliano. So, there were only two words


I could say to her. Two words that started all this… With a smile on my face and a sated heart, I said…


“Thank you.”


➖ ➖ ➖


Emeliano’s POV


She stayed.


Although, I still get my fair share of worries, I was still hunted by my past, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to forget, I knew I would never forget, but I still try my best to be positive. Rebecca wasn’t like the others, she was different, and I trusted her.


I knew she’d never leave and I knew there was a future here.


But- will I be able to pull through? Forget the past totally and settle in the idea of Rebecca being around? Would I be able to put both of my feet into this relationship?


This very complicated relationship?



I will, I’ll try to make it work, even if it meant starting over again. We would pull through together and I’ll take her words for it.


These past few weeks had been the best for Rebecca and I, although Rebecca still didn’t call her mom since she found out about everything, I knew quite well that she wasn’t ready for the confrontation.


Who would be?


But still, she’d still have to face the truth one day, she’d still have to face Rafael.


That bloody bastard.


Just thinking about him was getting me angry… I opened my laptop again, ready to work… My work has always been a barrier between me and my social life, I knew that, but ever since my father died, ever since I took in the responsibility of managing the business, I sacrificed half of myself into it… I had to.


It was really rare to find young CEOs at the age of twenty six… Most CEOs out there were mostly old and almost ready for death beds, but here I am, cursed with this heavy responsibility at a youthful age.


I was used to it, Marcos had his own company to run, he had his own fair share of my father’s property but he had too many workers under him and his greed was insatiable, that was exactly why he worked hand in hand with Rafael to overtake my company.


Marcos hated me, I knew that, he blamed me for something I didn’t do… At least that was what Rafael made me think- he was the one who placed the idea in my head- he told me that I-


What are you doing Emeliano… You promised never to let that issue come back to you… Why the hell are you thinking about it now?


I shook my head off the Banished thoughts immediately.

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The door to my office swung open revealing Piper… “Hey.”


“Hi… What have I told you about knocking bef-”


“Save it.” Piper said. “Diego and I have a date, I’m leaving early, and you should call Rebecca… She’s been calling non stop and try to give her your cell phone number, she really doesn’t have to call through the office line everytime.”


“Will do that, your Highness.” I said to her.


Piper rolled her eyes. “Whatever, so yeah… I’m leaving early, is there anything you might need?”


“No… I don’t think so… I guess I should leave early too. I promised Rebecca an early dinner.” I smiled.


“Why don’t you guys join us… It’d be like a double date.” “No.” I said immediately.


“Why? It’d be fun… Rebecca would like that very much.”


“I don’t think Rebecca’s ready to go out now… This is Orlando, we could run into anybody… We wouldn’t want her to, you know- break down emotionally, over again.”


It was actually the truth, I had tried to persuade Rebecca a thousand times, trying to make her come out with me, maybe to the office or errands, but she’d refuse Everytime… Giving the


Same excuse I gave to Piper…


She just wasn’t ready. And I respect that.


“Oh… That’s true… I’m so glad that you’re there for her, she needs you at this moment.”


“I know.” But the question is, will she need me when she finds out about what Rafael made me do?


No! I can’t think of this now.



“Alright then… I’ll just pack up and get ready to retire for the night.” She said, giving a slight nod and waking away.


It would have been a good idea, but I was pretty sure Rebecca would refuse…


Speaking and thinking of Rebecca, I picked up my phone and dialed her number.


When she picked up, I was met with silence.


“Rebecca?” I spoke first, wondering why she was quiet.


“Oh… Emeliano… It’s you? Hi… I’ve been calling the office line for quite a while now, you must be really busy.”


“Yes, kind of… Are you okay? You sound kind of off?”


“I’m good. I just miss you- I’m really bored out of my mind at home.”


“I could change that, but you wouldn’t let me.”


“We talked about this Emeliano. I’m not ready to- you know? Go out on dates and all that stuff.”


I sighed, feeling a smile fall to my lips. “I understand, you’re ready to go on dates, but you’re not ready to bump into unwanted faces.”


She giggled. “See, this is exactly why I love you… You totally get me… When are you coming back though? I’ve got cards and i’m dying to beat you at it.”


I chuckled. “You… Beat the great Emeliano at cards? Hmm… I’d love to see you try.”


“Challenge taken Liano. Come home soon.”


“On my way love.”



“I love you.” She said, causing my heart to skip a beat. Hearing her say those words would never ever in this world or the next get old.


“Love you too.” I replied, ending the call, sitting up and shutting down my laptop, but I paused when I heard the commotion just outside my office.


“You can’t go in, he’s busy and he wouldn’t like that.” Piper’s voice was loud enough for me to hear.


“I want to see him… That bastard is going to pay! Get out of my way, girl!” The very familiar voice yelled back at Piper.


“You can’t go in sir… I’ll be forced to call the security on you if you try to insist… Why don’t you be a gentle man and just come another time.” Piper said politely.


I could feel my heart beat racing as the seconds passed, my feet was pinned to the ground beneath me as the sudden emotion of anger and fear gripped my chest in a hard way.


“Get out of my way! Now! ” The voice said again, and with the sound of Piper’s Yelp, I knew he had pushed her out of his way cause his footsteps got closer and closer until finally, the door to my office pulled open with full force.


Revealing the monster who had always hunted my dreams even till this day, whose voice always resounded in my ears, downgrading and depressing me… The man who I loathe with my every being.


I swallowed hard trying to find my words, but the only words I could manage was his name.






Rebecca’s POV


I should tell him…


I dropped my phone on the kitchen counter, rubbing my already aching head, hearing Emeliano’s voice relived me of the tense feeling that had once settled in my chest, but as soon as the line went dead, it reappeared.


I should seriously tell Emeliano what has been going on, the strange calls from the unknown number, the feeling of being watched and all…


But telling him means troubling him… It’s better i keep it all to myself… When he called today, I thought it was the crazy person who preferred to breath rather than talk through the phone. But who could it be?


Who could be scared of talking to me? And why do they keep calling all the time..


It was beginning to get scary and uncomfortable.


I seriously need to talk to someone about these recent happenings. But who could I call?




She was the only one I could talk to right now, she was the only one I could entrust the weird issue to.


I dialed her number quickly.


“Hey Becca!” her voice bursted up at the forth ring, she sounded really happy and calm, the exact opposite of my mood right now.


“April… Uh, what’s up?” I asked awkwardly, not knowing how to begin the conversation.


“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” she giggled like I just said something funny.


Sighing, I rubbed my face with my palm. “Sorry, I just- I needed to talk to someone.” I said softly.


“I’m all ears Becca? Is everything okay with you and Emeliano?” She asked.



“Yes… Everything is fine… It’s about something else actually, I don’t know how to put this-”


“Just let out.” She said.


“I’ve been getting strange calls.” I blurted out.


“Strange calls? What do you mean? ” I could hear the confusion in her voice.


“Yes… Strange calls, the unknown number just keeps on calling and calling but he or she would never say anything… The person just keeps on breathing through the line.”


“That sounds scary.”


“It is scary.”


“Do you have any idea who the person might be?” April asked.


Do I? It could actually be anybody. It could be Marcos, why would Marcos hesitate before speaking… It can’t be Marcos. Maybe Mason,


Mason is married… What would he want to talk about? It could also be Camilla. Nah, why would Camilla call me? That just insane, what could we possibly say to each other? Or maybe Georgia, could it possibly be her? Does she even know much about me? Does she even want to get to know her daughter? I guess not… It can’t be her. That leaves just one person on my list.


“It could be Rafael.” I said, considering every possibility.


“Rafael? I don’t think he’d be the person? Rafael is not one to do scare calls… He’s upfront… If he wants to talk to you, he wouldn’t go through the childish act thing. I don’t think it’s Rafael…”


“That rules it all out… I can’t think of anyone who would get their freak on by playing call pranks on me.”



“Maybe it’s someone you knew from a long time ago… Make a list of your ex boyfriends and ex highschool friends… You may get something out of it… And if it persists, speak to Emeliano about it or call the cops.”


“Exes? I’ve only dated like what? Three guys? I don’t think my exes have anything to do with this… Why would they want to play pranks on me… I can’t tell Emeliano about this… It would only make him worry unnecessarily.”










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