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The look on her face only told me that whatever she was about to say, was definitely going to turn my whole life upside freaking down.


She sighed before finally dropping the big as hell bomb!


“Marcos is your brother.”




My voice came out in a shrill whisper. If there was another word better than confused right now? I’d take it… I’d freaking grab it because my brain was spiralling with tons of questions right now!


How the hell am I related to Marcos? I mean, that doesn’t make sense! Not even a little pinch of sense! Marcos and I? Related?


Camilla’s my half sister and she’s married to Marcos who is actually my brother and lets not forget Emeliano’s half brother… That makes us- okay, maybe Camilla’s just playing with me… This is crazy and impossible.



Emeliano sighed and looked up at Camilla, rolling his eyes before they settled on me again. “Your half brother. Not brother.”


Half brother?


“Still doesn’t make sense… I need an explanation… It’s like my head is about to explode.”


“See, this is exactly why I didn’t want you to know… This is f—-d up in so many




“Then someone please make me freaking understand!!!” I let out a harsh breath.


“Look, Rebecca… All of this comes to a conclusion… Rafael is a man w—e.” Camilla muttered..


“That still doesn’t help! How can Marcos be my brother and you my sister and then you both- are married? If he’s my brother… Then he’s your brother too right? Emel-”


“Marcos is not my brother.” Camilla stated.


“Okay… Explain.” I said, crossing my arms over my chest, biting back tears of frustration.


Camilla exhaled before speaking. “Georgia is your mother.” She said.


I took in a deep breath, s—–g in my breath as I recognized the name… Greta


mentioned that name while she was telling me about Marcos’s mother… Georgia is Marcos’s mother and also… My mother?


I blinked… Trying to take in that piece of information but it wasn’t ready to sink in. “So, My mom isn’t- my mom? I mean… That means April’s my half sister? Okay… So if Georgia is my mom? Then who’s yours?” I asked Camilla.


“Like I said, Rafael is a man w—e… He had an affair with Heather, Diana’s sister.”



Diana is my mom- well, I used to think she was my mom until now… God this hurts!


“Georgia got married to my Dad and had Marcos… Two years later, she got pregnant for Rafael’s baby which was you.” Emeliano stated.


Oh… This is beginning to make sense. Marcos and I were half siblings… Same mom, different Dad… Camilla and Marcos are not related in any sort of way… Different mom, different Dad , which also means Emeliano and I are in no sort of way related to each other, different mom, different Dad .


This. Is. One. Messed. Up. Family. Tree… If we’re even considered as family.


“So, Rafael and my mo- Diana got divorced because?


“Because she found out that Rafael was responsible for her sister’s pregnancy… And that I was Rafael’s daughter.” Camilla answered.


“So why did she take me? Why didn’t she just take her own daughter?”


“She loved you… And at that time, she believed that you were her daughter… Rafael had it all planned out, He took the baby from Georgia and lied to Diana that you were her dead daughter.”


“Excuse me?”


“Diana was pregnant at that time… Both Georgia and Diana went into labor at the


same time… Diana’s daughter didn’t make it- So Rafael took you from Georgia


and gave you to Diana.”


It all drowned in.


All my whole life has been a lie… Everything I ever believed was a big fat lie… I can’t take this… It’s too much.


Just too much.


“Rafael played us all… He couldn’t keep his stupid d–k in one place!!!” Camilla exclaimed.



I just stood there, but trust me… My mind wasn’t still… It was spinning with all the freaking emotions and for the first time in my life, I feel like I don’t have any control over this situation… It was taking over me and I was letting it…


I don’t know what to do… What to say… I was shattered… Beyond shattered.


“I’m sorry you had to find out this way Rebecca… I’ll leave you both… And before I leave, I want you to know that I don’t love Emeliano…Never did and never will.” With that, she left.


And the silence that came after her disappearance was deafening.






Emeliano’s POV






It was all so silent… I didn’t know what to say or do… She was so silent and it was killing me that I wasn’t prepared for this moment.


I knew she wasn’t okay, I mean… When the first tear dropped down her cheeks, I knew she was really hurt by all this… Her look said it all.


But what could I possibly say to make her feel okay?


Just what?


“Rebecca I-”


She stopped me from talking by raising her Palms to my face and saying. “Don’t.”


Her voice was unfamiliar, it was so quiet and lost, I felt this pinch pain in my heart, I was hurt… Not because she shunned me… But because she was hurting and I was in no position to make her feel okay.



This was the reason why I didn’t want to tell her anything… I knew it would break


her to this point.


D–n you Rafael.


“I know-”


“Don’t.” She stopped me again.


“Why didn’t you tell me? Huh? Why?” She finally spoke… Her voice thick with tears as some more tears escaped her eyes.


“I couldn’t bear to see you hurt… But now the damage is done.”


“Still… You could have told me… You could have at least gave me a hint… Why Emeliano?” Her voice was so soft and distant.


I’m sorry. I should have told you Long ago… I just couldn’t bring myself to… I just-”


“Didn’t want me to leave.” She completed.


And d–n it to hell… She was right.


“I’m sorry too.” She finally said, walking pass me to the wardrobe, grabbing her suitcase and shoving her belongings inside, I watched her zip the box shut and then… I knew what came next. “I’m leaving.”


And just with those two words… My world crumbled all over… Again.


“Why?” I asked.


“I can’t stay here… I need to be far away from here, from Orlando, from Rafael,


Camilla, Marcos, From-”






“Me.” This time… I completed it for her.


I watched more tears pour down her cheeks.


I knew this would happen… It always did… Every single time I get a taste of happiness… It just goes away like the wind… They all go. Over and over again.


“I’m sorry… I just need time… To- think this through… I need space to breathe… I can’t take it all at once… It’s too much… I can’t handle it.”


“I’m always here for you Rebecca… We could handle it together, just please don’t go… Don’t leave me.”


“Stop being selfish! For once… I need space, I need time to think, it’s not everyday that you learn that you were born on a lie… Or that your entire life was a complete lie… I can’t- I just can’t.” She sobbed out, grabbing her luggages and moving the door.


“That’s it? You’re just gonna go? You promised.”


Her grip tightened on the handle of her luggage, before she turned to me. “I guess this would have to be the first promise I break. I’m sorry… I just can’t stay here…”


“So you’re going back to New York?”


“I don’t know… I don’t think I have a home there… I don’t think I have a home anywhere.”




“Don’t push it…”


We stood there staring at each other for what felt like hours before she finally turned slowly. Walking away from me…


Leaving me just like everyone else did… Walking out the door without glancing back to see who she was leaving… She just… Left…



How could I be foolish to think she’d want to stay? No one ever stays… Just when I thought- just when I thought she would stay, just when I opened up my heart again… It all goes poof… She just left, left me with a broken heart and a broken world. Just when I thought someone actually cared…


Just when I felt the happiness at the tip of my fingers… It disappeared.


Just like that.












Rebecca’s POV


✏Day 14



The cold morning breeze blew my hair into different directions, relaxing my nerves and made me feel less sick.


The grip on my suitcase was a little bit tight as I stood Infront of the hotel I lodged last night, waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport.


This was the right thing to do… I wasn’t okay last night… My mind wasn’t settled


and even now, my mind isn’t settled… It’s in different areas… Thinking different






I left him last night… I failed him because I was too chicken to accept the truth… But I couldn’t just move on with life after finding out that the woman I believed to be my mother, wasn’t my mother? How can I move on when just yesterday, I found out that I had a brother? Half brother?!


It was too much for me to look pass.


All my life, I’ve been thrown into different situations, and I knew just how to handle myself… Even when being kidnapped… I knew how to control the situation.


But this- this case was different… My mind wasn’t ready for the news… How I wish I didn’t ask Emeliano… How I wish that I just stuck to the future and forget the past.


But no… I had to go ahead and push the Past into the future, ruining my life and Emeliano’s life with it.


Finally a taxi stopped… I got in immediately, letting the driver put my suitcase in the boot of the car.


This was it… I’m leaving Orlando to God knows where… I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere… These past few days had been the best… I felt like I’ve finally found a home… A place worth settling for… How did it all turn so messed up in just few seconds?


The taxi began to move.


Leaving Emeliano was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life… I betrayed him… I promised him and I failed him… Will he ever forgive me for that? After he had told me that everyone in his life never stays, after the promise I made to him that I would never leave… I went ahead to betray him just like everyone else did.


It was wrong… I felt guilty… I shouldn’t have blamed him for not telling me anything… I should have just explained to him that I needed the space… But this space I have now is doing nothing but to make me think the more!


Why didn’t I just stay? He told me that we would settle it together.. he wanted to be there for me, but I pushed him away… I left him and I told him that he was selfish… But truth be told, I was the selfish one… I wanted to nurse my feelings, not stopping to think of what my actions would do to Emeliano’s feelings.



Wait a minute! How could I just leave him like that? At this point of time- I don’t think I should handle this alone… Nothing comes out of running away from your problems, it would only keep chasing you… But if you face it head on, you wouldn’t have to run anymore…


Leaving Orlando would only make things worse for myself… I’d not be only hurting myself but I’d also be hurting Emeliano.


And all I ever want is for him to be happy.


“Leaving so soon?” The familiar voice resounded from the driver’s side, my eyes shot up immediately to reveal to myself the Taxi driver who picked me up from the airport 14 days ago.


“You again? I didn’t notice…” I said, unable to hide the surprise in my voice.


“You were in deep thoughts… I didn’t think you’d be leaving so soon.” The man smiled through the mirror.


“Yeah… Me neither.” I muttered… Looking out the window to the busy streets of Orlando.


I was making a mistake… My whole body was screaming to me, my mind was yelling at me, urging me to go back to Emeliano… He needs me and I need him!


We need each other now more than ever, so why the hell am I breaking his heart and mine? What the hell is wrong with me?


I was jerked from my thoughts when the taxi began to jerk forward with force until we pulled to a stop.


“Still haven’t fixed the problem?” I asked the driver.


He cocked a brow. “This is weird… This is the first time it’s happening since the time I picked you up from the airport.” He mused.


“Hmm… So, I make taxi’s breakdown… Good to know.” I Muttered, the driver smiled.



“I’ll just go check it out.” He said, getting down from the taxi.


I exhaled, letting out a harsh breath and looking out the window… What in the-


We were Infront of the same flower shop! The same one from fourteen days ago.


A smile pulled at my lips as I got down from the taxi, walking straight to the flower shop… It all started here, my life with Emeliano… I can’t believe it has been fourteen days already! I just can’t!


“Would you like some flowers?” The little girl tugged at the hem of my gown.


I smiled down at her, if it hadn’t been for this little girl, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to be kidnapped by Emeliano! How crazy is all this?


I crouched down to her level… “What’s your name, Angel?”


Her brows furrowed in confusion. “How did you know my name?”


“What? I don’t, I just asked you your name.” I said in a playful kiddy voice.


“You just said my name.” She smiled.


Oh… “Your name is, Angel?”


“Yes… Now would you like some flowers?”


“Of course… The red ones.” I told her.


“The reds ones are my favorite… My dad always told me that if a boy gives a girl a red rose, that he truly loves her and that they would be bound together my fate and love… Isn’t that amazing? It’s like a.. a fairy tale. like Cinderella!” she giggled… Although her words were out of place.. but I was sure to make them sound more better to my ears.


“Oh wow… That amazing… Can I get the whole bowl then?”



“Okay.” Her little hands carried the whole bowl of red roses, handing it over to me… I was hit with the sweet alluring smell of roses!


“Are you going to give this to someone?” She asked me.


“Of course.”


“You are in love like Cinderella?”


“How old are you?”


“Six.” She said.


So sharp.


“Yes… I’m in love like Cinderella and I’m about to give all these roses to my prince charming.” I smiled.


I’ve made up my mind… Leaving Orlando wouldn’t do me any good… I’ll stay here with Emeliano and we will pull through this together.


But will he want me back? After I broke him? Will he?


“Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Prince charming is supposed to give you the rose.”


“Hmmm… Let’s just say, our love story isn’t like Cinderella and prince charming… It’s a different kind.” I told her, standing up to get some money from my purse, but I was knocked out of balance when someone rudely bumped into me, causing the bowl of roses to fly up in the air, as the roses rained down on me like showers of blessings.


I turned to the culprit without looking up. “Can’t you watch where you’re going?!” I yelled, trying to get the roses off my hair and clothes.


I noticed that the man had stopped talking, cause he seemed to be making a call earlier.



The nerve of him… He couldn’t even say sorry! Finally, I looked up. “You can’t even-”


My words rushed down to my wind pipe, making my breath hitch in my throat as I watched the familiar face stare back at me. “Emeliano?” I choked out.




He also looked surprised as he looked around also realizing that we were at the exact position we first met.


I will- tell the-” Emeliano cleared his throat and blinked several times as he was finally able to make a sentence to whoever was on the phone with him. “Cancel the meeting… There’s been some,” his eyes met mine again. “Hold up. Reschedule it.” He said, dropping the call and looking at me.


Okay Rebecca, play this cool.. just like you always do.


“Why are you on foot?” I asked him, trying to sound as casual as possible.


“Same reason I was on foot fourteen days ago.” He replied. “I’ve got a meeting at a coffee shop nearby.” He informed.


“Oh… That’s… Good?”


I didn’t know what else to say… So I allowed my body take control. “I’m sorry.” My lips said.


He chuckled… “No… You shouldn’t apologize… I should have understood you be-”


“No… You also don’t need to apologise.. I’m the one who was being selfish… I didn’t think about you-”


He sighed, but all the same… There was a smile on his face.










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