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MR ALFREDO(Emeliano’s dad)



Married two wives.


Emeliano’s mom – gave birth to Emeliano.


Georgia (Marcos mom) – gave birth to Marcos.


So this means, Emeliano and Marcos, shares the same Dad but different moms.





Married one wife (gave birth to April)


Had an affair with his wife’s sister. (Gave birth to Camilla)


Had an affair with Georgia, (Mr Alfredo’s second wife AKA Marcos’s mom) gave birth to Rebecca.


This means. April, Rebecca and Camilla, shares the same Dad but different moms.




In summary, as we can see above, Rebecca and Marcos shares the same Mothers but different fathers.


Emeliano and Marcos shares the same father but Different Mothers. Rebecca and Emeliano are completely unrelated. Different father, Different Mothers.


Emeliano has no apparent relationship with either Camilla nor April.








✏Rebecca’s POV


✏Week 6



“I can’t keep on doing this Camilla. I don’t think I can handle this anymore. It’s too much.” I blew my already red nose into the last tissue from an entire pack.


Camilla dropped her nail filer on the table, giving me a pitiful look. “You know you have to right? Emeliano might not understand that you’re trying to protect him from your narcissistic ex and man w—e of a father, but I’m pretty sure he’ll understand later on.”


“He hates me.” I muttered.


“Hate Is a strong word.” Camilla sighed. “Look Becca, we’re trying to kill two birds with one stone here. We might not even have to go to court if this works out as planned. As you planned.”


I fell back into my very favorite chair in Camilla and Marcos’s penthouse. “I should have told him. Two weeks ago, at that dinner meeting, I had the chance to tell him but- but I just couldn’t… I’ve gotten very far already. But Cammy, you should have seen him… He was so broken by all these stupid lies… I hate myself so much.”


“That’s two weeks ago.”


“Feels like yesterday.”


“Well, you need to relax, crying every second can hurt you and the baby-”


“I even lied to him about that, I told him it was Mason’s… This baby was meant to be our special moment. I can’t believe I even-“


“It was for the best-”


“He wanted to get me a wedding ring, he was going to propose… God why is this happening to me!”


“Rebecca! Relax.” Camilla yelled a little. “Emeliano will understand your reasons for doing this… Just a little more time.”


“Whatever, he’s probably with Jane… My replacement.”


“Oh come on… They’re just friends, Piper confirmed it.”


“Piper isn’t always with Emeliano 24/7.” I muttered. “Besides, yesterday, during my early morning spy Job, I traced Emeliano to school, he was dropping off some kid and you know what? That Jane lady was with him, I had to peel the binoculars from my already swollen eyes.”


“Becca. He has nothing going on with That Jane lady, she’s happily married to a doctor and they have a kid together.”


“So, why is she always with Emeliano? Giving him stupid nicknames like Liano, Eme, and whatever.”


“You’re overeating.”


“I’m not. I just miss him so much.”


I sniffed again.


Okay, enough with the sob story. I seriously don’t have the right to feel like a hero cause, actually, I’m not… My stupid plan was going on great but I’m at risk of losing the main reason why I started this ridiculous mission.


Few weeks ago, after Piper informed me about Rafael’s Visit to Emeliano, I cooked up a very delicious plan to put an end to Andrew and Rafael for once.


It all started when I paced In the garden, while Marcos, Piper and Camilla just stared at me like a nut was screwed out of my head. It was a bright Wednesday morning after Emeliano left for work, I called in Piper to take a day off from work, cause she was actually a big part of my plan… I also called in Marcos and Camilla, cause I believed that they would as well be of great help.


Although I felt nervous cause, hell! I wasn’t ready to face them… Neither was I ready to work hand in hand for mine and Emeliano’s favour with them. But it was necessary.



“What’s going on Rebecca? You called me to take a break from work to sit here with these two evil people? I don’t understand.”


“Why are you calling us evil?” Marcos asked.


“Oh, lemme guess? Well maybe it’s because-”


Mason rushed in. “Sorry I’m late, I got held up by traffic.”


“Finally, have a seat.” I said, my heart hammering wildly against my chest.


When Mason was settled, he looked confused… They all looked confused… Waiting for me to clear up the weird atmosphere.


“You all are confused. But I’m pretty sure all we’re going to say here today, would be in our best interest- except for you – Mason.”


“No problem- as long as I’m of help.”


“Great! Awesome actually cause, you’re also a really big part of this.”


“What is going on?” Marcos asked.


“First off, I’ll start by- Rafael is a douchebag.” “Check.” Piper said.


“And I for one, thinks he needs to rot in hell.”


“Double check.” Marcos said.


“Guys, I know Rafael has been an obstacle to each and everyone of us, apart from Mason here… Camilla, he blackmailed you into fooling Emeliano, am I correct?”


“Yes, held my mother in custody and threatened to kill her if I didn’t play along.”


I turned to Marcos. “Marcos, he-”



“Threatened to kill both Camilla and her mother if I didn’t get Emeliano to sign off the Illinois company ownership to myself, which indirectly meant him.”


turned to Piper. “Piper, he-”


“Destroyed the life of my Boss and threatened to shave all the hair from my head If I didn’t let him in- let’s not forget, the hell pictures he took of my little sister on her way back from school.”


“This Rafael guy sounds like a criminal.”


“He is evil… Trust me.” Marcos muttered. “What are we doing here exactly? Reminiscing the past and opening up wounds?”


“No. We’re here to figure out a way to put Rafael behind bars… For good.”


“Okay, I’m listening.” Camilla said, sitting up straight.


“We’re going to make him kill someone.”


“Excuse me?” Mason butted in.


“Yes, you heard me Maze… We’re going to make Rafael kill my psychopath of an ex- ex boyfriend, Andrew De la Douchebag.”


“Andrew’s back?” Mason exclaimed with wide eyes.


“Yes. And this time, he means business… He wants me to leave Emeliano or else, he’d end his life. He’s not bluffing. He never bluffs.”


“First of all, is that his last name? Douchebag?” Piper asked.


“Yes, to me. Yes.” I replied, earning a nod from Piper.


“Is this guy like really dangerous?” Marcos asked.



“Very. Last time he made it out of the first asylum, he managed to paralyze a close friend from college, thinking he was my boyfriend- The second time he appeared was when I was still with Mason… The douchebag kidnapped Mason.”


“I barely got out alive.” Mason added.


“Why aren’t we calling the cops on his ass?” Piper said.


“I thought about it, really. But then it clicked! I can as well kill two birds with one stone. Rafael is planning to take control over Emeliano’s company.”


“Again?” Marcos asked.


“Yes. Overheard him cooking up something.” Piper informed.


“Okay okay, so what’s the plan?” Mason said.


“I’m going to play Rafael’s game.”




Diego busted in. “I got it! I got it out of him.”


I smirked. “That’s how.”


“Diego? What are you doing here?” Piper asked with shock written all over her face.


“I noticed something strange ever since Rafael’s meeting with Emeliano. I knew right away that Emeliano was hiding something secret from me, something that might ruin our relationship-”


“So, she asked me to get it out of him.” Diego chipped in.


“Indeed. So… What is it?”


“Apparently, Emeliano thinks he’s responsible for the death of your birth mother.”


My eyes widened. “Georgia is dead?”


“Uh no- cause she was at my wedding few months back.” Marcos said, at alert.


“So why does he think that he murdered someone who is still alive?” I asked Diego.


“There was an incident, few years ago… My mom got sick- But later on she got transferred to some other country for treatment-” Marcos said.


“Emeliano mentioned something like that- only, his version was- Rafael manipulated him into paying off the doctor to end her life because she was responsible for the death of his father- back then, Emeliano didn’t know that Rafael was originally the one who killed his father.” Diego said.


“That bastardy bastard.” I muttered.


“Rafael has bitten way much than he can chew, we have to put a stop to him.” Camilla said.


“And that’s where Mason comes in.”


“Me? How?” Mason asked.


“It’s simple- you own a successful law firm in New York city.


You’re going to be my fiancee. I’m going to trick Rafael into believing that Emeliano told me everything about his blackmail and that I’ve switched sides… I’ll make up something like- Emeliano’s evil and I wish I never met him… Blah blah blah, girly stuff and then I’ll tell him that I’m ready to support him with whatever he was planning against Emeliano because I hate Emeliano and stuff-”


“Okay? Go on.” Marcos said.


“Then after that, build up a conflict at the middle, it’s going to concern Emeliano, but- leave that part to me.”


“Where does Andrew De la Douchebag come into this?” Piper asked.


“Good question. I’ll tell Rafael about Andrew and like the greedy pig Rafael is, he’d want to do anything to please me, as long as I work side in side with him. He’s going to end Andrew, and we’re going to pin him for Andrew’s murder, along side the attempt of overtaking Emeliano’s company-”


“How are you going to do that? The company ownership stuff.” Mason asked


“All I need is Emeliano signature. After that, I’ll handle the rest.” “So… Where do we come in play?” Camilla asked.


“You both are going to pretend to be really interested in Rafael’s take over plan… In all, we’ll just be one big happy family.”


“How about Diego and I? What are our parts?”


“All you just gotta do is refrain Emeliano from hating me for this. And try your best possible or possible best, whatever- to stop him from ruining this whole plan.”


Which they actually didn’t do. “I mean, what was Diego thinking? He didn’t even warn me first! He just went ahead to find a remarkable date for Emeliano… I almost ruined the whole thing.” I said to Camilla who just sat there staring at me.


“So, what is your next move.”


“I need sometime alone with Emeliano.” I blurted out.


“No.” Camilla said.


“No? What do you mean no?”


“Your emotions are all over the place Rebecca. You can’t have that alone time with Emeliano without ruining the plan.”


“I’m not gonna mess it up… I just need to see him… Badly, I need to be sure that he’s okay.”



“Why do you think he’ll want to see you, after telling him that his child is actually for your ex boyfriend.”


“He won’t see me willingly. So that’s why I’m going to make him see me-unwillingly.”


“What?” Camilla asked as her brows came together in confusion.


I grabbed my phone quickly, dialing Piper’s number.


She picked up almost too immediately.


“Hey! Thanks for calling Rebecca! I was beginning to get worried,


I’m so sorry about the dinner meeting stuff, we forgot to tell you- are you okay? Is the baby okay?”


“Yeah I’m good… It’s all good now… There’s actually no tears left to cry.”


“Gee, thank God.”


“I need a favor.”


“Anything- I’ll do anything…”


“How quick can you make up a fake business trip to Paris for Emeliano?”




✏Week 8




A very beautiful city, a place known for its ability to reunite two lovers, or to make any relationship stronger. A place of love.


My feet moved on their own accord as my eyes tried to take in every detail of the great city before me.



“Ma’am, I’ll put your luggages in the car… You can get into the car, we’ll take you to your destination.” A man with a French accent said. “Sure.” I grinned.


Getting into the car, I was a little bit disappointed, I wanted to see everything, I wanted to breathe in every detail.


My phone vibrated.


“Hey Piper.” I answered.


“You there yet? Emeliano just arrived.”


“Yeah, I’m in a cab, it’ll take me to the penthouse.”


“Cool, I just got off the phone with him. And Rebecca?”




“Good luck with this.”


“Thanks.” I ended the call as the feeling of nervousness settled in.


I really didn’t know what I wanted the outcome of this plan to be. I seriously wasn’t expecting anything good to come out of it, seeing as Emeliano hates every bit of my guts.


I pulled out my earplugs, and placed each of them in my ears, putting up a song by Chainsmokers, Do you mean. I wasn’t really a song person, but sometimes, it cleared up my jumbled thoughts.


I had two options in all this, it was either I tell Emeliano everything about everything that is going on, or I keep it all to myself and let it all come out as I initially planned.



And of course even though I didn’t mention it, there is always a third option. Let the love spirit of Paris, guide our paths and bring us back together with a special touch.


In all, I’ll make the most of this trip.


No matter what the outcome may be.






Emeliano’s POV ✔





My head was laid back against the backseat of the car, with my eyes shut. If anyone was really looking at me now, they’d think that I was calm, or even at peace with myself. That was how it was meant to play out. That was how the world was supposed to see me.


But inside my head was occupied, the war of thoughts was going on about in my head. Thoughts about Rebecca, my company, her f—-d up family and most of all,


my overly f—-d up life.


Three weeks ago, Rebecca Lewis killed me with her words. She was pregnant, but


with Mason’s child.




Was she with him while she was with me?


That was almost too impossible because she didn’t go out, I mean, she was really scared of going out. More like, she acted like she was scared of going out.


Honestly, I don’t even know what is real or what is fake anymore. My brain needed rest. when I found out about this business trip to Paris, I was actually glad because I needed space from the whole game of betrayal going on in Orlando. I



needed extra time to think things through. Time away from Rebecca and her so called family.


Time away from anyone or anything familiar to me.


“Sir, we’re here already.” The driver announced.


My eyes opened up immediately, and with a sigh, I got out of the car, my eyes connected with the penthouse that was assigned to me few days before the trip was planned. It was still a wonder to me, how they would have planned everything so quick.


The driver took my luggages from the car and walked ahead of me.


Walking gently behind him, I picked up my phone to call Piper. She picked up on the fourth ring.


“Hey. Are you at the penthouse already?” She asked.


“Yeah, I’m about to walk in… Have you emailed the schedule and the work setting to me?”


“Yes, everything is set.”


“Great, I still don’t buy your reason for not coming with me cause last time I checked, you have always wanted to travel to Paris.”


“I have to take care of things here, with the Lewis’s trying to rid you of your company, we can’t take any chances you know.”


“Alright, whatever… I’ll call you back once I’ve settled in.” “Sure… Good luck.”


“Yeah.” I muttered, disconnecting the phone, Wondering why she was wishing me good luck.


I walked into the building with ease but it all stopped.


My thoughts stopped.


My brain rebooted, my heart dropped low in my stomach, causing my eyes to


widen as they settled completely on a certain someone, that certain someone being


Rebecca f—–g




What in the-


She was there, arguing with the receptionist at the lobby.


My footsteps trailed off as I continued to move closer. My heart hammered wickedly against my ribcage, my strong front was crumbling slowly as I got closer.


What the hell is she doing here? Why- why is she here?




She turned to my direction, her eyes widened as she noticed me.


“Holy Lord of Moses.” She let out. “Don’t tell me this is the guy I’m going to be spending over two weeks with?” She asked the receptionist.


“I’m afraid so.” The young confused looking guy replied. “Welcome Mr. Emeliano.”


I couldn’t even respond. My brain was busy spiralling with questions.


“Unbelievable. There’s no other suite available? Come on… This has to be some kind of mistake. I paid for this penthouse for like weeks ago.”


“There was a mix up, Miss Lewis, this doesn’t really happen around here, but I’ve checked the records and everything… They booked the penthouse for the both of you.”


I cleared my head after listening to the last statement. “What? What is going on here?”



“There has been a mix up sir, the penthouse was registered in both of your names, I have reviewed every book here but – I don’t really understand, this never happens.”


Did Piper do this? She would never set me up like this, would she?


“Holy Lord of Moses.” Rebecca gritted out. “Are you responsible for this Emeliano?”


I turned to give her a confused look. “Why would you even think I’d want to spend even a second with you?”


“Well, I don’t know, maybe cause you’re a really complicated person! And besides, this thing doesn’t happen out of the blue, so you’re behind this.”


I scoffed, getting annoyed. “Are you even listening to yourself, Miss Lewis… I didn’t even know you were coming to Paris and that too, to this same organization, if I had known-”


“Oh spear me the bull talk. I know you’re behind this, I really don’t want to argue about this anymore Cause I’m going to stay at a hotel.”


“Don’t bother, I’ll leave.” I said, glaring over at her direction as I pulled my phone from my pocket, dialing Piper’s number.


It went straight into voice mail.


Great. No. Awesome!


“The penthouse is big enough for the both of-” the receptionist stopped talking when I sent a death glare towards his direction.


“I am not spending over two weeks with this witch, don’t you have any other reservations for situations like this?”


“I’m sorry sir, but we’re booked, and I’d advice you not to bother yourself about looking for a nearby hotel, this is Paris and this is the time of the year when every hotel is packed, except the cheap ones.” The receptionist said.



“This is so unprofessional. Why would your company make such a terrible mistake?” Rebecca complained.


I tried my best to not focus on her direction.


“You know what? I am exhausted and I really don’t have time to stand here and discuss how you got the booking mixed up.” I said, turning to the luggage guy. “Take my luggages to the suite.”


“I’m not going to accept this. There’s no way I’m spending three to two weeks with you!” Rebecca said.


“I really don’t care what you think. Or do. But I do have to warn you. If you decide to stay in too, stick to your business and I’ll stick to mine.” I said to her before making my way to the suite.


There goes my few weeks of peace people, just like that, it went down the deep dark drain.


This is going to be a long two weeks. A very long torturing two weeks.











© Wunmi Ade ✔




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