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✏Rebecca’s POV



He whispered words of affection and desire with each kisses he trailed down my neck to my collarbone , This feeling was far more better than the one I dreamt about… It was almost like he was worshiping every inch of my body his lips touched.


I was ready for this, hell- I wanted this as much as I’ve ever wanted Anything in my life, this is Emeliano… The man who first looked at my body with fake distaste, the one who I tried so much to hate…


Now I know why I couldn’t hate him.


Deep down, I knew he wasn’t as evil as he claimed to be, deep down I knew there was a human in there, waiting for someone to pull him out… And yes, that someone arrived… I brought out the human in Emeliano, cleaned and softened his stone black heart, broke his shell and molded him Into the man he was before my family’s betrayal.


And I don’t regret it!


His slow careful kisses turned my skin into a very sweet fire, yes! Sweet fire .


But all of a sudden, he stopped.


I scrunched my brows, noticing him go so stiff.


“What is it?” I asked him, worried.



“I’m sorry. I really am.”


I shifted so I could run my hands through his hair and have a clear view of his guilt filled face.


“What for?”


“The first day- I said those awful things to you- that was not me… I don’t know why I could even think of saying and doing-” “Emeliano… It’s fine-”




“No… No it’s not. I just feel like I don’t deserve you… After everything I said-”


“Did you mean them?”


“No… Of course not.”


“So, why are you pushing the past into the future? There’s a reason why it’s called the past you know.” I said, running my hand down his jaw. “It’s okay… I don’t hate you for it.. not anymore.”


“But you did.”


“But I did… Did … I didn’t know you… I was quick to judge…


Anyone would do that… We both hurt each other at some point… But that’s all it’s gonna be… At some point… ” I smiled. “Now things have changed… You’ve changed.”


“Thank you for getting down from that taxi.” He said.


“Thank you for kidnapping me afterwards.” I smiled.


His lips came down on mine again, dominating and taking control of the whole situation… My stomach was doing flips from time to time… This was what I wanted, the crazy ass love story that led to intense love at the end.



I pulled him down closer to my body, I didn’t wanted our bodies to be separated for one second.


He worshiped my body with every kiss, every touch… It was a moment I wanted to last forever…


I wasn’t even a bit shy when he took off my clothes, no… Infact, it felt like it was our normal thing… It felt like it wasn’t the first time- and of course it wasn’t the first and most certainly wouldn’t even dare to be the last.


I felt weird tingles wherever his hands grazed, it was the most appealing feeling.


I’ve read about the first encounter you get with s£x… They say it was painful, but for some reasons, I trusted Emeliano to make it less painful.


If it was actually possible for it to be less painful.


His hands were everywhere on my body, my stomach, my hair, in between my legs, my br**st, my waist… Everywhere…


It was the most wonderful feeling… Better than anything I’d ever imagined.


My moans and his were mixed together to form beautiful music… Yes, music.


“Why are you stalling? I’m not a kid, get it over with… This is torture.” I murmured.


“Patience.” He mumbled with a kiss. “I don’t want it to end. So patience.” He lips landed on mine again, he tasted so delicious as ever, so soft and gentle. “I want to savor this moment… Kiss you everywhere.” His lips moved from mine, down my to neck again, to my chest… His hands caressed one of my br**st, and his lips blessed the other one with his delicious kisses.


My heart increased its pace as a loud moan escaped my lips.


My body shivered like crazy as his kisses drew down to my stomach, then to my over sensitive flesh.


“Oh God…” I moaned out.



My breathing became uneven as he continued to tease me with his hands and tongue…


My moans were no longer in hiding…


When he lips came to mine again? I tasted myself on him.


“Emeliano, that was torture.” I forced out.


“No. That was pleasure.” He smirked. Killing my heart and body with his over intense kisses and touches.


Just when I thought I was going to die? He took me in softly… But the pain was still excruciating.


My fingers dipped into his flesh as he tried to reduce the pain by kissing me…


It worked, but the pain was still ever present… But it still felt good and it was still blissful at the end.


We rode Into another realm of the pleasure route and I was not afraid to say and hope for us to take this ride again.





Day 13



Last night was utterly and completely wonderful… Beautiful and worth remembering… I woke up to find myself alone in bed, but I was not so sad because he left a small note for me.


I wouldn’t have wished for anything than to wake up with you staring at me… But


you know how screwed the world is…


Duty called. I’ll be back early today.


Just for you.





Liano? I chuckled…


He can’t even write a short simple and sweet note without mentioning work…


But still, I was grinning from ear to ear!


It was still like a dream to me… We really did make love last night! We were together!


I seriously need someone to pinch me right now!


It was just all so perfect and I feel like nothing could go wrong! I mean? What could go wrong?


It was so perfect…


Although I know there’s still a tini Winnie secret to be uncovered, but what the hell! I would deal with that later… Now I just want to live in the moment with Emeliano.


I stirred in bed, not wanting to get up, but I had to… Emeliano said he was going to come early and I’ve waited the whole day just to see him again!


I opened my eyes and sat up, checking the time displayed on the bedside alarm clock. It was thirty seven minutes after seven!


I remember taking a nap at around 5 pm! How the hell did I sleep so long?


You didn’t exactly sleep last night! My mind reminded me. Causing me to smile.


My eyes took note of the paper on his side of the bed.. I picked it up and smiled when I read the content it entailed.


Didn’t want to wake you… I’ll be in my study if you need me.




What is up with him and these notes?



I got down from the bed, walking into the bathroom and splashing water on my face to wake myself up fully before I giddily made my way to his study.


What will I say to him? How will I act?


Come on Rebecca! Why are you nervous… It’s Emeliano! Liano .


I chuckled..


I’ll probably start up a conversation by mocking his poor attempt of a note.


Without knocking, I busted into his study as usual… But I regretted it as soon as my eyes caught the scene In front of me.


A sharp pain ran straight to my heart, pulling a painful gasp from my lips.


It wasn’t a joke this time… She was really here and- and they were- were hugging like they had just reconciled from a painful breakup.


They broke the hug immediately they saw me. It was obvious that Emeliano was not expecting me to be there…


The same look was on Camilla’s face.


It looked like I was interrupting something so private.


I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t cry, couldn’t do anything… But I was sure to let my feet take over my body for now… And I was glad it lead me away from them… From Camilla and Emeliano.






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