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Rebecca’s POV



The muffled sound of shuffling around me, made my eyes flutter open; wiping away all trace of sleep from my sleep swollen eyes. Looking around, I saw the door to Emeliano’s room shut close, which only indicated that someone just left, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t Emeliano, he didn’t sleep here last night.


When my eyes caught a very familiar laptop and purse on the table, I jumped up from the bed and rushed to the table, grabbing my purse and sliding down the zip, there laid my beautiful phone… I brought it out and hugged it… This is totally not a dream… He gave me my phone back?


But why?


There was a light knock on the door…


“Come on in.” My voice was cheerful and full of life.


The door opened slowly, revealing a smiley faced Greta.


“Morning Miss Becca.”


“Morning Greta.” I replied with a smile.


Closing the door behind her, she smiled at me as she walked closer. “I see you’ve gotten your phone back.”


“Yeah, it’s shocking, isn’t it.”



Greta chuckled… “Well, I’d love to tell you that you didn’t only get your phone back, you also got your freedom.”


What? My mind screamed as my smile began to disappear.


“What do you mean I’ve got my freedom?”


“Sir Emeliano has allowed you to leave, and as we speak, your luggages have already been settled in a car, ready to take you back to the Lewis estate… I’m so glad that he’s finally letting you go… But- you look like you’re not glad, why?” Greta asked.


Glad? I am glad… It’s just, why now?


I should really be happy, I should be running down the stairs away from this mansion, and psycho pretty boy… But why do I feel like I have unfinished business?


“Can you do me a favour Greta?”




“Get my luggages back upstairs… I’m not ready to leave now.”


“What? Do you know what you’re saying? Sir Emeliano has finally agreed for you to leave, why do you want to stay?”


” Sir Emeliano , is running from his problems, and as a good frenemy, it’s my job to put him back in place and at the same time, get my answers to the last thing he’s hiding- him and everyone around me…


I can’t do that at the Lewis estate, as long as my sister would rather leave me here than to take me back because of a secret that I really want to know, then I’m pretty sure going back to the Lewis estate would only make them keep it away from me the most… And I seriously am not ready to see my dad. I want to know what he did to Emeliano before I see him.”


“What makes you think Sir Emeliano would tell you anything?” Greta asked.


“He will… I’m breaking him Greta, and he doesn’t want to be broken totally, that is why he’s letting me go, he’s trying to escape from me, but I won’t give him that chance… Emeliano is going to tell me everything, it’s just a matter of time.”


Greta looked a little bit worried. “Are you sure about this? I mean, Sir Emeliano might just get more angry at you, he didn’t seem to be in a good mood this morning, he even fired one of the workers just because they bumped into him… I just don’t want him to do something crazy when you say no to him.”


“This isn’t the first time I’d say no to Emeliano, trust me, he has made his peace with that…”


“I’m just not sure.” Greta murmured.


I dropped my phone on the table… “Look Greta, I’m doing this for me and I’m also doing this for Emeliano… Going back to the Lewis estate would only make me remain in the dark, I’m sure my dad would never ever tell me whatever’s going on and April is also a no go… Something else is going on, something that they’re all trying to hide from me… Something that they think I wouldn’t be able to handle, that’s what I want to know- I’m going to get my answers, I’ll investigate all this… But not in the Lewis mansion, I’ll do it here, with Emeliano. That way, I can be able to help him and as well help myself.”


Greta smiled at me. “Why do you want to help him.”


“Because I think he’s a victim in all this, I think my father did something to him.”


“So, you care about him?”


“I do.” I answered without hesitation. “He’s as confused as I am, approaching the equation with wrong methods, and wrong methods gives you the wrong answer, and that wrong answer was me and now that he has figured that out, he’s trying to abandon the equation… But I won’t let him, I won’t give him that satisfaction- I might look crazy for deciding to stay, but- it’s the only way to right his wrong and to get my answers.”



“You’re so clever.” Greta said.


“Thank you.” Next thing I know, she was walking to the door, but then she stopped.


“I really wish I could help you with your answers, but- I think I can give you a clue as to why Emeliano and your father aren’t in good terms.” Greta said.


“Really?” My eyes widened.


“Yes,” she said, walking back to me. “As far as I know, Emeliano and Rafael used to be very close, they had this father and son relationship… Emeliano looked to him as a father, trusted his words and accepted advices, but not until he found out that your father was plotting with Georgia, Marcos’s mother, the both of them seemed to be having this secret relationship,”


Wait a minute, I thought April said dad never had any affairs? Why would she lie?


“No one knew about it, not even April.”


OK, that explains it.


“Rafael never really liked Emeliano, he was just pretending to like him so he could gain access to his properties. and not only that- I really shouldn’t be telling you all this, but I think you deserve to know why Emeliano hates your father.”


“I know, what else is there? There’s something more to it right? I know that what my father did was really selfish, he was having an affair with Marcos’s mother, all the while, trying to lure Emeliano into a trap… That’s enough to make him hate my father, but what else? I can feel that there’s something else.


Greta sighed before she finally spoke. “Emeliano’s father didn’t die from a natural illness, he died of slow poisoning, Rafael and Georgia made sure of that.”




My heart suddenly ached for Emeliano.


“My dad- Rafael killed Emeliano’s dad?”


Greta nodded.


I plopped down on the chair Infront of the table, feeling weak all over. How could he? I was so foolish to think my dad was a saint… So foolish.


“Wh-where does Marcos and my sister come into this?” I asked Greta.


“I’m sorry Miss Becca, I can’t tell you that part, I wouldn’t want to be the one to tell you.”


God! That was what I really wanted to know… Whatever it was, everyone thought I couldn’t handle it, but, what could it be?


Sighing, I gained control of my legs again and stood up. “Thank you Greta, thanks for telling me this much, you really helped with this investigation.”


Greta chuckled. “Investigation? Is that what you’re calling it?”


“Yeah… It’s better than, Operation frustrate Emeliano for answers.”


We both laughed it off. “Seriously, thank you… This will go a long way, thank God I didn’t go back to the Lewis estate. I really don’t want to look at my dad right now.”


Greta had a sour look on her face after my last statement, and it only proved that my father did something else, something terrible…


“Just one quick question.” I asked Greta.




“Does April stay around? Does she stay in the estate?”



She hesitated before answering… “No, but she comes to visit from time to time… I know this because I have cousins working there, gossips travel from the Lewis estate to the Alfredo mansion, rapidly,”


Explains why she knows so much.


“I’ll go get your luggages now.” Greta said as she walked out, leaving me with my jumbled thoughts.






It was already so dark.


Greta had brought my luggages back to Emeliano’s room. Through out the day, my mind had been occupied with so many thoughts about what Greta told me; due to too much thinking, I had deep my hands into a bowl of hot soup, thinking it was water…


I had never thought about something so hard in my life and now here I am, pacing in Emeliano’s room, waiting for him to get back.


This is the right thing isn’t it? I hope I didn’t make a mistake by staying here, but where else will I go? Back to the Lewis estate, back to stay in the same house with a freaking killer? No way…


I couldn’t go back to New York either, that would only make me want to be a goody girl and attend Mason’s wedding… Staying here would be to my advantage, I’d know everything about everything that happened while I was in New York… I’d also get to explore this new feeling I get whenever I see Emeliano frustrated. Wait, that didn’t sound right…


I’ll just forget I ever said that.


I’d called my mom earlier today, I told her I was doing just fine, I actually didn’t want her to worry because she was already planning to travel back to Orlando. Now that would have been terrible.


Back to the thoughts that had been messing with my brain all day.




Greta said earlier that April wasn’t always around. but that is impossible right? Isn’t she married to Marcos? Marcos stays in Orlando so should his wife.


Except April wasn’t his wife.


I stopped pacing around as it all started to sink in. “If April isn’t his wife, then Emeliano doesn’t love April.” I muttered to myself.


So why the hell does he call this Her my sister?


Wait a minute- is there another sister that I know nothing about? My father had another seed apart from April and I? Was that why my parents divorced?


No… That’s not right… My dad wasn’t seeing anyone while he was married to my mom… I’m pretty sure of that- am I?


It felt like my head was about to explode.


Raking my hands through my hair, I started pacing around again… I don’t think that is enough to break up my parents… It happens every time, men have seeds outside marriages, but still the women stays… So, something must have happened, something terrible…


But what?


There must be a connection somewhere, something I was missing-


The door pulled open suddenly, making me stop my pacing session.


I already knew who it was, the tension that suddenly followed his appearance filled the room.


“What the-” he whispered, but I was able to hear him clearly, the shock and confusion could be heard from those two words he whispered.


I turned to his direction with a mischievous smile on my face.


“Well, Good evening to you too, Emeliano.













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