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Rebecca’s POV



Day 12



Two days. Just two days left. It actually doesn’t mean anything right now cause I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon…


I had called my mom last night, I told her that I would be staying longer than intended, I kind of blurted out everything about Emeliano and I.


I felt the intense heat rush to my cheeks as I continued to whisk the eggs together…


Just the idea of Emeliano and I together turned my inside into mushed mushrooms! He gave in… He wants this as much as it scares the both of us, I was even more than glad that I didn’t have to do much to break his shell.


It already had a crack- it actually needed a little push.



It was dinner time and I decided to take full control of the kitchen, the last time I made an attempt to cook for Emeliano, it ended up with him calling my spaghetti bunch of worms .. but I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t reject it this time.


“Yeah, alright- I’ll call you later-” I paused, turning slightly to see Emeliano walking Into the kitchen with his phone to his ears.


“Take care,” he gave me a small smile as he stopped just Infront of the table I was working on. “Yeah- love you too. Bye.”


He ended the call, sliding his phone into his pocket.


My mind was currently all over the place, who was he talking to? Who does he love?!!! I tried to keep a straight face as my whisking became more faster.


“Hey.” He finally greeted me.


“Hi.” I answered, my gaze not meeting his.


“You’re making dinner? Where’s Greta?” He asked, looking around.


“She’s not available.” I said, giving him straight replies.


“Not available? Is she okay?”




“Where’s Pablo.”


“His daughter went into labour.”


“Oh… Are you okay?” He asked, his voice had this cautious tone.


“Yes.” I Muttered, grabbing the bowl and pouring the whisked eggs into the frying pan.


I heard him sigh as he walked closer to me, more like take cautious steps towards me…



“You don’t sound okay? Did I do something wrong? Did something happen?”


“No… Why would you think that? Did you do something wrong?” I asked him, not even sparing him a glance.


“Not that I know of.”


“So, why are you asking unnecessary questions?”


Okay, what is wrong with me? It could have been anybody, maybe Piper- that’s just awkward, he wouldn’t tell Piper that he- why don’t I just ask?


“Who were you talking to? When you came in?” I asked.


He looked confused for a second before realization dawned on his eyes. “Oh, actually- I wanted to talk to you about that.”


I switched off the heat, crossing my arms over my chest and turned to him. “I’m all ears.”


He sighed, scratching the back of his neck in a nervous act.


With the look on his face, I was quite sure that whatever he wanted to say, wouldn’t sound pleasant to my ears, and indeed- his next words proved my point.


“It was- uh- it was- C-Camilla.”


The next thing that followed was a big large long silence! Why? Well, it was because my mind wasn’t ready to process what he just said. Camilla? Why would he be talking to Camilla? Why would he tell her that he loves her?


All the thoughts weakened me, but I tried to put up a straight unaffected look.


Although, It felt like my heart was about to fall off my very own chest. “What?” I decided to speak, but my voice was inaudible to my own ears.



“I’m sorry Rebecca… Camilla showed up today… she explained everything to me… She still loves me Rebecca and I realized that I still love her too… We can’t work… I’m sorry. I don’t- I can’t do this with you- I tried really- but Camilla still holds the larger part of my heart.”


What? Is he really saying this to me? Or is this some sort of joke?


“I know it’s difficult for you to take in… And I’m sorry I led you on… But remember I told you I couldn’t do this- you were the one who forced me… But now I- I still love Camilla.”


I felt the sharp sting of hot running tears, slide down my cheeks on their own accord.


“What?” I asked again… Unable to form a single sentence…


It was happening so fast… His words were registering into my brain so fast that I couldn’t dwell on each word.


His eyes were so sincere right now.


“What are you even saying?” I asked, my eyes searching his… He was awfully quiet now, his gaze not reaching mine. “Emeliano, talk to me.” I mumbled, feeling my own voice closing in on me.


When he didn’t reply, I was sure he was serious… This is really happening.


I was so foolish! How could I possibly think that he would forget Camilla- just like that… He loved Camilla. Not me. And he still loves her… How could I have been so foolish? Why did I let myself fall for him? Why?


“It’s the truth Rebecca… I was just so hurt last night… I was so confused. Camilla is the only woman I’ve ever loved, I can’t bring myself to love you too… I’m sorry.”


I was speechless, a whole new ball of hurt knocked my words right out of my tongue.



“I really wanted to forget her… I sincerely did… But it- I can’t… You have to understand.”


Understand? Understand? What do I have to understand?!


I took in a deep breath, feeling so stupid for crying. I didn’t even cry when Mason broke up with me… No I didn’t- I didn’t because what Mason and I had was nothing compared to what Emeliano and I have Had.


“I- I-” I wiped my tears quickly and flashed a smile. “It’s alright, I can’t control who you love and who you-” my throat closed up immediately, forcing another bile of tears into my eyes.


“I didn’t mean to hurt you… It’s just- Camilla’s-”


“I get it… You don’t have to explain… It’s p-probably f-for the best.”


I looked away, taking the eggs from the frying pan and putting it on a fresh plate.


“You know,” Emeliano spoke up again, but this time.. it looked like he was chewing something, so I turned to find him popping red juicy berries into his mouth as he stared at me. “You’re one weird woman.” He chuckled.


I raised my brows at him. “What do you mean?”


“It’s so believable when you try to act, like the time you lied to me that we had s£x… D–n it- you were all up in tears and so d–n convincing… You weren’t even bothered by the-” he popped another into his mouth. “State you had me in… But here I am…


Trying my best to act out and just with one tear from you, I lost my new found skills… You have done something to me.” He chuckled.












I picked up my spatula and connected it with his arm with a little bit of force. “What the fu-”


I hit him again. “Seriously?!!! Don’t you ever pull such an act on me!!!”


“Did you really have to hit me with a spatula!!! I have sensitive skin okay! This is definitely going to leave a spatula scar.” He rubbed his arm, giving me a look of disapproval.


“It wasn’t funny… Although I didn’t fall for it.” Liar.


“Such a liar.” He mumbled.


“No really… Those tears were fake.” I said again.


“And I repeat… You’re such a li-”


I picked up the spatula again.


“Lively person…” He completed.


I rolled my eyes. “Whatever… Who were you talking to?” I asked him. “My mom.” He shrugged. “Who else?”


His mom? I thought he wasn’t in close contact with her?


“Your mom? You still talk to her?”


“Yeah- I visit sometimes too.”


“Wait a minute- I thought you said-”



“I said she left… I never said we were sworn enemies… I visit her sometimes.. I call to check up on her too… But that doesn’t compare to how things were before she left.”


“Oh… I’d love to meet her.” I found myself saying.


“She wants to meet you too.”


“You told her about me?” I asked.


“Yeah.” He mumbled, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer.


“Why wouldn’t I? Shouldn’t I have done that?” He asked.


I gulped down, feeling my body go warm at our closeness. “No… I mean yes… I mean No… I don’t know.”


He chuckled. “I love it when you get all dumb.” He said.


“I kinda missed it when you got all deaf.” I retorted.


“You always have a smart ass reply for everything, don’t you?”


“Yeah? Why am I Rebecca? Duh?” I smiled.


“You were all I could think about today… You’re all I ever think about these days, Don’t forget that.”


“It’s stamped on my not forget list.” I replied.


“I’d love to see that list. What else is there?”


“You don’t wanna know.” I said, giving him a small kiss on the side of his lips.


“Dinner time.” I whispered.



Later that night.




“You chased the customer with a fork?” Emeliano’s laughter resounded in our room as he played with my hair absentmindedly.


“Yeah- he was a creep.” I giggled, rubbing circles to his chest.


It was a cool night, just the both of us, enjoying each other’s company… It was absolutely amazing. It took me right back to the memory of my first time on his bed.. I called him a demon, thinking he was actually going to hurt me in the most cruel way… But here we are.. all curled up with each other…


It was all so sudden. But it felt like I’ve known him all my life…


If I can’t picture this feeling as love? Then what would I picture it as? Adoration? Care? Like? Hell- it was definitely love.


I freaking love Emeliano and the feeling scares all that is holy away from me… It was just like an impossibility turning possible! I don’t understand it, but I can live with it.


I love him.


I love Emeliano.


“Have you- um- I don’t know how to ask this.” He spoke up.


“Go on.” I murmured, breathing in his amazing Cologne.


“Have you thought about moving back to Orlando?”


I stilled and I think he noticed.


“Forget it… It was a stupid question.” He Chuckled it off.


I raised my head. “No… It wasn’t… I haven’t thought about it yet… Do you want me to move back?” I asked.




“No… Yes…” He sighed. “It depends on what you want to do.”


I smiled. “All you have to do is ask.”


“I don’t want to-”


“If you want me to move back, say it. And let me do the thinking and arran-”


I felt his lips on mine, moving softly and carefully.


“Thank you.” He said, breaking the kiss.


“For what?”


“Helping me… If it weren’t for you, I’d have still been buried in broken dreams. Thank you Rebecca.”


I smiled. “What can I say except-”


He kissed me again, making me smile.


My fingers got familiar with his hair again as the kiss grew hotter and deeper, I parted my lips so as to give him the entrance he seeked


But I was pretty sure my lips wasn’t just the part of my body to do the parting tonight… And I was far too ready to allow him explore me.
















© Wunmi Ade √

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