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Emeliano’s POV “What the-”


my voice found itself on its own accord when my eyes took note of Rebecca standing right in front of me.


“Well, Good evening to you too, Emeliano.” She said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.


What was she doing here? I thought I asked her to leave? Or didn’t they pass the message?


I don’t understand any of this, my mind already thought that Rebecca had left, I mean, who in her shoes wouldn’t bolt to the door the minute they are free from a kidnap? How different and difficult can this woman get?


I was seriously not in a good mood, but the only thing that reassured me that I might get over this weird feeling was Rebecca’s absence, but seeing her here only



worsened my situation… I was relieved and not relieved, in all , I was a total confused mess.


“What in hades name are you still doing here?”


She crossed are arms over her chest, watching me with her ever calculating eyes. “That’s a really weird question, seeing as you were the one who brought me here.”


Raking my hands through my hair in confusion and frustration, I took off my suit and threw it forcefully on the bed. “I told them to let you go!” I yelled at her. “What the f–k are you still doing here?! Didn’t Greta tell you to leave?!!!”


Maybe yelling at her would scare her, or make her leave- I just don’t want her here anymore… Yes, that’s what I tell myself.


What I really wanted was something I knew I could never get from anyone, especially when that anyone came from the Lewis’s family.


“They asked me to leave, but I didn’t want to go.” She simply said with a Shrug.


What? Didn’t want to go? What normal female in their right mind would say that to her kidnapper? Leave it to Rebecca to frustrate the hell out of me.


“I’m surprised, you know… Young cold as ice CEOs like you always have one thing in common, something that you apparently don’t have… You don’t keep to your words Emeliano… You said fourteen days… What made you change your mind?” She asked me.


What made me change my mind? Is there even an answer to that question? Of course there is. The answer is something I don’t want to ever dream of admitting to myself- it was just too fast, too quick. Too strange, absolutely weird but it sure as hell feels like the right thing.


“It doesn’t matter why I changed my mind! All that matters is that you shouldn’t be here, you should be drinking tea and eating waffles with Rafael right now… You shouldn’t be here.” I yelled.


“Get out of my house.”


“No, I’m not going anywhere! You’ve had your go at things… It’s my turn now, I’ll spend the remaining days here, I’m not leaving until I complete these fourteen days.”


I gritted my teeth together, clenching my fist. “Stop. Saying. No. To me.”


“I thought you might have gotten used to that? Oh well, there’s a first time for everything.” She shrugged, not looking affected by my fury right now… All she did was moved to the bed and grabbed my suit, folding it and placing it in the laundry container.


“Now, why don’t you be a good boy and go have your bath-” I interrupted her by grabbing her arms to face me.


The distance between our bodies could not even be described as distance because we were pretty close to each other, and I did it on purpose because it was the only way to shut Rebecca Lewis up… And to welcome the unpleasant swaying of my heart while I was at it.


“Listen to me-”


“Guarra-” she completed.


“No, I was actually about to say Rebecca, turns out I’m not predictable at-”


“All.” she completed with a smile. Which only made me frown deeper.


“I don’t have time for this, I’m telling you to leave… You should take that chance and run far away from me, think about this-”


“Very well.” She completed.


“The hell is wrong with you?!” I pushed her away from me, turns out our closeness doesn’t affect her anymore.


“No, what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you pushing me away?”


“Because you were not supposed to be here in the first f—–g place!”


“So, why did you kidnap me then?” She asked me, staring at me like she was trying to see through my soul and beyond.


“It was a mistake.”


“That’s just stupid Emeliano… It wasn’t a mistake, you’re bad at giving excuses.”


I groaned, “Okay, fine, it wasn’t a mistake- I kidnapped you because I wanted revenge- you know that already.”


“That I do.” She muttered. “What I want to know is why you don’t want me here anymore? Is it because Marcos is already married to the woman you love?”


I noticed she didn’t refer to that woman as April, is she dropping her theory about Marco’s wife being April? If she is? Then— why?


“Look, Emeliano, you can say whatever you want to say… Yell your heart out if you must… But I’m not going anywhere.”


“Why? Why do you want to stay? To frustrate me? Destroy me? Take your revenge? Huh? Do what others seem to be comfortable doing to me? Then after fourteen days you just disappear like everyone else… Look, not that I care about your presence or anything, I don’t give a f–k about you or what you do-”


“The feeling is mutual Emeliano! I don’t plan on staying here my whole life, so stop acting like I’m only here to feed off your bloody wealth! Not everyone is like my dad, okay!”


My eyes snapped to her direction, she looked like she didn’t want to say what she said, but she said it anyway.


“Great.” She said mostly to herself.


“What did you mean by that? What do you know?”


She turned away from me immediately, but I was quick to pull her back to me by her arm. “Don’t you dare think of running away from me, Rebecca! What the f–k do you know?!”


“I know nothing.”


“Stop lying to me.”


“I’m not lying to you!”


“How the hell did you know your father tried to steal from me!”


“He did?” She asked me, obviously playing stupid.


“Stop acting like you don’t know.” My grip tightened on her arm making her wince in pain.


“Well I don’t know, let go of me Emeliano! You’re hurting me.” She said, squirming our of my hold.


She knows something, I could clearly see it in her eyes. “Not until you tell me what you know.”


“I don’t know anything okay! I just put two and two together, wondering why you hated my dad so much… I thought that could be the reason.”


“You expect me to believe that? What do you take me for? A bozo?”


“Emeliano you’re hurting me.” She winced out, making me leave her arm abruptly.


“I’m sorry.” I blurted out… Now I’m being all weird… Few months ago, I wouldn’t even say sorry for damaging Diego’s car, now look at me.


I caught the smile on Rebecca’s face. “What are you smiling about?”


“You… I can’t help but think that I’ve changed you so much…


This is like the fourth time you’re apologizing to me… The first time was in the car, the second when you were drunk, the third time was when I lied that we had s£x and now you apologized for hurting my arm…”


“It’s just three times, don’t count the drunken one.”


“But you meant it.” She said. “And honestly, I forgive you for everything you apologized for, except one.”


I raised my left brow at her.


“The day you asked me to strip naked, that was an horrible experience… Nothing you do would ever make me forgive you for that… Not even the Stockholm syndrome feeling… I just wanted to straighten that out.”


I stood there staring at her while she stared back at me.


“Whatever, I don’t deserve your forgiveness… What i did was wrong, I’ve accepted that…. I was just blinded by revenge- Marcos is someone I don’t want to


see you with. No matter how much I try to explain, you can never understand. I don’t blame you- I blame myself for thinking that i would finally get justice for-whatever.” I turned away from her. “You shouldn’t stay here, the more I see you-the more I feel like I’ve failed.”


“Emeliano, wait.” She rushed to stand in front of me. “I understand.”




“I understand why you did what you did… I should forgive you, it’s just that it’s my pride in question, give me time.” She said.


I stared at her for a bit, getting lost in her eyes, the eyes that I thought was exactly like that of her sister’s, but now that I see the difference- I couldn’t believe I compared her to Rebecca.


No Emeliano… Don’t do this to yourself.



I walked pass her again. “I honestly don’t care if you forgive me or not… I’m done trying to tell you to leave, it’s like telling a toddler never to get ice cream… As long as you’re here, try and stay clear off my path… It’s a warning.”


“We both know that’s not happening.” She voiced out.


I turned to her… “I don’t care what you think… But if you try to frustrate me in anyway, it’ll be at your own risk!”


“Is that a threat I hear?”


I walked to the direction of my bathroom. “Take it however you want to take it.”


Before I got in the bathroom I heard her mimicking my voice.


“Take it however you want to take it.”


Walking into the bathroom, I shut the door behind me, feeling a small smile tug at my lips.


“What a stubborn woman. So weird and utterly different.”












Rebecca’s POV ✅






“On the scale of one to ten, what number would you rate my boobs?” I blurted out, enjoying the priceless look Emeliano shot at my direction, as he struggled to control the stirring wheel-



Pause! You might be wondering what led to the funny question? Well, why don’t we rewind to find out!


Day 9 ✅



I leaned on the door way, watching Emeliano get ready for something, something that he doesn’t want me to know… But too bad I was going to find out anyway… I had been standing here for some minutes now, looking for ways to approach him, but since I couldn’t come up with one? I decided to just follow whatever my body decides to do.


I cleared my throat dramatically, making my presence known, but Emeliano didn’t move, he continued to knot his tie and ignore me, so I went straight to his direction, standing right in front of him.


“Boy o boy, look at you- all dressed up and ready to go out… Where are you going?” I asked, he still didn’t look at me, continuing to ignore me.


“So, I guess it’s ignore Rebecca day… Awesome… Where are you going? A party? A wedding? Church? A funeral? Your wedding? Ignore Rebecca day’s function?”


He sighed and looked up at me, dropping his perfectly knot tie and shaking his head with a look of disapproval on face.


My eyes caught the invitation card on the table. He seemed to notice that my eyes were concentrated on the invitation card, so i was quick to reach it before he could.


“Give it!” He warned.


“No I won’t… Hmm let’s see… Oh, it’s a business party- why did I even think it was a normal party, I mean, who in their right minds would invite you to a party?”


He only glared, moving from one feet to another impatiently… “Oh, it’s also a plus one card! Who are you taking?” I asked him.


“Give me the d–n card!”



“Are you going alone?” I asked, ignoring his demanding voice.




“That’s just sad… You have no one to go with-well, cheer up! I’m free for tonight, I’ll come along.” I grinned at him.


“No… No you won’t.” He said.


“Yes… Yes I will.” I replied, slapping the invitation card to his chest and walking to the closet… “I’ll wear my best gown.” I beamed.


I didn’t want to go anywhere with him, but, I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to annoy him either, and I love parties and hall decorations, so… It’s a one of a kind opportunity to fill my eyes.


“I don’t want you to come.”


“When have I ever paid heed to what you want and what you don’t want?” I asked with a Shrug and a smile.


“Wait for me.” I hurried off to change into a more beautiful gown… It was a crimson dark armless gown that hugged my curves from my upper body and flowed A shaped to my knees… I quickly fixed my hair, making it fall on either side of my face and back. Well for make up, I actually did nothing… I don’t like that thing !


Makes my face heavy and unreal! I know, I should at least dab some powder on my face and blah blah blah, but I’m not the, I- want -to go -the- rest room -to – powder my- nose girl … Weird… I know.


My reflection was lovely and ready to go.


Rushing out of the dressing room, my smile dropped when the absence of Emeliano greeted me…


Not so fast, pretty boy.


Grabbing my purse, I rushed out of the room and straight to the garage, just in time to see the driver’s side door slam shut, I rushed to the passenger side quickly, opened the door and jumped in, trying so hard to catch my breath. Shutting the door beside me, I turned to find a stunned looking Emeliano who just stared at me like I was some mad woman who escaped from a mental asylum.


“You’re crazy.” He muttered.


“Yaay! First compliment of the day!” I said, calming my breathing and putting my seat belt on, wouldn’t want psycho pretty boy to help put it on… This is operation avoid awkward moments!


“Why do you even want to come with me?”


“Because it’s a party… There’s going to be lots and lots of food, fine wine… Ya know.” I bumped his shoulder playfully.


Groaning, Emeliano fired up the engine, and drove out of the mansion.


“Funny how you thought you could escape me though.” I voiced out, breaking the silence. “No one escapes me.” I sent a sly smirk to his direction.


He scrunched his brows, still concentrating on the road. “No one escapes you? Wow… Mason would have gone through a lot trying to escape you- poor guy.”


Oh, it’s game on!


I looked out the window, acting like his words affected me to the core, playing with my fingers nervously and biting my lips like I wanted to cry.


“Shit.” I heard him mutter. He sighed after that and finally spoke up. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that.”


I looked up at him with a smirk. “This making it the fifth time you’re apologizing to me… Am I good at this or what?”



He groaned. “You’re so annoying.” He muttered, concentrating on the road again.


Silence followed.


I didn’t really know what to say but I needed to say something to lighten the mood in the car or maybe make it more.. tense…


“On the scale of one to ten, what number would you rate my boobs?” I blurted out, enjoying the priceless look Emeliano shot at my direction as he struggled to control the stirring wheel.


“Excuse me?” He asked.


“I’m sensing some de ja vu right now… I remember saying those exact words when you told me to strip naked… Anywho, why don’t you answer the question?”


Emeliano’s grip tightened on the stirring wheel. “You want to get an honest reply?” He asked.


“Yeah… Who doesn’t love an honest reply, and besides, it’s not like you haven’t seen them before? Pfft.”


He glared at my direction… “Okay… I’ll give your boobs a- hmm…” He stopped to think… “Two… Definitely a two.”


“Wow… I never thought I’d go that high, coming from you though… I wonder what number Marcos would rate me on? Five? Four? Ten?” His jaw clenched and unclenched.


“He would probably give me a ten, seeing as he’s such a nice man…”











© Wunmi Ade




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