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Rebecca’s POV ✅


✏Day 10


Four days, I have just four days left, and I was still not ready to leave… The funniest part was that I knew why.


I still wasn’t ready to accept the why , it just didn’t feel like the best time to harbor these feelings for Emeliano, it was too fast, just too soon… It wasn’t supposed to be happening this way, you can’t just like a person in ten days- that’s just weird… Is it?


It is, right?


Maybe I was beginning to get heart issues or maybe it was because of the fear that came with losing someone- but this was not just someone, this was Emeliano , the crazy guy who had gone to every length to make me loathe him.



But it didn’t happen, it was like, the more he tried to push me away, the more I keep coming back to him, and it was wrong- I know I shouldn’t pursue this new feeling,


whatever it was…


But I can’t help it… I can’t help the way I felt when I thought something had actually happened to Emeliano, how worried and scared I was, how much tears I shed for the guy who kidnapped me without concrete reasons at first…


The more I got to know him, the more I understood him and the more I wanted him to see me the way I see him.


How do I see him?


Was it the same way I used to look at Mason?


Definitely not.


This was a whole new thing- a whole new feeling that came with a whole new package and as much as I tried to shrug it off, I couldn’t bring myself to do that…


I wanted to follow my heart for now- see where it takes me… Where it takes us.


Although, it would be a little bit difficult, but I’m sure I’d be able to handle everything, I’ll be able to bring Emeliano out of the shell he made for himself, I’ll bring him back to his normal self…


This time, I’ll not try to change him because there was actually nothing that needed changing, all I just have to do is bring him back…


It should be easy.


It is true what they say, you don’t actually realize the worth of something until you lose it or almost did. This situation only brought out the stupid feeling I’ve be trying to shrug off… I tried my best to hate Emeliano, I tried my best to frustrate him into letting me go, but it didn’t work- and now, all I wanted to do was stay with him… But is that what he wants?


Does he want me to stay? If he actually does want me to stay, why the hell did he


tell me to go the other day?


So confusing.


It took me a day to realize that I wasn’t really staying because of some Stockholm syndrome feeling, I was staying because of Emeliano… Why? Because I like him… How it happened so suddenly? I have no freaking idea, but I really wanted to keep this feeling… I’ll never let it go for anything in the world.


So, this is where plan E comes in.


What plan E entails? I have no idea , but I’m guessing plan E would be about following whatever my heart tells me to do-


“You know he’s gonna be fine, right?”


Beep beep beep.


The sound of the monitor filled my senses as my mind pulled me back into reality.


I looked over at Piper who was sitting at the far end of the hospital room, smiling at me. “The doctor said that he’ll be discharged soon.”


I returned the smile. “I know.”


“You also know you can leave his hand now, right?” She gave me a smug smile.


“It’s actually not my choice, his grip tightens anytime I try to let go.”


Piper grinned. “He likes you.”


My eyes snapped to her direction. “What? How would you know that?”


“I just know… I’ve seen Emeliano look at all other women before, even her… But the way he looks at you- it’s different, I can see it in his eyes that he really truly likes you.”



“Why can’t I see it?”


“You’re still blinded, but don’t worry, you’ll see it soon.” Piper smiled. “You should go back to rest, I’ll stay here with him.”


“No… I made a promise to stay with him, I’ll leave when he wakes… If he wants me to leave.” I said, looking over at his peaceful looking face.


Piper stood up. “I’ll go check on Diego’s talk with the doc… I’ll be back with coffee.”


“Sure, thanks Piper, if it wasn’t for you I don’t think he would have made it.”


“It’s alright, Emeliano’s a friend, now- so are you… I’ll be back.” She left with a smile.


I looked back at Emeliano, enjoying the warmth our hands supplied to each other, I tried to pull away but his grip tightened, I allowed the smile attack my face.


Was Piper right? Does Emeliano really like me?


A slight groaning sound made me seat up, watching Emeliano regain consciousness.


“Emeliano? Hi…” I said with a wide smile on my face as his eyes fluttered open.


When his eyes locked with mine, he looked shocked, and immediately, untangled his hands from mine.


His withdrawal sent waves of unwanted emotions through my body, making my hand grow cold at the absence of his warm ones


“Where am I?”


“The hospital-”


His eyes widened. “Why the hell did you bring me here?”


I sighed. “You were hurt and I- what are you trying to do?” I said stoping him from sitting up, I moved my hand to place his shoulder back down but he stopped me before my hand could connect with his body.


“Don’t, touch me.” He seethed out, making me take my hands back to my side.




He glared at me, trying to get out of bed.


“Emeliano, the doctor said you should-”


“I don’t give a f–k about what a doctor said!” He tried to move again, but he winced in pain.


“Stop, what the hell is wrong with you? You can’t just leave?


You’re not fully recovered.”


“Stop talking.” He said, holding his head.


I went silent.


Scrunching his brows, he gave me a look of disbelief? It was like he didn’t believe that I actually stopped talking.


“What did I do to you?” I asked him. “Did I do something wrong by saving your life? Did you even know how worried I was?”


“Nobody asked you to get worried… I never asked you to save me.” He said.


“Really? Not even a thank you?”


“Why would I thank you? ”


“You’re welcome.” I smiled.



All he did was roll his eyes and look away. It grew silent for a while, before he finally spoke.


“A-are you okay? You were hurt earlier.” He said, fighting his eyes from meeting mine.


But I was already full on smiling. “I’m fine… It was just a small cut… Thanks to you.”


“I never planned on getting us into-”


“An accident? You were so angry that you drove off your lane and landed straight into a tree.”


“You caused it.” He said.


“I didn’t cause Anything… You did.”


“Whatever.” He said. “Why don’t you just go back to Marcos, I guess he would be a gentle man while driving too.”


“You’re just jealous.” I said.


“I’m not… Can you get the doctor.. I have to leave this place!” A frown was etched to his brows.


“Yeah yeah… I’ll be back.”


“I said get the doctor, I don’t remember asking you to come back.”


I crossed my arm over my chest. “Says the guy who was practically begging me to stay, he was like, please don’t go!


Please stay, don’t leave me Rebecca… I’d die without you… ” I said dramatically.


“I didn’t say it like that… You’re over doing it.” He muttered.


“Right overdoing it… ,. You confuse me.”



“That was a moment of weakness, my actions were justifiable.”


I chuckled. “You always have an excuse to give… Alright Anything you say, pretty boy. ”


I could swear that I saw the hint of a smile on his face but he was quick to hide it.


“It’s Emeliano… I remember my mother naming me Emeliano.”


“Do you have a middle name?” I found myself asking.


He gave me a blank look. “Yeah I do, but it’s a really long one.”


“Tell me.”


“Sure, it’s- go call the doctor. ”


I rolled my eyes but I was unable to hide the smile on my face. I’ve got just four days to pull Emeliano out of his shell and I know exactly how to put it into play.


Time to get Plan E into action.






Day 11 ✅






Emeliano resumed work, despite the warnings of the doctor, he didn’t listen to me or anybody, all he talked about was work work and work! It seriously had me frustrated, but I left him to do whatever he wanted, his absence throughout the day, gave me enough time to think things through.


It was dark already and I was sure that he was back from work, and he’s probably in his study, doing some extra work… It was like he didn’t care about his health or anything… And it bothered me. A lot.



He seemed to be recovering pretty quick that it was almost as if he never got into an accident.


To top it all up, he had been avoiding me since we got back from the hospital… And the feeling that came with his ignorance was something I don’t even want to think of.


But still, it’s Emeliano… He never does things without reason and I think he was just afraid of opening up.


He is too guarded about himself, he probably doesn’t want to get hurt again, but why would he think I’ll hurt him? In what way could I possibly hurt him?


So here I am, pacing around in his- our- room, thinking things through…


So far so good, all I knew about all this was the fact that my father betrayed Emeliano by wanting to take his company, killing his dad and to top it all, having an affair with the woman who broke his home… Not only that, His half brother took the love of his life away from him… I’m still not sure about the love of his life part… But that was part of my theory…


Marcos and Emeliano never agree on anything, just the main mention of Marcos’s name, makes Emeliano want to rip heads off… Maybe Marcos was one way or another, involved in my father’s plan.


They all tricked him.


Thinking of Marcos?


I remember Emeliano mentioning something about him refusing to answer his father’s last name, instead he answered his mother’s last name. Schmitt… And that name sounded really familiar…


The moment Emeliano mentioned that name, I knew I heard it recently, someone mentioned it. How else would the name sound so familiar to my ears?


It was like I heard it somewhere- more like read it somewhere…




It was at the verge of my brain but I couldn’t quite reach for it…


Think Rebecca! Where did you read about that name? A newspaper? An article? Maybe a magazine? Or a- wait a minute… An article!


Yes! The day Emeliano took me in… I read various stuff about him- I remember going through a line about him rumored to be having an affair with a married woman of a competing company…


Camilla Schmitt!


Camilla? Wait- could it be the woman I met at the party? Her name was Camilla right? And she looked so familiar.


Something that was really really familiar…


I froze… Walking straight to the bathroom, my legs propelled me to the mirror.


I looked back at my reflection as realization dawned on me… Her eyes looked so familiar because they look almost like mine!


How could I have missed this?


No random woman who had my eyes would just appear to be having the same last name with Marcos and having rumored to be having an affair with the half brother of her husband!


It’s too much of a coincidence.


Marcos said something about his wife and I looking so alike- Emeliano also said that he was In love with my sister .


Who could most definitely not be April… Emeliano and April didn’t seem to share the ex vibe towards each other… It was more like a brother and sister vibe, and April doesn’t stay in Orlando, so she couldn’t be Marcos’s wife.



Which only means that I really did have another sister… And she might just be Camilla.




Walking out of the bathroom, I raked my hands through my hair as it all came rushing to my head…


I remember Diego mentioning that name when I bumped into him in Emeliano’s office. Emeliano stopped him from completing his sentence…


Why else would he stop him?


Camilla’s the Her!


Camilla Schmitt is the woman who broke Emeliano.


Camilla’s my half sister! A sister who looks so much like me…


But still, I can’t conclude… I need to put a stamp of approval on my theory..


And there’s only one way to do that!


Bug Emeliano for answers!













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