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✏ Rebecca’s POV ✅





He just left! Just like that! He just freaking left me after kissing me? Yet I thought we were making progress, I thought I was getting him out of his shell, I thought he might just actually say something to give me a little bit of Hope that he actually felt something for me!


But I guess I was wrong… I played with my fingers nervously, biting my lips to


stop myself from crying… No I won’t cry! He wants to prove difficult, he wants to


run away from this… But I won’t let him… I won’t let him leave without an




He kissed me.


There has to be a reason why he kissed me… He can’t just kiss me and leave, he can’t just leave me with my fast beating heart, he can’t just kiss me like he actually liked me and then just leave!


I won’t- I won’t let him have his way this time- this time I’m getting an explanation!


I have feelings for Emeliano, ones that i can’t put into words, it was so sudden-like a spell that finally hit its victim… If I had a friend right now? He or she would be calling me crazy, crazy because I was in love- love? I thought love was what I felt for Mason? Wait- if that was love, then- what in hell is this?


Why do I feel like I’d be utterly empty without Emeliano? Why do I feel like my heart would actually fall off my chest if I don’t go after him? Why do I feel so hurt and empty when he left me standing here? Why don’t I just judge him for everything he did to me? Why?


It was never like this with Mason- did Mason and I ever fight? Did we ever argue? No we didn’t- it was all too perfect, no flaws… But what is a relationship without a little flaw?



Emeliano and I come from different worlds, we both don’t agree on anything- we were opposites of each other… So why does it feel so perfect?


The sound of rain drops filled my ears, making me glance at the window… It was raining heavily…


But that was the least of my problems now… I need to find him… I need him to talk to me.


I rushed out of his study, running down the stairs with shaky legs, the guards were beginning to shut the entrance door, so I increased my pace, sliding through it and ignoring their rants…


The rain connected with my skin, immediately soaking my hair and clothes. I sighted a clueless Emeliano walking like it wasn’t raining… I knew he was heading towards the garden… His whole shirt was soaked but he didn’t look to be affected by it… He just strolled towards the garden like it was just another day.


I rushed towards him, not minding the slippery ground, when I finally reached him, I lost my balance, falling to the ground but his strong arms snaked around my waist, stopping me from falling face flat; pulling me to his body. I gripped his shoulders to steady myself, staring into his heart stopping eyes, he was also staring at me- it was almost like he was lost… But same went for me… I was lost, the only thing I could feel was the harsh downpour around us.


My heart was like a wild hammer against my chest and fair enough, I could also feel his heartbeat, it was all crazy, just like mine.


Does he feel the same for me? Does he like me too? Of course he does! Why else would his heart be going so crazy!!!


I didn’t want to leave his embrace- hell no… It was perfect, overly comfortable! So amazing…


“What are you doing to me?” He choked out… “You’re ruining me. Destroying me… Why?”



“Why did you leave?” I asked him, ignoring his questions. “Why are you pushing me away?”


His hands left my waist, pulling me away from him. Now I felt the chill that came with the rain.


“I don’t want this… I don’t want to want you… Please just leave- make this easier for yourself… I can’t bring myself to-”


“Like me? Why? Because you still love Camilla?”


“I don’t love Camilla.” He said.


“So what the hell is your problem?”


He went quiet, forcing his eyes away from me.


I pulled him to face me again. “No… No, you will answer my questions Emeliano… Now… I need answers, I won’t let you go without an explanation.”


“I shouldn’t have kissed you… It was a-”


“Don’t you dare say it was a mistake! Were you blind for those few minutes? Did you have a blindfold on when you kissed me!!! You have the nerve to say it was a mistake?!” I yelled this time, the rain made my hot tears look like just another drop of rain.


“You can’t just kiss someone and say it was a mistake!!! That doesn’t make any fuc-” I stopped myself from saying something


I would probably regret.


He cocked a brow at me, waiting for me to complete my sentence.


“Why did you kiss me?” I finally asked him.


“You need to get back inside… You’ll get a cold.”


“Stop acting like you care about me! I know you don’t, so just save-”


“I care about you Rebecca… I care about you to the extent that it f—–g hurts…


And it scares me… I don’t want this feeling- I don’t want you here… You’re ruining everything.”


“Why don’t you want me? You can’t just make me fall for you and then tell me you don’t want me… You can’t just kiss me like you have feelings for me and at the end of the day, tell me that you don’t want me… You’re hurting me even more than Mason did… Even more than my father did.”


His eyes met mine suddenly, lingering a little too long for me to miss the look of hurt that flashed through his eyes.


“I didn’t mean-”


“To hurt me? Then why are you doing it? Why are you stalling? Why don’t you just freaking give in?!”


“I can’t! I want to, but I can’t… I can’t accept you only for you to leave within three days… You’re going to leave, just like my mom did, and everyone else…”


“Is that what this is about? Me leaving?” My voice was softer, but a little bit cracked… The harsh drops beating my anger away from me.


“It’s more than that… You’ll want to leave when you know everything.”


I paused


There was something else… Something I didn’t know. Of course there was… It was the thing that they think I wouldn’t be able to handle.


“Tell me.”


“I can’t.” He replied.





“It’s not my place to tell… You have to understand.”


“I’ll find out. You don’t have to tell me… I’ll find out just like i always do.” I moved closer to him, closing the distance between us, he tried to move backwards but I grabbed his shirt, pulling him to me. “I’m not Camilla, neither am I your mom or Rafael…


I’m Rebecca… I won’t leave you, if you don’t want me to.” He looked stunned at my actions.


“I know you want this as much as I do… I know Its sudden and scary, hell- it scares the heavens out of me… But I want it… I want this… I want you. ”


He went quiet.


“Say something.” I said, my eyes dropping to his lips…


“What do you want me to say?” his voice had gone deeper.


“Anything.” I whispered, leaning closer.


“I don’t know what to say.” he mumbled as his eyes dropped to my lips and his hand sliding to cup my face.


“Then do something.” I whispered, feeling my heart give this insane jump from time to time.


“What do you want me to do?” He asked.


“Kiss me.”


His lips pulled up at a corner as he finally closed the distance between our lips.


The sound of the rain disappeared, the harsh cold rain turned into hot drops of water, my knees betrayed me instantly, as I held unto him like a life guard, pressing my body against his, just to savor the warmth it granted me.



It was different, this kiss was different, I felt the rush of heat escape from my stomach to my heart.


But it was all gone too soon, he detached his lips from mine. “I’m sorry for leaving like that… I was stupid.”


“Seventh Time.”


“Just shut up.” He chuckled.


“I’d love to see you try to stop me from talk-”


I felt his lips on mine again, this time he wasn’t so gentle… He pulled me closer, almost as if he was scared to let go.


I nibbled on his lower lip, making him slide his tongue into my mouth, just in time to make me feel warm and alive… I felt my whole body shiver, not because of the cold, but because of the new feeling that swept through me.


Is this what it felt like?




I want this, I want this feeling with Emeliano… It’s him… It has always been him… I’ll make sure it stays that way.


It turns out Plan E actually worked… I think that letter would be my new favorite letter. ‘E’


But there’s still one thing bugging me… What in hell can’t he tell me? And why in hell do I feel like this isn’t over yet…


There’s still a demon waiting to be uncovered.


How will I get it out of him?

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Just how?







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