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✏Rebecca POV



He suddenly pulled over harshly. “We’re here.” He said, shutting the engine and getting out of the car, not even bothering to open the door for me… Not like I expected him to.


I got down after him. “Seriously? Ever heard of common courtesy?” I asked, already hearing the classic music everywhere around me… People were all around the parking area, dressed in a very gallant manner.


“Emeliano!” I whispered yelled, making him stop.


He turned to me and was about to yell but he stopped when his eyes scanned my body from head to toe.


“What are you wearing?” He asked.


“A gown? How do I look?” I said, twirling from left to right, grinning at him.


He shook his head, running a hand through his face. “You look like poop.” he said.


“Gee thanks! Second compliment of the day…” I walked up to him. “Would it hurt to say I’m beautiful, just for one night?


Being an a—–e doesn’t suit this suit you’re wearing, if I didn’t know you better, I


would have thought you were a gentle man, just by your looks… Be nice.” I said, walking pass him to the party going on inside the hall.



On getting into the hall, I was awed by the Wonderful decorations and food everywhere! Wow, I want to meet whoever did this. Give them a warm hug and bless the ground they walk on.


I felt Emeliano’s presence beside me.


“I can’t believe you never wanted to invite me to heaven, you’re Lucifer in the flesh aren’t you?”


He didn’t reply.


I ignored him too, going over to the snack table and ogling every on top of it… Emeliano was busy discussing with some group of men who came to him…


I grabbed one of the snack sweet and took a bite… “Good lord… This tastes-”


“Amazing.” Another voice completed for me, I looked over at her direction, feeling slightly embarrassed for speaking out loud. The woman looked familiar-her beautiful brown eyes reminded me of someone I know, her cheekbones were perfectly in place, highlighting her make up to the beam, her full black hair was designed with curls that fell beautifully on her shoulders… Not to mention her lips, they were the darkest shade of red… She was- extraordinarily beautiful.


“I’m sorry, have me met?” I had to ask, as I watched her stare at me like she couldn’t believe someone like me was standing right Infront of her.


She smiled. “I’m not sure… I’m Cam-”


“Camilla, over here…” Another lady called out her name.


She smiled softly at my direction. “I’m sorry to cut this short… Nice meeting you-”


“Rebecca.” I filled in for her.


“Rebecca… Nice meeting you… If you’ll excuse me.”


“Sure.” I said, watching her walk away.

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Well that was weird.


I walked back to Emeliano’s side, he was alone now, glancing down at a business card. “I’m bored.” I said.


“I warned you not to come with.”


“At least introduce me to your friends.” I said.


“I don’t have friends here.” he said.




“Rebecca?” Oh lord no…


I felt Emeliano tense up beside me.


“Marcos… Wow, I didn’t expect you to be here.. um- hi!” I chirped.


He grinned at me and instead of taking a normal handshake, he went for a hug.


When he pulled away he smirked, going overboard by twirling me around. “Wow, you look stunning.”


I gave a nervous chuckle. “Thank you.” I smiled genuinely.


Taking a quick glance at Emeliano who looked like he wanted to punch something… More like someone- more like- Marcos.


“You equally look take away… I love the suit design… It’s really great.”


“Really? My wife made it.”


“Oh, your wife is here?”



Marcos grinned at Emeliano, then at me. “Of course, she just went off with some women. I can call-”


“Don’t bother, we’re leaving.” Emeliano gritted out, grabbing my hands in his and pulling me to the exit… I didn’t even have the chance to reprimand him for his rude behavior, when we got out of earshot, which was actually Infront of his car.


He opened the door forcefully. “Get in.” He forced out.


“We just got here Emeliano?”


His glare turned into something more sinister. “I. Said. Get. The f–k. In the car. Now.”


This time, I obliged… Not because I was scared, but because I didn’t want to argue with him.


When he got in, he fired up the engine and drove out of the parking lot, back to the direction we were coming from.


“Emeliano slow down… You’re going beyond speed limit.” I warned.


He glanced at my direction and purposely increased the speed of the car, making me grip my seat. “What the hell is wrong with you?! Do you want to get us both killed?! Slow down!” I yelled.


All he did was increase the speed.


Okay, now I was scared.


“Look, I know you’re- angry… Marcos was obviously trying to piss you off. Please slow down.”


“Yeah! He was trying to piss me off… And you encouraged him to go on with it.”


“I didn’t do anything! Did you expect me to just ignore him?! It would have made


you look bad Infront of all those people, if you didn’t notice, people were looking.


Slow down d–n it!”


He increased it again.


“I can’t believe you let him hug you, he swirled you around like he was accessing every inch of-”


The next thing that happened was so fast to even comprehend what was happening, all I saw was this bright light, blasting through our windscreen, the only thing i felt was the car going round circles until it hit something with a hard force.


After that, it all went so dark.






✏Emeliano’s POV



The brain crashing pain in my head was enough to knock me right back into consciousness; consciousness that only sent several shooting pains all over my body.


I groaned, holding my head like it was going to help with the situation. My vision was a little blur, but the little I could see, I noticed smoke erupting from my bashed car, it seemed to have hit a tree…


The life threatening pain was unbearable but everything seemed to numb out when I realized that we had an accident.


We? We!


Rebecca! My mind screamed at me, making my eyes move over to the her direction… My unsteady breathing increased when my eyes caught the empty seat beside me… The door was left ajar.



“Shit!” I muttered, pulling at my door handle and trying to move my legs out of the car… Breathing in the smoke erupting from the bonnet of my now ugly car, I tried to cough pure air into my lungs, finally able to put both of my feet on solid ground.


“Rebecca…” I tried to call out..


Where could she have gone? Was she okay? Was she hurt? I felt my chest tighten as I fell straight to the ground, struggling to get back on my feet…


I couldn’t even think of something ever happening to Rebecca because of me?


How could I be so foolish to endanger her life?


Using my hand as support, I lifted myself from the ground, noticing the blood on my hands.


Walking over to the other side of the car, my eyes widened a little when I noticed Rebecca’s absence again, which only increased the fear In the pit of my stomach.


“Rebecca.” I managed to call again but that only sent shooting pains to my stomach, making me stagger at the unbearable pain. “Where are you d–n it.” I whispered this time… My blurry vision wandering about.


For the second time in my life, I was scared, scared of the feeling that came with the absence of Rebecca, my brain couldn’t function well, I couldn’t think- the quietness around me felt like noise, loud disturbing noise.


I was scared, scared because Rebecca wasn’t around me, she was missing and it was because of me… If anything happens to her, I’d never ever dream of forgiving myself…


But yet again?


Where in hell could she have gone?


Did someone take her? Why would someone take her? We were surrounded by bushes, who would want to abduct her?


What in hell am I even thinking?



Fine, there was no denying it, I was worried, worried as hell! I shouldn’t be worried, I should be glad that she was finally out of my hair, if she was here and conscious, I wouldn’t hear the end of it, she would scold me till I eventually die of the horrible pain in my head.


But hell, I couldn’t help but feel scared, alone and worried…


It was the exact same way I felt when my mom decided to bail on me, when she decided to leave me here along with everyone else… She didn’t care that I’d be alone or scared, she thought that I could handle it all on my own… How wrong she was, her disappearance made me feel more alone and empty inside… She was the only one I had.


Not until I met her, the woman I thought would change everything for me… Not until I met Rafael, the man I took as my own father, the man I trusted with my whole f—–g life… But he freaking betrayed me, killed my father and tried to take


over my company, Screwed Marcos’s mom and made his daughter fool me… All for what? Money? Hatred?


Sometimes I ask myself what I ever did to deserve this hatred from almost everyone I had ever lost? Sometimes I ask myself where I went wrong… Was it money they all wanted from me? If it was, why didn’t they just ask for it? Why did they have to pretend to like me?


If it wasn’t for Piper and Diego, I would have gone to the conclusion that nobody would ever care about me truly…


But now, Rebecca had managed to crawl her way into the space I never ever wanted anyone to occupy after the final betrayal, she had managed to break every single brick I had managed to put up… I thought I was doing myself a favor by kidnapping her, hell- I thought I would finally get my freaking revenge, but it all backfired with full force…


Rebecca Lewis was different.


And that was exactly what I like about her personality… She was strong willed and determined… Her no was her no.



I know we didn’t get off on the right foot, I know I did some shitty things that I would probably never ever forgive myself for, but all those things I did, all those crazy things I said, I was unconsciously using it to block out any form of feelings, I was only using it to protect myself from the hurt I was bound to face after everything.


Kidnapping Rebecca was one of my mistakes, I thought I could quench the hurt I felt whenever I thought of the betrayal. But it didn’t work… It never did.


I thought I could balance all my hatred on Rebecca, but I couldn’t- I didn’t have it in me, I was one to soak in guilt for my mistakes, for my wrong doings- but this was one of the reasons why I tried to put up a strong and cold behavior, I was trying to stop the world from seeing the overly fragile boy beneath this cold as stone behavior.


Well, it may have worked for the world, but it sure as hell didn’t work for Rebecca.




I need to find her.


I need to know that she’s okay.


The day I asked her to leave, I wasn’t expecting her to stay, I was expecting her to go like everyone else did- I was expecting her to hate and curse me for holding her down, but she didn’t leave- she stayed with me.. despite my warnings and hard glares and awful words, she stayed… She didn’t leave me. And for the first time, I didn’t feel alone…


But I’m sure as hell that it wouldn’t last, they never ever stay, why did I ever think Rebecca would change everything… It’s only a matter of time before she tries to follow her family’s footsteps and leave with everything- it’s only a matter of time till she decides to go.


Which I’m pretty sure was now.


She’s done it already … Left me to die alone.


Just like everyone else.


Not like I deserved her pity or anything… I wasn’t exactly the best of company, I never really did anything to make her want to ever help me… So why did I expect her to be different?


Trying to take another step, the jabbing pain in my stomach sent my body straight to the ground.




Rebecca? My eyes flew to the direction of her voice, and true enough, there she was, rushing towards me… She didn’t leave?


She knelt beside me, placing my head gently on her lap as she brushed few strands of hair from my face- all I did was stare at her, it all looked so unreal…


Why didn’t she leave?


She had a small cut on her left brow, and her eyes were swollen from too much, crying? She was crying? Why was she crying?


“You’re so stupid! I feel like slapping you so hard right now!” She chocked out. “Why did you leave the car huh? Do you know how badly you’re injured?! You scared the bejesus out of me! I thought you were freaking dead you idiot!!!” She sobbed out.


“Don’t you ever scare me like that! I’ll freaking kill you myself if you try such a thing again! I’ll strangle the life out of you myself, you hear me.”


I couldn’t hide the silly smile on my face as I watched her, all I could say was, “You didn’t leave me.”


“Are you crazy? Why would I do that?! I went to find help! I can’t believe you drove right into a freaking tree!!! Couldn’t you have parked into the side of the road? Were you seriously trying to kill us both?”



“I’m sorry.” I heard myself say as my vision began to go blurry again. “You’re hurt because of me.”


“I’m okay, you on the other hand, look like you’re about to die.”


“I’m sorry.” I repeated again.


“Stop saying sorry! It’s scaring me… Just stay here, I’ll try to stop a car, I seriously don’t know why no one is coming through this route!” She said, trying to stand up, but I held her back down.


“No… Don’t go… Don’t leave me.”


She went still for a moment before she finally spoke. “I just want to go find help… I’ll come back.”


“No you won’t. Please stay.”


“I’m not leaving you… I promise… You don’t look so well, I need to get help before your situation worsens.”


She moved to stand again, but I gripped her arm softly, trying to keep my suddenly heavy eyes from closing in on me. “Please.” Was all I could say.


My words were betraying me, same went for my eyes- my body was collecting the control from my brains.


“Emeliano?” I heard Rebecca’s voice, but it wasn’t so clear, it felt like she was far far away. “Hey!” I felt her cold hands on my face, tapping my cheeks lightly. “Don’t you dare close your eyes on me! Please keep your eyes open.”


The more she talked, the more her voice sounded like echoes.


“Don’t go.” I felt my lips make out words and before I finally got swooped in by the darkness, I heard her voice again…



“I’m not going anywhere… I’ll always be here. Just don’t die on me. Just try to keep your eyes open.”


But it was apparently too late…


My eyes were practically ready to welcome the insane darkness.













✏© Wunmi Ade ✅




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