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✅Rebecca’s POV



I closed the door gently behind me, turning to see Emeliano completely shirtless, he was sitting on the edge of the bed, with his hands slightly griping his hair like he was trying to block out whatever thoughts that were penetrating into his head.


I felt this jolt in my stomach, seeing Emeliano shirtless was not


part of my plan, how am I supposed to interrogate him if he is oblivious to the torment his half Unclad body was giving me.


I let out a shaky breath, walking towards him. He looked really vulnerable. How much did he have to drink? Why did he even drink so much knowing fully well that he couldn’t control it.



“Emeliano?” I called.


“Hm.” He mumbled, hesitating before staring up at me.


“Are you- you okay?” I was actually asking to make sure he wasn’t feeling so sick… I must get some answers from him.


“Do I look okay to you?” He asked, managing to stand up, I s—-d in a large


amount of air, when my eyes fell to his well sculptured chest and torso, he was towering over me and I was feeling rather uneasy.


He wasn’t touching me but his intense gaze was really doing wonders to my reserve and body.


“C-can you tell me what happened?” I asked him.


He scrunched his brows and lifted his hand, brushing my hair out of my face with a smirk on his lips, I felt tingles where ever his fingers grazed.


I could perceive the alcohol from his breath, it was supposed to make me feel weird, but instead, it made me feel hot.


“Where do I start?” He mumbled. “You know…” He made a cute hiccup sound before he continued… “I used to- used to love your sister so much, I used to love her so much that it hurt… I would have given my life for her if need be. But thank God that situation never came up, or else I’d be turning in my dark grave.” He chuckled, mumbling something that sounded like, are graves dark? Whatever…


“What happened?” I asked him.


His eyes snapped to mine, making me feel scared for some seconds.


I didn’t think he was going to say anything, but when he spoke, I knew I was heading to the right part.



“Marcos happened… He took her from me, at least that was what I thought- not until she betrayed me, she told me things that I never thought I would ever hear, she told me to my face that she never did love me… It was really unfair you know.” He said, taking a step closer which actually made me take a step back subconsciously.


“How did you find out? What did she do to make you feel betrayed?”


“April-” He stopped, as if realizing that he was talking to me.


“Nice try, do you think I’d fall for this? Come on… I drove alllll the way back home without a scratch to my vehicle and myself, do you really think that I lose all my senses when I get drunk? I take it back, you’re not smart-” he smirked. “You’re stupid.”


Dang it… I guess it’s time for plan B… Annoy him.


“I’m not stupid, you’re the one who’s stupid… How could you let yourself get so drunk? Are you that irresponsible? Even Marcos would know better-”


I paused when I noticed his eyes go all dark mode… He began to close the space between us but I was quick to move back, not until my back hit a table.


My heart beat increased it’s pace when he finally stood dangerously close to me.


“If you like Marcos so much, why don’t you just go Bleep him… That is if you haven’t already… Have you?”




I scoffed. “So what if I have? I would rather give myself to that man than to you… You’re such a rude narcissistic bastard.”


His jaw clenched. “I should have known you were just like her!


A LovePeddler, a s–t who only goes after rich guys like me Just for money, no wonder you didn’t try to escape… You wanted to trick me huh? To get my money? Is that all you want? I should have known, no wonder you were hell bent on talking to Marcos, you knew your s–t game wouldn’t work on me, so you were trying to



pin Marcos down… I was right, you’re just a cheap s–t who would sell her body for money… But don’t worry, I’ll pay you a large amount for a good fu-”


My palms connected with his cheeks, making my hand sting a little. “You might be drunk, but you have no right to say these things to me… I’m not a s–t, and neither am I here for your pathetic money!” My eyes burned with tears but I refused to let them fall, Emeliano just stood there staring at me like a lost puppy, I could actually care less right now.


“You think I want to be here? You think that I’m comfortable in this hell hole you call a mansion? I didn’t ask for any of this- you were the one who forced me into this house! I never asked you kidnap me, did I? I was beginning to think that you were different, I can’t even believe I was actually worried about you?!”


This wasn’t part of the plan, but hell- whatever works right? I needed to let these things out, I was really hurt by his words,


really hurt. I actually didn’t care if all this ruin my plans, I can make out something else, but right now, I needed to go far away from him before finally lose my temper.


“I have a life Emeliano, a job, a mom who is probably worried sick about me! I have bills to settle, I have a boyfriend to go back too- I didn’t just fall from heaven into your arms awaiting my punishment! You took me in for something my dad or sister did to you! I know nothing about it! I don’t want your money, neither do I even want to look at you right now!” I pushed pass him but he took hold of my arms and pulled me back to him.


“Let go of me!!!” I fought him off but he didn’t budge.


“I’m sorry,” he choked out… “I didn’t mean to say those things… I actually wanted you to hit me… I needed it, but it didn’t work, it only made me feel more guilty.” He said, trying to make me stop fighting him.


Did he really expect me to believe that?What am I, a fool?


“Let go of my arms Emeliano!” I tried pushing him away, and when I succeed, he grabbed me again before I could rush out.



“Please listen to me… I really didn’t mean to say those things… I just wanted to get a reaction out of you… I swear I didn’t mean it- stop- fighting me off.”


I managed to get out of his grip again, but this time, he grabbed me by my waist and pinned me to the wall. “Can you just hear me out for one second?!” He yelled this time expecting me to stop fighting him off, but I continued hitting his bare chest.


“Let me go! I’m warning you!”


“At least listen to me… Please-”


I actually didn’t want to listen to anything he had to say, all I wanted was to leave this room and cry my freaking eyes out.. I wouldn’t want to come off as weak by crying in front of him…


I actually thought he was different, but I was wrong… He was just like what he painted himself to be…


“Stop being so stubborn- I know you’re- hurt by my words- I did it purposely, I didn’t mean any of it! I just needed you to hit me, I thought I would feel better if you hit me.”


“That is- just- stupid!” I said between hits as he tried to tame my hands with his.


“No it’s not! I was dying in guilt Rebecca, I wanted to shrug it off but it wasn’t easy, I can’t help but think about you all day and it’s driving me crazy… I don’t want to let you go and I want to let you go- I feel so confused, I don’t even know what’s wrong with me anymore… I thought drinking would solve everything but it didn’t, I still feel so guilty for keeping you here.”


I stopped fighting and looked up at his really confused dark eyes.


“So why don’t you just let me go?” I asked him.


“I can’t.”


“Why not?”


“It’ll ruin everything…”


“Your thirst for revenge?” I asked him.




“What for?”


“It’s because they-”


“They what?”


He hesitated. While I just waited for him to continue… But when he didn’t, I scoffed. “Let me guess, you can’t tell me.”


I pushed him away harshly making him stumble a little, my attempt to get away from him was another epic fail because he held me back again, pinning me to the wall.




He connected his lips with mine, making my heart jump widely in my chest, I felt this weird shiver run down my spine, making my body go so warm… He pulled me closer by snaking his arms around my waist. Don’t get me wrong, I tried to fight him off, but I went suddenly weak, my knees and elbows felt like jelly, I found my self throwing weak blows at his chest while he continued to make me high on his kisses…


I finally gave in, yes- I did, turns out I wanted this kiss more than I wanted to hurt him in every possible way- he insulted me, fine… But that doesn’t stop me from wanting him to hold and kiss me like this…


Ever since that time in his study, all I could dream of was him kissing me and now that it’s finally happening, I actually didn’t want him to stop.



My hands that were previously throwing blows at him found their way to his hair, pulling him closer, his tongue darted Into my mouth, making me feel so good all over, I kissed him back, not missing the s£xy sound he made at the back of his throat.


Our bodies were pressed together, surrounding us with this beautiful heat that made me want to not stop kissing him.


He broke the kiss and cupped my cheek, hypnotising me with his very s£xy eyes. “I’m really sorry… Please for-”


I didn’t let him finish, all I did was claim his lips again… I didn’t want to listen to his apology, at least not now when my heart was on overdrive.


I pressed my body against his, wanting to feel every part of him so when I felt his hands at the hem of my T-shirt, I was glad.


He pulled it above my head, leaving me with just my bra, he kissed me again as his hand caressed my bare back, making me moan this time, I loved the way our body supplied heat to one another, my naked flat stomach was pressing against his naked torso and it felt really good.


But I wanted- no, I needed more… I probably sound like an hypocrite right now, but this was supposed to feel wrong, so why the hell does it feel so right?


My hands trailed down his chest to his torso, I felt his muscles flex under my touch…But when my hands moved to his lower belly, he broke the kiss and moved back, shaking his head like he wanted to come back to his senses, his chest was moving so fast and so was mine.


“We can’t- we shouldn’t do this.” He stuttered.


I scrunched my brows, trying to claim my heavy breathing.


“Why? Are you just realizing that you were making out with someone who has a


very bad body that serves as a turn off


to men?”


He looked confused for a minute. “What? No… No I didn’t mean- why would you even say that?”



I scoffed, picking up my shirt and sliding it back on, Time to put this plan back into action . “You’re really a jerk.” I moved pass him but he _as usual_ pulled me back to face him.


“I never said that okay? I just don’t want to do something that we’d both regret in the morning… I’m not in my- right state of mind…”


“D–n straight.” I muttered.


“You don’t understand… I just don’t want to do anything to you- while I’m drunk, it doesn’t really feel right.”


“Oh I see… You want to be in the right state of mind to see what you’re paying for? Am I correct?”


His eyes were filled with guilt once again. “Rebecca I-” he sighed and ran his hands through his hair… “You know what? Forget it… You can think whatever the f–k you want to think… I don’t care.” He said with a glare, taking his hands off me and stumbling his way into his bathroom, shutting the door.


I waited to listen… When the shower came on, I smirked and proceeded with my plan…


I rushed to the bedside table and picked up his phone, I knew he didn’t have a password cause I noticed this the last time I was in his office, when he picked up his phone to call a driver to come take me away… That was exactly the reason why I threw the office line on the ground- I mean, what would I gain by throwing the poor machine to the ground in the first place?… It was all part of plan B, destroy the office line and watch him use his phone.


Ask for answers in a civilized manner and get some details about this issue, then make him feel like shit by rubbing everything he said to me on his face, get him so frustrated…


Argue and make him leave without his phone- then, call for help.



It was really easy, Somethings didn’t really fall in line because I never planned on him getting drunk and kissing the daylight out of me- I never planned on almost letting him have s£x with me… But in all, the plan worked.


I rushed to my bag and fished out my pocket like phone book, I flipped over the small pages frantically, searching for April’s number… When I finally found it, I dialed the number and pressed call.


April picked up on the second ring…


“Emeliano? Why the hell are you-” It sounded like she was asleep.


“April, it’s me Rebecca… I freaking need your help.”















© ✏ Wunmi Ade ✅





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