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Rebecca’s POV





I rushed out of the bedroom and went straight to Emeliano’s study, unlocking the door without knocking… His head was buried in a large file as his hands worked on his laptop…


He seemed to be really busy and I wanted to just turn and leave…. But….. No.


“Hey there.” I called out his attention, closing the door behind me.


He looked up for a brief moment, mumbling an “hey.” Wow, he replied… Progress.


“So I was-”


“I’m busy.” He interrupted me, his eyes were now focused on the screen of the laptop.


“Take a moment to relax… You look pretty stressed out.”


“And you care, why?” He asked, finally looking up at me.


I let out an unsteady breath, feeling a little bit nervous and sweaty in my palms.


“Well, because I care… About you.” I said.


Something flashed through his eyes, something that made his eyes brighten but it


was gone as soon as it came.


Emeliano focused on his work again.


“You’re not gonna say anything?” I asked him, crossing my arm over my chest.


“I’m really busy Rebecca- I have lots of work to finish and it’s so suffocating… I’d do anything to make you shut up right now, even if it’s to listen to whatever you want to say- but as of now, I’m so f—–g busy… I promise we’ll do this another time.” His voice wasn’t that of anger or frustration, but of stress and worry.



“All work and no play, makes Pretty boy not so pretty anymore- why don’t you just take a break for one tiny teny second-”


“I’m busy!” His voice echoed loudly around the study. He ran a hand through his hair with a sigh. “Don’t make me yell, please- just go.”


I sighed, not really ready to give up. “Okay, you can continue to work- I’ll just try to get your attention and make you think of actually taking a break.”


He sighed, giving me an unimpressed look before he focused on his work.


I stood there, thinking of Anything to get his mind out of that work- thinking of giving an head start to the conversation I so badly wanted to have with him.


I bit my lower lip as a crazy idea bounced up in my head. Back in college, Diego had been obsessed with this song… I don’t really know the lyrics, but I was quite sure of the words used in the beginning… I was also sure this song would give me a head start… The name of the artist would.


This could work… And at the same time, make me look like a complete fool. But what’s the harm in trying?



Taking a deep breath, I began to sing.



“Something must have gone wrong in my braining, got your chemicals all in my veins…”


I began to sway my hips to the song that was leaking from my lips, in an awkward tone.


Emeliano looked up slowly, and with the look on his face, I knew I had finally captured his attention.


Oh Rebecca… The things you would do for attention.


Emeliano’s POV ✅






She was different, unpredictable, surprisingly not like any other woman out there, the way she handled things was in a completely different style… She had a different approach to everything and it was killing me that she had to come from that family… It was killing me that I couldn’t bring myself to accept these feelings, it was killing me that I couldn’t bring myself to let go of the past.


I watched Rebecca sway her hips innocently and seductively.. I don’t even think she has the slightest idea of what her actions were doing to me right now… It’s taking everything in me not to just ignore this work and kiss the d–n hell out of Rebecca Lewis.


I wanted to trust her, how I wanted to give in to my feelings and start over afresh… But she’s going to leave very soon, she’s going to go back to her life and I’ll remain like this. So why the hell would I finally give in when she’d still end up leaving like everyone else?


It was certain and stamped. I like Rebecca. I tried not to like her, infact, I didn’t know until the accident… The thought of losing her was unbearable.. it brought out the feeling I never ever wanted to feel and most especially for the daughter of Rafael Lewis.


It was all too soon, these feelings just popped up, destroying my walls… Liking Rebecca was an unexpected thing… I shouldn’t like her, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let any other woman into my life aside from Camilla…


I never thought I would feel something for Rebecca, something intriguing and utterly different… Something that was obviously wrong but felt so f—–g right.


I blinked from my thoughts, watching Rebecca… She said she wanted to get my attention, but now- now she has gotten much more than that… She has captured my senses, my brain, focus, body, thoughts, and now she was currently trying to pull my heart out of its hiding place and I can’t help but give her that chance.


“.. . You intoxicate me… Just like, neco-”


“Stop! W-what are you doing?” I found myself stuttering, unable to take the torture her body was giving to mine.


“What does it look like? I’m singing and dancing… Come on, get up and dance with me.” She said cheerfully.


I rubbed my eyes, completely detached from the work I was doing… What work again?


“And look as ridiculous as you do right now? I think I’ll pass.” I said to her… Fighting my legs to stay glued to the ground.


She stopped dancing, but the smile was still imprinted on her face. “You know what I love about that song?”


“No, I don’t… And I don’t think I want to know.” I muttered, forcing my hands back to my laptop.


“I just love the lyrics! The artist is so talented… I really love her songs, her voice and even her name. ”


“Wow… I really wanted to know all that- I’m


so interested in whatever it is you’re talking about… Please don’t stop talking! ” I hope she sensed the sarcasm dripping from my words.


“Really! Then I guess you’d want to know what her name is.” She chirped.


I rolled my eyes.. it was either she was clueless of the obvious sarcasm or she just choose to ignore it.


But the next word that left her very seductive lips, made me freeze.





That name wiped my brain of all thoughts, it made me relive the pain in just a second, it reminded me of how foolish and weak I was… That name was something I was not expecting to hear from Rebecca’s lips.


“What?” My voice was a straight give away that the name meant something to me.


” Camilla… ” I could swear that the way she said it was just to get a reaction from me… Which only means she knows something…


Something that I’m pretty sure would lead to another and then to another thing that would make Rebecca hate her father for life..


something that could probably destroy her and change her Orientation on things.


I knew how it felt to grow up hating your own father- it was a feeling I didn’t want Rebecca to have… I care about her and I was not willing to make her turn out like me. Me who got betrayed by my own father and a man who I considered to be a father, a friend, an anchor.


“Camilla Cabello… She’s so talented and beautiful- why do you look like you’re about to puke?” She asked me.


I knew she did this on purpose, I knew she was just trying to get a reaction out of me… She meant no harm though- I knew she was trying to let me let her in… But if I do, she’d leave… She wouldn’t want to be close to her father… She wouldn’t want to be close to me.


I stood up immediately, walking out of my table side to stand Infront of her, tucking my hands into my pockets, Just to not let them betray me!


“What do you know?” I asked her… Going straight to the point.


She sighed before she looked up at me, her eyes filled with withheld emotions as she took a step closer while I impulsively take a step back. “Start talking.”


“I don’t know everything.” She simply said.


“That actually means you know something.”



“I know what my father did to you… He betrayed you and you hate him… Now I understand.. you’re a victim in all this- I can’t imagine what you-”


“Shut up… Just shut up.” I said, feeling my heart beat speed up.


“No… I’m so sorry Emeliano… Your actions are totally justified towards me… Although you approached the issue wrongly… But it all turned out to be-”


“No. Don’t say it… Look, you might think you know things and that you can just walk in here and try to reopen fresh old wounds-”


She came closer. “No… No, I’m not trying to do that… Don’t get me wrong.. I just want to help you.” She reached to touch my face but my hands slipped away from my pocket, holding her hands before it got to my face…


Yet again, I was trying to avoid body contact but now my hands were encircled around are wrist, sending a strange chill to my veins, I quickly pull away.


“What do you think you’re doing? You want to help me?”


“Yes! I know I’m the last person you want to talk to about all this… But just because Rafael’s blood runs through my veins, doesn’t mean I’m exactly like him. Like them .”


“You know, don’t you? About Camilla?” I asked, trying to find out about how much she knows.


“Yes… She’s the woman you fell in love with- Marcos’s wife, my-my half sister.” she sighed. “No one told me, I figured it all out…


I knew the woman couldn’t be April and seeing Camilla at that party only confirmed my suspicions… I knew she was Marcos’s wife because of her last name… I know they tricked you.”


I sighed, a sigh of relief… She didn’t know what the bigger picture is, but she was so correct about everything she just said.


“I shouldn’t- I shouldn’t be feeling the need to help you,


Emeliano.. I should hate you and taunt you with the information that I’d gathered so far… But then you’re also a victim in all this. And, I’ve grown to lik-”




“Emeliano, it’s the-”


“Don’t.” I repeated, unable to calm my hard beating heart.


“I know you’re scared of being hurt again and I know that I’m the last person you want to see right now- I know how much you hate me-”


“I don’t hate you.” I can’t bring myself to hate you- as much as I try to… The more I try to loathe you, the more it all backfires into the opposite.


“So, why are you pushing me away? All I want to do is help.”


“I don’t want your help… You’re making everything difficult for the both of us by staying here… Go back to the Lewis estate”


“I can’t! I can’t go back to the Lewis estate… I can’t stay there with a murderer!” She yelled this time, stopping my breathing before it came back with full f—–g force.


“Who told- how did you-”


She came closer again. “It doesn’t matter who told me… All I know is that I hate him… I hate him for what he did to you and my mother. He betrayed you, killed your father and cheated on my mom when they were still together.”


“He didn’t-”


“Yes! Yes he did- how else would he have another daughter? I know why they got divorced now… He was a cheater… An evil man.”


“Rebecca don’t-”



“That’s the way I feel about him… I hate him, I loathe him and this is the first time I’m having this kind of feeling for anyone… And I intend it to stay that way.”


I stood there watching her… She was far too deep into all of this and I wanted nothing but to tell her what really went wrong between her parents… But I couldn’t bring myself to do it…


I promised April I wouldn’t.


“Camilla hurt you- I know that, and I’m sorry… I’m sorry for what they all did… And I’m sorry that I couldn’t stop myself from lik-”


“Don’t complete that.”


“Why?! If you haven’t noticed, I’m not one to hide my feelings, I’d rather say it out loud than bottle it all up!”


“You shouldn’t-” I tried to talk again but she interrupted me.


“I should. I don’t control my heart Emeliano… And I have to admit- it’s weird, it too soon, the odds of my feelings for you were too slim, but I couldn’t help it…


I tried to shrug it off, I tried to ignore it.. I tried to think of all the words and things you did to me, to block it all out,” She took the final step closer, when I mean closer, I bet she could actually hear the raging beating of my heart.


“But I couldn’t, I probably sound crazy… Hell, anyone would think I’m crazy, they would call me an hypocrite… But I don’t care. It’s you Emeliano… It’s you I care about.”


“You shouldn’t.” Was all I could say, my heart was not giving me the chance to make out real words.


“I should.” She repeated her words from earlier. “I don’t know what’s wrong- but I love this wrong… And I would repeat it a thousand times that I don’t regret the day you kidnapped me…



At first I disliked you for it, anyone would… I hated you for asking me to strip naked and then after you insulted my body… I tried to hate you, but then I thought… No one would do that without concrete reasons-”


“My action that day can’t be justified.”


“It’s me you hurt… And it’s me that’s forgiving you for it.” She said.


“You can’t… What I did was terrible and I would never forgive myself, neither would I ever stop hating myself for the lies I spilled out that day- I didn’t mean anything I said- everything I said was out of anger, I couldn’t control it… It was wrong,


I thought I was doing myself a favor, but it dawned on me when I walked out of this study that day… I don’t deserve your forgiveness- I deserve your hate… I kidnapped you, I was foolish…


So foolish to think she actually cared about me…” I found myself blurting out everything.


“When my father betrayed my mom and I, I was broken when she filed a divorce, and I was useless when she left me… But then Rafael came into my life, rising up lost hopes…


Bringing Camilla into my life- I was just so desperate and in need of someone to love me… But then, they betrayed me- broke me all over again… I saw you that morning, I didn’t realize at first, I wanted to just ignore you and leave… But I couldn’t help it… I’m sorry for everything.”


“Sixth time.” She said with a sly smile


“What?” I asked her, my voice coaxed with confusion.


“This makes it the sixth apology you’ve given to me.”


“Seriously?” I couldn’t help but chuckle… “You’re still counting…”



“I couldn’t help it.” She gave me her heart stopping, building, beautiful smile. “But truth be told, I’m not one to hold a grudge…


I’ve forgiven you, but that doesn’t mean you get to escape from my frustrating punishments- I still have a lot of ways to make you pull your hair out of your-”


I connected my lips with hers in a sudden moment, feeling the insane rise of awareness and electricity in every inch of my body, but it was most felt in my heart…


Yet again- my body betrayed my brain… But It was something I wanted too.


I pulled her even more closer to me, enjoying the feel of our bodies pressed together. This felt right in every possible way…


Rebecca felt right in every way… Her hands in my hair, her lips on mine, her heat, the tempting low sounds of approval she makes now and then- it all felt so right.


But No… I can’t let myself fall again.. she’ll be gone soon. And I wouldn’t like that- my heart wouldn’t like it one bit… She may be one to share her feelings, but I’m most definitely not one to fight for mine.


With that, I pulled away. Walking out of the study, just like the first f—–g day.











© ✏ Wunmi Ade ✅





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