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Rebecca POV





“Um- I’m sorry, about- about this morning… I uh- I didn’t know that you lost a friend, through r-r-rape… If I had known, I- I wouldn’t have lied to you.”


He scrunched his brows… “Lied to me? About what?”


“You see, last night we uh- we-”


“You don’t have to remind me Rebecca- I already feel like shit, as you can see… I know what I did to you was wrong and I was thinking of letting-“


“We didn’t have s£x.” There we go… Smooth… Just blurt it out!


Silence… A very deafening silence.


He looked relived, yet confused… No sign of anger in sight… Progress…


“What?” He finally asked, breaking the silence.


“I lied Emeliano, and I feel so bad for lying to you… My conscience wouldn’t let me be happy that you’re like this… And I should be happy, hell- I should be in a corner laughing at you- but, even though we didn’t meet in a- you know, civilized manner, even though you hate me to shreds for what my dad or sister did to you, I-


can’t b-bring myself to hate you- or even do something to hurt your feelings…. I’m a good person, I swear…

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I just- I don’t know what came over me earlier today… It was wrong… What I did was wrong. I’m sorry.”


Another deafening silence…


Emeliano just sat there, staring at me as I nervously played with my fingers, waiting for him to say something- Anything…


I sighed… “It’s okay if you don’t forgive me for what I did- it’s totally fine, absolutely okay, I deserve your hatred now…


I seriously didn’t know what I was thinking when I said those things… Now that I think of it, it just makes me feel so bad- so very bad…” Don’t cry… Don’t! “Maybe I was just too sad that your subconscious mind didn’t want you to make a mistake by having s£x with a troll looking fellow like me… I acted really childish, super duper immature.”


He was still not saying anything.


I moved to his table quick, grabbed the coffee mug and moved back… “I’ll just leave you alone now…” I said, walking to the door.




His voice made me halt in my movement… I turned to face him.


He stood up, coming to stand face to face Infront of me, making my heart go crazy…


“What did you want to get out of all this? Out of lying to me?” He asked.




“I’m not repeating myself… Just answer the d–n question.” He said, OK, now he looked really pissed.


“I- I just wanted to get back at you.”


“For what?”


“For everything… Your harsh words towards me, your actions… I just thought using-”


“My drunken state to take advantage of the situation would make me feel the same way I made you feel? Do you even know why I got drunk in the first place?”


“How am I supposed to know?” I asked him.


“You- you caused all this, everything that is happening right now, it’s because of you! Whatever I said to you last night, you caused everything.”


“But how?” I asked him, I seriously don’t know why my voice sounded like I was about to break down in tears, real ones.


He sighed harshly… “I don’t know how? I just couldn’t stop thinking about you! It was driving me so crazy, that I went to get myself drunk- I don’t know what you did, but you have to stop doing whatever it is you do that makes me want to-”


“I’m not doing anything… I don’t even know what you’re talking about?” Silence followed…


“You know what? This never happened… Let’s just forget it, last night- today… Let it be forgotten…” He said, turning away from me, but I grabbed his very soft sweat shirt, turning him to face me.


“Last night? You remember the kiss?”


“Yeah I do… Why?” He asked.


God knows I don’t really like whatever I was feeling right now… How the hell did he expect me to forget the kiss? I don’t understand? I don’t even want to forget it! There was something in that kiss that makes me not want to forget it… This is bad, I shouldn’t be thinking this! Erase Rebecca! Erase!


“N-nothing.” I stuttered.



He gave me a confused look… “You sure? You looked like you wanted to say something.”


“It’s nothing.” I said, walking back to the door.


“Wait…” He called again…


A spark of Hope ignited in the pit of my stomach. And why? I don’t know…


“What?” I asked him.


“I don’t have a friend who was râpêd… It was a false story… Now, you can get out.” He said, walking back to his table.


I just stood there gaping at him…


What the-


I cannot believe I got played in my own game…


I think it’s time to make room for plan D.








Day 7 ✅✅



A small smile tugged at my lips as I looked back at my reflection on the body length mirror, my floral church gown made me look more confident, confident enough to go through with plan D .


It was a very bright Sunday, and I wasn’t really ready to waste it off by staying at home, so… My plan was to get Emeliano to take me to church… Crazy right? I know…



He’ll never ever agree, that’s why I’ll have to approach him in a civilized manner… It worked the last time right? It should also work this time…


After the sermon, I plan to convince him to maybe, go for a walk or something-that’s when I’ll start to bombard him with questions… People always tend to be calm after church service, maybe it could work on Emeliano…


I’m still not sure, but I’ll try my best to make it work.


But first of all, I have to feed and Gain enough strength to argue with that- that-pretty boy.


Coming down the main staircase, my face lightened up at the sight Infront of me, the large sitting room had this calm temperature due to the very beautiful aquarium built to the ground… I knelt slowly, touching the cold solid glass that separated me from the ocean beneath… I could see the beautiful creatures, swimming and living their peaceful lives, I tapped on the glass, making some fishes swim to my direction… Chuckling,


I did it again-


“You seriously look like a fool, stop it.”


I jumped upright at the sound of Emeliano’s voice, my eyes travelling to a direction in the sitting room, and there he sat, like a god reading a business magazine, he wasn’t even looking at me.


I frowned when I realized that he just called me a fool…


“Wow, thanks for the lovely compliment, I never thought you would grace my morning with your ever loving words… Words can’t explain how happy I am to hear you say these words.” Sarcasm dripped from my words.


“You’re most welcome.” He murmured, loud enough for me to hear.


Keep it mature! Civilized! Don’t mess this up.



I felt the soft vibration beneath my feet, watching the ocean disappear with the cool atmosphere.


Scratch that- I’ll save the civilized plan for another time. Which I hope there won’t be..


I sighed, moving to his direction. “You know, you confuse me sometimes.” I said, plopping down on the chair, facing him- his eyes were pinned to the magazine… “Won’t you ask me why?” I asked, but he ignored me. “I’ll tell you anyway.” I said with a sweet smile.


“You act like you’re so tough,” I said.


His eyes still didn’t meet mine. “Like you have the say in everything, like nobody’s above you, you act like an arrogant, tough guy, but here you are, sitting with a calm look on your face, reading a magazine and enjoying the peaceful quietness around you, and that is totally different from the character you’re trying to display.”


He didn’t reply.


“What’s your deal? I really want to know why you want me to feel intimidated by you? It’s not working Emeliano, I can see though your brick wall… So lighten up, whatever you’re trying to do, it’s not working on me.”


Still no reply.


“Do you plan on ignoring me for the rest of the day?”


No reply.


Stifling a groan, I forcefully grabbed the magazine from his grip, throwing it to a corner beside me and watched how his mood suddenly changed from calm to angry… At least I got a reaction.


He looked up at me with clenched jaw. “Why did you do that?”



I faked a sigh of relief, placing my hands on my chest as if trying to calm my breathing… “Thank God… I seriously thought you had gone deaf. For real. ”


“Pass me the magazine.” He simply said.


“No.” I replied with a sweet smile.


“Pass it.”




” Pass. It.”


“No.” I said, still smiling.


He had this look of irritation on his face but soon enough, he stopped frowning and just stared at me.


“I have a request to make.” I finally voiced out.


All he did was stare, wanting me to feel really uncomfortable and scared, but I will not give him that satisfaction.


“It’s a Sunday, and I don’t want this beautiful day to go to waste, so I thought maybe we could attend the first sermon. In church. ”


Still staring.


“It’s not always that long, I really want to go outside today, I think you should give it a try too… You look like you need -f-resh air.”


Still staring.


“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked him.


“You took my magazine away, and surprisingly, watching you talk stupid is more fascinating than the magazine.” He said.


“I’m not talking stupid… I’m only trying to-”



“No. I don’t do church… Erase that thought. You’re not going anywhere.”






I sighed… “It’s just for today, I won’t ask for anything again-”






“Pass the magazine.” He said.


I glared at him…. I’m so not giving up. “I won’t.”


“Fine then.” He said, standing up and walking to the direction of the magazine, I was quick to grab it before him. “Give it.” He said.


“No.” I said, holding the magazine behind me. “Let’s go to church, you’re not going to die after one service? I really want to go.”


“Hand it over.” He said again, looking really pissed.


I stood up immediately, holding the magazine above my head.


He cocked his left brow in a way that screamed. Really?


“That is just stupid Rebecca, I can get it if I want to, how’s raising it up going to help when I don’t need to stress before I,” He grabbed me by my waist, pulling me to his body, and snatching the magazine without any trouble. “Get it.” He completed with a face void of any kind of emotion.


I was trying my best not to show how much our closeness affected me, hoping he wouldn’t hear the craziness going on inside my chest.


He pulled away, leaving me standing there, looking all defeated and flushed.


Brushing pass me, he walked to the direction of his study, but then he stopped, groaning and mumbling something I couldn’t quite make out.


He turned to me with a deep frown as his eyes scanned my body from head to toe, then back to head. “Just one sermon and we’re out of there! Got it?”


A wide grin formed on my lips. I cannot believe he’s agreeing to this! It worked! It friggin worked!!!


“Got it.”

_________ ➖➖➖➖➖



“That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” I asked him as we stepped out of the church.


The day was really bright and beautiful, making me feel at peace with myself.


“It wasn’t.”


“See… I told you… You should listen to me often, It’ll do you good.” I said cheerfully.


“I’m sure it would.” Emeliano said with a bored tone, walking to the direction of his car.


“Wait.” I rushed to stand Infront of him. “What do you say, we go for a drive?” I asked.


“Nope, not a chance.”


I pushed on. “It’s a beautiful day outside, let’s just go for a drive, maybe stop in one of those wonderful diner-”


“What are you up to?” He asked out of nowhere.


“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling my heart raise again.



“I know this mood of yours… You’re up to something, that’s why you’re trying to be all, fun and happy… Stop it, I don’t like it.”


“I’m always fun and happy.” I stated.


“No, you’re supposed to hate me.”


“Well, shocker, I don’t.”


He groaned and was about to say something but his eyes moved from me to a direction behind me. I scrunched my brows, wondering what caught his attention.


I was about to turn but Emeliano held my arm, making it obvious that he didn’t want me to see whatever he was looking at. “I think the next sermon is about to start, why don’t we just attend it?” He said.


I gave him a confused look. “Why? You were the one shaking uncomfortably in there, why do you want to go back in?” I asked, about to turn once more, but he held my arm again.


“Let’s go for a walk then.” He rushed out.


“Why are you acting weird? Is someone behind-”




I froze immediately, recognizing the voice right away.


No. Way. In. Hell.


I turned slowly to confirm my suspicion…


And holy Moses , there he was- standing six feet away from me with a woman standing beside him, but I was too shocked and confused to get affected by that.



I don’t know what propelled my feet to his direction, and when I finally stood Infront of him, I wrapped my arms around his body for a hug, he hesitated before returning the hug but it was fine by me.


A forced smile was plastered on my lips when I was finally able to make out words.


“How in hell did you find me, Mason?”




Emeliano’s POV





I knew of a word called jealousy, I’ve felt it before, and trust me when I say it wasn’t compared to what I was feeling right now. Watching Rebecca wrap her arms and press bodies with another guy, was tearing my brain into pieces, and it’s not even because I like her or anything, it was because that man was Mason, her cheater a-s of a boyfriend.


Okay, maybe he didn’t exactly cheat, but he was seeing that bitchendra while he was in a relationship with Rebecca, you might be wondering how I know this… Well, I had my sources look up on him the moment I found out that Rebecca was in a relationship.


I planned on telling her but, for some reasons, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her anything about her boyfriend’s escapade.


But I give it a second or two, she’ll find out and she’ll be broken, just like I was, just like her sister did to me… I wonder how she’ll react; will she cry? Slap him, I’m betting to see that one happen. Scream at him? Punch his so called girlfriend or fiancee whatever? Or run to my arms for comfort? Not happening.


In all, I couldn’t wait to see how all this turns out, more like, I couldn’t wait to see her leave that b—–d alone.



But the most important question is, Why do I feel the insane urge to just go over there and punch that guy faceless? Was it because I hated the fact that he was a cheater? Was it the fact that Rebecca’s about to go through something that I went through?


Something horrible? Or was it because I would rather have anything in the world than to see Rebecca cry? Or was it because of something else entirely?









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