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Emeliano’s POV





The rate at which my heart was hiting my ribcage, couldn’t be compared to the intense blow my head was getting. I woke up feeling so sick to the stomach. Hang overs were something I never reacted well to.


But when you mix that hangover together with the intense tension in the sitting room where I stood right now, you would rather wish death over this conversation I was about to have with Rebecca Lewis.


“You know, I underestimated you… I never thought you were capable of calling April over here, it’s like my threat doesn’t faze you anymore, you think that I was actually joking with everything I said to you.” I found myself saying…


The truth was, I never thought Rebecca would call April over, I mean, I should be pissed but- I’ve got this feeling that something happened between Rebecca and I last night… Maybe I said something to her… Something that was actually making her glare daggers to my face.


“What did you tell April? Why did she just leave like that? Did you threaten her?” She asked me, obviously ignoring my statement.


Dropping the ice pack on the table, I walked closer to her.



“Why would you even think I’d tell you? You freaking disobeyed my orders, I might as well just double your stay here…”


She glared at me, “You can do whatever you want, I don’t care about anything anymore- after last night- after what you-” She choked on her words like she wanted to stop herself from crying.


That action only made my heart drop so low to my stomach… Did I cross my boundaries last night? Of course not- I’d never do anything to her… Why can’t I remember anything?


“What I what? What are you talking about?” I asked, hoping she would not say what I think she wants to say.


“You don’t remember? You don’t remember what you did to me?” She asked, her voice began to waver and it sent my brain spiralling into a whole new ball of confusion.


I gulped down hard. Trying my best to think about last night… I remember coming home, and walking to the kitchen, and what next? Did I see Rebecca? Why did I go to the kitchen in the first place?




I remember talking to Rebecca… Talking to her about what?


“I can’t remember anything… Did something happen? Did I hurt you?” I had to ask, I can’t remember hurting her, I wasn’t capable of doing such a thing- not to anyone, especially Rebecca… So what the f–k is she talking about?


“I can’t believe you’re even asking me that!” A tear rolled down her left cheek, and then on her right, making me feel the urge to wipe them away with my hands, but I stopped myself before I made the situation worse. “I begged you Emeliano, I fought you off, hoping you would stop, but you- you-” she broke down in sobs. What the-



I moved closer to her, making an attempt to hold her but she pushed me away. “Don’t you even dare come close to me… You’re a monster and I hate you!”


“What are you even saying? Why are you even saying this? What did I do to you?”


I was confused, confusion doesn’t even describe the way I was feeling right now… I don’t even know how to describe it, I was lost for words, my head was spinning, I felt so sick and I was disgusted, with myself- did I really- no, I couldn’t have-


“Rebecca I-”


She held out her palms to my face, motioning me to stop talking.


“The first day you brought me here, you said something about using me to pulp,” she sniffed. “I never thought you would go through with it, I was actually beginning to think you were different, I wanted to help you- I wanted to make you open up to me… Last night you crossed all the boundaries, you forced me into bed with you! I begged you to leave me alone, but you didn’t listen, instead you abused me, you-”


“Stop!” I raked my hands through my hair, feeling my head ache intensity. “I


would never do such a thing to you! I would never touch you without your


consent… Drunk or


not. ”


She went quiet for a moment.


My heart was like a wild hammer against my chest, the thought of doing something


like that to Rebecca was not pleasant… At all, I moved even closer to her, trying to


see if she was lying or not… This time, she didn’t push me away, I gently cupped


her face in my hands, rubbing the tears off her face with my thumb… “Listen, I


might have been drunk and I might have said some awful things to you, but I’m


sure as hell that I didn’t do anything to hurt you… I would never hurt you Rebecca,


stop whatever game you’re playing-


please .”


She pushed me away again.



“So you’re trying to imply that I’m lying? Why would I even lie about that?! You might not remember, but I do! I’ve never been so scared in entire my life! I called April, I was crying my eyes out- I could barely make out one word…”


I rubbed my eyes, feeling the frustration sink in the pit of my stomach.


She looked like she was telling the truth- why would she lie? And April mentioned something about her crying on the phone… But still, why can’t I believe a word she’s saying? I can’t possibly have been so drunk to that extent… And even though we were to have done something intimate- it would have been just a kiss-


Wait a minute- I kissed her, yes.. I remember kissing her, but I also remember stopping… After that, I can’t remember anything…


I gritted my teeth together, causing my head to hurt the more.


“Rebecca, stop playing with my head- I remember kissing you last night, it got out of hand and I stopped it…”


“Do you remember anything after that?” She asked me.


“No- but-”


“I slapped you… And you got very angry, you pulled me by my hair and pushed me to your- your bed… I tried to escape, but you pulled me back, covered your hands to my mouth so I wouldn’t scream… Do you remember anything of that?”


I furrowed my brows in utter confusion, rubbing my aching head.


“No, I don’t.”


“So why are you still trying to defend yourself? I get it, you were drunk, but I expected you to still respect me as a woman…”


“And that’s what I did? I don’t know about what you’re saying but I would never hurt you the way you’re implying, I wasn’t brought up that way…” I moved closer to her. “I would never do that to you, what you’re saying right now… It’s breaking everything that I’m made of- so please, if you’re joking, stop it… It’s not funny.” I



couldn’t even recognize my own voice when I said those words, it wasn’t hard, it wasn’t soft, it was just void of any kind of emotion.


Silence was all that followed.


My eyes were pinned to her compelling orbs the whole time, trying to detect any sign of lies, but the only thing that was breaking me to pieces were the sincerity I found there…


Did I really have s£x with her?


God no.


“It’s fine if you’ve forgotten… It’s better even, let’s pretend like nothing happened… You were drunk anyways… Mistakes happen-”


“I would never make such a mistake-”


“How would you know? Do you even remember everything that you said to me last night?”


I raked my hands through my hair… “No.”


“So how do you know you didn’t take advantage of me?”


I couldn’t reply.


This was one reason why I hated getting drunk- the last time this shit happened was when I found out that my mom was finally leaving Orlando, I tried everything I could to make her stay, but she refused… I got so drunk and the next morning I woke up in my company’s store room… Yeah, the store room , and till date, I had no idea how I got there…


So if whatever Rebecca is saying is true? Then- it could be possible.


But still… It’s Rebecca…



“You know what? It doesn’t matter anymore… What has happened has happened, let’s drop it.” She said, moving away from me, but I was quick to pull her back by her arm.


She turned to face me, surprise written all over her face.


I sighed before speaking. “I really didn’t think that- that I would take advantage of you- and even if I can’t remember- and if you could be pulling mind games with me right now- then… I’m sorry, you can’t imagine how disgusted I am with myself… I would never have hurt you if I was in my right mind,”


I felt the feeling of immense guilt settle beneath my heart, making it jump from time to time. But I wasn’t really going to just give in to this feeling, if something did happen between us, then I would have remembered… How the hell will I not remember having s£x with someone? Considering that someone was Rebecca…


There’s only one way to find out.


“You know, I once had a sister- god bless her soul… It was a long time ago, she wasn’t really my blood sister, but we referred to ourselves as siblings… She lived alone in a small house, gambled and associated with the wrong people… Soon after, I got the news that she was dead, they said some guys attacked her in her house- râpêd her- murdered her- the police men thought that I knew something about it, so they issued a complaint about me… But my dad proved my Innocence… I made a vow to never be like her Murderers but seeing the situation we’re both in, it only convinced me that I’m no different from them.” Guilt was all I saw in Rebecca’s compelling eyes.


“I’m sorry- I know my apology doesn’t suffice for what I did to you last night… But it’s all I can say… Excuse me.”


I walked away from her, into my study.


If I know Rebecca like I think I do, then she’d be dying of guilt right now, only if she was lying about the whole s£x thing ….


Seeing as I never had a friend who got râpêd in a small house… That sob story was fake… I’ll give her an hour or two to think about it…



If she doesn’t come clean?


That only meant she was speaking the truth… I’ll actually have no choice than to let her go…






✏Rebecca’s POV





I shouldn’t be feeling awful, I should be feeling great, achieved- I should be feeling joy at the fact that Emeliano was sad, christ, I should love the fact that I managed to give plan C a perfect headstart…


But no, I was feeling horrible, guilty…I felt like I betrayed someone, I freaking lied to Emeliano that we had s£x!


He begged me to say the truth, but I pressed on… I continued to lie and lie and lie till I was actually convincing myself that it happened… My acting skills were awesome, the fake tears and all… But now, I feel like crying for real.


I can’t believe Emeliano lost a very good friend through râpê, I’m such a horrible person, I can’t even believe I made him remember such an horrible incident!


Fine, Emeliano deserved it, yes he did- I wanted to make him pay for putting all my efforts into waste, I wanted to make him pay for sending April away and bringing me back to square one- but I never wanted him to feel like those horrible bastards that abused his friend.


I have to come clean.


It’s the only way to ease myself from this guilt. Right? I can think of something else later, but for now, I really need to apologise for lying to him.. I mean, he looked really broken, and I caused it…



I freaking made someone feel horrible!!! What have I turned into? I’m a bad person… Bad bad bad!


“Miss Becca, the ingredients for the coffee’s ready… Should I make it or will you make it?” The maid asked me…


“I’ll make it, thank you.” I gave her a small smile, watching her leave.


I wanted to make coffee for Emeliano, that gesture should make him understand that I was really sorry, right? He would forgive me when he tastes my special coffee…


Will he?


Will he even drink it? Will he tell me to get out of his study? What will he say to me? Will he let me go? I don’t think so, why would he let me go… What am I even thinking…


I made the coffee quickly, and carried it with shaky hands to the direction of his study, I gulped before I entered his study, without knocking- if I knocked, he would never ever let me in… That’s a fact.


His head was placed on his table, his laptop that was usually open was slapped shut, his study was dead quiet, no sound was heard except from the raged thumping of my heart and the shaky coffee cup set in my hands.


I gulped down…


Why isn’t he raising his head, is he okay? Oh God… I hope he’s okay? Why do I care if he’s okay or not?


I guess it’s because I might be the reason for his, whatever he’s going through.


Just call his name, what’s the worse that could happen?


What will I say to him?


‘Hey, sorry for what happened, I lied to you… We didn’t have s£x… So, yeah’



‘Oh hey! We didn’t have s£x, I love to joke every morning… Hahahaha.’


Or maybe I should just spill the-


“What do you want?”


I jumped when I heard his voice, it was lifeless and hard, it left no room for conversation.


He raised his head finally, and indeed, he looked really sick- like real sick… Is this just the Hangover or something else? He should be okay by now right? Or is he usually like this after having too much to drink?




jumped again. “Sorry- um- I b-brought you c-coffee, I thought you might need some for y-your hang over.”


He had this unimpressed look in his eyes that made me want to sink so low into the ground.


Surprisingly, he stretched his hand gesturing me to give it to him.


I handed him the coffee, feeling his fingers brush on mine. That small contact made my own fingers tingle…


He drank the coffee, not even caring if it was really hot, he gulped it all down, his eyes were dead set on mine the entire time…


Didn’t the coffee burn his throat? Does he want to die?!


He dropped the mug on the table, his eyes still on mine.


“Thanks.” He said, “Anything else?”



“Actually, um- there is… Something else.” I said, swallowing the lump that was beginning to form in my throat.


“Oh, okay- but first, there’s a box in that drawer, the one beside the shelf, can you get it for me?” He asked, pointing to the direction he described.


“Sure.” I said, getting the box quickly and handing it over to him..


“Thanks.” He said, again! Two freaking thank yous in a role! Way to make me feel more guilty.


I watched him pour water into a glass cup as he opened the box that seemed to be filled with different kind of drugs, he picked up one that looked like Aspirin, and another yellow one… He looked up at me again, making me gulp down. He took two tablets each and swallowed, still looking at me… He dropped the cup down again.


“Are you okay?” I found myself asking.


“No.” He simply said. “It’ll wear off soon, it happens after severe hangovers and too much- thinking. ” He added.


“Oh… I didn’t- I didn’t know.”


“I didn’t tell you.” He said, still looking at me, making me feel so very uncomfortable. “What did you want to say?”


This is it… Just say it…


“Um- I’m sorry, about- about this morning… I uh- I didn’t know that you lost a friend, through r-r-rape… If I had known, I- I wouldn’t have lied to you.”


He scrunched his brows… “Lied to me? About what?”


“You see, last night we uh- we-”










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