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Rebecca’s POV



Day 6 ♦♦


“I can’t believe you stooped so low!!! How dare you even think-”


I stirred in Emeliano’s bed, trying to block out the noise that seemed to be coming from downstairs… My eyes were still so heavy and I wasn’t exactly planning to wake up, for now…



But the noise downstairs was trying to sweep all the lovely sleepy feeling from my eyes…


Who could be shouting at the top of their lungs, so early in the morning? Why would the hefty guards even allow this chaos?


“You are sick, Emeliano!!! Sick in the head-” the voice of the woman increased in volume-


Wait a minute- did she just say Emeliano? Why would anyone in this mansion be yelling at their boss?


I scrunched my brows, feeling myself waking up.


It could only mean one thing- whoever’s lashing Emeliano with words can’t be a worker… So if she isn’t a worker- Holy Lord of Moses! April’s here!


I jumped upright.


I can’t believe she came, I can’t believe she actually came!!!


What am I thinking? Of course she’d come… Last night she sounded so surprised and angry, but she also said something that made me start to rethink the whole situation; she said something about flying back to Orlando, and that made me add more questions to my list of questions.


Wasn’t April in Orlando all along? Isn’t she the one Marcos got married to? Or was Emeliano speaking the truth when he said I was getting it all wrong?


Without thinking further, I rushed out of his room and bolted down the staircase, but then I stopped when I took note of a very sick looking Emeliano, holding an ice pack to his head, with a blanket over his body… He was wearing sweat shirt and sweat pants…


Also standing Infront of him was an Angry looking version of a grown up April… She looked even more prettier, her hair was cut short in a shoulder length style that



made her whole look stand out, but right now, she looked like she was restraining herself from strangling Emeliano.


The both of them didn’t notice my presence, so I just took the advantage to study the scene carefully.


“I knew you were capable of a lot of things, but I never thought kidnapping was one of them… What’s next huh? Murder?” April yelled.


Emeliano groaned, holding the ice pack closer to his head, he was having a hang over, but what the hell is up with the blankets and sweat cloths?


“April please – you’re making my situation worse, can you just shut up for five seconds?” Emeliano managed to let out.


April gasped. “Did you just ask me to shut up?”


Emeliano’s eyes widened slightly… “Did I say shut up? Sorry, uh-


I meant to say Shut the f–k up! ” He yelled, causing him to cough several times, despite being so Angry with him, April groaned and poured water in a glass for him to drink.


Sign of affection, check.✅


“Thanks.” Emeliano said, already finding his voice.


“What happened to you?” April asked him.


✅Sign of concern, Check.



“I got drunk… I can’t even remember anything, feels like there are bits and pieces of information missing from my brain-


important information. ” Emeliano said.


So, I guess he doesn’t remember a thing about the kiss, or last night- is that a good thing? Of course it’s a good thing, it was just a kiss anyway, what if he didn’t stop? We could have done it , and he wouldn’t have remembered anything… Now, that would have hurt, big time.



“You know better than to get drunk Emeliano, that was irresponsible of you, very irresponsible.” April said, sounding more like an elder sister, than an Ex girlfriend.


He looked up at her. “Seriously? You’re not using that tone on me, are you?”


“I’ll use whatever tone I like- as long as you had it in your guts to kidnap my very innocent sister, then I’ll use whatever tone I feel to make you come back to your senses! I had to freaking fly back to Orlando when I got a call from Rebecca-” Oh crap.


Emeliano’s eyes snapped wide open as he dropped the ice pack.


“What did you just say?”


“Rebecca called me last night- do you know how scared she sounded? She was


literally crying on the phone!”


Crying? I wasn’t crying?


“What? Crying?” Emeliano asked as a look of horror pass through his face, making me want to know whatever he was thinking.


“Yes Emeliano, she was full on crying- did you do anything to her? If you did-”


“I can’t remember anything from last night, I remember driving home and after that, it all went blank- I hope-”


“You were drunk driving?!!!” April almost yelled her throat to shreds.


Emeliano didn’t reply, he looked to be in deep thoughts, what was he thinking about?


“You know what? I don’t want to know why you were drunk driving, the important part is that you’re safe. What I want to know, is why you kidnapped my sister.”


“Isn’t it obvious?” Emeliano said.



April raked her hands through her hair. “Why are you still on that shit Emeliano? It’s in the past… Just forget it! Rebecca has nothing to do with it, why don’t you just move on.”


Yeah, this is the conversation I’ve been waiting to hear, come on- say something that can help me put these pieces together.


“Move on? I can’t believe you’re the one saying this to me- I can’t just move on like nothing happened, we-”


“Good morning Miss Becca.” A maid greeted me, as she passed by, making Emeliano and April’s gaze fall on me.


No no no!!! Why did this have to happen now!!!


I mumbled a reply to the maid and tried to make myself look clueless as possible…


April?” I called her name, my voice sounded like I was so surprised to see her.


“Oh my god! Rebecca.” April rushed to me and gave me a long tight hug, before pulling away… “Look at you- so big now.” She smiled like a mother looking at a child. “Are you okay? Did this fool hurt you, tell me.”


My gaze swept over to Emeliano who was actually staring at me like he was trying to figure me out or something.


“No, uh- he- he didn’t… I’m so glad to see you, how I wish we were meeting on better circumstances.”


April gave a weak smile. “I know. This is all because of that fool!” She said, more to herself than to me. She turned to Emeliano with a glare… “You are going to let my sister go… And you’re going to do that now .”


Emeliano looked from me to April, then from April to me. “No.” He said.



“Why?” April asked, leaving my side and going to Emeliano’s side… “Why does she have to be involved in this huh? Come on Emeliano, you know this is unfair right?”


“That’s the point in all this- it is not supposed to be fair, don’t sweat it, Rebecca’s not leaving until I say so.” Emeliano said, glaring at April.


“What’s the point in holding her down? Marcos and-”


“You don’t need to rub it in my face April… Just go, you’re not leaving with Rebecca.”


Did they forget my presence?


“What’s going on April?” I asked her, hoping she would at least tell me something.


She was about to talk but Emeliano stood up and grabbed her hand, pulling the both of them far away from me as they began to talk in hush tones.


What could they be talking about? They were arguing now and too bad, mouth reading wasn’t one of my skills.


It looked like Emeliano was winning whatever argument they were having because April stopped talking and looked to my direction, her eyes was that of pity slash guilt.


I bit my lower lip when she approached me and held my shoulders.


“I’m sorry Rebecca.”


I scrunched my brows as I glanced over at Emeliano who had picked up the ice pack again, pressing it to his head while he stood there watching April and I.


“Why are you sorry?” I asked April.


“I can’t take you back now… But I promise to do that as soon as possible… Don’t worry, um-” she swallowed. “I’ll come to check on you, from time to time.”



“Wait, you’re leaving me here? Did he threaten you?”


“No, he didn’t- there are Somethings you don’t know- Somethings that are- really sensitive and uh- I can’t tell you for now, and I also can’t let Emeliano tell you…”


“What thing? What can’t you tell me? I’m being left in the dark here, it’s unfair- I need to know-”


“April, get going.” Emeliano said.


I turned to glare at him, and so did April. “You better shut up.” April snapped at him. “I’ll leave, don’t tell me to.”


Surprisingly, Emeliano did just that.


“Look, Becca… I’ll explain everything to you… Just not now,


okay?” She gave me one last hug before turning to glare at Emeliano. “You hurt her, I kill you- get it?”


“Whatever.” He said.


I watched April walk out of the mansion.


There goes my only chance at freedom.


What the hell are they hiding from me? I must find out, if no one wants to tell me, then I guess this interrogation isn’t over… Time to go with plan C…


Emeliano gave me a look of uncertainty- I could tell that he wanted to ask me questions about last night, and guess what? I’m ready to answer all of them- He think he’s smart, but I’m smarter, and since plan B didn’t work… Plan C might just be the answer to my own questions…


It’s time to go full psycho…







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