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Emeliano POV


Why can’t I help but think that I’m falling in my trap? I mean, apparently, Rebecca isn’t affected by Anything I do anymore, so- what is the need of keeping her here? For all I know, Rafael doesn’t care about her, cause if he did, he would have showed his face… Maybe all this was pointless after all.


I can’t start having these insane feelings and thoughts about Rebecca, no… It was wrong, it wasn’t part of the plan, I don’t want to ever get hurt again, and that too by the same family…


Wouldn’t it be better to put an end to this madness? To save Rebecca and myself


from the trouble I was putting us in?


Would it?







Rebecca’s POV



Breaking the surprisingly awkward hug, I looked up at Mason with a smile that was nothing close to a real smile, I could see the obvious paint of guilt in his eyes and maybe that was the reason why he couldn’t quite maintain eye contact with me.


“What are you doing here? I mean, I’m shocked to see you here? How did you find me?” I asked.


“Actually, we weren’t looking for you.” the lady who was now holding on to Mason’s arm like her life depended on it, decided to make her presence known.


My eyes swept over to her direction, she was really pretty with curly black waves and big doe brown eyes. Would it be safe to say that she also had the shape of an hour glass… Now, the question here is


“And you are?” I asked her.


She smiled, looking up at a very guilty looking Mason. “I think my Mason would be glad to answer that question, answer her Mason.” She grinned up at him, showing her perfectly set and white teeth.


“Mason?” My gaze shifted back to him, awaiting his reply… Which I’m pretty sure I would not like, very much.


“Becca, she’s Kendra, my- my fiancee.” He finally let out.


Swallowing the lump in my throat, I caught Kendra wiggling her fingers so I could see the ring on it, my mouth suddenly went dry, and I think that was because my heart was no longer in its right position, it had fallen low to the pit of my stomach, contacting with each rib as it fell.


“We’re engaged.” Kendra beamed.


Looking up at Mason, I decided to speak up… “Your fiancee? But- I don’t understand- there has to be an explanation, right?” I asked him, making sure to keep my voice at a normal level.



“My parents, they wanted to take the business to the next level, it came with this,” he motioned towards Kendra who didn’t look fazed by the tone he used on her, she was busy studying me in hopes to get a reaction. “I knew about it few weeks before you travelled down here. I’m really sorry Becca.”


“Why didn’t you tell me anything?” I asked, surprisingly cool with everything, and that was really weird, because I love Mason right? I should be angry and all up in tears, but no I wasn’t, even though the feeling wasn’t something I liked, it was containable.


“I didn’t want to break your heart Becca, I thought I could get myself out of it- but I don’t think that’s possible.”


“Were you ever planning on telling me?” I asked him.


“Of course, I tried to call you a thousand times when you left New York, but I couldn’t reach you, your mom couldn’t reach you either.”


I exhaled, feeling my breathing go abnormal. “Is that why you’re here?”


“Part of it… Kendra wanted to invite some of her friends for the wedding, I only agreed to come with, hoping to see you here.” He said, looking really sincere with everything that came out of his mouth.


“Now that you’ve seen her, can we go? My friends are waiting.” Kendra grunted.


Ignoring her, Mason turned to me. “I really am sorry Becca, I wish there was something I could do… I never meant to hurt you like this.”


I managed a smile, trying to keep my cheerful character in check. “It’s okay, I’m totally okay with it- very, very okay… You don’t have to worry at all… Really, why wouldn’t I be okay with it,” I gave a nervous laughing sound after each sentence. “When is the wedding?”


“A week from now.” Kendra chirped.


I couldn’t help but let my eyes go wide. “A week? Like, a week from now? ”


“Yes.” Mason answered.


“Wow, that’s- that’s awesome- no sorry uh-” another nervous chuckle. ” It’s fast, great… Um, uh- congratulations, I guess …”


Breath in, breath out.


.“Anyway, I’ll be glad to have you at the wedding.” Kendra grinned.


“Oh, I’d love to come too, it’s just, I’m pretty caught up with something right now… More like held down with something- but I would have love to come. For real.” I said, sounding almost too happy.


“Are you sure you’re okay with it?”


“Of course, go ahead… Do your thing, it’s- it’s totally fine by me.” I smiled, trying so hard to make it reach my eyes.


“Alright then… Mason come on, my friends are waiting.” Kendra pulled at his arm.


Mason gave me a look.


“Go on… Don’t keep her friends waiting- it’s not really nice to keep people waiting…”


With a small nod and a sympathetic look, Mason and Kendra


walked away from me. Shutting my eyes briefly, I made my way back to Emeliano’s direction.


“Come on,” I said, walking pass him to the direction of his car… “I’m no longer up for a drive, take me back to prison.” I muttered without sparing him a second glance.







✏ Emeliano’s POV ✅




Seeing Rebecca Lewis quiet, was something I would never get used to.


She hadn’t said a word since we got back, she also refused to have anything for lunch, and I was pretty sure it was because of that Mason bastard.


After making an arrangement for a meeting with my shareholders, I went upstairs to my room, for the sole purpose of seeing Rebecca, to know if she was finally crying it out or bottling it all up like I once did.


Shutting the door behind me, I saw her standing so close to window, just staring at the beautiful city… She wasn’t crying like I expected her to be, she just stood there like a statue.


Her long black hair cascaded down her back, her simple gown made her look really innocent, she also looked to be lost in thoughts.


“I’m pretty sure you don’t get such a view in prison.” I voiced out, making my presence known.


“I’m pretty sure cops don’t make such remarks.” She retorted, still looking out the window.


Fighting the urge to chuckle, I decided to say something.


“You’re weird you know.” I said, dipping my hands into my pockets.


She turned to me. “How?”


“So many girls in your position would be crying their eyes out, but here you are, acting like it’s an everyday thing to find out your boyfriend is engaged to someone else.” You could clearly hear the amusement in my words.



“I’m not so many girls, I’m Rebecca Lewis, I only cry for things that really hurt me, or I fake my tears, you should know the faking part very well.” She spoke without much energy.


“I sure do… I just think it’s weird you know… Mason was an a—–e for not telling


you earlier.” I found myself saying.


She scoffed. “And you’re not? You have the nerve to call Mason an a—–e, when


you’re the king of assholes. That’s what’s weird. You knew about this didn’t you? And still decided not to tell me, you don’t tell me anything? It’s like- I’m the most clueless person in the world, it’s like everyone had ganged up and decided not to let Rebecca


know about anything!” I could see the look of accusation, dancing in her eyes, I could also hear it in her words.


“I’m pretty sure we’re not talking about Mason anymore.”


“I don’t care about Mason… Or what he did to me, I’ve made my peace with that… I just want to know why people take me for a fool, like something they can pass around like a ball… There’s my dad who doesn’t even care if I die or live, in another hand, my sister who left me here for reasons best known to her, and there’s you, you’re only keeping me here for some sick revenge scheme- hurting and Tainting my pride from time to time, using my heart as a basketball, doing to me what you please and when you please…”


To say she wasn’t right with everything she said, well, I’d be really stupid.




“No, I’ve had enough,” she yelled a little, coming to stand Infront of me. “This is unfair, and I can’t take it anymore, I’m tired Emeliano, I’m tired of being in the dark, tell me what’s going on…


I’m begging you… Look I could help if it’s something that’s in my power to do… I know my father and sister did something to you, I could help you get your revenge in a decent way… I know you’re different, there’s a tiny winy bit of



kindness in your heart, and I know you’re hurting for some reason or the other… Just tell me what they did to you.”


I was quiet, all I could do was stare at her, I wasn’t really sure how my voice would come out, due to the rate at which my heart was working.


“I can’t tell you.”


“Why? Because I don’t deserve to know?”


“It’s not that- telling you would make one thing lead to another and then to another thing that would make you-” I stopped talking, raking my hands through my hair.


“Make me what?” She asked in expectation.


“I can’t tell you.” I repeated.


She went quiet for a while before giving me a small nod. “I should hate you


Emeliano, but something tells me you’re a victim in all this, whatever all this is…


Do you want to know why I’m not affected by Mason’s betrayal?” She asked me.


“I don’t know, I don’t think I want to- but I’m pretty sure you’ll tell me anyway.”


“You’re right about that.” She said, “It was actually because I felt like I was betraying him too.”


“Why? Because of me?”


“Kind of. I’ve grown fond of you Emeliano, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I like you- I don’t. I’m comfortable with you, even if that sounds crazy. I want to know why you changed so much… I want to know you, it’s more like a- what do they call it- Stockholm syndrome.”




“Yeah- you heard me… You kidnapped me, I was angry… Never tried to escape because I was scared- was scared. I thought you were a psychopath, a big jerk, but



now- I just realized you’re different, the only thing you’re doing wrong is approaching your condition in the wrong way, and sadly I got to be the victim.” She said. “Standing Infront of that Window, I wasn’t thinking about Mason, I was thinking about you.”


I couldn’t calm my raging heart, wondering why I was feeling this way even, I shouldn’t feel this way, I’m not allowed to… Stockholm syndrome?


“Why aren’t you saying anything? Listen Emeliano, you might try to act like you hate me? But I know you don’t- so, stop trying.”


“I don’t hate you, and I’m not trying to make you think that I do.”


“Okay, whatever you say.” She mocked, making her way to the bathroom, but she turned to me just before entering. “You might want to wipe that look off your face, someone might think you were actually, expecting me to like you, for real… Except I’m wrong.”


I watched her walk into the bathroom.


It’s happening, whatever I feared is happening, and not just to me, but to her… I mean, she wasn’t affected by Mason’s betrayal because she was thinking about me and lately, I wasn’t even thinking about her sister… Simply because Rebecca and work has taken that spot, and before you know it, we’ll both be deep into whatever it is we have and then hurt ourselves all over again, the future is clear from here on out… I can practically see it happening.


That is why I need to put a twist to it, never will I ever let myself fall into this heart trick…


It is said that prevention is better than cure, all I have to do is prevent it before it happens…


I’ll have to make my decision by tomorrow… Even if it meant going back on my words.









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