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Emeliano’s POV


I can’t think straight.



My thoughts were all over the place as I stared at the door to my study. There was no tangible explanation to give on why I said those awful things to Rebecca. None.


But I was quite sure of what I was feeling right now, guilt… Why did her last words affect me so much?


What the hell is wrong with me? Why don’t I think before saying something? Was it because I was in a bad mood? Or was it because I enjoyed our intimate session more than I expected to.


I kissed her again, and to my surprise, it was far more better than the first one, the way my chest reacted to it was totally different from anything I’ve felt before.


I didn’t want to stop, it was like I was being drugged.


And that is not good. That is not a good feeling at all, I shouldn’t be feeling this for Rebecca, there’s only one person I should have these feelings for. I’ve vowed to love her and only her, I’ve vowed to never ever let myself feel s£xually attracted to any other woman.


So why the hell do i feel like I need to apologise to Rebecca again, to tell her that I didn’t mean anything I said to her? Why? Why do I feel like turning the hands of time and reverse every word I said to her?


I raked my hands through my hair in frustration…


“This is not good.” I muttered.


I should hate everyone from that family, I should be doing more than just insulting and touching Rebecca! So why the hell am I stalling?


There was something different about Rebecca, something promising, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought she was different from every member of that evil family.


But she seems different, she seems too innocent to be capable of doing anything to hurt anyone.



Of course she was stubborn, different from all other innocent church girls out there. But still…


I have to step up on my game, I wouldn’t want to fall into the trap I layed for Her and her family.


I can’t kiss her again, if I do, then I’m afraid I wouldn’t stop, she was just so perfect in my arms, it was like she was molded to fit my arms, unlike her.


Wait a second… Did I just compare Rebecca to her?


Oh, this is not good. at all.


Moving to my table, I picked up my phone and dialed Piper’s number.


I needed an advice and I was pretty sure she’d be able to tell me what to freaking do.


She picked up on the third ring. “Emeliano? Why are you calling at this hour?” She asked


“I’m sorry to disturb, um… I need help.”


I heard her gasp from the other end of the line. “Oh my God! Don’t tell me you killed her, I can’t bury a dead body Emeliano!!! Why did you kill her?!!!”


I scrunched my brows. “What? No? Why would you think that?”


“You sounded like you just killed someone, what did you expect me to think?”


I groaned. “I may have not killed her physically but I’m pretty sure I did just that, emotionally.”


“Oh God… What did you do now?”


“I said some terrible things to her and I’m feeling so guilty, I seriously don’t know what to do.”



“Apologize to her.”


“What? That’s crazy, I’m not going to do that after what she said to me the first time I did apologize.”


“That’s the only way to make yourself feel better Emeliano- stop it Diego!” There was shuffling in the background.


My eyes widened suddenly.. “Is Diego there with you?” I asked her.


“Uh, yes.”


“My God. Why didn’t you tell me? He could have heard-”


“He knows about it already, you know I can’t really keep secrets from him… He’s actually coming to pay you a visit tomorrow…


Don’t tell him I told you.” She spoke softly on the last part.


Groaning, I slumped down on my chair. “She’s married, did you hear?” I said to Piper.


“Yeah… I can’t believe she got married to Marcos! That girl is a b—h.”


I frowned. “Don’t call her that.” I seriously don’t know why I still had the urge to defend a woman that betrayed the hell out of me.


“You’re still defending her? After everything she did to you?”


“I can’t help it, I just- I’m trying so hard to get over her, but it’s impossible.”


“It’s not impossible… You don’t want to accept the fact that she never loved you, you don’t want to accept the fact that she choose Marcos over you… You have to move on and stop obsessing over someone who can never be yours.”


I sighed, she was right, I should move on… But I have to make them pay before I think of moving on, I have to make Rafael realize his mistakes…


“I can’t just forget about what they tried to do to me Piper… I must make them pay for playing me.”



“By hurting someone who knows nothing about this stupid revenge scheme? Rebecca’s innocent! Leave her out of this.”


“I’ll do that, when Rafael or his daughter comes to see me… When I see them beg and plead for me to let her go.”


“Do you know how much of a villain you sound like right now?”


“I don’t care. I just want them to come to me… They once told me that they’d never set their foot in my house again… I’ll like to see them choke on their words.”


“Do anything you like Emeliano, but don’t hurt that girl in hopes to feel relieved when you finally get your revenge because I know quite well that your taste for revenge will be sated but your feeling of guilt will never leave you till apologize to her, sincerely.


Think about it Emeliano… I’ll see you at work tomorrow. Bye.” She hung up.


That didn’t help at all.


It only worsened the feeling of guilt I was feeling earlier.


I thought I was doing myself a favor by kidnapping Rebecca, but turns out I was only complicating things for myself, seeing as all I could think of was that heart building kiss we shared.


I’m screwed, big time








Rebecca’s POV



Day 4


He didn’t return to the room last night.


I won’t lie to you, I was disappointed, I really wanted to see his reaction to what I said to him… I really wanted to know if there was a little bit of human blood running through his veins.


Last night was different from every other nights I’ve spent here.


I couldn’t sleep, all I could think about was Emeliano. I wanted to know the reason why he reacted like that towards me, I was pretty sure Something else was wrong with him.


There’s something I don’t know.


This hatred between him and Marcos was more than just their parents mistake, there was something else attached to it and I have a feeling that it had to do with the woman Marcos got married to.


They might be in love with one woman, right? I mean, what could make two men be at each other’s throats?


And the other day in Emeliano’s office, they were talking about this her… Could it be Marcos’s wife?


Could Emeliano be in love with his brother’s wife? Or is there something more to it?


I have so many unanswered questions, I need to break this puzzle because I’m certain that It has something to do with me.


Although, Emeliano said I wasn’t the Rebecca he was talking about, but that was an obvious lie… I remember Piper saying that I was prettier than this Her lady.


But who could she be?



If she was Marco’s wife, why the hell did Marcos say that we were so alike in many ways? Why did Piper compare me to her?


How the hell are two strangers supposed to have the same similarities?


Except she wasn’t a stranger?


Could she be family? Oh my god…


I stood up from the kitchen stool where I was sitting earlier, as I paced back and forth.


Could she be April? Of course it’s April… Why didn’t I think of this?


I came here to attend April’s wedding, she might think that I didn’t accept her request, so she went ahead and married Marcos… But April’s wedding is supposed to be some days from now, why did she rush it?


Something is definitely not right here and that is exactly why I must find a way to get to Emeliano’s office, I have every right to know the truth… If this is about April, I need to know what the problem really is.


“You seem to be in deep thoughts, Miss Becca, everything okay?” Pablo asked, as his slightly wrinkled eyes scanned me in worry…


Maybe I could ask for his help, he seems to know this mansion to hell and back, he should be able to help me leave. Right?


“Actually, there’s a problem.” I said.


“Is there anything I can help you with?” Pablo asked me.


“Yes…Um.. I really need to see Emeliano, is there a way out of here? Or any guard you could at least talk to?”



He looked quite worried for a while and I knew exactly what he was thinking. “It’s not possible, Miss Becca… If we help you escape, we could lose our job here and it’s all we have…”


“I’m not going to run… I not going to escape, I know I won’t get that far anyway, I’m telling the truth, I really want to go to his company… I’ll make sure you guys don’t get In trouble… You can trust me Pablo, I wouldn’t want you guys to lose your jobs because of me… I know how difficult it is to get one.”


Pablo looked to be considering my request. “What if Emeliano gets annoyed?”


“I’ll handle it… I promise, I just need to see him.”


I need to find out everything, even if it’s going to take a gradual process, I’d have to be patient, I need to really confirm my theory.


I just hope to God that Emeliano isn’t using me to get to my sister.


“My daughter’s husband’s brother works as a driver here, maybe I can help you talk to him… I’ll be back.”


“Thank you so much Pablo…” I thanked him with a sincere smile on my face.


You know, I might be wrong, maybe this has nothing to do with me, maybe Emeliano was indeed talking about another Rebecca, but all of this seems to be too much of a coincident.


I saw the hurt In Emeliano’s eyes last night, the moment I told him that Marcos was married… It was really hard to miss it.


But why in the world would April come between two brothers? What would she gain by doing that?


I wouldn’t know, will I? I was five the last time I saw her and she was seven, a lot of things would have changed since then.


Right? She can’t still be the sweet innocent April I used to know.



Emeliano might not tell me right away, but I would get the answers from him eventually, someday within these 14 days.


I just know that there’s something more to Emeliano’s cold as stone behavior, and according to Pablo, he wasn’t always like this.


And if my sister was responsible for turning a man into a cold heart bastard, I’d know that it was more than just brothers rivalry, she had to have done something really terrible to turn him this way.


But what could she have done?


“Miss Becca? The car is ready.”









©Wunmi Ade





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