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Emeliano’s POV


“Sir, the table is set.”


Greta’s voice stopped me from proceeding to my study, I wasn’t really in a good mood after the heart wrecking news I heard today, I was actually trying to stop myself from breaking everything around me.

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I couldn’t concentrate on my work today, all I could think about was the both of them together, living under one bleeping roof.


That bastard did it on purpose, he made the wedding silent so I wouldn’t be able to stop it, he just likes seeing me In pains.


And Her, she doesn’t care about me, if she had the gods to marry that bastard, that only meant that she had gotten over me, that is if she ever did love me.


I clenched my jaw. “I’m not hungry.”


“Okay sir.” Greta turned to leave.


“Wait, has Rebecca eaten? Where is she?” I asked her.


“No sir, but she’s upstairs in her room, would you like me to call her?” Greta asked.


“No, don’t do that.” I sighed. “Make sure she has dinner, I’ll be in my study.” I told Greta, walking over to my study.


I can’t bring myself to look at Rebecca right now, her presence would only be a constant reminder of the reason why I hated the Lewis’s and there was no telling what I’d do to her in the state I’m in right now.


Sitting on my study chair, I threw my head back in sadness.



Why am I letting this get to me? I shouldn’t be affected by this, I should have gotten over her, why can’t I get over her? Is this what it cost to fall in love with someone? Is what I’m feeling considered as love? Or something else?


There’s nothing I can do now, I can’t do anything to separate the both of them… This is like the end game for me… I’m done for…


They got married before I took Rebecca in, they were probably tying the knot


while i was abducting the poor girl.


Poor girl?


Anybody from that family is cursed in my sight. They are all the same, that black evil blood runs through their veins!


I have to sate my hunger for revenge, maybe then I’d move on. Or will I?


The door to my study open softly, revealing Rebecca, just seeing her face reminded me of the reason why I started this in the first place, seeing her face made me more angrier.


“Get out, just turn around.” I said to her as she was about to take the first step.


She rolled her eyes and came in anyway. “I’m not gonna do that.” She said, closing the door behind her.


“I’m in no mood for arguments, as you can see, I’m angry-” “When have you not been angry?” She asked me.


“Leave me alone, Rebecca, I’m warning you… Leave while you still can.” I warned her, but Rebecca being Rebecca, she ignored me and stood firm Infront of the table, crossing her arms over her chest.


For some reason, she smelled nice, like roses.


“I have some questions to ask you… I’m not leaving without getting the answers, but first of all, Greta told me you didn’t have dinner, why is that?” She asked, looking at me with fake concern.



“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I don’t want to… And why do I have to answer to you? You’re making me angry, just get out.”


“I told you I’m not leaving without answers.” She said, giving me a challenging look.


I raked my hands through my hair in frustration. After going through so much stress, emotionally, now I have to face this?


“Rebecca, leave before I do something we’d both regret- me especially.” I warned her.


“I don’t know why you’re hell bent in proving to me that you’re deaf, but like I said before, I’m not leaving till I get some answers to my questions.” She said, raising her voice like she was talking to a deaf person.


“Fine. Ask.”


“Why do you hate your brother? Marcos?” She asked me, I felt my hand form into a tight fist, I don’t even want to hear his name right now.


“None of your business, now leave.”


“That’s not an answer.” She said, making me stand up in frustration, hoping my height would intimidate her, but trust me, this woman didn’t flinch.


“What the hell is your problem Rebecca! I don’t want to talk right now! I told you I wasn’t In the mood for arguing with you, why the hell do you want to hear me yell at you?!!!”


Her eyes softened a little. “Are you okay?” She asked me.


“No. I’m not, seeing your face makes me want to strangle you! You are frustrating me and I don’t like it- so just do what I think is best for you and me, by leaving-”


“Marcos came by today.”


I paused, did I just hear her right?


“What do you mean by Marcos came by today? ”


“That’s what I mean… He came to see me.”


“And you talked to him?”


“Of course.”


“After my warnings?”


She sighed harshly. “Well, excuse me for not being rude! Did you expect me to just walk out on him?”


“Yes. After my warnings.”


There was no word… No f—–g word to describe my anger right now, the thought


of that bastard talking to Rebecca seemed to have increased the anger pumping through my veins.


“He was just being nice. He wanted to see how I was doing…


And besides, I got to find out that he’s married now, and he told me lovely things about his wife, he said we were both alike in so many ways, you should have seen the way he spoke about her, there was this glow in his eyes, I’m pretty sure his wife would be the luckiest woman in the world, Marcos is such a nice man-owwwwe!!!!”


I gripped her by her hair and pushed her to the table, I was pretty sure she was saying all this to make me even more angrier…


She knew how much I hated Marcos and she just wants to rub it in my face, knowing fully well that I would get angry to this point… And when I’m angry, I don’t think- I act on impulse and right now, all I can think off is punishing Rebecca.


“Remember the last time you were here? Remember what I told you?”



Her eyes widened as she tried to rush out but I gripped her arm and pushed her back to the table. “No no… You had your chance to leave… You remember I told you I always keep to my promises?”


She didn’t reply.


“Answer me.” I snarled out.


She nodded.


“Use your f—–g words, guarra .”




“Good… Now, you know what you’re going to do for me?”




“Oh, let me enlighten you.” I pushed her hair away from her face and gripped her face in my hands.


“You’re going to f–k yourself… Here, and now.”












Rebecca’s POV. ✅




My eyes were dead set on his, trying to make sure he said what I thought he said.


My mouth grew dry when he didn’t flinch or laugh, not like he ever would.



Gulping down, I licked my dried lips and watched as his eyes traced my actions, before he looked back up at me, and pulled away, folding his arms and watching me.


“I’m waiting.” He said.


“You’re waiting for what?” I asked him with disbelief gracing my words and my face.


He scoffed. “This only proves that we have something in common, I’m deaf and you’re dense. But anyway, I’ll repeat myself. I asked you to-”


“Don’t say it! I can’t do it! You can tell me to do anything, but that- that I won’t do.”


He cocked his left brow in amusement. “You can’t even say the word. Why? Is that how innocent you think you are?” He took a step closer, too bad I couldn’t move back cause I was against his table. “You can’t tell me you haven’t touched yourself before?


Come on, stop fooling yourself thinking you’re fooling me.”


Is it that hard to believe? I haven’t done it


before and I don’t plan on doing it now till I get married or I don’t know, engaged… Does that make sense?


He took another step closer, and all I could do was grip the table behind me.


Okay, maybe I had always wanted to know how if felt, but something stopped me everything time I tried to touch Myself! Ewww… Just ewww… Thinking about it was cringy, talk less about saying it and worse, doing it.


“Wait, are you serious? Like, never ever? Not even once? Did Mason ever-”


“No! Mason never touched me… And I never touched myself… God! ”



He scrunched his brows looking like he was counting something, “Okay, let me get this straight, you’re a lady, almost twenty two, and you mean to tell me you haven’t-”


“I haven’t, turns out not every lady is eager to explore her body.” He smirked. “I have to say, I’m surprised… I mean… Wow…”


“Stop saying that like it’s a bad thing and I’m not doing it anytime from now, so, get your mind off that thought.”


“That’s where you’re wrong,” We were really close now. “But- haven’t you wished for someone to touch you like that? For someone to make you,” I felt his hands on my waist as he bent to whisper the last words in my ears. “Feel s£xually good… Satisfied?”


“No, I’ve not.”


“Liar.” he murmured.


My breathing became uneven as his hot breath fanned against my neck which actually made my body hot and good.


“I can’t do it, Emeliano.” I didn’t recognize my own voice.


“That’s not a problem, I can teach you.” He said.


My God. The thought of Emeliano touching me there made my body hot with anticipated pleasure.


This is not good, I should not do this, I should not let him come this close to me, I can’t let him use me like he intends to do… I can’t betray Mason, I can taint my pride like this…


But- I need this, I need to feel him touch me, and you know why? It’s because I’m s£xually starved and it’s because I have wet dreams of him doing so many wonderful things to my body, and I wanted to know how it felt..


I can’t believe I’m giving in to this.


I felt his hands raise my A shaped gown slowly as his lips trailed kisses down my neck, making me bite my lower lip, stopping the moan that had already escaped from the back of my throat, I felt his fingers graze my thighs making my core thump with pleasure.


“Before I give you your first o—-m, I want you to put this in mind, I’m only doing


you a favor. ” He murmured.


I was too into it to reply. Emeliano had me where he wanted, he knew how bad I wanted him to touch me… This sly bastard knew how bad I craved for a man’s touch… He’s using that against me.


I threw my head back in pleasure when I felt his fingers in-between my legs, I felt my body jerk softly when his fingers met with the soft material separating him from touching my over sensitive flesh!


I felt his other hand pull me closer to his body as he rubbed me gently, making me moan out at the sweetest sensation I have never felt in my entire life.


“How s£xually craved are you? I’m merely rubbing you and you’re wet.”


“Shut up, please shup up.” I moaned out when he began to rub me faster…


D–n I love this!!! I loved the way it felt so good, it made me want to explore more.


I felt his teeth bite softly on my neck, kissing and s—–g hickeys into my neck. But


I loved it, my fingers tangled themselves on his hair, and trust me, they were as soft as I dreamt and imagined it to be.


“Oh god.” I moaned out, ” Emeliano… ”


“Don’t call my name.” His voice was hoarse.


“I can’t help-”



He stroked me faster, shutting me up as I felt this weird beautiful feeling at my lower body, it’s like something amazing was about to take place.


“Oh, Bleep!” I cursed! I freaking cursed!!! D–n it, who wouldn’t!


I felt my body shake profusely, getting this amazing feeling that made my toes curl and my legs weak, I couldn’t help but moan out, I was about to moan out his name, for reasons not well known to me. His hands moved suddenly to cup my face as he kissed me harshly, I responded to his kisses cause it was so amazingly delicious, his lips was so soft and warm against mine.


Why was he kissing me? I thought he said it was the worst experience ever, I thought he said it wouldn’t happen again…


Why was he doing it? Why did he touch me after saying my body was a turn off to men?


I don’t understand any of this?


He pushed me away immediately, leaving me standing there, breathing like I just ran a marathon.


He looked confused like he couldn’t comprehend why he kissed me, he turned from me.


“Get out.” He growled out…


What the hell did I do now?


He turned to me again his eyes were dark with withheld rage.


“Get out!” He yelled again, making me jump in fright.


“Seriously? That’s all you’re going to say? After what we did? After the way you kissed me?” I asked, feeling really bad and used.


“What were you thinking? That I would realize my undying love for you and maybe propose to you?” He scoffed. “If you had refused me harder, I would have



let you go, but like a s–t that you are, you let me touch you… You think I’d have respect for a woman who just lets a stranger share a really intimate moment with her in his study… That’s just cheap. Too cheap.”


I shut my eyes and gritted my teeth in shame, opening my eyes, a tear dropped down my cheek… He was right… That was cheap… Very cheap of me.


“You know what? I became a s–t in your eyes the moment I stripped Unclad Infront of you… I don’t care about anything anymore…


This is what you wanted anyway, to see my pride slip away from me, so that I wouldn’t be able to look up at my boyfriend anymore… This is your goal, this is what you do to random people who just disrespect you in the beautiful streets of Orlando…”


He looked away like the couldn’t stand my presence any longer, like my presence irritated him.


“Get out.” He repeated.


I nodded and sniffed feeling a lifeless smile form on my lips.


“Sure. Who am I to say no to you?” I walked to the door and opened it.


Before I stepped out, I caught him looking at me, the same way he did in that office. When he was about to look away, I spoke up.


“Thanks for the uh- first o—-m… If there’s anyway I can return the favor, let me


know- as a s–t, I should be willing to do anything… And uh, before you plan on assaulting me s£xually, let me know before hand, I’d really love to prepare myself…


Goodnight. Emeliano.” I stepped out, locking the door softly behind me.


D–n him!



I made my way to his room, refusing to let more tears fall down my cheeks, I angrily wiped up my tears, walking to his bathroom and moving towards the mirror.


My pathetic reflection stared back at me.


Don’t let him get to you!


The fact was, it wasn’t getting to like I expected it to…


Because something told me he said all that to make me feel bad and something whispered to me that he was dying of guilt right now.


And yes! I intend to make him die in guilt till he can’t even look at me anymore.


Oh Emeliano… You just played the wrong card.



Time to reshuffle… ♠










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