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Rebecca POV



I reacted kindly to the few greetings and stares I got from Emeliano’s employees… The humongous building was flowing with people, dressed in cooperate attires…


They were all working.


The atmosphere around this building was really hard, there was no lightness, people seemed to be taking their work seriously.


I entered into the private elevator that was supposed to take me to Emeliano’s office.



I wonder what he’d do when he sees me… Will he yell? Send me out of his office? Drag me back home by my hair? Slap me? Ask me to strip Unclad in the middle of the organization? Kiss me? Touch me?


I let out a shaky breath at the last thought.


My mind went on a rundown to last night in his study.


“Stop thinking about that, Rebecca… Focus on your new mission…”




The elevator opened up. Stepping out, his assistant raised her head to my direction and immediately her eyes widened.


I walked over to her table with a smile. “Hi, Piper.”


She looked stunned at my presence. “Oh my God, how did you escape?!” She yelled but immediately she covered her mouth with her hands and looked towards Emeliano’s office door, when she was sure he didn’t hear anything, she looked back at me with a grin.


“Oh god.. do you know how much trouble you’re In?”


“No… But I’m prepared for it.”


She chuckled… “Actually, it’s good that you’re here, He’s being acting all weird since morning… His friend is in there with him, but you can go in.”


“He has a friend?”


“Yeah, as surprising as it sounds.”


“Truly… I mean, I never thought someone like him could have a friend.”


“I thought the exact same thing when I started working here, actually his friend is my Boyfriend so, he got me the job.”



“Oh…” Was all I could say, I could have just easily asked her all the questions I wanted to ask Emeliano, but- I was pretty sure she wouldn’t tell me anything… She might be like. “It’s not my story to tell.”


“You can go in, but make sure you brace yourself for the worse.” I gave her a small smile before walking towards the door.

It can’t really be that bad… Can it?


Oh, screw it.


I opened the door to his office where we shared our first ever kiss together.


Emeliano looked over at my direction and his eyes widened immediately, at first he looked shocked then later on, a glare was plastered on his face.


His friend turned to look at me and this time, my own eyes widened as a smile pulled it’s way to my lips.


Oh my World…


“Diego?” I called in surprise.


Diego stood up slowly like he was trying so hard to stop himself from jumping on me,


which I know quite well that it was only a matter of time.


“Holy crap… Rebecca?!!!”


Remember when I said It was only a matter of time till he jumped on me? Yeah, well… That is exactly what he did.


And seeing the look on Emeliano’s face, I don’t think he likes it very much. ♦


Seeing Diego here wasn’t really much of a surprise because two years ago, his parents had asked him to return back to Orlando.



Diego and I were really close during college, we were like best friends, but we lost contact when his parents decided to drag him back to Orlando to take over the family business.


“I can not believe this… You are the Rebecca? Like- Camilla’s- ”


“Diego!” Emeliano stopped him from saying whatever he wanted to say.


“Oops.” Diego let out…


“What the hell is going on?” Emeliano asked, looking from me to Diego before his eyes came down on me again, and this time, his glare was very obvious.


“How the hell did you manage to leave the house, in fact- Don’t answer that.” Emeliano said, charging towards me and grabbing my arm from Diego’s hold.


Diego only Smirked at him. “Chill dude… We’re just friends… No need to get too jealous..”


“Oh, I’m far from jealous right now.” Emeliano seethed out.


“Let me guess, you’re angry?” I suggested.


“Shut the Bleep up.” Emeliano yelled. “How the hell do you two know each other?”


“We were college best friends with Benefits?” Diego joked but Emeliano didn’t take it as one.


“Excuse me?” Emeliano asked.


“He’s just joking, we were close friends in college, that’s all… And even if we were to be friends with Benefits, how does it affect you?” I asked him with a look of challenge, dancing in my eyes.


He couldn’t reply, all he did was let go of my arm and moved back to his table.


I rubbed my arm.


“Did you see my girlfriend?” Diego asked.


“Yes… Piper, she’s really nice… Unlike some people who like to grab arms and yell like they have all the time in the world.” I looked over at Emeliano’s direction to see him shooting glares at me.


The tension in the office was getting high by the second.


“I think I left something with Piper outside… I’ll go get it… And I’ll see you later.” Diego grinned.


“What? No, you’re not going anywhere.” Emeliano said.


Diego gave him a strange look. “I remember you telling me that you have so much work and I was a distraction, why do you want me to stay?”


“Diego, I’ll catch up with you later.” I said to him, giving him a look that said ‘go’


“Sure… See ya.” Diego made his way out of the office, leaving Emeliano and I in the tension filled office, not before hugging my bones out of me.


I had this shaky feeling that made my breathing unsteady, and my palms sweaty.


Crossing my arm to my chest, I finally broke the awkward silence.


“Now that we’re alone, Let’s talk.” I Smirked at him.


It’s game on.








✅ Emeliano’s POV.


There was only one reason why I didn’t want Diego to leave, and the reason was


plainly because I don’t want to be left alone with someone that managed to pave


her way into my head since morning.




I thought I would be able to avoid her today, I thought I’d be able to get the weird feeling out of my system before the day ended… But seeing her now seemed to have doubled that weird feeling.


Diego had been pestering me to tell him why I kidnapped Her sister, turns out Piper told him that I had someone named Rebecca in my custody and she happens to be Rafael’s other daughter.


And seriously, I couldn’t answer that question anymore, if someone were to ask me


why I kidnapped Rebecca, I would have given them the exact answer… But now, I


don’t even know why I’m holding her down anymore- I mean, Marcos has already


gotten married to her sister, there was actually nothing I could do about it anymore.


So why the hell is Rebecca still in the picture?


Why can’t I just let her go?


Am I still doing this for revenge, or something else?


I shook my head off the weird thoughts and looked over at Rebecca. “You and whoever helped you escape is in big trouble.”


“I escaped on my own, so that leaves only me.” She said, moving closer to my table.


“If you escaped on your own, why didn’t you just run away?”


“Well, I wouldn’t want my father to be left without a single dollar, and my mother without a job and a home… And I sincerely want April to get her happy ending. ”


Nice, she was throwing my threats to my face.



With a groan, I sat back on my chair, pretending to be looking for some papers, I could feel Rebecca’s eyes on me, but I choose to ignore her.


Taking her seat in front of me, Rebecca scoffed. “No apology today? I was actually expecting you to feel guilty for what you did to me yesterday.”


“Point of correction, what you let me do to you. ” I said without looking up.


“Whatever… Actually, I came to ask you something.”


For some unknown reason, my heart picked up an unhealthy pace.


“I’m not answering any questions from you,” I picked up the office line. “I’m calling someone to take you back to the mansion, I don’t want you here.”


She leaned forward and grabbed the telephone from me, throwing it to the ground and causing it to break into bits and pieces . “What the hell!” I asked, trying to sound as scary as I could, but she wasn’t buying it.


It was like all my tactics of being a stone cold man wasn’t affecting her as much as it affected people around me.


“You’re not going to call anyone.” She simply said.


“And who are you to decide?”


She shrugged. “I’m nobody. Now, to my questions.”


I gritted my teeth in annoyance. “If you’re about to ask me why I kissed you last night-”


“Really? Are you still thinking about that stupid kiss?”


My eyes widened in surprise… She isn’t thinking about it?


“No I’m not, why would I think about it?” I lied.


That was all I could think about since morning.



“Anyway, it has something related to the kiss though… Um… I’ve been thinking about a lot of things ever since you called me a s–t-” I sighed. “Rebecca I-”




“Let me finish,” she stopped me from talking…


That feeling of guilt swept through me when I saw the look on her face as she said the word ‘s–t’


“But first, let me ask my question… Is there a brothel around here somewhere?”








Rebecca’s POV




“A brothel?”


The look on Emeliano’s face was priceless. I tried so hard to stop the crook smile that was begging to tug at my lips, he had this look of surprise, shock, guilt, worry and mostly, confusion.


I straightened on my seat. “Yeah, A brothel, like a home where sluts sell their body to-”


“I know what a brothel is, why are you even asking me this?” He asked me.


“Well, you see- um, last night when you called me a s–t, I did some real thinking,” He sighed, but I ignored him and continued.


“So, I was like, why let people touch me for free when I can earn good money like every other s–t out there. Come to think of it, I’m cheap… So, next time you feel like getting it on with me, it doesn’t cost much-”



“Stop! Just stop it okay?” He looked frustrated now, maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.


“Why? I mean, I’m just trying to live up to your-”


“I didn’t mean to call you a s–t… It just slipped-”


“Yeah it slipped as well as the other times you called me a LovePeddler.”


He looked surprised.


“Yes Emeliano- you think I don’t know the meaning of guarra? It’s Mexican for LovePeddler. So I don’t think it slipped.”


“There’s a difference, last night I called you a s–t because I was angry, the other times-”


“Why? Why were you angry?” I asked him, hoping he would finally open up to me, which is actually a very long shot.


“I got a really bad news last night, and I wasn’t really in a good mood, you showed up and I released my anger on you, because,” he paused. “Just forget it.”


“No, I need to know why you were angry. was it because of Marcos?”


His eyes snapped to mine in a moment, which only confirmed that it was indeed because of Marcos.


“No.” He lied.


“His wife?”


He clenched his jaw and looked away from me. “No.” He said again.


I relaxed back on my seat, studying his movements. “Are you and Marcos having this drift because of a woman?”



“Where the hell are you getting all these assumptions from? It’s nothing like that, Marcos and I have been on each other’s neck since we were kids, no woman caused this.”


“So why the hell are you holding me hostage?”


“Why the hell does it feel like you’re interrogating me.” Silence.


“I’m not interrogating you, I’m simply asking you a question.” He remained silent for a while.


“Why are you asking me a question you already know the answer to? You’re only here because you disrespect-”


“Oh please Emeliano- why don’t you stop lying to yourself! No one just abducts anyone simply because they disrespected them in public and that too, for fourteen days… I’m here for something else and I know that… So why don’t you just do us a favor by letting me in on what the hell is really going on.” I let out a shaky breath as I studied his expression, he had a frown etched to his brows.


“Listen Rebecca, I told you before and I’ll tell you again… You’re not here for something else , you’re only here because you humiliated me in public and I’m using you to set an example for everyone else who dares to forget their status.”


I raked my hands through my hair in frustration. I don’t think he is willing to tell me anything for now.


“There’s someone else in the picture Emeliano, and I’m not really buying your stupid story! I know what is going on here, you are in love with my sister, April .. and you’re just jealous because she’s married to Marcos, and you want to get to her by holding me hostage. Correct me if I’m wrong.”


He had this look of confusion on his face as he looked lost for words. “You’re getting it all wrong.”


“Oh really? Correct me.”


He remained silent.


“You’re using me to get to April aren’t you? Why? What did she do to you? Was it because she got married to Marcos or is there something else involved?”


“You don’t know what you’re saying Rebecca, I’m not in love with April , why would you even think that- and so far, all you’ve said is bullshit!


None of it is related to you being here, so stop acting like we’re in some


Hollywood show where there’s always something behind every problem… I’m not in love with April, never was and never will be…


This has nothing to do with you, so stop making yourself feel important, cause as a matter of fact, you’re not.”


Don’t let it get to you, he’s just saying this because he wants you to cry and back out. I repeated that thought over and over again.


“You’re lying.” I said.


“I’m not lying! You know what? I’m done with you trying to boss me around like you’re the one in control… I’m the one In control! I’m the only who is supposed to have the last words here! I’m the one you should obey! I’m the one who’s capable of ruining your life-”


“Like you haven’t done that already.” I murmured, loud enough for him to hear.


Actually, my sentence shut him up from his villain speech.


We just sat there staring at each other.


I didn’t really know it would turn out this way, I mean, I really wanted him to open up to me- but what if he was right? What if I was just making assumptions? What if I wasn’t really important?


But I’m not ready to give up on my theory… Just not yet.















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