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San Diego, California.


Friday, 11:00am.






Am through with my lecture for the day but I’m not looking forward to going home. I don’t know what my parents are planning for me so I’m kinda nervous about going home for the weekend.


“Hey Kiyah” Jace said.


“Hey you too” I replied him.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


I just waved at Brayden. I’m actually grateful that Xavier isn’t with them cos we’ve been ignoring ourselves ever since his friends apologised on his behalf.




It was on Tuesday, just some minutes after Scarlett and I left the cafeteria. I noticed Jace and Brayden approaching our table while Xavier was behind them. I was surprised to see them at my table but I wasn’t showing it cos I kept my face expressionless while Scarlett was bubbling with excitement.


I noticed that all students eyes were focused in our direction and some were even making videos but I wasn’t bothered.


It was Jace Lincoln who broke the silence.


“Sorry for disturbing you girls, but can I speak with you for some minutes” he said facing me.


I know Scarlett must be confused right now but I’d explain to her later.


“No problem” I said to Jace.


“We are here on behalf of Xavier. He said he had done somethings to you which made you hate him” Jace said.



“So we are here to beg you to forgive our friend” Brayden added.


Written by Authoress Adesewa.


“Kiyah, what are they talking about? ” Scarlett asked.


I think it’s high time I spoke.


“Well, I don’t hate him because hate is a strong word, it’s just that I don’t like him and as for the forgiveness, tell him I’ve forgiven him but he should steer clear of me” I said while addressing his friends.


“Thanks so much. We would tell him all you’ve said, by the way, I’m Jace Lincoln and this is Brayden Connor ” Jace said.


“Nice meeting you guys” I said.


They shook hands with Scarlett after I refused to shake their hands because it’s Haram (forbidden) in islam to accept handshakes from people of the opposite sΒ£x.





I checked my wristwatch and it’s 11:23am. I called Scarlett on phone telling her I’m about to go home because she went to the library immediately after class.


Hi, are you still at the library? ”



Nope. I’m on my way to the class”



Okay. I just want to tell you that I’d soon be going to my hostel cos my dad would soon come and pick me”


Wait for me. Let me drop you off at your hostel”



Alright, but please be fast”


I cut the call and wait for Scarlett outside the class.




I saw my friends greeting Zakiyah but I just pretend as if I didn’t see her. I’ve been feeling sad ever since I went home for the family dinner.


“Xavier, you’ve been unusually quiet. What’s wrong? ” Brayden asked.


“Nothing” I replied.


I don’t want to burden my friends with my problem.


“I don’t think it’s nothing. Something is obviously wrong” Jace said.


“Well, it’s some issues with my dad” I said to them.


“What’s he up to this time around? ” Brayden asked.


“Starting from tomorrow, all my weekends will be spent at one of his companies” I replied.


“WHAT? ” they both exclaimed.


“The most annoying part is that the witch was also in support” I said. Sometimes I just wish I could kill my step mom.


“What about Wyatt?” Brayden asked.


“He was spared of course, thanks to his mom. He only has to appear at the office on Saturdays while I have to work on Saturdays and Sundays” I said.


“That’s totally unfair. When will you have time for practice” Jace said.


“I don’t know how I’m even going to tell coach” I grumbled.






I just got home and I must say the drive home was really awkward. I didn’t bother to bring any clothes home since I have more than enough clothes to wear here. I met my mom coming from the Kitchen.

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“Salam alaykum ma ” I said.


” Walaykum salam” she said smiling at me.


This is weird. I expect her to be mad at me or something.


“Go and change your clothes, then meet me in the kitchen” she said.


“Okay ma” I replied.


I took my backpack to my room and changed my gown to a Jean trousers and a blue blouse. I didn’t bother to wear any hijab since am at home and we don’t have visitors.


I joined my mom in the kitchen. She was preparing Amala and Ewedu soup (it is an African dish. The amala is prepared from yam flour or cassava flour while Ewedu is a vegetable). I helped her with the Ewedu while she make the Amala.


I haven’t seen Jamal since I came so I ask of him.


“Ummu (mother), where is Jamal?”


“He’s in his room probably sleeping” mom said.


“Okay. I’d go check up on him soon” I informed her.


In no time, the food was ready so I carried the food to the dinning table.


I went to Jamal’s room while mom went to call dad.


The dinner was peaceful and uneventful but I couldn’t enjoy the meal cos I have a feeling that this is just the calm before the storm.



After dinner I washed the dishes and a tiny part of me was still waiting for the reproach which was not forthcoming. I decided not to think too much about it that probably mom didn’t tell dad or maybe they both really trust me to know I’m not in an illegal relationship with any guy.


With these thoughts still going on in my mind, I didn’t know when I slept off.












IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE (She is a Muslimah…. He is a playboy )


Β© Solely written by Authoress Adesewa


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