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IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE????(She is a Muslimah… He is a playboy )

© Solely written by Authoress Adesewa










The next morning I got to school as early as possible. The guys sent me a text that they are at the cafeteria so I went to join them.


“Morning dudes” I greeted my buddies.

I took an empty chair beside Jace.

Students were not really much by that time so we had the much needed privacy we usually crave.

I ordered for a hamburger and milkshake.


“Any luck with Zakiyah yet?” Brayden asked.

I almost choked on my burger. Why must he bring up her name in this conversation.


“Not really, she doesn’t wanna have anything to do with me” I said as calmly as possible.


“She is somehow friendly but reserved” Jace said.


” and how would you know? ” I found myself asking.


“You’ve not been paying attention, ever since we apologised on your behalf we’ve been talking” Jace explained.

I wish I was the one who have the opportunity to talk to her.

” Whatever” I said nonchalantly.




“I even forgot to ask you yesterday about your new job” Brayden said to me.

“Oh, same here. How was it Xavier? ” Jace asked.

I’m glad they’ve changed the topic already.

“Let’s just say I’m keeping my fingers crossed for now. Truth be told, my weekend wasn’t that bad except for the fact that I missed practice” I said .

” That’s true, coach asked of you and we had to cover up for you” Jace said.

” I really wish I can come for Sunday practices even if I can’t make it on Saturdays” I said.

” You can convince your dad, right?” Brayden said.

” You are talking as if you don’t know my dad, once he has made up his mind there’s no stopping him” I said.

” Thank God my dwd doesn’t own any company so I don’t have to worry about running a company I don’t have much interest in” Jace said.

” Your dad might just make you become a lecturer” Brayden teased.

” That would be at his own risk” Jace said while we all chucked.

” Hey guys, we’re already running late for class” I said to them.

” I’m not looking forward to the first lecture though” Brayden said.

” OMG, I totally forgot that your favourite lecturer would be there” Jace replied, trying to get back at him.




Written by Authoress Adesewa

First lecture is Trigonometry and linear algebra (MAT 212) and the lecturer for the course is fond of picking on Brayden to solve some impossible arithmetic.

We all made our way out of the cafeteria and head to class.

I noticed Zakiyah sitting with her nerd friend at the front row. She haven’t seen me yet so I watched her for a brief moment. She looked sad and I have this strange urge to go comfort her.

I took an empty seat behind her while my friends found some other places to seat in. I usually don’t sit with my friends in class because of distraction. I’m grateful that Zakiyah haven’t spot me yet.

The lecturer entered the class and the rowdy class suddenly became orderly.

Mr Jacob is a no nonsense sadist who derives pleasure in taunting students, especially those who find it difficult to understand his teachings.

” Last time I was here, we talked about identities in trigonometry” he said.

” I want to see if we all still remember what I taught you so here are some questions on identities and I’d be picking three students to solve them” he concluded.

I’m not scared for myself cos I know I really do understand the topic but I don’t want this man to humilate my friend again.

“You, you and you stand up” Mr Jacob said pointing at some random people. I look up to see those he picked today and I was thankful that Brayden isn’t among but my happiness was cut short when I saw that Zakiyah is among the three unlucky people who were chosen.

” The questions are on the board, who will go first. You all have five minutes each” Mr Jacob said.

The question goes thus: (a) given that 8/17 =sinA and that A is an obtuse angle, find cosA and tanA without using tables.

(b) if 180° < B < 270° and tan B = 2.4, find sinB and cosB, without using tables. I watched the first boy as he tried to solve it but he didn’t know how to go about it. The man called the next person to solve the question and the other boy failed also. I don’t know why I’m scared for Zakiyah. I don’t know if she’d be able to solve it. “I’m so disappointed with you guys, now let’s see you try” he said to Zakiyah and my heart skipped wildly for a while due to the tension I was going through. Zakiyah collected the marker and solved this way. Recall: Cos2A= 1- Sin2A and here SinA= 8/17 Therefore Cos2A= 1- (8/17)2 Cos2A= 225/289 Hence CosA= + 15/17 or -15/17. But A is obtuse so cosA= -15/17 (because cosine is negative in the second quadrant ) I’m so happy right now. I never knew she’d know how to solve it, I can she is brilliant. I saw Mr Jacob looking at her in awe. Serves him right, he thought he brought out a dull person not knowing she’s intelligent. ” Nice, finally one person got it right” the lecturer said. A text entered my phone and I quickly brought my phone out to check who sent the message. “Go for Kiyah, she is a keeper. She even understand stupid trigonometry” Brayden said. ” Better thank your star that he didn’t call you today????” I sent back to him. ” Whatever. He knows I’d get it correctly today that’s why he didn’t wanna call me out” Brayden text back. “Keep deluding yourself, you and I both know that you can’t solve those questions” I sent. “Mr Austin, bring that phone now” I heard Mr Jacob said. He was already on his way to my sit so I quickly clicked on the scientific calculator app on my phone. “Sir, I was just solving some questions using this app” I said shoving my phone into his face. ” are you sure this is what you were doing?” he asked. What a dump ass question. “Yes” I replied smugly. “Okay, have your phone back” he said handing me my phone. He walked back to the front of the class and another text entered from Brayden again. “That was close dude” he sent. “Don’t remind me, it was thanks to you anyway” I sent back. I slip my phone into my pocket and listened to the boring lecture currently ongoing. I was tempted to listen to music but I resisted and sat through the rest of the class. TBC. Kiyah, I’m proud of you???? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ © Authoress Adesewa ✍ ✍

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