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Beverly Hills, California.


Sunday, 10:00am









A lot of things has happened in the past month.


Zakiyah and I became friends after she returned my Jacket to me. We are not close friends, just normal friends.



Claire have not stop disturbing me with calls and messages. She even trailed me home one afternoon, but thanks to the new security measures I added to my penthouse, she was unable to get in.



Scarlett is still tutoring Brayden.


I’ve gotten the hang of office work and I’m now comfortable working at the office.



Fortunately for me, I haven’t had any reason to see my dad or his wife in the last one month.



I’ve been going for Sunday practices. We have an important match in three days time.


Am not going to work today because of practice.



My school is playing against University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday. My stepbrother is a student of the visiting school.



Jace, Brayden and I are playing for the school. Owen Cooper is also a member of the school team. I don’t think he’d be up to any mischief this time around since we’re both going to be playing on the same team.



My ringing brought an end to the thoughts running in my head.



Hi, are you still coming for practice?”


Yeah, I’d soon be there”


Okay, see you soon”



I cut the call and wear my hose and boots. I was already on my jersey and shorts. I have an extra jersey in my bag as well.



*** Skip time***


Hey, stop playing like a legless cockroach” Coach shouted at Jayden, one of my teammates.


I dribbled a guy from the opponent side and pass the ball to Brayden cos Brayden is on my team today.


Brayden wanted to score a goal but unfortunately for him, the ball hit the bar of the goalpost.



The opponent side was already leading us 2-1. I hope we can beat them before the end of the match.



Owen Cooper is not at practice today so he was replaced by a hefty guy, who looks like a bouncer of a popular club here in Beverly Hills.






The past month has really been wonderful.


I’m getting good grades in all courses. Scarlett and I even became more closer. I followed her home once and I was hoping I could meet her sister but she wasn’t around that day.



“Ukthi, can you follow me to the park?” Jamal said.


I’ve forgotten that he’s in my room.


He came to show me more of his recent paintings.




” Sure, let me change my cloth” I said to him.




I changed from my blouse and trouser to a long, blue, Caribbean skirt and a white long sleeve blouse. I wore a blue Pashmina (scarf) to match and a pair of black sandal.



I took my phone with me while Jamal carried his drawing pad, colours, easel and brushes along with him. I think he wants to draw the scenery of the park.



“Let’s tell mom we are going out” I said to Jamal.



We both went to my parent’s room and knocked. Mom opened the door and was surprised to see Jamal and I dressed as if we’re going to an important place.



“What’s the occasion?” She asked curiously.



Jamal and I are going to the park” I informed her.



Okay, have fun but don’t stay out late” she cautioned.



We won’t get home late ma” I said to her and Jamal and I left the house. Written by Authoress Adesewa


I found a cool spot to sit on at the park. My brother wrnt to find interesting things he could draw in his sketch pad.



I opened my whatsapp chat and saw some messages from Scarlett,


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I replied all my messages and checked my friend’s whatsapp statuses.



I took a stroll at the park and I saw Jamal drawing the picture of a boy on a swing.



I sat down on an empty swing and pushed myself forward and backward. I stood up when I was tired of sitting on the swing.



I turned in another direction and I was surprised to see a football field. I went back to get Jamal because he loves playing football.



Jamal, come and see something” I said dragging him away from his painting.



Please wait for me to finish this last drawing” he said.



“Okay, be fast” I said to him.



I wait for another 10 minutes before my brother packed all his drawing materials and followed me.



I took him to the field and he was very happy.



“Thanks so much sis” he said running happily to the field.



I walked faster trying to catch up with him because I don’t want him to get lost in this huge place.






The match just end few minutes ago. We equalised in the second half. Jace and Brayden were drinking a bottle of water each when a small boy came running excitedly.



The boy stopped when he gets to us and he was beaming with smiles. The boy looks kinda familiar but I’m not sure where I know him from.



“Hi, please can I play ball with you guys?” he asked.



“I’m not sure you can. Your age mates are not playing here but you can meet the coach” I said trying not to hurt his feeling. I can see that he’s getting very sad.



Jamal, I was worried about you. Don’t run recklessly again” I heard a familiar female voice.


Kiyah. What’s she doing here?


She looks flushed from running and I must admit she’s really pretty.



Kiyah. Is he your brother?” I asked her even though the resemblance was evident.



Yeah. We were at the park when I discovered this place and I know how much Jamal loves football so I brought him here” she said.



Hey, you know my sister?” the little boy asked.


“Yes, we’re coursemates” Kiyah replied her brother.



“What’s happening here?” Coach asked.



I explained that the little boy wants to play football but I told him his age mates doesn’t play here.



Written by Authoress Adesewa



“What’s your name?” Coach asked the boy.


“My name is Jamal Adams” he said brightly.



I’m peter Saunders” Coach said offering the boy his hand for a handshake. The boy took coach’s strong and firm hand in his small and fragile hand.



“Nice meeting you sir” he said to coach.



I can see the love for football in your eyes. I train kids your age also, if you’re interested in joining then you can come register anytime” Coach said.



Thanks so much sir. Can I register now?” he asked excitedly.



Yes but you have to come with your parents or guardian” Coach said.



My sister is here, can’t she act as my guardian? ” he asked.



She can” Coach replied.



The boy went to call Kiyah who was talking with Jace and Brayden.



Few minutes later, Jamal also became a registered trainee.



“Hi, do you stay around?” I asked Kiyah once I joined Brayden and Jace.



Yes, but I’d soon be going to my hostel” she said.



Your hostel is at San Diego, right?” I asked.



Yes, it’s not really far from school. Do you guys also come to school from here everyday? ” Kiyah asked.



No. We all have houses close to school. We only come to spend the weekends here” I explained to her.



Okay, I’d be on my way now. Jamal, let’s go” she said holding her brother’s hand.



“Goodbye” Jamal said to us.



“Goodbye” we all said to him.



Paris, France


Sunday, 12:00pm.






In a large girly room having different posters of rock stars and hip hop stars placed in various places, a 19 – year – old girl could be seen crying dejectedly.



A young maid walked into the room with a tray of food.



“Here is your food, young mistress” the maid said to the occupant of the room.



“I’m not eating. Get out of my room now” the crying girl shouted at the poor maid.



Few minutes after the maid scurried away, a man entered the room. Everything about the man screamed ‘WEALTH’. From the 17 carats gold necklace on him to the highly expensive loafers he wore.




” Princess, why are you not eating?” the man asked the girl.


She burst into fresh tears.



“Dad, I can’t do this anymore. How can I live without him. I miss him badly that I might die if I don’t see him soon. I want to go back to L.A” the young lady said.



I don’t think that’s a good idea princess” the man said to his daughter. “Why not, dad?” the girl asked.


“Have you forgotten I have lots of enemies in America. Going back to L.A is like I’m endangering your life. Those people won’t stop at anything to get back at me” the man explained.



You can order two of your guards to go with me” the lady said.



No problem dear. You know there’s nothing I can’t do for you. I’d talk with Lincoln about your re enrolment. Eat your food and get some rest” the man said.



Thanks dad. You’re the best” the lady said standing up from her bed to give her dad a hug.





Who can guess who the girl is?


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