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THEME : Finally, he asked me out






I woke up early as usual and got down from bed noiselessly. I don’t want to disturb Scarlett who is still enjoying her sleep.


I went to the bathroom to do my morning rituals.


I performed ablution and observed solatul Zubhi.



I finished praying and I made breakfast for Scarlett and I. I prepared Scrabbled eggs and omelette.


Scarlett joined me in the kitchen and we both ate our breakfast together.


I didn’t allow her to wash the dishes today even though she insisted.


We both got dressed and went to school.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


I went to the library to continue my revision.


I saw Xavier sitting at a cubicle close to mine but I focused on my books instead.


I read for hours without disturbance until Xavier came to sit at a cubicle opposite mine.


I wonder what he’s doing here.


“Hi Zakiyah” he said.


I wonder what happened to Kiyah .


Hey, I’m reading as you can see” I said.


I’m sorry for disturbing you. I just want to apologise for the way I spoke to you yesterday. I guess I was insensitive” he said.


Okay, fine. Apology accepted, now leave” I said indifferently.


You’re still mad at me. What can I do to make you forgive me sincerely?” Xavier asked.


I’ve truly forgiven him but I just want him to beg a bit. It’s not everyday you get to see the almighty school sweetheart asking for your forgiveness.


” Do you care for Ice cream?” he asked.


I’ve a sweet tooth and ice cream is one of my few weaknesses so I can’t resist.



Please just say yes” he pleaded. Fine, I’m appeased already.

Okay” I said.


I packed my books into my bag and I left the library with Xavier.





I’m so happy she agreed to have ice cream with me.


We got to the cafeteria and the annoying students were talking pictures as if their lives depend on it.


Kiyah found an empty table and chairs for us while I went to get the ice cream.


I bought half a dozen cups of ice cream and I was amazed to see Kiyah dig into the ice cream with much enthusiasm.


My groin tightened when I hear her moan after taking a sip of the ice cream.


She doesn’t even know the effects she has on me.


I almost hate my body for responding to her this way.


She was oblivious to my plight as she continued to devour her ice cream in delight. KIYAH

I finished three cups of ice cream in record time.


I feel full already and I might not be able to eat again when I get to my hostel.


Hope you’ve finally forgiven me now?” Xavier asked.


Yeah. Thanks for the ice cream” I said.



” You’re welcome dear” he said.


A message popped into my phone and I checked it immediately.



Kiyah, Brayden just asked me out. I’m so happy ”




I screamed with excitement and people turned to stare at me. Even Xavier was not left out as he’s looking at me with an amused expression.


Share the good news with me, Kiyah” he said.


Brayden just asked Scarlett out” I said excitedly.


I thought you won a lottery or something” he said. Why is this guy like this?


“Are you not happy for them?” I asked him.


I’m happy. I just hope she won’t turn out to be another Cynthia to him” Xavier said.


Who is Cynthia? ” I asked.


Cynthia was Brayden’s first and only girlfriend. She jilted Brayden at last” he said sadly.


Scarlett isn’t like that. She can’t do that to him” I said.


I didn’t mention the fact that Scarlett has always have a crush on Brayden to him.


I don’t want to see my friend hurt again” he said.


I really understand. I wouldn’t want to see any of my friends get hurt as well” I replied.


You’re the only one out of your friends who isn’t in a relationship” I said.


It’s a matter of choice. I choose not to get seriously involved with anyone again” he said.


I wanted to question him further but I don’t want us to end up shouting at each other like we did yesterday so I let it be.


I took my phone out and send a message to Scarlett to congratulate her.


It was just yesterday that we were still discussing about boyfriends and now she has a boyfriend already.


Her first boyfriend .


I pray their love will last till the end of time.





I was reading with Laura in the class when Brayden came to us.


Hi girls ” he said.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


Hi Brayden” we both replied.


Scarlett can I see you privately” he asked.


No problem. Let me round up with this” I said and I finished summarising the last topic in biology.


I followed him out of the class and we went to the garden.


“I’m sorry for interrupting your reading” he said.


It’s no big deal. I was almost through when you came anyway” I said.


I realised how much you mean to me. I love being with you. I love your smile, your simplicity and everything about you. Please will you be my girlfriend?” he asked me as he placed a beautiful rose flower in my hand.



I was very happy that I jumped up in joy.


” Yes. I’d be your girlfriend” I said excitedly.


I never believed a day would come when Brayden Connor would notice me not to talk of him asking me to be his girlfriend. It feels too good to be true.




I pinched myself just to confirm whether I was dreaming or not.


I winced in pain and Brayden rushed to meet me.


” What happened?


Are you okay? ” Brayden asked sounding worried.


I’m Okay. I just pinched myself to see if I was dreaming or not” I explained.


This is real dear. You are now my girlfriend” Brayden said.


I was very happy that I sent a text to Kiyah to tell her about the great news.


I thought I was going to die single but I have a boyfriend finally and it’s someone I’ve always adored from a distance.


Now, I’ve gotten the chance to love him with all my heart.


Do you mind if we go out on Friday? ” Brayden asked.


I don’t mind ” I replied.


It’s not like I have anywhere to go on Friday so the date doesn’t sound bad.


I just hope he’d not notice it’s my first date though.


I’d pick you up by 2pm on Friday” Brayden added.


Alright. I’d be expecting you ” I said.



I saw Kiyah’s text and I replied immediately.


Brayden walked me to class and I met Jace and Laura making out.


“Hey ,love birds. Don’t corrupt us please” Brayden said while I laughed.


I didn’t know you guys are back” Laura said.


We have an announcement” Brayden said.


Brayden and I are dating now” I said.


Congrats Scarlett, Brayden” Laura said hugging us in turn. Jace also congratulate us and I was just feeling shy.


I bade them goodbye because I didn’t have anything else to do in school again for today.


Mental note to self: remember to buy a proper dress for my date on Friday.













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