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IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE( She is a Muslimah…He is a playboy )


© Authoress Adesewa








Beverly Hills, California.





The rays of the sunlight was getting into my eyes so I was forced to wake up immediately.

I shut my Windows and tried to go back to sleep but I wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore so I quickly had my bath and wore a blue silk gown and a black hijab.


Somewhere in my room, my phone was ringing but I can’t remember where I put it last night.


I ransacked my room before I finally saw the phone under the bed. It must have fell from the bed when I was chatting with Khaleed yesterday night.


The phone was still ringing so I swiped the phone sideways to accept the call.

I didn’t even check the caller before accepting the call.


???? Good morning dear. How is your health now?” an unfamiliar voice said.


????I’m getting better ma’am. Please, who am I speaking with?” I asked.




????I am Scarlett’s mom. I’m sorry about what my second daughter did to you. I just heard about it last night and I didn’t want to call you so late at night that’s why I’m just calling you” the woman said.


???? Okay ma’am ” I said to her.


???? permit me to hand the phone over to my second daughter. I want her to apologise to you” she said.


I tried arguing but she has already passed the phone to the girl.


????Hey, I’m sorry for harming you. I hope you can forgive me” she said.


All the words sound fake to my ears because I’m 99% sure that she doesn’t mean what she just said. She probably just say it so her mom can think she’s changed.


????No problem. I’ve forgiven you” I said.


The truth is I wasn’t even holding grudges before.

Who am I not to forgive, when I sin everyday and I pray for Allah’s forgiveness.




???? Thanks so much. I’d love to meet you very soon because Scarlett said a lot of good things about you yesterday night” Mrs Anderson said.


???? you are welcome ma’am. I’d also love to meet you ma” I said politely.


The call was disconnected after some minutes.


I went to the kitchen to make my breakfast for myself.


I cooked noodles for breakfast and I carried my food to my room.

I used the drug I was given in the medical centre and I took my used plate to the kitchen.


I met Jamal leaving the kitchen. He has a bottle of water with him.


” Salam alaykum sis ” he said.




” Walaykum salam. How was night?” I asked.


” It was fine ” he said.


” Aren’t you going to the field today?” I asked him.




” I’m going. I didn’t want to come and disturb you so I said I’d wait until you wake up” Jamal said.


“Okay. Go and get dressed. I’d tell mom we are going to the field” I said to him.


I went to meet mom in her room. She was reading the Qur’an when I get there.


“Salam alaykum ma ” I said to her.


” Walaykum salam dear. How is your health? Hope you are not feeling pain?” she asked.




” Alhamdulilah, I’m getting better ma” I said to her.


” Hope you’ve had your breakfast?” she asked.


” Yes ma. Jamal wants to play football on the field so I’m going with him” I said to mom.


” Why can’t he stay at home this week since he knows you’re just getting better” mom complained.


” I don’t want him to feel sad so I’d like to go with him and besides, the fresh air would be good for me” I convinced mom.



” Okay, but don’t stress yourself too much” she said going back to her Qur’an.


” Jazakumullahu Khayran ma ( thanks ma)” I said.


Jamal was dressed in his jersey and shorts when I got to the sitting room.


” What did mom say?” he asked anxiously.


” She said we can go” I said to him.


I took Jamal’s hand in mine and we both went to the field.


I saw Jace and Brayden among the players on the field but Xavier wasn’t with them.


I didn’t even remember to thank him for letting Khaleed stay at his place.

I must send him a thank you text on WhatsApp.


Written by Authoress Adesewa.


Jamal went to join his teammates.

I brought out my phone and I started playing the Nasheeds on my phone. I forgot to bring my headphone with me.




I was listening to ‘Ramadan’ by Maher Zain when someone coughed beside me.


I look up and saw a guy from my school smiling at me.


I recognise him as a player on the school team but I don’t know his name.


“Hi. How is your health?” he asked.


What’s with this question today? Why is everyone asking as if I have some terrible disease.


” I’m getting better” I replied him because I don’t want to be rude.


” I am Owen Cooper. We attend the same school” he introduced himself.




I don’t need his name and I already know we attend the same school.


“I know you are from my school cos I know you played on the school team on Wednesday” I said.


” Wow, I never knew you noticed me” he said feeling important.


‘Hey, don’t get ahead of yourself. I just happen to have a good memory” I said defending myself.


“Good memory indeed and you can’t remember I saved your sorry ass after the match” he said scornfully.


” Hey, just snap out of it. I don’t remember and I don’t think it matters” I said raising my voice.


I don’t understand why I can’t remember what happened after the match though.


” What’s going on, Kiyah?” Brayden asked coming over to my side with Jace.




” I was just trying to tell your friend she should be grateful I saved her life but too bad she doesn’t remember how I saved her” he said smirking.


” Cut the crap Owen. She fvcking lost consciousness so how do you expect her to remember your ugly face” Jace said.


I could see the guys could start fighting any moment from now so I had to do something.


“It’s okay guys. I’m sorry if I should have remember your heroic deed but I obviously can’t remember. Thank you all the same for saving me. I really do appreciate and please in future, learn how to talk to people” I said to him.


” Hope you are satisfied now that you’ve gotten the thanks you badly crave” Brayden asked, his voice laced with sarcasm.




” You bet, asswipe” the guy said and left.


“What is the deal with that guy and you guys” I asked because I noticed they seem to have an unfinished business with each other.


” It’s somehow complicated. We don’t know why he suddenly hates Xavier with passion.

He even gave Xavier an injury last month. That was the reason Xavier was limping for almost a week” Jace said.


I remember when Xavier came to school limping, so it was because of that just left.


“I’ve been thinking of what he said. Did he truly save me on Wednesday? ” I asked.


” Yes. He was the first person to get to the scene and he also helped Xavier carry you into Xavier’s car together with Xavier’s stepbrother” Brayden said.


” Xavier has a stepbrother and he is also attending our school? ” I asked.


” Yes, he has a stepbrother and no, he is not from our school. He’s from the school that played against us on Wednesday”


“Okay. Now I get. I’d have to ask Xavier to thank his stepbrother for me” I said while Jace and Brayden looked at each other and shook their heads.






I research everything about the girl whose picture was captured with Xavier Austin.


Even though the picture was blurry, it was very easy to get to know the name of the girl in the picture.


I ordered my men to find out everything about Zakiyah Adams.


I feel fascinated by her somehow. I know she’s the perfect person to help me in my mission.


I sent an agent to follow her discreetly and the agent is sending me updates already.


The agent said she is at the field with her younger brother.


I asked him to keep an eye on her closely and make sure he’s not seen by anyone.


It’s very important not to blow our cover so soon.


The agent is also to check if anything suspicious is happening around her.





Don’t be a silent reader.


Love you all ❤ ❤

© Authoress Adesewa ✍ ✍

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