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I wake up on a bed – an hospital bed to be precise.


Even without checking my surroundings I knew I’m at the hospital because I haven’t forgotten the smell of antibiotics that seem to linger in all hospitals. Thanks to my recent stay at the school medical centre, I can’t ever forget this peculiar smell.


” Xavier” I said sitting up straight.


I remember he was hit on the head by his stepbrother.


Calm down sis, nothing is wrong with him” Khaleed said. I blinked twice just to make sure I’m not seeing things. “Hey Khaleed ” I managed to say.


“Hey you too. Your parents would soon be here” he said.




“Huh? Who told them am in the hospital? ” I asked.


“Hi Kiyah ” Scarlett and Laura said together.


“Hi guys ” I turned to Khaleed and said “you haven’t answered my question”.


Your mom had a vision about you and somehow she happened to call Xavier who in turn called me” Khaleed said.


Kiyah, hope you weren’t hurt?” Scarlett asked.


Not really” I replied.


Just then mom, dad, Jamal and two police officers entered my room.


Ukthi, are you hurt?” Jamal asked running to my bed. I’m sure he didn’t notice Scarlett, Laura and Khaleed.

No, I’m fine” I said.


Kiyah, how are you?” my dad asked as he sat down beside me. I know he must have been so worried about me.


I’m Okay Abu” I assured him.


Mom was sobbing quietly and I wondered she was crying now that I’m fine.


Moms can be so dramatic.


Mom, stop crying. I’m really fine so there’s no need to cry” I said to her as she enveloped me in a hug.


Maybe I should get kidnapped more often because I can’t remember the last time I got a hug from my parents .


“Good afternoon Ms Adams” a police officer said.


I’ve totally forgotten about their presence.


Good afternoon officer” I said politely.


How is your health? ” he asked.


I’m fine sir” I replied.


He gave me my phone and said it was found at that house. I thanked him properly and switched on the phone but the battery was already dead.


When you are feeling better please come and drop your statement of our station” he said.



” Okay officer” I said.


The police officers took their leave and I was left with my parents, my brothers and my friends.


Khaleed and Jamal were having a serious conversation so I didn’t disturb them.


I talked with Scarlett and Laura instead and they gist me about the match.


I was happy to learn we qualify for the next round.


Ummu, when are you going home?” I asked.


We’ve lodged in a hotel because we want to stay here till you are discharged tomorrow” she said.


What about dad’s work?” I asked.


“I’ve asked for some days sabbatical and it was granted” dad said.


Kiyah, do you know that your coursemate is the son of my employer” dad asked.


Which of my coursemates?” I asked.


Xavier Austin. I was transferred to the company at Bells garden because his dad wants him to be the manager of the company at Beverly Hills” dad replied.


I was shocked to hear that Xavier is the son of my dad’s employer. I know my dad works for a Mr Austin but I never knew it was Xavier’s dad. That means Wyatt Roman is his stepson.





I asked for Kiyah immediately I woke up. Jace and Brayden assured me that she’s fine and Khaleed, Scarlett and Laura are with her.


” Dude, did you recognised the kidnapper? ” Brayden asked.



Yeah. It was Wyatt Roman” I said.


What! Why did he kidnap Kiyah” Jace asked.


I don’t know how he found out that I care about Kiyah so he used it against me. He wanted me to sign off my properties to him.


I might not be extremely fond of my dad companies but the last person I’d want to give it to is Wyatt Roman” I said.


That guy is unbelievable. After everything your dad has done for him. He still wants to get your shares” Jace said.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


Khaleed entered with a black couple. I think this is Kiyah’s parents.


The woman looks so beautiful and young. The man is not looking bad as well.


Good afternoon” the couple greeted me.


Good afternoon” I replied them.


Thanks for rescuing my daughter” the woman said.


If only she knows it’s even my fault her daughter was kidnapped.


They stayed for almost 30 minutes before they left leaving Khaleed behind.


How is Kiyah?” I asked Khaleed.


She’s fine but right now she’s sleeping” he said.


I’m happy to know she’s fine” I said.


When are you getting out of here?” Khaleed asked. “Tomorrow” I said.



Kiyah is also leaving this place tomorrow” he said.


When are you going back to Idaho?” I asked him.


This weekend. I want to make sure you guys are fit before I leave” he said.


Thanks so much” I said.





I left the hospital and I drove home.


If not for the kidnap that ruined everyone’s mood on Tuesday, I’d have asked Scarlett out on a date.


I like her a lot and I’m even thinking of asking her to become my girlfriend.


I don’t know what her response would be but I’m eager to find out.


I just hope she’d accept to be my girlfriend.


I got to my house and someone was standing in front of my gate.


It was when I was directly in front of the gate that I saw who it was. What the heck is she doing here?


I sound my horn so she could leave the front of my gate and I can drive in.


I got down from my car so I can open the gate by myself since my former gatekeeper has resigned and I haven’t find a replacement.


I opened my gate and I was about to enter my car when I felt a hand on my arm.


Hey, leave me alone” I yelled at her.


Brayden, please let’s talk” she said.



Talk about what?” I asked.


Let’s talk about us” she said.


Which US? I don’t know you so excuse me” I said harshly.


Brayden don’t do this to me. You know I love you” she said.


I didn’t stick around to hear more lies from her as I entered my car and drive into my house.


I parked my car and I went lock the gate. I was surprised to see her in my compound.


Get out of here right now” I shouted.


Brayden please don’t push me out” she said while shedding crocodile tears


“Let me guess. The poor guy finally got tired of you so you think you can crawl back to me” I said to her.


I was stupid. I never stopped loving you” she said moving closer to me.


Don’t come closer. I don’t even know why I’m listening to your lies. You’ve overstayed your welcome, now start going back to wherever you are coming from” I said.


I watched her go and I locked my gate.


We had a beautiful thing going on between us before she ruined it.


She neant everything to me back then until she made me hate her.






I thought changing my school to Brayden’s school will make him fall in love with me again but dad did not agree with my plan so I’m stuck here in my school.


I decided to go to Brayden’s house like I used to visit him in the past but I met no one there so I decide to wait for him.


I wait for almost two hours before he showed up.


He totally ignored my presence and even when I held his hand, he shouted at me.


He has never raised his voice at me before and I know I’m the cause.


He entered his house and I followed him, but when he saw me his mood changed again.


I saw the hurt in his eyes and I know then and there that I’ve lost him forever.


Brayden was the kindest guy I know.


We’ve been friends since we were kids.


My parents knew him and his parents know me also.


There was a kid who used to bully me in elementary school and it was Brayden who made the boy stop bullying me.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


We started dating when I was 14 and everything was going fine until I turned 17.


I was still a virgin as Brayden said he wants us to wait till we get married.


I became friends with some of the cheerleaders and that was how my life changed.


A lot of them had flings at school and I saw how they seem to be enjoying life.


I tried to pressure Brayden into having sΒ£x with me but he wouldn’t budge and my new friends were pressurising me to dump him since he isn’t man enough.



They said he was probably impotent and I should find a better guy who could make me feel like a real lady.


I was hooked up with Anthony, the captain of the swim team.


I was deflowered by Anthony in the locker room.


Gross right?


That was not all.


My so called friends informed Brayden and even brought him to the locker room to see for himself.


To add salts to injury, Anthony even called me a whore after defiling me.


I became the laughing stock of the school. I wanted to commit suicide but I wasn’t bold enough to do it.


After that incident with Anthony, I became an outcast at school as no one wants to be seen with me.


I left high school and I couldn’t go to my dream college because of Brayden.


I couldn’t bear him looking at me with accusing eyes.


When I saw him at his school the other day, the feelings I thought was gone resurfaced and I tried to make him mine again.


I just realised I’ve lost him already because I saw the way he was looking at the girl I saw with him that day.


I’d move on with my life and try to be a better person. I just pray I find someone as caring as Brayden.




Eeyah, sorry Cynthia .


Peer pressure is the reason a lot of people are doing bad things.


I want to be a big girl. I want to be trending. I want to feel among.


These have made a lot of people go astray.


Do not be influenced negatively. Stay away from bad friends.








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