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I was just discharged and dad said we’re going home.


I’d come back to my hostel on Monday instead of Sunday.


I said goodbye to all my friends and Khaleed who is also going back to Idaho today.


The only person I didn’t get to say goodbye to is Xavier. He was sleeping when I went to his ward.


Right now Jamal is talking nonstop about a soap opera he wants to watch when we get home.


I can’t wait to get to my room so I can sleep.


“Kiyah, why are you so quiet?” mom asked.


” Nothing. I’m just feeling sleepy” I said.



Don’t sleep yet. Remember you have to write a statement at the police station” mom reminded me.


Oh! I’ve forgotten about that already” I replied.


Dad drove to the station and few minutes later, I was through with the statement writing.


Dad drove us home and I listened to Jamal’s chattering like a Parrot.


I slept off in the car and I woke up few hours later in my room.


It was time for solatul Magrib when I woke up so I performed my ablution and I prayed with the rest of my family.


I prayed in a sitting position because I was too weak to stand.


After the prayer, I went to my room and checked my phone.


I saw two unread messages and three missed calls from Zainab and two from Teemah.


I called Zainab and placed the call on speaker because I can’t hold my phone for long as I might mistakenly drop it due to my body’s weakness. The call connected and we begin talking.


Salam alaykum bestie”



Walaykum salam dear. Where did you put your phone since Tuesday? I’ve been trying to reach you to no avail”


something happened to me. Is Teemah there”



Yeah. She is somehow angry with you that you didn’t call back since Tuesday. Let me give her the phone”



Salam alaykum”



Walaykum salam. I’m so sorry I didn’t call you back since Tuesday. As I’m speaking with you, I’m still weak because of the drugs I was given at the hospital”


what? Are you sick? How is your health now? When did you fall sick?”



one question at a time. How do you expect me to answer everything. I was kidnapped though, and that was why I was hospitalised”


Tell me you’re joking. Who kidnapped you?


Alhamdulilah you’re safe”



The matter is quite complicated that you won’t understand if I say it on phone”



Alright dear. How is Scarlett?”



she is fine. How is school? ”



Boring without you here. We’re even starting our exams next week”



Wow, our own is starting next two weeks”



Best of luck dear”



Thanks, same to you besties”



I heard a knock on my door so I put the call on hold while I went to check who is knocking.


It was Jamal bringing my food to my room.


I thanked him and he left.


I went back to continue the phone conversation with my besties. I’ve really missed them a lot.



I talked with Khaleed on phone also. He said Aunt Aminah sent her greeting and I was relieved to know he’s gotten home safely.


I checked the texts and it was from Scarlett and Laura.


I replied them before I ate my dinner.


I went down to observe the last prayer of the day.








I woke uo feeling like a brand new person.


I’m not feeling tired anymore and my appetite has gone back to normal.


Yesterday, I was eating like someone who has received his death sentence but today I’m eating like a real lady.


Dad has gone to work and mom followed Jamal to the field.


I’m so sure my mom would be very bored since mom doesn’t like football at all.


I watched some movies to keep the boredom away.


When the movie was getting to the really cool part, someone had to ring the intetcom.


I checked the screen to know who is there but it was an unfamiliar face.


The man should be in his early fifties.


I can’t see his hairs because he is on a Fedora hat. He is dressed like a rugged cowboy, but he looks rich and he has some bodyguards with him like Laura.


The way he stood, he commands respect but I wonder who he is.


I opened the door finally and he asked “may I come in?”


This man could be a serial killer for all I know so I can’t just let him in.



“My parents are not around sir. What name should I give them when they come back? “I asked still standing by the doorway.


” I’m here to talk to you, Zakiyah”


I was shocked when he said he’s here to talk to me. I don’t want to get kidnapped again.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


“I mean no harm. I’m Liam Austin, Xavier’s father” he said.


Oh! I didn’t know I was talking with my father’s employer all along.


“okay sir. Do come in” I said.





I ringed the doorbell and she came out wearing a long head covering ( Khimar).


She opened the door and I can see she was surprised to see me and my bodyguards.


I don’t go out without my bodyguards because nowhere is safe this days. I know I’ve made a lot of enemies in the business world so I can’t keep my guards down.


Zakiyah finally opened the door for me to enter when I introduced myself.


I’m sitting on a comfortable sofa and I looked around.


I like the way the room is decorated. It’s simple but beautiful.


” Have this sir” she said handing me a glass of orange juice.


I bet this is a homemade juice. It made me remember my first wife. May her soul rest in peace.


” Thanks ” I said.


She gave my bodyguards a glass of juice each.


She sat down on another couch and I begin to tell her why I came to her.


” I’m sorry you were kidnapped by my stepson” I started.



I was shocked to discover he was behind the Kidnap of Zakiyah and he almost killed my son also.


“I’m getting over it sir” she said.


I was the one who sent the guy who saved you and Xavier that day. I’ve been watching you for a while and I am pleased to say you’re the right person” I said to her.


I don’t understand sir. The right person for what? ” she asked.


You are the only person who can change Xavier. I need your help, Zakiyah. I have worked really hard to get to my current position and I don’t want all my hard work to go down the drain” I said.




I feel so confused by mr Austin’s last statement.


How can I change Xavier? Which help did he need from me.


I still don’t get you sir” I said.


I don’t have much time to spend on earth again and I don’t want to entrust my businesses to just anyone. The only person who is capable of running the business is my son but he has no interest in being the CEO. That is why I need your help. I’ve taken time to research you and I know my son really loves you so he would listen to whatever you tell him.


I just want you to help me convince him not to give his shares away like he’s planning to” Mr Austin said.


I’m not in a position to tell him that. It’s for him to know whether he wants to manage your businesses or not.


I’m not even close to Xavier.


Why do you people assume anyways?


First, it was your stepson who said Xavier loves me and now you’re saying the same thing.



Xavier and I have never been close pals. It was circumstances that made me start talking to him in the first place” I said as calmly as ever.


I don’t get why this man think I’m the answer to his problem.


“Why can’t you tell him yourself since he is your son” I asked.


Xavier and I don’t see eye to eye. We always end up shouting at each other” he said.


I can’t imagine me shouting at my dad. It’s just bizarre.


Why does Xavier hate you? ” I asked.


I lost my first wife a long time ago and Xavier still blames me for her death.


It got worse when I got married to his mother’s best friend.


He thought I was cheating on his mom even before her death but I wasn’t.


I only got married to Pamela because she was unmarried and she has a child who is the same age as my son.


I thought marrying her would make Xavier happy as he’d have a new mother and a brother but little did I know that I was making a great mistake. Till now Xavier hasn’t forgiven me for his mother’s death” he said.


I’d try my best to help you sir but I can’t promise anything. It might take a while before I’m able to convince him” I said to him.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


Thanks so much. I can die in peace when he agrees to takeover the companies” he said startling me.


I remember he mentioned he has few years to spend on earth earlier.


“Why are you talking about death?” I asked.


I have cancer of the lungs and the doctor said I have less than two years to live” he said.


I’m sorry about that sir” I said.


It’s no big deal. Death is inevitable. The only thing that matter is that my legacy shouldn’t die with me. That’s why I want Xavier to succeed me” Mr Austin said.



I’d surely try my best to convince Xavier.


It was nice meeting you, Zakiyah” he said giving me a business card. “It was nice meeting you too sir. Goodbye” I said.


Goodbye and take care of yourself” he said.


I watched him leave with his bodyguards.


I packed all the empty glass cups into the kitchen.


I washed them all and I placed them back in the appropriate place.


I don’t know how I’m going to convince Xavier not to give up his shares but I know I’ve got to try my very best.








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