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Alhamdulilah .


First semester is finally over. I finished my last paper today and dad would soon come to take me home.


I can’t believe I’ve used three months in California already.


A lot of things has happened to me here but Allah’s mercy keeps me going.


I can’t wait to start my vacation officially.


I don’t have plans of travelling but I intend to go sightseeing.


I have to check out various tourist attractions and I’d also read a lot of novels during the holiday.


I can’t wait to explore new things.


The stress of the past month must be forgotten at all costs.


I had to serve as a witness against Wyatt Roman in court even when I had exams to worry about.


Xavier also testified against him.


It was at the court that I get to know that Wyatt’s mom was aware of her son’s plans.


They were both sentenced to ten years in prison with hard labour each while the fake taxi driver was sentenced to five years in prison with hard labour.


“Earth to Kiyah” Laura shrieked.


Sorry for zoning out ” I said.


No problem. I was just telling you I’d be leaving soon. Mind if I drop you off at your hostel? ” she asked.


Thanks dear” I said.


I searched the hall looking for Scarlett and I saw her with her boyfriend Brayden.



Hey guys” I said to them.


Hi Kiyah ”


“Hi dear”


They both said simultaneously.


How was the exam? ” I asked them.


It was fine” Scarlett said.


I’d really miss you guys” I said.


I’d miss you more” Scarlett replied.


In case you come to Beverly Hills, just call me so we can meet up” I said.


No problem dear, anytime I come to visit Brayden I’d surely see you as well” Scarlett said.


Okay. Till later. I’d chat you up when I get home” I said waving at her.


I met Xavier talking with Jace and Laura in front of the class.


Laura’s bodyguards were standing behind her.


Hi Kiyah ” Xavier said.


Hi Xavier ” I replied.


Laura and Jace did their things before she opened the doors of the car.


I fastened my seat belt and she drove off.


I thanked her as I got down from her car.


I even smiled at her bodyguards though they didn’t smile back at me.


I took the elevator to my floor and I began to pack my belongings when I entered my room.



I’m only taking few clothes home and some textbooks as well.


I don’t need to take any footwear home because I have more than enough at home.


I called dad because I’m through with packing.



Salam alaykum sir ”



Walaykum salam. Hope there’s no problem? ”



Not at all sir. I’m through with packing and I’m waiting for you ”



I’m so sorry. I’ve been very busy at work but I should be at your hostel soon”



Okay sir ”


I have to wait for some hours before my dad will get here.


I logged into my Facebook account.


I didn’t have much friends because I only accept friend requests of people I know alone.


I checked the news feed and there was nothing exciting there so I logged out.


I removed a novel from my bag.


It was a Dan Brown novel entitled ‘Inferno’.


I bought the book when I was in Nigeria but I’ve not been opportune to read it since then.


I opened the book and start reading.


I enjoyed the story but I had to leave it when I heard the call of prayer on my phone’s Muazzim ( an app that reminds the muslim faithful about the call to prayer).


I dropped the novel on my bed.


I performed ablution and observed the solatul Zuhr ( the second prayer of the day ).


I finished praying and I read the Qur’an for some minutes before I went back to the novel I was reading.


Hardly had I began reading the novel when Khaleed’s call came through.


I accepted the call immediately.



Salam alaykum sis”



Walaykum salam bro”



How was your exam?”



Alhamdulilah. How is your restaurant? ”



Alhamdulilah also. Are you at home or your hostel?”



I’m still at my hostel waiting for Abu”



Okay sis. My regards to everyone especially Jamal”



Alright bro. Send my greetings to mom also”


I end the call and I didn’t feel like reading the novel again since I’d have more than enough time to read it at home.


I put the novel into my backpack.


I checked the time and it was already two hours since I called my dad.


I called Laura and she said she’s travelling to France for a week.


She said her dad wants to spend some times with her before she comes back to California to meet Jace.


I sent a whatsapp text to Scarlett but she wasn’t online.

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Minutes later, dad called me that he’s waiting for me in the parking lot.


I carried my backpack and locked my apartment properly.


I met my neighbour in the elevator. She was also going home.


“Hi” I said to her.


I don’t know her name because we only greet each other whenever we meet.


” Hi” she also said.


We didn’t say anything to each other until we got out of the elevator.


Goodbye and enjoy your holiday” I said to her.


Thanks. Goodbye ” she said.


I went to meet my dad and he opened the door for me.


I stepped in and he started the engine.


I slept till we got home when dad tapped me gently.


It was already 4:43pm and I haven’t observed my solatul Asr.


I met mom in the sitting room watching a movie on Zeeworld.


Salam alaykum ma” I greeted.


Walaykum salam dear. How was your exsms?” She asked. By then Jamal has joined us in the sitting room.


My exam was fine mom. Jamal please help me carry my bag to my room” I said.


Jamal carried my bag while I continued talking with mom who was still watching her Zeeworld movie.


” How are your friends?” Mom asked.



” They are all fine ma” I said.


I remember I haven’t prayed so I excused myself and went to my room.


I opened the door of my room and everywhere was dark.


I switched on the light and I was shocked to see my besties sitting on my bed.


“Surprise! ” they both exclaimed.


How did you girls get here?” I asked. Nobody told me they were coming at all.


We walked all the way from Lagos to California” Teemah said.



This girl is still as crazy as ever .



“Wow, I’m so happy to see you girls. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? ” I asked.


” It’d spoil the fun” Zainab said.


I hugged both of them tightly for some minutes before I pulled back.


“Hope you guys are staying for a month” I said.


We are using two months. We are on vacation plus ASUU( Academic Staff Union of University) is on strike” Teemah said.


Phew! ASUU and their strikes ehn.


You can end up using seven years in school for a four years course all because of ASUU strikes.


” I need to pray first. We would gist after” I said.


I left the room and I went to the bathroom to perform ablution.














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