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IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE( She is a Muslimah…. He is a playboy )


© Authoress Adesewa








San Diego, California.





It’s good to be back in school.

I’ve been reading for my exams and I hope to pass in flying colours.


” Hi Kiyah” Laura greeted.


” Hi dear” I replied.


We begin to talk and Scarlett just arrived as well.


I later went to the library to read since no lecturer came to class.


I revised my biology because I was lagging behind in that course. I read for hours and set questions for myself so I can know my strength and weakness.




I finished reading and I bumped into Xavier who was just leaving the library.


” Hey Kiyah” he said.


” Hi Xavier” I said.


” Do you mind if we talk for a while?” he asked.


” I don’t mind” I said.


I haven’t been able to talk to him after we were rescued.

We both walked to a bench that was in front of the college main hall and we sat on the bench.


” Thanks for coming to save me” I said.


” I should be thanking you instead. Your life was at risk because of me. I’d never have forgiven myself if anything bad had happened to you” Xavier said.




” I didn’t know your stepbrother could be so heartless. I heard from Brayden and Jace that he saved me from Claire that day” I said.


” I was also surprised to see him helping you that day. I never knew he has an ulterior motive for helping and I wasn’t aware that he’s after my shares” he said.


I remember his dad’s request. This is the moment to do it.


“You’re gonna be the next CEO right?” I asked cautiously.


” It’s not happening in this lifetime. I’m probably going to sell off my shares while I’d keep my mom’s cos I know she wouldn’t want to sell hers” he said sadly.


” Don’t you think you’d make a good CEO?

Why are you shying away from your responsibility?” I asked.


Finally, I’ve thrown the question to him.




” I don’t think I have to explain myself to anyone. Why I don’t intend to become a CEO is none of your business” he said coldly.


I only asked a question and now he’s acting this way????.


“Fine. Suit yourself. I thought you’ve changed but I can see you’re still a jerk” I said angrily.




I don’t get angry easily but I don’t know why his coldness even bothered me this much.

I got up from the bench and walked out of his sight.




I was glad to finally be able to talk to Kiyah after the kidnap saga.


We have been talking about other things until she asked me if I don’t think I’d make a good CEO.

She just ruined my mood with the question.


How am I supposed to explain how the CEO title made me lose my mom. It made me grow up into someone who can’t have a peaceful sleep.




I was hurt by Kiyah’s last statement even though I tried to ignore it. I never knew she was going to walk away like that.


I’m somehow feeling guilty and I want to apologise to her.


I walked to class dejectedly and I met Laura and Scarlett reading.

Wow, this is something new.


I’ve never seen Laura read before. She’s always too busy with other things to have time to read.


” Hey girls” I said to them.



” Hi Xavier” they both replied and turned to their books again.


Brayden and Jace are training for our quarter finals.


I didn’t join them because I’m not fit yet.

I walked out of the class because I didn’t wanna disturb Laura and Scarlett.


I brought out my phone to text Kiyah but I drop mu phone in my pocket back.

I think it’d be better to apologise to her physically.




I was in the college main hall when I saw Xavier pass by with the black witch.


My blood boiled but there was nothing I could do than to watch.


I watched them talk for some minutes before the witch left angrily.



I don’t wanna know what they talked about but I’m so glad to know they are fighting.


” Hi Claire” the last person I wanted to see said.




” Hey, don’t you have better things to do than to stalk me” I said in frustration.

This guy is beginning to get on my nerves. He seems to be everywhere I go.


“I can’t stay away from you. I love you more than I ever loved anyone. Please just give me a chance and I promise you won’t regret it” my stalker said.


” Read my lips, I don’t like you.

I’m in love with another person so I don’t need your love” I said shouting at him.


” The person you love who doesn’t give a fvck about you, huh?

Claire, just give me a chance to love you and see what comes out of it” he said.


” I said I don’t need your love” I screamed.


” Fine. Let’s make a deal. Just go on a date with me once and if you don’t like the date I promise not to bother you again” he said.


I shrugged and accepted the deal since I’m confident I won’t enjoy the date at all.




” Okay, I’d go on the date. When are we having it?” I asked.


” Let’s have it on Friday” he said.


” Hmm. Let’s do it after the exam” I said.


I can’t tell him I’m grounded for a whole month.

By the time we finish the exams, my punishment would be over so I can go wherever I like.




Wow, I’m the happiest person on earth at present.


I can’t believe Claire Anderson finally agreed to go on a date with me.


I have always liked Claire but I know about her crush on Xavier.

It pained me to the extent that I had to vent my anger on the poor guy while we were training.




I just have to prepare for the date and make it memorable for her.

I really love her and I hope she’d feel something special for me too with time.


It’s a good thing she said we should have the date after the exams. I’d have more time to prepare for it.




I got home still feeling angry because of Xavier’s words.


I performed my ablution and prayed.

After my prayer, Scarlett called me that she’s on her way to my house and she’d sleepover.


I wait for her to come while I quickly arranged my unread books into a small bag I brought from home.


The doorbell ringed minutes later and I opened the door for Scarlett.


She sat on my chair while I sat down on my bed.


“Kiyah, what’s wrong?” Scarlett asked.


I don’t know how she knows something is bothering me.


” I kind of fought with Xavier” I said.


” Sorry about that dear. I’m sure you guys will settle your disputes soon” Scarlett said.


” Enough about me. What’s up with you and Brayden?” I asked.


” We’re good friends now and he’s still clueless that I like him” she said.


” He might also be feeling the same thing but probably he’s looking for a good time to tell you” I said.




” Hmmm, how many ex boyfriends do you have? ” Scarlett asked.


” I’ve none. It’s not permissible in my religion to date. There’s no dating in islam.

You can only engage in courtship and that’s is even when both parties are sure it’d lead to Nikkah (marriage)” I explained.


” So if Xavier asks you out, you’re going to turn him down” she said rather than asked.


” Yes, I’d turn him down. Why do you think he’d ask me out though? ” I asked.


” It’s oretty obvious that he loves you. Laura said he has never been in a serious relationship after the death of his first girlfriend” Scarlett said.


” I don’t think he loves me. Even if he love me, I don’t. I only like him as a friend” I said.


Yeah, and you almost killed yourself with worry when you woke up in the hospital.


” What about. How many guys have you dated before? ” I asked her to change topics.


” None also. I was always ugly so no guy bothered to ask me out.

The guys who talked with me were the one who wanted to get closer to Claire so they pretend to be my friends” she said.

Scarlett has a low self esteem which isn’t nice.


“Never let anyone make you feel inferior. You are beautiful just the way you are” I said.


” The only genuine male friend I had was Khaleed” she said and I smiled.

Khaleed is a nice person so I’m not surprised.


He said you were next door neighbours” I said.


” Yeah. They moved in to an apartment beside our former house.

He always can read my moods and he seems to know it all so I used to call him a wizard. He hates the name so much that he gave me a silly nickname also.

I used to be so skinny back then so he do call me skinny scarecrow or just scarecrow” she said while I laughed till my side ached because I was picturing a skinny Scarlett.


We talked about other things and I even called my besties since they usually ask of Scarlett.

They talked with each other and I asked about their exams since they did their first paper today.


Scarlett and I later revised till midnight when we were both feeling sleepy.

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