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I was praying for any sort of divine intervention to occur when the door of my prison was thrown open and my abductor dragged someone in.


I looked closely and I saw that it was Xavier. How did he also get kidnapped?


What did these people want with us?


“I told you to await your lover boy and here he is” the fake taxi driver said.


I didn’t bother to reply him as I intensify my prayers to Allah to make me and Xavier leave this place in peace.


Xavier’s hands and legs were also tied and the fake taxi driver sat down on an empty chair in front of us.


I wish I can miraculously free myself and knock out this evil man so I can escape with Xavier.


The fake taxi driver made a call to someone. I couldn’t hear what the other person was saying as the phone was not on speaker.


I could only hear what the fake taxi driver was saying.


I guess the person he’s talking with is the person in charge of our Kidnap.


I heard him say “yes, he’s now here with her”. “No, she’s awake but he’s still out cold”. “Okay, I’d be expecting you” he concluded.


This means the person he spoke is also on his way to this place.


I was getting more and more terrified but I didn’t let it show on my face. Instead, I was reciting any verses of the Qur’an that I can remember (it’s hard to think coherently in this kind of situation).


I was not praying for myself alone like I was doing hours ago. Now, I have to pray that Xavier and I should escape from this place unhurt.


I know anything can happen and my faith in Allah is strong so I believe with his help I’d leave this place with Xavier successfully.


Xavier sneezed and his eyes flew open. He tried to take in the surroundings and that was when his eyes met mine.


” Kiyah, are you okay?” he asked.


He should be concerned about himself right now but he’s still worried about me.


I’m Okay, what about you? ” I asked him.


Other than a headache that’d probably subside in few hours’ time, I’m fine” he said.


The fake taxi driver cleared his throat to remind us that he’s still in the room with us.


I shot him a glare and I noticed there’s a new person in the room.


I didn’t hear the door open because I was too busy talking with Xavier.


Xavier was looking at the newcomer with a murdering glare. Oddly enough, I think I recognise the newcomer but I can’t say where I’ve met him before.




I was talking with Kiyah when someone cleared his throat behind me.


I saw a hefty guy looking at Kiyah and I.


The door opened noiselessly and my main foe came into view.


So it’s this bastard that kidnapped Kiyah.


It’s nice to see you, stepbrother” the idiot said giggling like a fool that he is. “You won’t get away with this, asshole” I swore.


Says the guy who is tied down. Drop the fake act of bravado and let’s get down to business” Wyatt said.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


” What is going on here?” Kiyah asked.


I wanted to talk but Wyatt beats me to it.


“Well, I believe we haven’t been introduced but not to worry, I’d do the introduction now.


I’m Wyatt Roman, the stepbrother to this jerk” he said pointing at me.


The nerve of this guy.


I wish I wasn’t tied so I can give the bastard a beating he’d not forget in a hurry.


What does being Xavier’s stepbrother have to do with my Kidnap?” Kiyah asked. I’m not in the best position to answer the question so I left it for Wyatt to reply.

“It has everything to do with it my dear.


You’re the bait I used to catch my fish.


I know he’d come running if anything happens to you so I had someone kidnap you.


He wore his heart on his sleeve and that is what I used against him.


I saw the way he acted the day you were beaten up by Claire. He even shocked me the next day by holding a conference with the press just because of you. The Xavier Austin I knew before would not have given a flying fvck about what people say about him.


A friendly tip though, do not be readable Xavier” he said rounding up his wonderful speech.


What a lovely speech” I said sarcastically.


You wanted me here so badly that you had to involve Kiyah in it. You said I should get here before noon and you’d free her so what is she still doing here” I said.


You don’t have to remind me. I’m a man of my words” he said while I scoffed.


Okay. Free her and we can finish whatever business we both have” I said to him.


I’m going to free her on one condition.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


You either sign this document or she dies here on this spot.


Choose properly. The ball is in your court” he said smirking.



He shoved a paper in front of me. When I saw the content of the document, my blood boiled in anger.


You must be a joker if you think I’d sign this. I can’t ever transfer my shares to you” I said.


This guy has gone nuts. How will I give him my own properties?


I can see he and his mom are getting more greedy.


I’m one of the major shareholders in my dad companies because I inherited the shares that belonged to my mom when she died.


I merge the shares with mine so after my dad, I’m the next major shareholder.


Now this idiot is asking me to just sign off my shares to his name.


Do you think I’m here to joke with you? Benny, give me a gun” he said to the hefty guy.


The guy passed him a 9mm baretta. I bet there is a silencer in the gun.


Not that it’d matter if there is no silencer in the gun because this place is in the middle of nowhere so the possibility of anyone hearing the shot is slim.





I saw the fake taxi driver passing a gun to Xavier’s stepbrother.


The guy in turn points the gun at my head.


I’m giving you two minutes to sign this else I’d be forced to pull the trigger” Xavier’s stepbrother said.


I saw Xavier weighing the options and he asked the guy to free his hands so he can sign properly.


The guy gave him a pen to sign with and Xavier was about to sign when I spoke up.


” Xavier, don’t sign anything. I’m prepared to die” I said determinedly.


I don’t know what prompted me to say that but I’m not gonna take my words back.


The guy can as well Kill me.


” Kiyah ,no. I have to do this.


This is my family’s affair and I don’t want to drag you into it” Xavier said.


” That’s where you are wrong. I’ve already been dragged into it.


If I haven’t, then why am I here instead of being at my hostel” I said.


I was silently praying that Xavier should untie his legs now that his hands have been untied.


I’m buying time for us because I don’t trust his stepbrother.


What is the assurance that he’d not kill Xavier and I even when he has gotten the signed document?


I don’t want to take any chances.


Xavier also seem to be thinking in the same direction because I see him stylishly untying his legs.


Unfortunately for him, Wyatt or whateverhisname discovered what he was doing and he knocked him out with the butt of the gun.


Everything that happened next happened so fast.


Gunshots filled the whole room and for the second time in my life, I fainted.




Immediately I got into the house, I noticed everywhere was in darkness so I have to make use of my flashlight.


I tiptoed quietly checking all rooms and I was at the basement when I heard voices coming from a room.


I went in search of the room and I found it close to a wine cellar.



I saw the girl I came to save. She was tied up and another guy was tied in the same manner opposite her.


Their captors were with guns and I saw the tied guy trying to free his legs but unluckily for him, one of the captors saw him.


He knocked him out with the butt of his gun and I knew I have to step in before more damage was done.


I fired a shot at both of the guys in their legs.


I entered the room and cuffed their hands together while I placed a call to the cops.


I asked them to come with an ambulance since two people passed out already.


I placed a call to the man I’m working for.


I explained everything in details to him in details.


He asked me to call him when I know the hospital they’d be taken to.


I wait for 20 minutes before the paramedics arrived.


I told the officers I’d drop by in the evening to give my statement.


The ambulance took the girl and the three guys away and the police cars followed them.


My job here is done so I went to retrieve my car where I parked it and drive away.












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