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Alhamdulilah, Kiyah is getting better.


We were told that she’d be discharged tomorrow.


I’d also go back to Idaho tomorrow. I have to talk with Xavier before I leave though.



Good bye Khaleed” Scarlett said before entering her car. “Good bye Scarlett” I said to her.


The couple also said their goodbyes and they left leaving me with Xavier and Brayden.


“I know you have some questions for me” Xavier said to me.


Yeah, but I think we’d talk tomorrow because I have to find a hotel to lodge in now” I explained.


Oh, why not stay at my apartment. It’d save money and we’d also get to talk” Xavier said.


“I don’t want to cause you any inconvenience” I said to him.


It’s no big deal. I have enough rooms for over a dozen people at my place” he shrugged.


Okay” I conceded.


“Goodbye Brayden” we both said to his friend.


I entered his car and he drove to his apartment.


I was amazed to see his penthouse apartment. It’s like a mini palace.


The architecture is fabulous. His parents must be really wealthy.


We both used the staircase even though he has an elevator. I don’t know why he didn’t use the elevator though.


He led me to a large room with a lovely interior decoration.


Thanks for this” I said to him.


You are welcome. What should I order for your dinner?” he asked.



Anything, but if you have any foodstuff here I can make dinner instead of ordering from a restaurant” I said to him.


“You can cook?” he asked.


” Yeah” I said.


There’s no need to telll him I’m a certified chef.


I have some groceries in the freezer” he said.


Alright. I’d soon make the dinner” I said.


I entered the guest bathroom and I showered. I changed my cloth and I went in search of the kitchen so I can prepare a meal.


I made fish sauce and Spring rolls because he didn’t have much groceries.


I guess he’s the type who loves to eat out than to cook.


This is really delicious. It has been a while since I ate a homemade dish” he said. I didn’t reply him because I don’t talk while eating.


We finished the rest of the meal in silence.


I wanted to pack the used dishes but Xavier cleared the table instead.


I used the opportunity to go back to the room I’m staying in.


I performed my ablution and observed my solats.


I prayed to Allah to grant Kiyah quick recovery.


After praying, I went back to the sitting room and I met Xavier there. I sat on a sofa.


I don’t even know how to start this conversation with you. You’ve sure make a lot of things happen to Kiyah” I said to him.


What do you mean by that? ” he asked.



Aside from this injury which I don’t really blame you for, except the part where you carried her. I mean why would you even do that?” I asked.


but I won’t digress too much, do you know Kiyah was supposed to get married because of you?” I asked.




” Do you know Kiyah was supposed to get married” Khaleed asked me.


I feel so sad that I can’t explain it.


I don’t like the thought of Kiyah being with another man.


I know I have no right to feel this way but I just can’t help but feel this way.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


” Why was she supposed to get married? ” I asked when I found my voice.


That was when I realised the use of past tense. She’s not getting married again, right?


Because of you” Khaleed said making me confused.


I don’t understand” I said to him.


Her mom thinks you guys were seeing each other. Remember when you interrupted her call the week she resumed school?” Khaleed asked.


I remember that day vividly. I never knew she’d get into a big trouble just because I talked with her and her mom heard my voice.


No wonder Kiyah used to avoid me like a contagious disease.


Yes, I remember. Is she still getting married? ” I asked to confirm.


Nope. Everything has been settled” he said.


That’s good” I said truly happy that she isn’t getting married anytime soon.



“What exactly do you feel for my sister cos I’ve seen the way you looked at her when we were at the hospital” he said after a while.


“I like her genuinely even though we are not meant to be” I said.


I like your honesty but like you implied, you guys can’t be anything other than friends” Khaleed said.


I’m contented with being friends with her” I said.


How are you related to Kiyah? ” I asked him changing the topic entirely.


We are family friends but Kiyah is like a younger sister to me” he said.


Alright ” I said.


My phone rang and I picked the call.



Xavier, have you watched the evening news?” Brayden’s worried voice said over the phone.


What news is that? I asked



It’s about you and Kiyah” he said.



” Thanks for letting me know. I’d check it now” I said.


“I think there’s a problem” I said to Khaleed as I switched on the television.


I changed channels until I get to a particular one showing the picture of me with Kiyah though her face was somehow blurred in the picture.


I should be grateful the gossip rags doesn’t have much details on her but I can’t stop blaming myself for putting Kiyah into yet another tough situation. I hope her parents are not watching this right now.



This is getting more complicated than I ever imagined” Khaleed said after watching the news anchor talk about the ‘mysterious lady’ whom the heir to the Austin’s empire is dating.


The cameraman who took the picture should get ready to lose his job.


“I’d try to fix things as soon as possible” I said to Khaleed.


He’s more understanding than most people would have been.


I called the cheif editor of the TV station that first aired the news.


We talked at length and I asked him to destroy any copies of the pictures of Kiyah and I in his company’s possession.


I’d be making a public declaration live on his Tv station tomorrow to clear up the rumours.


I spoke with different journalists from different media houses and they all suggested I should attend a press conference aimed at clearing the rumours.


I feel so drained emotionally and physically after talking with all those journalists.


You should go get some sleep since you have a press conference to attend tomorrow” Khaleed said.


Yeah. Thanks for not criticising me though” I said to him.


I’m not judgemental” he said simply.


I was standing up to leave when my phone starts ringing. I thought it was one of the journalists I spoke with but no, it was my dad. I rejected the call at first but he called me again.


At last, I picked the call and I regret picking up the call.



are you out of your mind? Did you perhaps not see the evening news or you just don’t care” my dad shouted over the phone.



It’s all a misunderstanding. I’m going to clear the rumours tomorrow” I said as calmly as I could manage.


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My business partners don’t like scandals” he said.


Damn his business partners. They all can go to hell for all I care.



It has always been your business over everything.


I said I’d clear it up so don’t bother me again. Bye bye” I said angrily and dropped my phone on the couch.


Who was that? ” Khaleed asked.


It was my dad. I am not even comfortable calling him my father” I said.


Why do you hate your dad?” Khaleed asked.


Let’s just say he doesn’t deserve my love” I said.


I can’t start explaining all I’ve gone through because of my dad. Thinking about some of it is even making me more angry.


Good night Khaleed ” I said to him.


Good night Xavier” he replied and we both left the sitting room. TBC.




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