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I opened my eyes to see myself in an unfamiliar environment.


My hands were tied to a chair and my legs were also bound.


I tried to sit upright but it was a bit difficult due to the way I was tied.


The room is dark so I can’t see anything.


Just then, someone entered the room and the dark room was suddenly lit.


I recognise the guy who entered the room as the taxi driver.


” Finally, you’re awake” the fake taxi driver said in a gruff voice.


He has a deep masculine voice like the street urchins in the city of Lagos.



” Why am I here?” I said the first thing that came to my mind.


I’ve been trying to ask myself this question ever since I realised I was kidnapped.


To the best of my knowledge, I know there are a lot of reasons why people could be kidnapped but I don’t know which one I fit into.


Back in Nigeria, people are kidnapped to be used by fetish people who wants quick wealth but I don’t know if they do that here.


Rich people were also kidnapped to make money by their abductors. They’d demand for a huge ransom from the victim’s family.


My family can’t be considered as rich (though we aren’t poor either) so I can’t be here because someone wants to collect ransom from my family.


At times, people are kidnapped so as to be eventually killed.


Apart from Claire I don’t know anyone who might want to kill me and I don’t want to believe even she would be so cruel as to order for my assassination.


Hey, are you listening to me at all?” the fake taxi driver shouted at me. I was so lost in thought that I forgot that I asked him a question before. “I’m sorry for zoning out” I mumbled.


Don’t worry, I’d repeat myself. I said you would know the reason why you are here very soon when your lover boy comes around” he said smirking.


What lover boy?” I asked cos I can’t recall having a lover boy or whatever.


Your questions are getting too much and I’m pissed off already. Take this” he said giving me a sandwich.


I didn’t even notice he was holding it since.


How am I going to eat with my hands tied?” I questioned him.



He untied my right hand alone and stood over me like a mother hen guarding her chicks from the hawk.


I really have no choice than to eat this sandwich if I don’t want to die of hunger before help comes.


I said a very long prayer before finally eating the sandwich.


My hand was tied back when I finished eating and he switched off the lights and stepped out of the room.


Wednesday, 8:00am




I just received some documents showing the owner of the car and information about where the car was last seen.


The area where the car was last seen is out of town and it’d take almost four hours to get there by car so I have to be fast.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


I checked my pistol to see if it was loaded.


I threw a pair of handcuffs into my trousers pocket.


I’d be needing it to restrain the kidnapper.


I set out and head to the highway. The journey was smooth at first as there was no traffic congestion but later as the journey progressed, I was stuck in a traffic jam and I had to wait for almost 30 minutes before the road was free again.


I followed the directions on Google map and exactly 12:43pm I arrived at the place where the car was last seen.


It was a deserted land with a lot of bushes surrounding it. I looked around for the car but I couldn’t see anything that looks like it.



I walked into a forest and I saw the car. Well, what remained of the car because it was burnt up and I’m yet to confirm if it was done deliberately or accidentally.


I went closer to it but I didn’t touch anything with my bare hands.


The roof of the car was nowhere to be found, same as the bumper, wing mirror and the windscreen.


The only visible parts of the car is the bonnet and the car’s trunk.


There was no sign that anyone has been here for ages. There’s no footprint, it has all been carefully covered up.


I’d have to search the surroundings because I have an instinct that the kidnappers lair is close by.


I walked further into the bush and there was no sign of a house anywhere close.


I continued walking for another 20 minutes before I saw a two storey building in the middle of the forest.


Who the hell will choose to live in the middle of this wilderness?


How will you leave civilization and build your house in this godforsaken place. The owner of the house is probably up to no good. I’d search the house and if luck shines on me, it can even lead me to the girl’s kidnappers.





I couldn’t sleep well last night because I was thinking about Kiyah’s sudden disappearance.


I talked to mom and she said Kiyah’s parents have briefed her about their missing daughter so I called Kiyah’s dad and spoke with him.


He didn’t want me to bother myself but I told him I already booked a flight so he had no choice than to accept that I should travel to California so here I am, travelling back to L.A for the second time in less than a week.



I got to San Diego around noon and I called Xavier’s number but it was switched off.


Fortunately for me, I collected Jace and Brayden’s numbers the last time I was here so I gave Jace a call and he picked up immediately.



Hi Khaleed”



Hi Jace. I’m in town, where are you?”



I’m at Kiyah’s hostel. I’d send you the address.



Few seconds later a message popped up on my phone and I board a taxi to the address Jace sent to me.


I got out of the taxi and paid the driver.


I called Jace again and he asked me to come to the 11th floor.


I got to the floor and I met Jace, Brayden, Scarlett and Laura all wearing long faces.


Laura’s bodyguards were standing behind her looking more fierce than ever.


“Good afternoon guys. I spoke with Xavier on phone yesterday but where is he?” I asked.


He was supposed to meet us at the taxi stand by 8:00am today but strangely enough we’ve not seen him since last night” Scarlett said.


Where could he be then?


I tried calling him while at the airport but his number was switched off” I said.


” Yeah, we’ve also been trying his number since morning” Brayden said.



Okay. I believe he’d soon get here so can someone brief me about what has been happening here since yesterday” I demand.


Well, she went missing yesterday and the last person who saw her said she was holding a purse and a shopping bag which means she was on her way to the mall or supermarket when she was kidnapped. We went to the taxi stand earlier today and we talked to the person in charge of the stand.


He called out all the taxi drivers and we showed them Kiyah’s picture but they all said she didn’t board their taxis yesterday” Jace explained.


Have you guys checked the CCTV footage of the road junction?” I asked.


No, that’s the next thing we are planning to do” Brayden said.


Okay, let’s get to work then” I said.





I was about to go to the taxi stand this morning when a whatsapp message came in.


It was from an unknown number.


I checked the content of the message and I gasped in shock after reading the message.


A picture of Kiyah was sent to me. She was tied to a chair and it reminds me of an incident I still have nightmares about.


A message was attached to the picture which says “You have until noon to come and rescue your lover. Come alone and don’t try anything funny by coming with the cops, you won’t like the consequence” An address was at the bottom of the message.


Telling my friends isn’t an option because I don’t want to risk Kiyah’s life so I switched off my phone and I dropped it on my bedside table.


I left in my black BMW and made my way to the address the kidnapper sent to me.



The place is so far that I spent four hours on the road and I wish the car can go faster so I’d be there before noon.


I finally get to the area but there was no house in sight.


I parked my car close to the highway and walked deeply into the bush.


The place is so isolated and I doubt if anyone lives here.


I trudged on wearily and at last I found a house in the middle of this bush.


I walked into the house and the door was opened granting me free entry.


As soon as I stepped into the living room of the house, I felt something hit me on the back of my head and that was the last thing I remembered before darkness closed in on me.




Gbam. Husby and wifey has been kidnapped













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