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Episode Fifteen





I and dad was working upstairs when we heard Angelica on phone



Of course,,,,,, he actually threw her out of the house and I sent my boys to kill her,,,,,,,,, and that old fool doesn’t even know that all I want is his money,,,,


I and my dad faced each other in amazement, I smiled because I just recorded everything.


We entered the room and she was shocked, I see her shaking.


When did you get here? ” She asked as she stared at the floor


You animal!! How dare you try to play me! ” dad screamed as he wanted to slap her but I was fast enough to hold him


You don’t have to do that,,,,, we just need to call the police ” I said


No,, please forgive me. Don’t take me to the police, I will do anything you want ” Angelica cried


You are so evil, how can you do that to my wife ” I shouted as I ruffled my hair


I called the police immediately and they took her away, I really need to find Marilia. But what if she’s dead???


Son, am sorry. This is all my fault, I should have listened to you, ” Dad said as he almost cried.


I know he loved Angelica so much, how can she be so wicked?


Dad, it’s not your fault. I know you love her, she’s just a bitch ” I replied


So what are we going to do right now? How about Marilia? What do we do ” He asked


Am confused ” I said






i can’t believe my life changed within two months already,,,, I love my father so much. He always give me anything I want,


But I really need to Francis, he need to know about what Angelica did


I think you need to meet your husband,, or what do you think? ” my sister asked,


That is what I was thinking before you came in,,,, I need to see him right now ” I replied


I will come with you ” she said


She’s a really caring sister, I really bless the day we met ” Thank you sis ” I muttered and she nodded






Robert’s House


We entered and everywhere was silent, what is going on? Even the guards are not there.


We decided to go into the house,,, I can’t believe my eye


Francis,, smoking?


Francis! ” I shouted and run toward him, I collected the cigarettes from him immediately


Marilia? You are back? It’s you, ” he said with tears


Am so sorry about everything, I didn’t have time for you, everything is my fault. I should have protect you, ” Francis explained


It’s okay Francis, everything is settled now ” My sister said


I run to Francis and hugged him


” Marilia,,, you are,,, pregnant ”


It’s our baby ” I said and blushed a little


Not yours, its mine alone ” he said and smacked his head


You are so dumb, am the mother here ” I said


I think I have to leave the cute couples ” my sister said and walked out of the house


I love you so much Marilia ”


I love you more ”


I love you morer”


There is nothing like that ” I laughed


I don’t care ”







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